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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Primal Sex

I had just come back from the hair salon and Norio checked me out with a sexy grin. "You are so hot!" he stated as he grabbed me and leaned in for a slow, deep kiss. My pussy roared in anticipation, but he kept it just a kiss, grabbing my ass and pushing me closer to him. I reached up to run my hands through his curly dark hair as heat flared between us, burning me hotter and hotter with each moment of the hot kiss. I nipped and bit his lips, laving my tongue between the two full cushions and teasing his tongue. The kiss became primal and raw, a rapid inferno that engulfed us both.

Abruptly he pulled away. "I have to go. Got errands to run," he stated as he grabbed his keys and took a step towards the door. I ignored him, pushing him against the wall and cupping his balls in my right hand in demand. They were turgid and straining, and felt just as tight as my pussy. SHE knew that he wasn't going anywhere. At least not yet. My hand softly stroked his cock, cupping his balls like they were my best friends. I wrapped my right leg around his, effectively locking him into place. My lips seized his again, claiming him and whispering deeply evocative secrets into his mouth.

Around us, the world dropped away until it was just both of us in a burning blaze of desire. Heat poured through my veins, filling me and lacing me with champagne induced headiness. My need grew and I knew that I had to have his hard cock in my mouth or pussy this very second or I would implode. I was aroused beyond anything I had ever been today, especially when he grabbed my right tit, squeezing and kneading fire into my nipples. They both ached to be touched, to be caressed by his hot, warm mouth, just the way that my mouth was being caressed by his.

Norio's kiss matched the slow, lazy movement of his hands. This was a direct contrast to my sharp frenetic movements and he reveled in it, dipping his head slowly to my breast as his hand uncovered it. My tit preened for him, glowing softly in the afternoon light and he took it in his mouth slowly. White hot light lanced from his lips to my pussy, causing it to clench tightly. I was dripping wet, beyond ready to be enclosed in his enthrallment.

His cock was hard and straining, begging to be released from his jeans just as much as my pussy was begging to be freed from my panties. With jerky motions, I divested both of our clothes. He got down on his knees and started feeding from my pussy and SHE responded with intense throbbing. Within moments his whole face was coated with cum and I begged for more, wanting more of his hot delights. He lowered me to the floor and resumed his position, his whiskers tickling my thighs as his lips and mouth worked wonders on my pussy.

Norio continued at a slow, languid pace, creating white hot whips of fire that started wherever his lips touched and turned to molten liquid in my pussy. SHE responded with love, pouring and squirting cum everywhere. Orgasms poured over me in waves, multifocal in shape and form, and I was caught up in a constant wave, unable to discern from the moment of inception one orgasm from another. I felt the warm rush of cum out of my pussy and she jerked, squirting straight into his mouth. Norio licked it like it was nirvana and attacked my pussy ruthlessly, taking no quarter until I was awash again in another orgasm. My fingers clenched around his head, as he drew me tighter and tighter. The coils of passion had me bound in a liquid maze, it was just pure energy and light surrounding us. His marauding mouth laced me with orgasm after orgasm, drawing every one that he could until I was moaning above him.

He stopped for a moment and stared back at me with a grin on his face, cum dripping from his mouth and chin to land in streams of wetness on my stomach. My eager greedy hands reached for his cock as SHE demanded and commanded that I take control. He was fully hard, a manly nine inches ready to divide and conquer my pussy lips. The tip was already dripping with precum and I tasted him, sucking the sweet salty drops in anticipation.

The moment I touched his cock with my lips he jerked and this was just a rampant invitation to more. I took him fully in my mouth, as deep as I could go, playing with his balls and licking him all at the same time. He got harder, if that was even possible and I continued, enjoying him the same way he had enjoyed me, like a bounteous feast only for my pleasure. He groaned, then hissed my name, and I could tell the prisms of energy flowing between us were the same. I kept at it, alternating between hard and fast, deep and slow, catching a rhythm and going with the flow, following whatever the script his cock and my pussy were writing.

SHE demanded to be taken. SHE begged to have his hard cock in her this very minute. Getting up, I had to comply. Norio was more than ready, plunging his cock into my pussy with one hard push. I gasped, unable to stand the intensely erotic sensation, as arrows of flames streaked through my whole body from the apex of my thighs. Going at it doggy style, Norio went deep and fast, claiming me just how SHE wanted to be. He took control as his palms slid possessively over my breasts, fingers tugging at my nipples. I moaned then groaned and started screaming as he filled me with his cock.

My heart was loud, pounding out a rhythm with a quickness that matched his strokes. I thrust my pussy into him, slamming my ass hard against his thighs. He grabbed my ass, squeezing the firm globes in passion, nails digging into my soft flesh. I thrust into him, wanting everything, holding nothing back. My first release was hard and fast, my muscles tightening until the sensitive nerve endings were on fire, burning me up in a quicksand of erotic pleasure. "More, deeper, faster!" SHE ordered and I jerked against him, coating his cock with my pussy juices, flying on the wings of another orgasm. His cock plunged into me over and over, pistoning long strokes into me, letting the fiery sensations take me completely.

He swerved sideways with his cock and then dove deep, finding my g-spot effortlessly.The thick length of him driving through my tight, silken pussy was enough to have me cum again and again. He buried himself completely in me, feeling the velvet walls contract and squeeze, the rippling sensations so strong that he groaned with the need for control. I didn't want him in control though, I wanted him out of control, as crazy and wild as I was. My hips kept riding him backwards, my ass hitting his thighs loudly. He leaned behind me, catching my tits in his hand, slapping my ass with the other and fucking me all at the same time. My pussy walls milked him, driving him past all sanity and I thrust deeper into him. SHE was strangling his cock, every deep stroke sending shock waves coursing through me to him. Sweat glistened on my skin as we fucked together, both of us reaching for the ultimate high.

"Ahhhhhhh" he groaned as he fought the waves of orgasm. I didn't let him, driving into him harder and faster, the friction throwing him into the orgasm that left him jerking and shuddering with the power of his eruption, pleasure consuming him and shaking him. I knelt below him and looked up, enjoying the warm wet drops as they sprayed south, watching the streams of pleasure pour from his cock. Cum landed all over my body, marking me undeniably with his scent, with his juice.

I leaned up and kissed his balls lightly, loving the sensitive shivers that rocked his body. I could have 1001 orgasms but none would never be as erotic as watching Norio orgasm.

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