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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


The next morning Danny woke me up in his hyper energetic morning state. I groaned under my breath, burrowing further under the covers and seeking more sleep but he would not be deterred. He finally roused me and we mapped out our schedules for the next few days. I was feeling very, very sore from last night's exertions and Danny trumped himself by giving me a full body massage. His hands worked wonders on all the knotted up muscles in my back and thighs and I moaned in delight. He spent a whole 10 minutes massaging my ass which I guess was his recompense. I'd never had a massage given to me by a guy and I stated this as I revelled in his ministrations.

We talked alot more and by the time he was done the massage had awakened me enough to perform my morning ablutions and check out. He dropped me off at home and headed out to see his mother before he went to work. Such a good son.

All in all, it was a great 10-month anniversary.

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After we talked for close to an hour, I finally let Danny doze off in slumber. For some reason however, I couldn't fall asleep. I ended up fiddling with the TV and channel surfing in boredom. Danny was fast asleep, so neither the lights/tv disturbed him. After about 30 minutes, I turned the lights off. That was what made him stir. He woke up groggy then lifted his arm and patted by butt, murmuring something sweet in his slumber. How he can find my butt in the darkness is still beyond me!

He moved up to me about five minutes later, kissing my ass as well as my back and neck, then planting a wet, smooshy one on my lips. "I love you," he said as he fell back into the covers and fast asleep. That whole caress managed to inflame me. I could feel my pussy wet through my panties and I realised then that I wanted him...again.

I tried to ignore my horny nature but SHE would not be ignored. 20 minutes later, I finally crawled into bed beside Danny, deciding that sleep should take the edge off my ardor. As soon as I slid into bed he entwined himself with me, allowing me to rest my head on his arm as he wrapped the other hand around my waist and drew me close. After I was settled, he promptly fell back asleep. We were aligned so closely that we could have been one. I could feel his heat warming me, and my cold toes sought his. He sighed in my hair, one of those sighs of sleepy contentment and muttered how much he loved me again as he kissed the nape of my neck.

Ok, that was it! I couldn't take it anymore. I moved my hand through the bedcovers and instantly honed in on his pliant cock, restful in repose. I massaged it for a few minutes, playing with it until it started getting hard. Danny woke up mid-massage and smiled sleepily as me as I continued fondling him.

He realized my intent the moment my lips touched his member. I savored him slowly, taking my time, trying to soothe the heat that was in my veins with some cock love. I gave him nice, long licks, taking him all the way down, just like he liked. He started getting harder and harder and this just increased my lazy licks and sucks. Even though he had just cum about an hour ago, I decided to suck his cock until he did again. He played along, as if sensing my intent and started rubbing my bum, sticking his fingers into my warm pussy.

I slowly and softly licked him for a while, and watched him get harder and harder with my ministrations. He kept playing with me until I was as hot as he was. "I want you again," SHE demanded. Danny just sent me a smile, knowing that his purpose had been achieved. My pussy was already wet and throbbing and without a moment's hesitation I got on top of him and started to ride.

I was instantly engulfed with flames of passion. There's something about riding him cowgirl that totally gets me every time. His cock was hitting my g-spot with every stroke and he placed his hands on my hips, propelling me forward harder and deeper. My breasts started shaking as I rode him and he watched me, a mercurial gleam in his eye. I leaned forward and kissed him and he stroked my tongue with his just the way he was stroking my pussy. My first orgasm hit right then and I arched back, almost stopping at the suddenness and intensity of my orgasm. He kept me moving, driving me into him fiercely, increasing my passion and helping me ride my orgasm to its peak. Simultaneously another one started and I was caught up in it, my pussy walls clenching around him tightly.

He kept thrusting me and bucking under me, propelling faster and faster, each thrust deeper and more furious than the last. Moments later he was lifting me up and pushing me back down on his cock and I felt like I was flying through the air. He was like a wild bronco and I held on to him, enjoying the ride as orgasms kept crashing through me. He gripped me tightly with those strong arms and I kept the motion as he defied gravity and kept throwing me in the air. It was fuckin' fantastic.

When I visualized that I couldn't take anymore right then, he lifted himself up and sat on the bed, still embedded deeply in my uterus. We rocked together then, looking deeply into each others eyes and he slowly cooled my fires before I imploded. With the constant motion, he was still hitting my three spots and I caught 2 more orgasms.

Danny lifted me off the bed and sat me on his lap in the chair. My back was to him now and he started kissing it, driving me to distraction with his searing kisses as I caught my rhythm and started riding him again. My pussy was on fire, burning with this overwhelming sensation of ecstasy. I couldn't even talk anymore, just mindlessly plunge into him, wetting him with my brimming juices.

Of course moments later this naturally transitioned to doggy style and he fucked me slowly, watching us both in the large mirror by the bed. I arched my back, stuck my butt out and fucked him, tightening my walls around him in a hot vise. My man, with a stamina that knows no bounds kept at it over and over past an hour. Until I was a writhing, screaming, over sensitized erotic mess. I had to actually pull myself off him and lie in a fetal position dead center of the bed, begging him not to touch me anymore.

He complied without a word, grasping his cock in his hand. I watched him in awe, loving the sight of seeing him finish off. I licked my lips, just tasting his essence in memory and he rewarded me with a few quick licks as he picked up the rhythm. He cocked his head and stared longingly at my ass and I jiggled it for him playfully, knowing exactly what he was thinking. "Are you sure you want me to cum?" he asked, still holding himself in check.

I emphatically told him yes, acknowledging that if he tried to fuck me one more time tonight I would have to kick him. "Cum for me Danny," I intoned, licking his balls, enticing him with my body and directing him to spill his juices all over my bum. Moments later he complied in long bursts of ecstasy.

I leaned back on my heels, feeling accomplished as if I had actually done something. He collapsed beside me, kissing me tenderly and or course--praising my skillz.

Moments later we both managed to help each other to a refreshing shower and tumble into bed, a mass of pleasured limbs that could do naught but hold each other tenderly as we fell into blissful sleep.

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Top 50...

"Happy anniversary baby. I love you," he continued, kissing me slow kisses designed to cool my ardor. I revelled in his caress, savoring the contact. We both drifted in the lull, enjoying the moment. For some reason I was amped up and urged him to hit the shower with me.

While there he fucked me again, slower this time. Gone was the urgency of our previous passion, this time he just fucked me as if he had all the time in the world. After I came again (9 if anyone is counting), I knelt down on my knees and started sucking him off. The water sluiced over us, cooling the searing heat of passion that had enveloped us.

After we were both finished, he got the towel and dried me off, encougaing me to get under the warm covers before my sickle cell kicked in again. We snuggled under the covers and talked for a bit, about personal matters and of course praised our performance. "You are my best lover," he praised, massaging my shoulders and drawing me close. We both decided that we couldn't have a top 10 anymore, it had to branch out to a top 50 and later the top 100.

Good thing I'm writing them all down.

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Anniversary Love Play

We broke character for almost at the same time. Danny seemed to be reading my mind. I wanted to make love to him as me tonight of all nights--because tonight was a special night. We came together instantly, as if pulled by a magnetic force and started to kiss. He kissed me deeply, soulfully, melding his tongue with mine, lighting my fire with just one kiss. My hands found themselves laced in his hair, drawing him closer, thrusting my groin provocatively against his. He groaned low in his throat and lowered me on the bed.

Danny started kissing my breasts then, suckling each one deeply, playing with my nipples until they were tightly beaded. My bra and shirt got pushed aside and in seconds he had divested me of everything else but the red thong panties that I was wearing. I returned the action, taking off all his clothes. His cock leaned out at me, gleaming like a marble sculpture in the dim light of the room.

I started kissing him then, everywhere. Giving him pleasure as tiny whips of lightening raced across his body. I took him into my mouth slowly, sticking my ass in his face, and he could see my mouth and butt at the same time. The red thong tormented him, the straps having slipped sexily into the recesses of my butt. He peeled off the center strap with a finger and worked his finger into my crevices, seeking to give me as much pleasure as he was getting.

The moment he touched me, he could tell that I was slick, wet and hot. I continued sucking him, taking him fully into my mouth and back out again, nice and slow, deep just the way he likes it. The only sound in the room was the sounds of beautiful lovemaking. Danny pressed his finger through my slick folds, seeking my clitoris with the accuracy of an arrow. He started playing with it, flicking back and forth and causing more tendrils of fire to seep to my core.

I tried to concentrate on sucking him whole heartedly but the moment he lifted himself and licked my pussy, it was so over. Desire blinded my eyes and all I could think of as he licked me over and over again was how much I wanted him. His tongue and lips played havoc with my senses and the only reason I could still suck him was beacuse it was a motion that I had grown used to. I gripped his balls with one hand, trying to drive him to distraction the same way he was driving me but couldn't achieve it.

He returned the motion, playing with my clitoris, sticking a finger in my pussy and licking me in all my innermost places. He licked me over and over again, causing me to cry out. My first orgasm hit me with the full force of a tympani. Tiny frissions of kinetic energy surrounded me and I leaned all the way back, sticking my pussy full into his face. He responded by licking me more, over and over again until I had coated him in warm pussy juice and screamed in another ecstatic release. "I need you inside," I ordered harshly.

He gazed at me with his obsidian eyes and flipped me, gripping my legs fiercely. With one solid push, he thrust himself in me all the way to the hilt. "Mmmm". My pussy welcomed him like he was just come home from a long war and he stayed there for a few seconds, savoring the warm depths.

If I thought that was pleasurable, the moment he moved brought me further into ecstasy. Within 4 thrusts I had already cum again, coating his cock with more of my essence. He pounded me slowly, gradually building momentum. It was a good thing that I was in a hotel room because I couldn't hold back the screams of pleasure that kept building up inside me. "I love you, I love you," I kept repeating over and over again and my pussy gripped him tighter. He stopped for a few seconds and I urged him to keep moving, thrusting my hips in his direction.

"Don't move. Don't fuckin' move," he ground out. I smiled, pleased that he was as overheated as I was. I purposefully disobeyed his instructions, wondering if I really could push him to the brink. My pussy clenched around him hotly in a tight vise and he ground his teeth, then pulled out of me ferociously. He leaped out of bed and paced the room trying to cool himself down. I sent him a smile and he smiled back, knowing fully well that I had intentionally tried to make him cum. I licked my lips and urged him back to bed.

The glint in his eye should have warned me that I was in for some payback. Burying his head in my neck, he bent my legs on his chest and entered me again. He licked and nuzzled me, kissing my body over and over again as he surrounded me with his warmth, his smell, his touch. Within seconds I was an incoherant mass of ecstasy. He stroked me deeply, plunging himself into me with wild abandon.

We were both in the moment, caught up in the rhythm of our desire. Our bodies were joined in every single way possible, slick with sweat and still he continued pounding. I kept moaning and moaning, over and over again as orgasm upon orgasm crashed upon me in a beautiful, stunning crescendo.

He shifted himself in me, doing a full revolution while still slowly thrusting. My pussy was on fire, searing my whole body and every different angle of penetration still managed to yield me more pleasure. I don't remember when I started begging him, pleading with him that I couldn't take another orgasm.

He pulled out and readjusted me, hitting it from the back, proving to me that yes, I could take another, and another and another. Finally, after my heart must have died a thousand times from the ecstasy, he released his essence deep inside me, filling me with his love and heat.

"Amazing," I breathed as I kissed his sweat laced brow. "You are," he replied, nuzzling me and snuggling closer.

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Role Playing #5: Set Up

"Yo Tone, where u at man? I'm here at the Vine waiting for you, this shit ain't professional. Holla at me. 100," barked the well dressed stranger into his cell phone. I walked up to him, taking the seat right beside him, ordering a vodka tonic. He ignored me, and I was surprised. Normally men can't help but admire me, if only a cursory and appreciative glance at my most beautiful assets.

His phone rang again and he picked it up. I wasn't intentionally eavesdropping but I couldn't help but over hear. He sounded like a music producer. And a very good one at that. I studied him covertly under my eyelashes. His skin was a dark bronze that belied his mixed origins. He had the most beguiling hazel eyes framed by long, dark lashes. His high forehead and strong features made his face one that was instantly recognizable by millions across the globe. He was the guy I was waiting for.

I focused for a second on his full, thick lips. Tone was right, he was indeed a looker up close. I wondered whether or not I should tell him that I was his 9pm appointment on time but he seemed kinda frazzled. Nah, I'll just play with him for a moment.

He hung up the phone curtly, gazing once again at his watch. I took this as an intro and look him dead in the eye, smiling flirtatiously as I did so. "It's five after nine," I remarked, holding his glare effortlessly. "You must be waiting for someone," I remarked casually. "So am I."

He ignored me, sipping his drink stoically. I watched his lips on the rim of the glass and wondered if he was capable of pussy licking with those lips. Most definitely. Ignoring his rude dismissal, I stretched my hand across the table. "I'm Angelique. Pleased to meet you--" I started but his ringing phone interrupted me. Damn. He shot me an apologetic glance and picked it up, tersely issuing instructions to some hapless underling.

As soon as he hung up I laughed at him. I could tell from the look of surprise on his face that he didn't know how to react to that. "Why are you laughing?" he asked in this deep mesmerizing voice that reminded me of hot chocolate and shortbread cookies. Mmmm.

With his interest piqued, I sent him another whimsical smile, as if I was trying to stifle my laughter but couldn't. "I just find it funny the two sides that I see with you right now," I started. He frowned and I rushed to continue before I lost his attention altogether. "You sound totally different on the phone, more professional, more street. However in person, you look like a smooth, urbane upper echelon, high profile person."

"Well, I do have many sides," he responded, taking another long drink from his glass.

"You might wanna slow down on that---you'll be drunk before your friend even gets here," I continued, talking to him like we had actually been officially introduced. I could tell from the look in his eye that he didn't know what to do with me, or how to respond to that statement. "My appointment is late. It's their fault if I'm drunk," he stated, flashing an irritating look at his phone as if waiting for Tone to call him back.

"Don't worry, I'll keep you company until your friend gets here," I responded adroitly, further insinuating myself to his presence. "You never did tell me your name," I continued. He seemed taken aback by my boldness and confidence, but at the same time intrigued by it. He told me his name was Danny, which must have been his alias or something. I was able to hold back my disbelief as well as my laughter for his subterfuge. As if I didn't know who he was...Ha!

In the next few minutes, I peeled back as many layers as I could. He didn't respond in kind to my questions, evading most answers and turning the questions back to me. I have to give him mad points for his intelligence. For some reason, this just attracted me more. Usually men in his position would be boasting and blowing their own horn by now, but he was quite self-effacing and humble. Me likey.

"So you are the architect that is going to build my next 3 houses," he replied after asking me my profession. To my flirtatious banter, he expanded on the location of the homes, a summer home in Italy between Sienna & Venice, a New York loft style apartment in Manhattan and a hill top mansion overlooking the city of San Francisco. Tone was right---this guy is really too business minded.

"Actually, I'm going to be more than your next architect," I stated, deciding to take the plunge and reveal what my true intentions were. "Really?"

"Oh yes, I'm going to be the vixen that fucks your brains out. Tonight," I told him confidently. He raised an eyebrow in silent query and I walked over to him, kissing him full on those lips that had been tempting me for the last half hour. "As much as I would like to take you up on that offer, I have other plans tonight."

"I know. I'm your 9 o'clock. Tone sent me," I replied suavely, deciding to end this play. He didn't believe me for some reason and called Tone directly. As usual Tone was up to his usual games, denying any tomfoolery. I grabbed the phone from the rapper and talked to Tone myself. He seemed satisfied after that.

"So--why didn't u just tell me?" he asked, now deciding to take issue with my games. "Why didn't you tell me your real name?" I retorted. He nodded, realizing my reason for subterfuge was as playful as his was.

"Even though you are my 9pm, I have a late date with Vanessa Williams tonight so I can't have you fuck my brains out," he scowled. "Why don't you call Vanessa and reschedule?" I responded, handing him his phone back. This put me in close proximity to him and I took the advantage. I sat in his lap, kissing him on his neck and ears while he made the call. I could feel his arousal growing with every kiss even though he sounded quite nonchalant to Vanessa. I continued my caresses and kisses, deciding to see how long he could sound normal without 'Nessa figuring what's up. To my surprise, he was actually pretty disciplined.

As soon as he hung up, I took him by the hand and guided him out of the room. Tone said Danny should have fun tonight---and have fun he will.

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

10 Month Anniversary

Danny arrived to pick me up on time today. He was looking very hot and sexy in his blue Versace shirt and pants. We kissed for several minutes and lavished compliments on each other. After that we zipped to the car and had fun jamming to Jay-Z's Blueprint album all the way to the restaurant. The mood was pleasant, the conversation stimulating and the company exhilirating.

We ended up at Olive Garden, site of our very 2nd date (why I remember stuff like this, I don't know!) We also ended up being the really sweet couple that everyone gets irritated by. We had a 20 minute wait and spent it kissing and whispering in each other's ears.

Our waiter was nice, his name was Danny too! We ordered our favorites, shared a pitcher of sangria and I told Danny to get as drunk as possible so I could have my way with him later! We ended up taking about half the sangria home because I didn't want to get a DUI. We even shared cheesecake and had this conversation about how great it would be to serve cheesecake as our wedding cake. "That's our cake," he stated to which I agreed.

The later the evening got, the more amorous I became. I slipped my heels off and plopped one leg in his lap, massaging his thigh while I showed him the finer aspects of using a straw to drink sangria. I could tell that he was getting very, very aroused and this just incited me further. Minutes later, Danny had gotten our check and we were outta there.

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Role Playing #4: Porn Film Shoot

"Hi," I said shyly as I walked into the brightly lit room with the large bed smack dab in the middle. People kept running around, yelling orders and bringing more heavy equipment to the room. The only person that seemed to be still was dressed in a bathrobe similar to one I was wearing.

"Hello. You must be my co-star. I'm Mike. What's your name?" he asked with a friendly smile. I shook my hair over my shoulders, wanting to hide the blush that stained my cheeks. "Candy," I replied, biting my lower lip in nervousness. He caught that instantly. "Your first time?" he asked conversationally. "Yes. Ever. I'm surprised I even aced the interview," I replied, tightening the bathrobe around me. I wasn't going to show an inch of skin one moment earlier than necessary. "Yeah, Dick likes them fresh. Don't worry, you're in good hands," he said with a pat on the back.

The director motioned to him then and he went over, taking direction from Dick. I used the few moments of solitude to study him. He was very distinguished looking, in fact, almost too handsome to be in a porn flick. His curly, sable hair gleamed beneath the lights, and I wondered if it was as soft as it looked. The director motioned me over then, and gave me terse instructions. "I want you to get this right on the first try Candy. Don't make me regret my decision," he continued, adding pressure to my already over burdened spirit. Mike shot me an encouraging smile as he took off his bathrobe and laid on the bed in the position that Dick had indicated.

Ay Caramba! Without a stitch of clothing or a shred of self consciousness, that man was a beautifully sculpted statue of masculinity. He had a lean, hard body and his cock---oh my God, it was huge! It was already at half mast, full and hard. I struggled to hide my naivete but I was sure he saw me with the cocky smile he sent my way. He was packing!

With shaky fingers I took my robe off as well, trying to maintain the nonchalance that he had. I sat on top of him as Dick directed and the instant his warm, calloused hands touched my skin I found it hard to concentrate. Breathe! Just breathe! I commanded myself. His touch electrified me, as the intense look in his hazel eyes, which were framed with thick, sooty lashes that any girl would kill for. He is so damn hot! I forced myself to look down from that entrancing gaze, staring at his warm, broad chest. "You are so beautiful," he whispered slowly in my ear. The words and the delivery sent a shiver through me.

I wanted him. I would fuck him right now for free. I could feel my pussy getting wet already, just lying still on top of him as the crew adjusted their lights. For some reason this was taking a while and people rushed to and fro, totally ignoring us. "You'll be alright," he promised in a husky baritone. I managed to nod. Someone handed me a tube of lube and I applied it automatically, knowing that it wasn't necessary.

"Camera. Action!" Dick ordered. The room grew instantly quiet and all eyes were suddenly focused on us. Damn.

I started sucking his cock first, making sounds the way Dick had instructed. For the first time in my life, I actually couldn't deep throat this guy, his cock was way too big for that. I gamefully took him in as far as I could, hoping that my theatrics would make up for my lack of skill. Mike moaned beneath me and I wasn't sure if it was for the script or 'cos he was enjoying my ministrations. It wasn't until he started bucking against me and fucking me in the mouth that I realised that he was as into it as I was. In that moment, everything ceased to exist, the cameras, the lights, the people surrounding us. All I wanted was more of his delicious cock.

I was so in the zone, and it wasn't until I heard Dick's nasally voice shouting 'Cut' that I was able to come out of it. And even then, I still wanted him. During the break, the crew rushed around again and Mike started kissing my big breasts, lavishing attention on my nipples. I enjoyed it and got wetter, and this throbbing heat was all in me. I wanted desperately to feel him in me.

The second act started and this was when the real fucking was supposed to start. I tried to remember what Dick had said and slid his cock into me. Mike and I both let out low moans. I hissed as the full length and width of his body hit me---before my walls adjusted to him. "Come on Candy...ride me," he stated, reminding me that was my job. I started to ride him, enjoying every stroke of him inside me.

My hot, wet pussy surrounded him and he slapped my butt, using it to drive me closer to him. Against my will an orgasm rolled around me, and I managed to grit my teeth and not make a sound. It was too soon for the movie. Mike continued fucking me, pulling my shoulders down all the way to his so he could drive in deeper. Tears sprang to my eyes at the concentration it took to keep me from crying out. He saw that. "Don't worry, they dub on top of the sounds. You can scream," he urged as he kept bucking below me. I let another orgasm wash over me and this time I did let out a whimper.

Per script, Mike switched positions, taking me from behind. He entered me with a hard thrust that sent my whole body on fire. Each stroke was one of power and he pounded into me over and over again. He drew me up, still in my pussy and squeezed my breasts, kissing my neck, back and shoulders. This unmanned me. I didn't know when I started screaming, when I broke the script and started fucking him for real, begging him for mercy and at the same time begging him for more. He filled me completely, over and over again, lacing me with fiery passion.

He wouldn't stop as more and more orgasms rolled over me, one right on top of the other. My pussy shook and quivered, gripping him tighter and tighter and still he continued. Finally, when I thought that I could take no more, when I thought I would expire from the pleasure of desire that washed all over me he pounded in me one last time and then shuddered deep inside me in release.

Mike pulled himself out slowly, cradling me with tender arms. "That was incredible. You really are a fine piece of Candy," he said.

Dick yelled, "Cut!"

***end scene***

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Role Playing #3: Sex Therapist

I walked into the therapists office, surprised to see a new doctor. "Hello, I'm Dr. Feinstein," he said with a very polite handshake. "Dr. Greenberg transferred to a new office and I'll be taking over your case Miss--?"

"Fontaine. Angelique Fontaine," I told him as I hurriedly took a seat. I already knew of this situation but still was surprised that Dr. Greenberg left.

"I've read your file extensively, but I would like to hear a little about you---in your own words and what you think is the problem," he stated. I opened up to him hesitatntly, telling him first of my childhood, being raised having travelled all over the world and having no place to call my own. I told him of my job, and how much success I've achieved in my life. My parents are very proud of me, their only daughter and of all my accomplishments. "The problem is---ever since I was little, I've been having these blackouts. When I wake up, I have no recollection of what happened, and sometimes I'm in strange rooms with strange men, having done all kinds of sexual things. Dr. Greenberg said I have multiple personalities and we've been working on bringing out my other side for a consultation," I concluded, nervously tapping my fingers on the tabletop.

"Interesting. Can you tell me the first time you had this blackout and what happened?" Dr. Feinstein probed, making some notes on his tablet. I told him that my first sexual experience was when I was 11, apparently in school I had accosted a guy and given him a blowjob. "I don't understand what makes me do all these things--" I started whimpering, trying to block out the awful memories of the things that I was told that I had done.

"It's like someone else takes over my body, and I can't control myself at all," my nails were tapping against the table in a staccato rate, and I could tell my agitation was increasing. I crossed my legs, trying to keep the feral beast in but SHE would not be controlled. I could no longer focus on what Dr. Feinstein was saying everything was blurry....I struggled with HER but as usual she won and everything

"Now that that little whiner is gone, let's get down to bizness Dr. Fine-ass,"SHE said, standing up and leaning in closer to the doctor. He was very fine. Finer than the normal guys that Angelique hung out with. There was something that had awaken me from the moment I walked into the room and saw his Lawd-have-mercy fine ass specimen of virility. I caught the appreciative glance that he sent my way as I entered the office, even though that dumb ass Angelique didn't notice a thing.

"Excuse me Angelique--"he started but I interupted him with a finger placed on his lips. "Shhhh. Angelique is gone. I'm running the show now. You can call me Angel," I said as I stuck my forefinger in his mouth. Ooooh yeah, just looking at those bomb diggity full sexy lips, I knew he could eat a pussy like no man's business.

"You must be her alter ego," he started, taking a few steps back. Oh--did he think he could avoid me? I pursued him relentlessly, taking bold and brazen steps towards him until I had him cornered. He didn't see the green sofa that was right behind him until his knees knocked into it. He was off balance....just how I like them.

"She is my alter ego. Remember, I run the show. Do you know the real reason why Greenberg is gone? It's because of me. And you are about to find exactly why," I stated as I pushed him until he fell back against the sofa. "I'm a professional," he stated emphatically as I planted a wet kiss on his neck. "This is an office woman, not a love shack."

"Oh--it's going to be way more than a love shack, I'll tell you that much," I said as I leaned closer to him, melding my body tightly to his. My breasts felt heavy and full and pushed tautly against his hard chest, my nipples already hard and puckered. I could feel the hard throb of his arousal under his khakis and this made me smile. No man could turn me down.

For some reason, he wasn't intimidated by my threat. His eyes lit up and he licked his lips. Oh yeah, it was so on. When I placed a kiss on his lips, he eagerly gave me his tongue, frolicking with mine. I wrapped my hands around his head and drew him closer, nuzzling him in my breasts. His cock throbbed harder under me and I finally took pity on it, releasing it from its bondage.

Just like I thought, he was packing. I smiled and licked my lips. Big. Juicy. Just the way I like it. I took him in my mouth slowly, savoring the contact of a cock between my lips. Then I deep throated him, giving him just a taste of what Angel could do. Within seconds he was groaning and moaning, thrashing and bucking, wanting more of my magic. I took more of his cock, cupping his balls in my hand, licking and sucking on them as well. I devoured him, like a starving woman at a feast, and feast I did. It had been a while.

The good Doctor let me have my feast for as long as I wanted, rewarding me with drops and sips of his essence. Dayum. He tasted real good too. I could feel him straining, holding back and that was the moment I knew that I wanted to fuck him.

"Wow Angel, now I see why Greenberg quit," he said hoarsely. I smiled at him cockily. I wasn't done yet. Not by far. There were many, many other naughty things that I was going to do with him.

When Angelique wakes up, she's probably going to wonder every single day of her life if she has fucked the good Doctor Fine-ass. If he's really cured her. However, the secret of what happens in this office will only be known to him and me. Her loss is my gain.

****end scene****


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Saturday, August 26, 2006


When we got to our room, I sat on the bed, still deeply wrapped in my own thoughts and revelations. Danny sat across from me on the loveseat, staring me down as if to read my mind. "You've got to believe me. I can't make you believe me. But if you don't, then this will always come up between us," he said slowly. I nodded my head, knowing that he was right, and yet I knew instinctively that old habits die hard.

"Come here," he beckoned in his deep baritone. I obeyed slowly, knowing that my acceptance of that one command was more than just the words. It was me showing my acceptance of him, of us. With four steps I was close to him, and he drew me closer, sitting with me in his lap. He held me and kissed me slowly, promising me that I would be safe. That my heart would be safe.

For some reason, from that moment on---I believed him. Like actually, truly believed. Ti amerĂ² per sempre e voglio restare insieme a te tutta la vita.


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Friday, August 25, 2006

Leashed Passion

He reversed our positions so fluidly that I felt as light as a feather. I laid my hands against him, reveling in the strength of his grip, the warmth of his skin. There was so much power there, yet mingled with so much love and tenderness that it made me weak. He gazed at me for several minutes, his obsidian eyes catching every nuance and reflection of the light. He raised his hands to my face and cupped it, kissing my mouth fiercely, tenderly, melding my tongue hotly with his as it had been tightly glued on his member mere seconds again. His tongue played with mine as his hands left my face and started tracing the contours of my neck, my throat, my breasts.

His touch seared fire all the way to my loins and I felt my nipples pucker tighter in desire. With a whimsical smile I reached for him, cupping his balls in my hand and feeling his hard, turgid cock with the other. "I need you. Now," I whispered erotically. I was already wet and throbbing, had been since the moment he walked in. And SHE was clenching me demanding to be satiated. "I don't want to---"he started. "Shhhh!" I interrupted him with a firm finger on his lips. "I'll be ok. Just be gentle. Very very gentle," I encouraged, slipping my finger into his mouth as I guided him into my body.

At last! Tiny spirals of energy filled me, sizzling through my blood like bubbles of champagne. I could feel my walls clenching around him tightly, welcoming him, then adjusting to his girth. He let out a low moan, reveling in the intimacy of his moment as I did, yet holding the feral part of him in check. He took his time with me, slowly and methodically, thrusting in very softly, searing my body with kisses and intensely hot looks, making love to me gently. It was so tender, and yet so wildly erotic.

I could see the beads of concentration on his brow, noticed the effort he was taking to prevent from hurting me, from sliding over the precipice of making love to me to fucking me. And my heart pounded, filled with amazing adoration at his fortitude and discipline. He filled me completely and deeply, continually keeping those long deep strokes, hitting my g-spot effortlessly with one thrust. My first orgasm came with a wave, slowly cresting and I savored it. I was unprepared when the second hit me and the force of the pleasure had me arching against him, wanting more of this delicious passion, more of this fervent heat. I could feel my sleek hot pussy wet with juices and hear the sounds with each thrust. It trickled down my butt as he came out and he moved faster, grinding himself in me deeper, and yet keeping that gentle edge to it.

Enough with this porcelain doll act---get to the really freaky stuff already! SHE demanded as she gripped around him like a hot vise. I started bucking against him urging him faster, deeper and he obliged, causing me to shudder in his arms. Over and over again he gave me pleasure, taking his time, watching after my achy leg, and yet at the same time making sweet love to me. Three. Four. My orgasms kept rolling over me in a stunning crescendo, unceasing and unyielding, so intense.

Five. Six. Seven. My words were incoherent now as my head started swimming, and I took harsh breaths, trying to concentrate on him with all this intense ecstasy all over me. It was like I was surrounded by shimmery light, all soaked with pleasure. He kissed me then, sucking my lips as he whispered sweet things into my ear. Mmmmm.

I started begging him to stop, telling him that I couldn't take anymore pleasure without passing out. He finally obliged me, slowly drawing out, laving my entrance and then....plunging in again as if he didn't want to be separated from me for an instant. I almost started sobbing, it was so good and yet so intense. He climaxed right then, buried in me to the hilt, and shivered with each wave of his orgasm. I could feel our combined juices all mixed up in me and I smiled, clinging to him like he was my anchor. Finally, he stopped moving, just lay there clasped in my arms, looking at me with such wonder tears sprang to my eyes.

"That was incredible" I breathed as I ran my fingers through his hair. As habit, I checked his body for any scratches that I might have unknowingly inflicted, and thankfully hadn't taken any skin off.

"Are you okay?" was the first thing he said.

Oh yes honey. WE are sooooo okay.


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Magic Lips

He did come...and I must confess, having sex while drugged up gives everything a WHOLE new dimension. But first...lemme start from the beginning.

He kissed me slowly, a long devouring kiss, melding his tongue sinuously with mine. He transferred his need to me, imbued me with that kiss with a burning fire to have him there and then, regardless of anything else.

I slid over and let him lay beside me and he cradled me in his arms. The spicy scent of his cologne called to me, questing my lips to kiss down the length of his throat. He moaned with the contact, a deep sound that reverberated in the quiet room. I lapped my tongue into the dip of his collarbone as I wrapped my fingers into his hair drawing him closer. "Why are you teasing me?" he hissed. Because I can. But who said anything about teasing? was what SHE clenched in response.

"I would think after all these years you would recognise a woman seducing you," I breathed against his skin, kissing his chest and laving his nipples with some attention. He clenched his fingers in fists, torn between his need for me and his care for me. The big ridge in his jeans told me who would win this battle. No matter how much he might try to fight it....he wanted me, regardless of how I felt. And I was going to have him. I took a breath and dived back into his body, lapping him up like a cat laps up cream. I breathed in his scent, and let it wash through me and around me. This was my man. My one and only man.

"Are you sure you are well enough for this," he asked, stroking my hair and forcing me to look up at him. "Mmmm," I breathed as I finally unbuckled his pants, silencing the rest of his protests by burying my head in his groin. He arched slowly against me, and his scent filled my nostrils, urging me to tease him with sultry looks and touches. I noticed the second he gave in, the change in his demeanour was so drastic. With a satisfied gleam, I pushed him back, deftly taking his pants and boxers off. It was on.

His cock sprang into my hands and I smiled. Lordy how I've missed this. I ran my hand down the length of it, admiring his beauty, his power, his girth. A drop of precum formed at the tip and I licked it away slowly, throwing Danny a look that made him groan. I put his tip in my mouth and then withdrew, as if testing the waters. I repeated the motion, going down a little further this time, trailing my tongue against his member in a teasing swirl.

Danny didn't breath as he watched me as I worked my magic on his member with my mouth, taking him nice and slow, over and over again. I felt his body relax slowly with every single lick and suck I gave him, as if the very action transferred the energy outwards. I positioned myself just right, taking him deep, feeling him hit the back of my throat. The harsh sounds he expelled were enough to spur me on and my other hand cupped his balls, playing with them slowly. I sucked him for a while, enjoying the encounter just as much as he was, revelling in the power of his need for me, of his desire and of my passion.


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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

In Sickness, and Health

I woke up a couple of hours in excruciating pain. My meds had worn off, so the pain was back in full force. I must have slept through the earlier part of it....damn, damn, damn! "Shit," I hissed under my breath, getting out of Danny's embrace and reaching for some pain relief.

He woke up as soon as I moved and gazed at me quizzically. Without a word, he got up and passed me the meds, doling them out like a nurse might and even going to the kitchen to get some water. By the time he came back to the room, I had scuttled under the covers, trying to get warm. He laid back beside me, gingerly putting his arms around me, making sure that he didn't jar anything or come in contact with an achy joint.

I buried my head in his arm, willing the pain to go away, and trying to hold back tears at the same time. I didn't want Danny to know the level of my anguish. I wanted him to go back to sleep---he had work early the next morning and it was late enough already. "I'm okay babe...just waiting for the pills to kick in. Just go to sleep," I manage to reply him in a normal tone as I turned away from him, screaming inwardly in despair.

He didn't buy it for a second. He cradled me closer, wrapping me up in his warmth and talked to me gently, giving me something to focus on besides the pain. He wrapped my fingers in his and told me to squeeze tightly if it hurt too much and told me that I shouldn't hold back anything because he was there. He calmed me, soothingly, gently and tenderly and I was able to focus on his words, the lovely cadence of his voice, as he talked about how glad we were moving in together and all the things we would do together.

By the time the meds kicked in, I was already asleep, warmed by his wonderful heat and soothed by his comforting tone.

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I was fast asleep when he got here, having given up the vigil to the pain and wonderful drugs that were in my system. I thought I was dreaming at first...when I felt warm kisses on my cheek, brow and lips. His scent surrounded me, and even though my dreams are tactile, they are rarely surrounded with the sense of smell. I opened my eyes slowly and got to watch him kiss me on my neck and shoulders.

The room was dark, lit only by a small lamp, and it pooled towards his presence, illuminating him perfectly. I could see from the wrinkles on his brow that he was tired, and from the haunted look in his eyes that he was as emotionally worn as I suspected. That alone melted whatever little ire I had in my heart.

"Hi baby," I said softly, burying my hands in his hair and drawing him close. I kissed him slowly, trying to imbue him with some comfort. "Te amo bellisima," he replied as he returned the kiss. I slid over and let him share the tiny bed with me, adjusting my body to lie right next to his. He wrapped me in his arms tenderly, cradling my head, surrounding me with such luscious warmth that whatever pains I had gently eased to a low throb. I listened to his heart beating, and his every breath as he played with my hair.

Neither of us said anything, nothing needed to be said. He was here. With me. And I was here with him. No matter what had happened or what was going to happen, our world was at peace.

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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Racy Lips

For the rest of the drive home, all three of us talked. As usual, my hand crept over to Danny's hair, playing with his curly locks. Junior was beside himself, asking question after question, as I answered him while using my right hand to inflame Danny.

My hand was first on his lap--just sitting there, and then inched to his cock. He had told me earlier that the meal had made him sleepy, and that my job was to keep him awake...and I was doing just that. I started massaging his member right there in the car, in broad daylight, moaning slightly under my breath. Every few moments, I would turn and look at Junior, throwing in some answer to get him asking another question. Kids!

I could tell that Danny was getting heated just by looking at him, and from the response of his cock that my hand was getting. It kept growing and growing beneath my fingers and still he managed to stay on the highway and drive as if he wasn't bothered at all. This just fueled me more and I leaned closer to him, placing a kiss on his neck and his cheek. Junior started giggling then and this broke our moment. Danny gave a strong suggestion for Junior to 'go to sleep so you will have energy when we get to Grandma's house,' to which he obeyed after a few seconds.

My hands kept running all over his body and I gingerly undid his belt buckle, wrapping my fingers around his pulsing member. Mmmm....lovely. I shot a quick look at Junior to make sure he was really sleeping and then bent my head down and started paying my respects to my boyfriend's beautiful cock.

The second my lips touched his member he groaned audibly, letting me know without a doubt that he was as affected as I was. I laved him slowly, going as far down as I could go, leaning into him all the way, taking him all the way to my throat.

And still he kept driving.

I started working wonders with my lips, with my tongue, with my mouth and soon he was wet and it wasn't just my saliva. I eagerly laved up the drops of pre-cum as soon as they formed, as sent my questing tongue seeking more, flicking his frenulum on the way. I used my hand and tightened it like a vise, pretending it was vaginal walls clasping around him, causing him to buck against me slowly. I gazed up at him, murmuring sexy words under my breath, daring him to cum all in my mouth.

I felt the car slowing, knew we were getting to my neighborhood, but I wasn't done with him yet. I wasn't stopping until he came for me. As if knowing this, he drove slowly past my house and kept on driving, heading up and down a couple of streets until he parked on a deserted side street. With a growl he wrapped his fingers in my hair, pushing me further down on him. I moved my tongue hotly, searing his cock, and renewed my efforts, slowly baiting him unceasingly, with a practiced rhythm, massaging his balls as well. I was at the very tip of his cock when I felt him jerk against me, and I went all the way down again, coming up to claim his juices as they spilled in my mouth. I gamefully swallowed every drop, not wanting anything to spill on his pristine coat.

"I can't believe you," he breathed as he floated down from his climax. I smiled, wiping my mouth off slowly in satisfaction. Don't get it twisted honey, I will take you every single time I want you, regardless of who's in the car with us, was the look I gave him. He smiled and we both looked back at Junior, who was still fast asleep in the car. "I'll take you home," he said finally, straightening his clothes up and putting the car in drive.

All in all, it was a very lovely day!

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Worship Day....

Danny came to pick me up at 9am. He was actually a bit later than originally planned and sounded really hassled on the phone. Considering the fact that we had cut our phone conversation short last night and he had 'went to bed' arond 11pm, I had a hard time believing he got a late start on the morning if he really got up.

I was dressed and ready when they pulled up. Danny & Junior both got out of the car and it was a total Kodak moment. Junior is like his little mini-me and they were both dressed up, Danny in a suit and Junior in a buttown down shirt, vest and a tie. So cute! I hugged them both quite exuberantly and fed them jelly sandwiches (they hadn't eaten at all). The synagogue that I had researched and that we had originally planned to go to ended up closed for some reason so we headed to College Town with a vague idea of a synagogue there. I was excited and nervous at the same time.

When we got there, the service was just about to start. Danny put the kapis on both him and Junior and an elder escorted them to the inner sanctum. Of course, it had to be a friggin' traditional service where they men were seperated from the women. Holy fuck! In addition to that, they only spoke pure Hebrew, EVERYTHING WAS IN HEBREW! And those bastards took my interpreter from me. Most of the women must have decided to skip the damn service since they weren't able to see anything anyway so I was the only one. I tried to get into it, the Rabbit even gave me an English/Hebrew translated service book, but not understanding what was going on was a severe drawback.

After an hour of the service, Junior was getting really antsy and Danny was having a hard time concentration. So I whispered through the divider for Junior to come over with me. After getting permission from his dad (he's such a good boy!) he came over. We ended up playing Rock, Paper, Scissors and a few other hand games to occupy the time while the service went on the on.

My attention was attracted when Danny got up to read the Torah. Contrary to everyone that had read before, he was reading so melodically and rhythmically I couldn't help but be enthralled. I had Junior peering through the slats trying to see his dad as well. I was so proud of him. He held it down reading the Torah in ancient Hebrew. Yikes!

The service finally finished and they asked us to come outside for a luncheon, called the Kiddush. Everyone sat and interacted and...surprise, two women actually came out to eat as well. They asked us questions and talked to us while we snacked on a warm potato & bean pottage, some kind of flat bread, egg spread, humuus, pickles and olives. They were very friendly and outgoing, getting rapidly enamored with Junior. For some reason, they thought he was my son, and kept asking how long we had been together and when we got married. To my surprise, Danny didn't dissuade them, just saying we had been together 'a while' but were planning to get married. I was getting quite chilled by now so I borrowed Danny's jacket whilst I made sure that Junior didn't make a mess.

They didn't want us to leave but were going to have another service after they had had a long 4 hour service just a scant hour ago!!! They wanted Danny to stay for that, and he didn't try to get out of it. However, I was too cold and too tired of being segregated so I told the company that I was going to sit in the car and get warm. Danny headed to the other service and Junior followed me.

In the car, Junior and I bonded more. Wow....I actually love that boy in all his percociousness. He pretended to be driving the car and kept asking me what each button/lever did. We even headed to different locations like the bank, mall, movie theatre, grocery store, library, my house, Danny's house and at each spot, Junior would ask me if I wanted him to drive fast or slow. Then he would drive for a few minutes (sound effects included), pull up to our destination, park and then act like he was the salesclerk/bank teller and hand me whatever I needed. It was so fun! I indulged him and try not to get tired of answering his numerous questions. He asks more questions that Socrates!

About 15 minutes later, Danny said goodbye to the welcoming worshippers and came to the car, telling me about the short service and that they had invited us to the Friday evening vespers as well. "There are more women there," he stated as he drove around College Town. "I'm hungry," I told him emphatically. I urged him to feed me before he dropped me off at home. I had considered the Kiddush a light snack and not hearty enough to fill my cavernous appetite. We ended up going to a Thai restaurant.

We got to the restaurant and Danny was talking to his dad. They had called while we were at synagogue and wanted to know when he was coming through. "Yeah, I'm coming around 6," he stated. "I'm here with Badspice & Junior...." Silence. "Yeah I was thinking about that---but Mom," was his side of the conversation. He later told me that his dad had suggested bringing me over but his mom is still not receiving any visitors outside of family ever since Vane's death.

His phone had also rang with messages from Roxie as well as Shelly and some work people. We enjoyed our meal though, and I gorged myself with the delicious fare. Junior even ate some spring rolls and the waitress had fun playing with him. We left after about 30 minutes and had to stop at a gas station to get some gas.

Danny got out to pump the gas and I took that opportunity to get out as well, leaning towards him and stealing a slow, deep, wet kiss. Junior was giggling at us from the backseat---he was beside himself. "Why are you kissing Daddy in public?" he asked me, "People can see you!"

"Why do you care what people think Junior? You are never going to see them again anyway---and all you have is this moment," was my response. Danny chimed in and we both seized the moment to bring life lessons to our little young 'un.

Gosh---I feel like an instant mom. Yikes!


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Thursday, August 17, 2006

This & That

I didn't see Danny for the rest of the week. However, we talked quite frequently, touching bases throughout the day and nightly. Roxanne gave him an ultimatum last night. "You have to be out of the house by October 1st. And pay your full rent until the lease is up," she practically screamed at him. When he told me this, I got irritated, mainly because I knew that he was going to do that anyway and she had no right to issue ultimatums. Bitch.

Danny likes watching me when I go on the warpath for him. I just hate that she manipulates him, tries to send him on guilt trips and gives him so much grief like it's his fault that she's depressed.

I've been having pain on & off since Monday and felt that I was getting sick. "I'm about to have a full blown crises," I confessed one night. "But I can't afford it right now. I need to find a place to live first."

He was quiet at that. I know that whenever I fall sick, he hurts as well, if not more than I do. He promised me that if I did get really, really sick/hospitalized---he would find us a place before i got out. "You are my baby. I'm going to take care of you," he promised.

God, I love him.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Danny had a really rough day today. He had a bunch of appointments scheduled and none of them came through. He had to offload about $200 to pay for the water bill that fucking Roxie never paid as well as another $130 that he paid to get the mechanic out to fix her car. Apparently she is going to pay him back when she gets her paycheck on Friday. However, this is a prime example of me sharing my boyfriend and I told him so. "I just want to leave her in a better condition," was his excuse for paying for the damn mechanic. Whatever! His day ended up being a hectic mess after that, leaving him irritated, angry and tired all at once.

When he came over to my place, he was really exhausted. After planting a slow, wet one on his lips, I took him to my bedroom, took his shoes off and proceeded to give him the Badspice Massage Special. I had him sip some chilled wine to further relax him. We talked and listened to music whilst I massaged all the stress away from his body. It was soothing to both of us, I ended up liking it so much that I even broke out my pedicure kit and gave him an impromptu pedi. "Is it always going to be like this?" I asked him, enjoying catering to my man. "Yes," he said with such certainty that I had no choice but to believe him.

I could tell from his heavily lidded gaze that he was fighting falling asleep, so I talked quietly and urged him to fall asleep. I massaged him for a few more minutes until I was sure that he wasn't going to wake up.

Kissing him on his brow, I took his clothes off and managed to get him under the covers.

"I love you," he whispered as I put the lights off and stepped out of the room. I went to check my email/blogs for a few hours, then slipped into bed around 2AM, warming my cold feet and hands against his warm skin. He wrapped himself around me, spooning my body totally and warming me to my core. I could tell he was still sleeping, yet he placed little butterfly kisses on the nape of my neck.

A few minutes later, I also fell asleep. Warm. Content. Happy.

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Monday, August 14, 2006

Role-Play #2: Job Interview

"Mr. Warren? Hello, my name is Jennifer Smith. Please come in," I said as I ushered yet another interviewee into my office.

Hmmm, this one is really sexy. Not like any of the others, was the thought that flashed through my head as he gave me a firm handshake. "Please, do sit," I ordered as I sat behind my desk. My office was designed to intimidate everyone who sat on the other side of it. The walls were decorated in impressive Renaissance art, original works by my favorite artists. As Mr. Warren covertly surveyed the room, he seemed in awe of the wealth depicted here.

Let's see if I can impress him some more. "It's nice to finally meet you. This is your third interview and you've gone through my subordinates until this point. However, this job in Acquisitions is going to be working directly under me so I get to pick the final outcome," I said authoritavely as I crossed my legs, giving him a view of my sexy garter.

He didn't even look down as he gazed at me with such earnestness. I could tell that he was a novice in this field, not even jaded and cynical as we all eventually got. I continued talking and he listened with interest and awe, impressed by my company's assets and benefits. I repeated alot of the spiel by rote as I checked out his handsome features. His curly jet black hair was setting off a perfectly molded face that made me yearn to run my fingers through. His brown eyes glowed with intelligence, and as the lamp hit them the color changed. When he smiled, a small dimple appeared in his right cheek and he had gorgeous full lips surrounded by a well groomed mustache & goatee. Ay caramba! Sexy, sexy, sexy! my body said as my nipples tightened of their own accord.

"Your salary starts at $150,000/year with benefits as well as bonuses comparative to what you will do. Image is everything in this business and we like to make sure all our employees retain that image. You will be given an S-class Mercedes, exchanged for the latest model every year for your personal as well as professional use. You will be outfitted with a Versace wardrobe. Do you have any tattoos or piercings?" I continued. "Yes," he replied. "Can I see them?" I practically ordered. Anything to get his shirt off. "Now?" he asked in surprise. I replied him with a nod, maintaining an unaffected air. He pulled his shirt off, rewarding me with a view of his sculpted, muscular frame. Yes...he would do quite well.

"Like I said, you will be closely working with me and have to be available 24/7. Conversely, you will live on the Company Estates, and your house will be close to mine. Do you have any family that will be making this move with you?" I finally asked, wondering what he would say if I gobbled him up right then and there.

He nodded, telling me about his girlfriend, Julliete, a girl that he'd been dating for almost a year. I feign interest as I question him as to the depth of his relationship and his love for her. "We do provide relocation as well as a free job search for your family members. What field does she work in?" I said, making a note on my pad. He told me she was into real estate. I continued, talking more about my company, what the expectations were, what the benefits were like. He wanted this job, he was desperate, I could smell it. He was ambitious too---and would do anything for it. Lovely.

"You are in the running with 2 other applicants. I need you to do something to push yourself to the next level," I stated, crossing my legs again and licking my lips.

"Something like what?" he asked, unsure of my intentions.

"Like I said, you will be working closely with me at all hours. I have to make sure we are compatible. I have needs that you will have to fill. Do you understand?"

"," he stated in uncertainty. God gracious, how much more obvious do I need to be. "I expect sex from you whenever I need it. Right now, I want you to eat my pussy," I stated brazenly, mincing no words.

He hesitated, verbally telling me about Juliette. "Shh--" I interrupted, placing my finger on his lips. "Juliette will never, ever know," I encouraged as I stuck a finger into his mouth. He sucked it slowly, watching my every move carefully, testing the depths of my needs. I moved closer to him, kissing him on the mouth, watching his reaction to my kiss. Oh yeah, he wanted me.

I take him to the extra room in my office and lay on the bed, raising my skirt up to my waist. "Eat my pussy like you really, really want this job," I told him as I pulled him by the tie closer to my body. He kissed my breasts slowly, like an amateur, raising his head up and saying with a jagged voice, "Juliette will never know?" "Never," I promised, bending his head to the task.

After that reassurance he wholeheartedly embraced the act. He savored my breasts, paying attention to both, lavishing them with his tongue, getting me already soaking wet. "Pussy. Now," I ordered, done with the games.

He obliged, as he slowly took my panties off. He tucked a pillow under my butt, raising my pussy in all it's glory. He brought his lips to me slowly, as if fighting his conscience and his wants and I let him make up his mind. Taking a deep breath, he took the plunge and licked my outer walls. I gazed at him, young, so ill at ease, trying to please his Mistress. "Good. Good boy eat that pussy like you want the job," I stated, drawing him closer.

He laved and licked my clit walls, stroking it with his soft, wet tongue until my pussy was shaking. He devoured me, losing all his earlier hesitance, raking me over the coals and bringing such wonderful ecstasy to my body. He got all up in it, like he was mining for gold, sticking his tongue as far as it would go.

He used his fingers as well, making me feel as if 2 tongues were at work as he warmed my pussy from the outside in. It opened up to him like a flower, secreted warm juices over his skin, coating the bristly hairs on his face with its wetness. I came once and still he continued, ploughing his tongue into my pussy, looping and touching one of my g-spot with his finger at the same time. I saw stars then and I wrapped my fingers in his curls as I came hot and heavy. This was heaven.

He raised himself up then, and showed me his cock, straining against the material of his jeans. It was big, I could tell, just the way I liked it. "Can I--?"

"Oh yes," I told him, leaving the languor of my body to open his fly and stroke him. "Are you going to fuck me like you want the job?" I asked him.

"I already got the job," he told me as he thrust himself into me. "This is just benefits." Oh yeah baby. I moaned at the sensation of having all his length inside me. He groaned as he thrust forward again, enjoying the contact as much as I did. He played my body like he knew it, fucking me with such wild abandon. The youth have such vigor, was my departing thought as he started fucking me faster and harder. I came with regularity, warming and wetting his cock, coating it with my essence the same way I had coated his face. Still he wasn't done with me. "I ain't through with you yet. Those other 2 are beat out of the running," he promised.

He was magnificent. Hot and heavy like a wild stallion. He bucked into me with a succulent rhythm, not holding anything back, fucking me like he was getting paid for it. None of my previous 3 husbands had ever fucked me like this young buck was doing. I directed him to cease and take me from behind and he complied, entering me in one fluid stroke. I turned to the right so I could view him in action in the mirror that was hung across the room.

He grabbed my sides and lifted me in the air as if I was no more than a feather and brought himself ferociously into me. His body was coated with a fine sheen of perspiration but he didn't seem to mind. There was something feral about him, something desperately hungry for this, as if Juliette hadn't been properly fucking her man. Well I can take care of that, I thought as I clenched my pussy tighter around him, flexing my Kegels. He watched himself as he fucked me, and I watched him, watched the tight muscles play across his body with every single stroke. He was so deep, so hard, I swore I could feel him all the way to my navel.

I cried out over and over again at the unexpected pleasure that lanced through me, filling me. Every single stroke was met with a tightness of my own, until we were making each other ecstatic. Finally with a cry of triumph, he came in a fury, pouring his essence all in me.

"Did I get the job," he asked between a harsh breath moments later.

"Yes." I replied emphatically. He totally got the job.

-------END SCENE-------

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After the scene we curled up in bed and talked for a bit. He rubbed my arms and kissed me, in an attempt to erase whatever pain his earlier touch might have caused. "That was almost too fun," I stated, rehashing the events.

"I couldn't hold character once you were in me, all I could think was...Danny's fucking me," I told him, explaining my total acceptance of Tom's lovemaking. "Yeah, it looked like you were enjoying it. You even had multiple orgasms!" he agreed.

Well yeah, that's some grade A Cock...what did you expect, SHE replied, tightening in me.

"Is it wierd that I am jealous of myself? I got mad that you were enjoying me fucking you even though it was me but then not really me," he asked, telling me why he had reacted so violently to killing the rapist deader than dead.

"Yes. You are wierd."

"At least I didn't break character like some people we know," he replied quickly.

" did. What the hell kind of rapist says 'I just want to make you happy?' That was all you and you know it!" I teased, wrapping my hands through his hair. He agreed to that little faux pas. All in all, we had to agree, it was a mindblowing experience. We are soooo crazy!

"Now it's time for one of my fantasies," I told him.

The Skit: He's a job interviewee trying to get a job at a Fortune 500 company. I'm his potential employer personally screening all my applicants.

We put our clothes back on and I told him that he couldn't use the name of Tom. "I can't even imagine fucking a guy named Tom---it's so boring!" I exclaimed.

"Well give me whatever name you want," he said as he got fully dressed and headed back to the doorway.

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Roleplaying #1: Rape Scene

"Where the hell are you? I've been waiting here for the past 20 minutes. I can't believe you are fucking late on our anniversary," I yelled into the phone, pretending to be berating my boyfriend. I hung up angrily and ordered another vodka on the rocks, cursing under my breath. I had had an awful day, just gotten fired from my job and now was getting stood up.

A stranger walked in, nattily dressed, gazing about the bar with a cursory glance. "Excuse me miss, is this seat taken?" he asked, indicating the chair right next to me. "Yes," I scathingly replied, tossing him an angry glare. "It's reserved for my boyfriend," I stated, narrowing my eyes in fury as a took a sip of my newly filled drink. "Well how about I just sit here until he arrives? By the way, my name is Tom, what's yours?" the stranger said as he extended his hand.

I stared at it like it was a poisonous snake, refusing to even touch him. With a glare, I turned my back to him, deciding to ignore him as if he was beneath me. Tom ordered a white wine and started talking to me, making seemingly innocuous remarks about the weather, the traffic and the city. I replied him in mono-syllables, very stand-offish and kept checking my watch.

"I couldn't help but overhear your conversation. What kind of man would be so neglectful as to be late to come see you?" he stated, gazing at me longingly. "Are you flirting with me?" I replied icily, as I raked him over with a caustic stare.

"If I was flirting with you, you wouldn't even know it," he replied suavely, causing my eyes to narrow. At this moment, I hated all men, especially my boyfriend for standing me up. This guy seemed to be willing to invade my space and thoughts, so he would get the brunt of the punishment.

For the next 15 minutes we mentally sparred, trading insults, as we flirted, insulted and bantered with wild abandon. I called him all manner of names, disgusting pig, village idiot, bastard, whoreson---things that I would never call my boyfriend. He replied with compliments, warming himself up to me, inching his chair closer and closer to mine. I pushed him away angrily, berating him for daring to come so close, for even being in my 2 feet of personal space. He didn't back down, asked to smell my hair, wondering out loud if I look this beautiful when I'm not angry. I lashed out again, clipping him with a fist in his shoulder, warning him that if he didn't step away from me I would slap his face. Tom grinned at that taking the blow with a small grimace, locking his hand in mine to prevent me from carrying out my threat.

"Can you fucking just leave me alone?" I finally said, telling him in my stance and posture to get away from me. This was the umpteenth time I told him to leave---he had ignored all the other requests. He was irritating me, being too nice, taking every abuse I gave him and still staying nice.

"If I bother you that much, then I guess I will have to vacate your lovely presence," he replied easily. "But before I go, you have to give me a kiss," he told me, his mouth achingly close to mine.

"I ain't giving you shit! Get the fuck out of my face," I told him, pushing his face away with my other hand. In that second, he turned from a nice gentleman into a stranger. He grabbed my wrists angrily, flinging me against the pool table.

"All I wanted to do was make your day a little bit better, and this is the thanks I get? I'll show you bitch," he stated as he pushed me against the table. I fought him, screaming as loud as I could until he hit me in the mouth. Blood trickled from my lower lip and he wiped it away aiming to kiss my face. I tried to bite him and he shook me, until my teeth were rattling. "Listen and do what I say or I'm going to kill you," he growled at me. I ignored him, slamming my heel against his instep, bucking against him, trying to get him off balance.

He pushed me on the table then, pinning both arms above my head with one hand while he fingered my breast with the other. I turned and twisted, trying to break his grip to no avail. I tried to scratch him with my nails but he wasn't letting go of my wrists. I kicked him, and he leaned back, momentarily distracted as pain shot through his stomach.

He put his right hand on my throat in retaliation, temporarily cutting off my air supply. Fuck! I twisted my neck, trying to break his grip to no avail. I closed my eyes, pretending that I passed out and his grip loosened a bit as he unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. I managed to get one of my arms loose, and tried to aim into a blow to his head but he ducked it, cursing as he leaned his whole weight on me, laying full on my body, until all I could do was struggle to breathe. I tried to pull the whole fainting trick again but he wouldn't buy it, grinning as he noticed my vision started to blacken.

"Stop! Please stop, I can't breathe," I begged, trying to squirm to no avail. "Are you going to be a good girl now? Are you going to listen and do what Tom tells you to do?" he asked as he lifted some of the weight off. I stole harsh, choppy breaths, forcing air into my starving lungs. He took my distraction and forced my skirt up, pushing my panties to the side as he fingered me.

The moment he touched me I pushed against him, my strength renewed, fighting for all it was worth. We went on like this for several minutes, me tearing and clawing at his hair, his skin, trying to gouge out his eyes---anything to get him away from me. He was as determined as I was, blocking my efforts defensively, bruising my skin with the punishing grip he held me in. The fight was gone from me, as I realised the futility of my efforts. I had gotten so tired, my arms and legs where hurting with the effort of trying to fight him off. He was stronger, he was faster, he was overpowering me. There was no way I could escape. I cried in the futility, cried that I couldn't escape what was happening. Cried at my naivete for trusting a stranger.

He noticed my withdrawal from the fight and took advantage of it, kissing my neck and breasts, yet staying far away from my mouth, in case I decided to bite him again. I feebly tried to pull his head away but my arms wouldn't cooperate. He pulled his pants and boxers down and in one vicious push, impaled himself in my pussy.

The moment he entered me I knew it would be hard to hold the character. Even though on the outside I could pretend it wasn't Danny, my mind and pussy both new the truth. SHE trembled against him, clenching around his member as he slowly withdrew and entered me again. "No, no, no," I begged, trying to stay in character, even though my body was saying a resounding yes.

There was no way I was going to fight him anymore. I imagined it was Danny filling me with his hard throbbing heat. He started moving then, leashing his own passion as he fueled mine, wrapping me up entirely in beautiful rays of desire. I peaked then, cresting ever so delightfully in orgasm. He kept at it, thrusting slowly, drawing out each stroke inch by delicious inch, leaving my body tightly coiled up in ecstasy. He fucked me hard then, going faster and faster, until my thighs were shaking with the force of his virility. I wrapped my legs around him, bringing him closer and deeper into me. I came again and again, over and over and he kept fucking me relentlessly.

"Do you like this? Is this better than the cock your boyfriend gives you?" Tom asked as I hit another peak. "Yes. Yes," I mindlessly whimper, wanting more of this pleasure. "Good. I just want to make you happy," he replied. He thrust his hips tightly into me, taking me over and over again. "Danny....Danny," I screamed with the next orgasm. "Not Danny. SAY MY NAME. IT'S TOM!" he ordered, pulling fully out of me until I was begging for more of his thick, hard heat.

"Tom," I muttered, wondering how focused Danny could be to stay in character while fucking me. "Please Tom. Come back in my pussy," I begged politely. He grinned then as he drove himself deep inside me burying in me to the hilt. "You like that?" Tom asked again, encouraging me to praise his prowess. "Yes," I moaned in pleasure, seizing the next orgasm that ripped my body asunder. I was enjoying this way too much.

As if sensing that Danny pulled out again, walking to the other side of the room. "We're ending that scene. Grab a pillow, your boyfriend is coming in," he stated as he put some clothes on.

What? Oh yeah....we were still doing this enactment thingey! I grabbed a pillow and pretended it was Tom fucking me as Danny walked into the room. "What the fuck?" Danny said, pulling Tom off me. He punches him in the face, in the gut, and knees him in the groin as I whimper helplessly. "He raped me," I said, staring at Tom with accusation in my eyes.

Danny beat him again, over and over, as my mind shrank from the reality of the moment. The raw fury in his gaze scared me, as was the vicious violence he was exhibiting against the rapist. I gingerly put a shirt on, covering my nakedness as if protecting my body from the violence. Tom lay in a bloodied heap on the ground, barely recognizable and barely breathing.

"Come here," Danny ordered, grabbing my hand and drawing me closer to the bloody mess. "Bust his balls," he ordered cryptically. "Bust his balls and make sure he never rapes another woman again." I complied woodenly, stomping on Tom's balls until I hear an audible smash. Danny did it again with the heel of his shoe, totally ruining Tom's chances of ever procreating.

"Fucker," Danny said as he pulled out his imaginary gun and shot him dead, emptying a whole clip of bullets in him.

After that he reached out to hug him but I shrank away from him, not knowing this man from the monster. My heart was hurting and my body brutally abused. I wanted all this to be a dream. I cried again, hiding my face from the flood of tears that ripped through my soul. "I'm sorry baby. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry I was late," he said as he kissed me slowly, trying to give me some strength to weather the storm of sorrow that was to come.

---------END SCENE---------

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Sunday, August 13, 2006


After we had eaten, we drove to our hotel for the night. It was a different one, closer to my house in Hotelville, larger than our usual fav spot. I put my things on the table and start taking off my jewelry & makeup.

"Hey babe, I have a fantasy I would like us to try," he broached as he watched me take my clothes off.

"Really?" I replied, looking at him in interest. I had always wanted to try some role-playing and was glad he brought it up. "What is it?"

"Well, there are 2 actually. I don't know if you would like to do the other one," he started. This only got me more interested. "The first one, I want you to order me around, and I have to do every single thing you say," he continued, gauging my acceptance of this. I nodded. I could do that---easily. "The second one, is a bit kinkier---I take you against your will," he whispered.

I raised my eyebrows at him. Now this was getting interesting. "Like a rape fantasy?" I clarified slowly. "Yeah--but we don't have to do it if you don't want to," he rushed, blanking his face from the expectant gleam I saw in his eyes.

"It's wierd, I've had a similar fantasy. But I didn't want to bring it up with you for fear it might trip you out," I told him with relish. "Really?" he responded with a grin, lighting up at the prospect.

"Let's do it," I told him, asking for the specifics of his fantasy. I then told him the specifics of mine---they were actually along the same lines. "Are you sure you want to do this?" he asks, giving me an out in case I changed my mind.

"Oh yeah baby, it's totally on. You aren't allowed to break character once we start---no matter what I say," I ordered him, "Unless I use the safe word." Our safe word was peanuts so out of character to our scene that it was bound to get attention.

"Okay. It's on," he stated as he headed towards the entrance of the hotel room. I sat down on the other side, where the chairs & table where and poured myself a glass of wine.

The scene is that an afflable stranger meets me in an empty bar as I'm waiting for my boyfriend. We start talking and he takes me against my will right on the pool table (the bed). "Where's the bartender?" I had asked. Danny said he was getting more drinks from the cellar and got stuck there by the villian. Everything was up for improvisation.

"Let's do it," I told him as I took a sip of my sangria.

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Saturday, August 12, 2006


As soon as we got to the car, Danny's dad called him to find out where he was. It was already 6pm. Danny told his dad that he was still with me. "Well, since you are still in Hotelville, your mother and I are going to take a walk," he stated.

When Danny hung up, he mused that even though Vane's death was tragic, it did serve the purpose in bringing his parents closer. "Maybe they'll even get back together," I replied.

"That would be really wierd. But they are sure closer than they were a month ago. You never know."

His parents know that he's been spending alot of his spare time with me. And that we are moving in together. Tonight would have been a good time to go down to meet his family but I knew that everyone (especially his mom) is still raw with grief. Maybe in a few months they will be better. "I'm so glad that I'm with you," Danny told me as he pulled up in front of my house. "It's so amazing how we found each other---and it's so amazing how we connect on every single level."

That is so true. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.

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Wood Nymphs

We stopped at a liquor store to get some water, sangria and an energy drink. I gave him directions and within a few minutes we were at the park. Danny has been asking me if I knew where there were paddle boats around, and the call I made earlier found this Lake Park for us. He was excited, wanting to get on the paddle boats, but relented when he saw that I wasn't so up for it. "Another time," I promised. I had other things in mind. He took the blanket and drinks and walked around the park, following the paths until we found a section that was more secluded from the normal Saturday family partying horde.

Danny spread the blanket on the floor under a large tree that gave alot of shade. We both kicked off our shoes lay together, gazing into each others eyes and talking softly. It was idyllic and serene, a slice of heaven in his dark world. We stayed like that for about an hour, moving around on the large blanket, watching the kids playing, keeping our bodies close. We kissed softly, gentle, tender kisses that left us yearning more.

I could feel his erection hard against my body and I smiled to myself. "There are children about!" I joked as I played with his hair and placing one of my legs over his body.

"I know," he stated truthfully, "but right now, I only see you. I need you. I want you. I want to make love to you. Right here, right now." He didn't even have to ask twice. My yearning was written plainly on my face, in the posture of my body, in my peaked nipples.

"Okay," SHE responded. I wanted him too. I could see the satisfied smirk cross Danny's face for a second before he helped me up, slipping my shoes on. We left our stuff there and walked down a trail for a bit. As if knowing our destination we walked up a steep hill, reaching the top and looking down at the park. We hiked for a few more minutes into the forest, sliding down the hill on a leafy path, until the voices of the screaming, excited children faded away.

Until there was only us. In a wooded, enchanted forest.

"Watch out for the poison oak," he stated as he helped me cross a patch of it deftly. A copse of trees midway down the hill caught my attention. They were old and gnarly, the roots and trunks having grown in close proximity to each other. The sun dappled through the leaves, leaving streaks of light in patches all around us. We made it to the trees and I leaned against the trunk, pulling at his shirt with deft fingers.

He pinned me to the tree and I could feel his arousal, tighter and harder. He kissed me then, filling me with raw, earthy passion. He tongue played with mine relentlessly as he his hands ran up and down my body. I could feel my pussy shaking and I played with his belt buckle, undoing it clumsily.

I kissed him on his neck, nipped his hard stomach and finally made enough room through his jeans and boxers for his cock to leap out at me. It glowed in the shaded light, a beacon that called my questing mouth. I took him in my mouth, enjoying a few deep licks, savoring the pre-cum that sprang to my lips. He was delectable and I relished him. I had just unbuttoned my jeans when a car engine caught Danny's attention.

"There's a truck," he told me, shielding my body with his. I grimaced at him, pointing out with one look that my skin complexion matched the tree trunks more closely than his did. He bit back a laugh, and ducked behind one of the bigger trunks, sliding closer to me as the truck moved down the hill. "Do you think he saw us?" I asked in trepidation, trying to shove my clothes together in case someone was coming up to inspect.

"I don't know. Don't think so. Do you want to stop?" he asked me.
Stop? Stop? Hell fucking no you will NOT stop, SHE said in consternation, clenching furiously in me.

"No," I whispered, obeying the demands of my pussy yet again. I bent back down and attended to his cock, reviving it almost instantly to the hard, turgid length that it was. He groaned deep in his throat as he bent to unzip my jeans further. My panties landed on the floor as well and he turned me around.

He slid himself deep within me and my body opened in full acceptance. "That's it baby. Give it to me, give me all you got," I ordered, relishing the way he was filling me. He pulled out slowly and thrust again, going in further, all the way to the hilt. He withdrew again, this time going faster and soon he had a rhythm that had me moaning loudly, digging my nails into the tree trunk. I had never been made love to outside like this. It was animalistic, it was basic, it was fierce.

I looked up at him, at the wild, passionate look in his eyes as he kept thrusting into me. My pussy clenched around him, wrapping him hotly in a vise. "I love you," he said harshly, pulling my butt closer and diving more into me. "I love you. I love you. I love you," he said out loud with each thrust.

The tree shook with the power of his thrusts and leaves fell all around us. I looked up at him and echoed his words, over and over again until I came, and then I had to stifle my cry. He kept pounding on, relentlessly, faster...until he had me peaking again in another orgasm. It was then his body released into mine, filling me deeply with his essence. He stayed in me, holding me up, kissing my back and my neck.

"I can't believe we just did that," he stated. "You're amazing." My heart light, I smiled at him, kissing him deeply.

We straightened our clothes as best as we could, with me cleaning up his cock with my lips of whatever seed he hadn't poured into me. He helped me back up the hill, laughing as I almost fell, causing him to tumble through the leaves.

As soon as we made it to the top of the hill to begin our descent back to the park, we wrapped our fingers together. I know there will be many more beautiful encounters like this.

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Daylight Date

I ended up waking up late. I wasn't in a hurry though, I figured Danny would be late as usual. I was wrong. He was at my door at noon.

My hair was a hot mess and I hadn't even picked my outfit yet. I made him wait while I took my time getting dressed. He was talking to my roomie for close to an hour. Even after I was ready, he didn't feel like getting up. They kept having this intense conversation that I participated in until my growling stomach demanded attention.

"Feeeeeeed me!" I growled. "Then we can talk all you want!" He agreed with a smile, realising that I was starving. I gathered my things and headed out, pausing to take a huge blanket with me. Danny raised his eyes in question but didn't say anything as he helped me store my stuff in the car.

Danny's brother in law called as soon as we got in the car. "Your mom is at home alone right now. You should go see her," he told Danny. I pursed my lips together, wanting this moment with him yet realising in this instance family does come first.

However, Danny told me that he wanted to at least have lunch with me. "I spent the whole of last night and this morning over there. There's only so much depression I can deal with at a time. Be my solace," he told me quietly. I nodded, entwining my fingers wit his.

We stopped at the Indian restaurant where we had had our first date. There was a buffet laid out and I actually felt like eating a totally vegetarian meal. Danny actually noticed this and gave me a beaming smile. As we dined, we talked about sundry affairs, and he told me that he had finished another track for his album. His mother called him then, but he couldn't reach the phone in time. "I'll just call her when we're done," he stated.

The waiter came in and refilled our water glasses and that of the patron right by us.

"Thank you," the man said, his eyes glistening with tears. "Yeah, the food is pretty spicy," Danny joked with him. That was how we met Bill.

He's a musician as well, has his own studio and Danny and him started talking shop. They got really engrossed in this conversation about deception and indoctrination, socialist government versus capitalism and other stuff. I listened with one ear as I savored my food. Danny can connect with anybody. He talks to you for 2 minutes and you are instantly his friend. That trait reminds me so much of my dad.

The guys exchanged cards and Billy left, we paid our tab shortly thereafter and strolled hand in hand to the car. It was so hot! I opened all the windows but stood on the outside, not wanting the leather seats to burn my beautiful bum. Danny chose that moment to call his mother. As soon as she picked up, he started speaking Hebrew and they talked haltingly for several moments. He walked away from me, ambling down the street and I forced myself not to go after him.

The more he talked to Mommy Dearest, the more upset he was getting. Finally his emotions surfaced totally and I saw a tear fall. I headed over to him then, enclosing him in a tight hug and placing his head on my neck. He stayed on the phone with his mom, even though she was depressed and upset, talking about Vane. He spoke to her slowly, haltingly as the tears fell. I pulled away from him after a few moments, sensing that he wanted to be alone to collect himself. I headed back to the car and made a phone call of my own, finding directions online to a park I wanted us to go to.

He returned to me a few minutes later, his eyes teary and wet with unshed tears. "I don't have to be there until around 6, which gives us some more time together. She'll be okay till then," he said. He drew me closer, wrapping up in a tight embrace. I buried my fingers through his hair, savoring the contact, watching the way the sunlight danced across his handsome features. The tormented look that I kept seeing in his eyes tortured me, and I wished fervently that I could do something to ease his pain.

I kissed his warm lips, melding my tongue slowly with his, giving him every ounce of my support. He responded, latching on to me as tightly as I had him, and moaned as I deepened the kiss. A car honking loudly broke the kiss and we realised then that we were standing in the middle of the street.

"We should go somewhere," he said in broken tones. "Somewhere more private." I nodded and grabbed his hand, leading him up another street to a hidden alcove behind an office building that was closed for the day.

His back was to the wall, his hands on my butt and he stared at me intently for several minutes. I held his gaze, bemused at the stare, watching him as intently as he watched me. "You are so beautiful," he stated, "Your eyes are gorgeous."

I laughed softly at that. "I was just thinking the same thing. Your eyes are really beautiful, like a rainbow. There are prisms of all shades going through it, hazel, orange, green, blue, dark brown, it's a veritable kaleidoscope of color," I told him. He smiled at me then drew me closer and I inhaled his spicy masculine cologne. He was watching the tree leaves move above us intently and this gave me an idea. "Let's go. I have somewhere I want to take you to," I said as I drew him away.

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Friday, August 11, 2006

Lunch Break Sex

He complimented me on how ravishing I looked. "You just ooze sexy. All the time," he told me as he wrapped his fingers around mine. I kissed him again, contemplating giving him a blow job as we drove the few blocks to Quizno's but decided against it. I had much more on my mind today besides a blowjob. As if reading my mind, he shot me a seductive smile.

"You know, I'm having this feeling of deja vu. Of being totally eaten up by this beautiful, sexy lady at the bathroom at this Quizno's. I'm not sure if it's a foggy memory or a dream...I not sure," he joked.

I sent him a flirty yet secretive smile. "It seems you aren't sure. Perhaps I should refresh your memory," I replied, kissing him full on the mouth. "To the nth degree," I promised in a whisper.
Twenty minutes later we were done with our meal. Danny was the first to finish and I could tell that he was chomping at the bit. He cleared up the table and told me he was going to the bathroom to 'wash his hands'. After making sure noone was interested in my antics, I followed after him, entering the women's restroom, knocking thrice on his door as I passed by.

He joined me a few minutes later, and by then I had already hung my purse on the hook, set a napkin on the floor and shucked my skirt up. He kissed me fiercely, pushing me against the wall, wrapping his hands around my body. He moved my shirt aside quite easily and feasted on my breasts, as if he hadn't tasted them in a while. I melded into him, wanting more of his caress and yet...wanting more.

SHE took over then. SHE kissed him back relentlessly, until SHE had the reins under her full control. I found myself unbuckling his belt and unzipping his jeans, pushing them to the floor. The fly of his boxers moved instantly out of my way and Danny let out a low moan at my fiery touch. I got down on my knees then, shoving him instantly into my mouth, making him harder with just a few short, wet licks.

My red thong found vanished out of the way and without any further preamble, I stuck my ass out and impaled him slowly into my hotbox. My pussy was tight and it took a few tries to get him in all the way. I relaxed then, leaning against the sink, watching him fuck me slowly in the bathroom mirror. Our gazes held and then he started to go faster, pressing deep into me, pounding me unrelentlessly. SHE clasped against him, tighter and tighter, spurring his actions. We both were trying to hold back any sounds but short breaths and low moans could be heard in the small bathroom.

He paused for a moment and I heard steps of someone going into the men's bathroom. SHE resented the cessation. I prodded my ass closer to him, riding his cock fast and furious, claiming the orgasm that I had almost reached. Still I kept moving, working in synchronicity with Danny until he poured his hot essence deep inside me. My pussy was quivering, wanting more, yet realising that there wasn't enough time.

"Damn," we both sighed as we started cleaning up a bit and straightening up our clothes. "Thank you," he said as he kissed me slowly on the mouth, wrapping his hands around me waist and drawing me closer.

I nodded, knowing that he was thanking me for more than just the last 10 minutes. Hugging him, I sent him out of the bathroom, telling him that I would meet him outside.

Bursting once again into the hot summer day, I strolled into the waiting car and couldn't help but kiss him once again. His lunch break was up, and we had to seperate, but before we did he told me that this was the first time ever he got fucked in public.

It's about time we broke another record, SHE smirked as she spilled some more cream on my soaked panties. Shut up. It's the first time for me too! I replied HER.

Oh...Yeah. It's about damn time! was HER saucy reply.

God, I love my pussy!

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