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Monday, November 12, 2007

Second Time Around

"Please...I want your cock in my pussy," I whispered to Norion that evening. "Baaaby," he groaned, his eyes closed as he tried to go to sleep. "I just gave you four orgasms with eating you out...and my dick has been laid out with your lips. We both came...just roll over and go to sleep."

I tried. Honestly I tried, but the Pussy was not yet satisfied. SHE wanted more.

"Please!" I begged, running my fingers through his hair and waking him up again. "Please...I want you," my other hand snaking down to grab his soft cock. I started massaging him, playfully at first, trying to arouse the beast inside. "I'm tired," he groaned, "really tired! And we both have work tomorrow."

"Just stick it in. Only for a few seconds. I just want to feel you inside of me," I continued wheedling, feeling his cock responding to my not so subtle touch. It grew harder and harder, and the more Norio fought it, the harder his cock grew. Oh yeah, come to mama!

"VIXEN!" he attempted to say sternly, but this was totally broken with his cock rising to full mast. Bingo. "Don't worry, I"ll be gentle," I said as I took off his boxers and took my panties off. He frowned at me but his cock already had a drop of pre-cum. My pussy was wet and dripping already, so without any more preamble, I positioned him at the entrance.

His cock entered me slowly, snaking in like liquid lava, staking his claim one slow immeasurable inch at a time. I gasped, loving the sensation as my Pussy welcomed him with warm open tunnels. I clasped him to me closely, reveling in the warm and desire that flooded over me. And then he started to move. The first orgasm rolled over me so quickly that I cried out. It was quickly followed by another, much larger than the first. His smell encompassed me and I clung to his hard form, loving the feel of his muscles as they rippled under his flesh.

His cock caught my attention again, impaling me slowly with a surety born of absolute power. My Pussy screamed, then I screamed, raking my nails into his back. I clung to him and he lifted me up, grabbing my ass and fucking me at the same time. Each stroke as a beautiful masterpiece of absolute torturous delight. I clung to him, mindless of the sounds gushing from my mouth, as my pussy clung to his cock, each stroke lancing me with fire. SHE conquered him as well, and I could hear Norion's groans of desire.

More orgasms poured over me, one right on top of the other. I was in ecstasy, a mild sheen of perspiration clinging to our skin. "I'm okay now,," I managed to say right after my ninth orgasm but Norion responded instantly. "I'm not done with you yet," he growled as he plunged deeper into me, sending me into another wave of cataclysmic delight.

His cock was flawlessly fucking me, while his hands and lips roamed over my flesh, infusing every single cell with fizzing energy, lighting me up like a bonfire. He flipped me over and over, fucking me every way from Wednesday, lacing me with beautiful orgasms, one right after another. I screamed, over and over again, hitting high notes that would make a soprano envious, unable to contain in myself the electrical energy that he was slamming into me with his stroke.

I got flipped around doggy style and his cock hit strong and sure, making my thighs shake and quiver as another orgasm hit me. He didn't stop, just kept going at it with long, strong sure strokes and my pussy wetly clung to him tightly. It was sublime perfection, a slice of heaven carved only for two.

Never in my mind could I have imagined such a wondrous experience when I asked for a little cock lovin'. Never could I have thought that in his tired, exhausted, depleted, already cum once state, Norion could drive me to such heights of passion. Fuck, I'm getting hot just thinking about it.

Almost an hour later, my lips covered his cock again, wringing from him as much passion and desire as he had wrung from me. My mouth slayed where my pussy could not as it lay burning and fully quenched between my thighs. My lips sucked him, my tongue laved him and my hands cupped his balls in sheer devotion. He came with an intensity that surprised us both, filling my mouth with it, streaming all over my face and lips. I licked up every drop I could, deliciously glorying in the absolute passion of the moment.

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