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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sick Leave

For the last 3 days Danny has been recuperating from this week. SHE and I drained him so hard and so thoroughly that the poor cock had to have a sick leave or something. Danny actually told me that I needed to let him build up his sperm levels again, that I had totally taken all his energy reserves. Call me ignorant, but as a Woman, I get rejuvenated after sex, so it was hard for me to understand this. And even harder for me to keep my hands off his sexy, hard body that kept begging me to touch and caress all week. I managed to get him hot and bothered a few times but he wouldn't relent on his 3-day buildup rule. Grrrrrr!

Thursday--sex & head evening
Friday--morning head
Friday---morning head, evening sex
Saturday---morning sex, afternoon head
Sunday---afternoon sex
Monday---afternoon sex & head, yum yum!

Tuesday---day off
Wednesday---day and night off, :( the Pussy is getting beyond antsy at this point!
Thursday---this is the last day we are giving him off. It's so on tomorrow, he doesn't even know what's in store for him.

Friday---to be written...

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Cock Slayer

After 51 luscious, thrilling orgasms my body was one tangled coil of energy. I lay on the bed totally replete, unable to move even one limb and just gasped deeply for air, trying to come to my senses. Danny didn't help as he kept touching me and trailing his fingers all over my body, which only drove me to keep floating on an euphoric cloud. I couldn't speak, just smile and give him a thumbs up. He stared at me with his face still glistening and dripping with my cum and trailed soft kisses on my moist skin.

SHE roared to life then, determined that she wouldn't let this encounter pass without at least a savory delight of her own. I wanted his cock in my well as in my pussy. A few minutes later, I was able to summon the energy into my limbs and crawl over to his lap. I covered his cock with my lips instantly with no fuss and no extra play. His cock was half hard but soon grew rock solid. My tongue devoured him, filling him with the same whips of passion that he had imbued me with. I got down on my knees and took his cock in slowly and lightly, just the way he liked it, twirling my tongue along the top of his cock and mixing up the speed and sensation.

Danny growled low in his throat, a sound that let me know that he was fully into it. My hands leapt into the fray then as my right hand encircled his shaft while my left played with his nipples. My breasts were jiggling with every movement and his hands sought them restlessly. Saliva and cum trickled from the corners of my mouth as I sucked his cock like his life depended on it. We were all in own accord, my lips, his cock and of course Danny. He kept restlessly moving against me, wanting me to go harder and faster but this teasing phase wasn't over yet and I had alot more sweet deliciousness planned for him.

The motion of my mouth changed as the sucking grew harder. Danny especially loved bucking against me and I encouraged this. The only sound heard in the room were our mutual moans of satisfaction and the slurping with almost every rotation. My other hand cupped his balls then, drawing them together in a soft clasp, as I rubbed my knuckle under his ball sac. Danny loved this and arched under me and I kept at it, mixing and matching my lips, tongue and mouth to his ultimate satisfaction.

"I want to be in your pussy. NOW," he demanded for the second time before he finally just flung me sideways and positioned my legs. The moment his cock entered my pussy we both felt complete. It was simply heavenly, this erotic friction that made me burn with rampant, raging desire. The second stroke rendered me completely useless as it just drove me once again to the highest plane that I had just stepped back from. The third time he plunged into me, I heard him hiss and realized that he was close to cumming.

Danny absolutely abhors having an orgasm before I've had at least 5 so I sensed that he would try to stop it. He slowed his thrusts and I increased mine, thrusting against him in wild abandon, drawing him in as deeply as I could with my silken and strong thighs. Sweat beaded his brow and he gave me a look, as if he sensed my intentions.

I shot him an innocent one back, the same moment that I flexed my Kegels. That tight sucking motion combined with the tight wetness of my pussy was enough to drive him over the edge with his next thrust. He came forcefully, in a storm of passion that left him limp in my arms and calling my name. Just the way we like it, she thought as she flexed again, cradling his warm spent cock in my pussy as I cradled his spent body in my arms.

Oh yeah, the pussy had indeed had her revenge.

Read about the Pussy Slayer HERE.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Tsunami

The following encounter officially made it to the top of all the lists. Best Head I ever Got, Highest Number of Orgasms, Best Sexual Encounter....BEST EVERYTHING.

Danny came home from work and I sat him down to dinner. "What would you like to do tonight? Watch some TV?" he asked as he washed up. "No. I want you to eat me out," I stated simply as I took the dishrag from him and dragged him by the hand to the bedroom. "It's like that?" he asked in surprise as I stripped all my clothes and lay on the bed. Oh yeah baby boy, it's more than that. My pussy was still a bit ravaged from our last encounter, and even SHE realized it. There was nothing more precious that would make her recover faster than some tender loving care.

He shed his clothes slowly, drawing out the moment for as long as he could. When he was just wearing his boxers he got between my legs. Maintaining eye contact he blew me an air kiss, his full lips forming into a perfect kiss. I got all excited at that gesture as the cool air whispered between my thighs. Danny played with me first, teasing me lightly with his mouth, kissing my breasts leaving them swollen and aching with need. Liquid heat pooled in my core and I knew that SHE was more than ready to be tasted.

Danny's tongue whispered against my soft folds, telling her secrets that I couldn't share. I restlessly ran my fingers through his hair and brought him close, wanting more---needing more than just a teasing kiss. He relented and increased his ardor, driving his tongue deep into my pussy lips. I keened and arched against him in ecstasy as a wave of orgasm shot through me. I was a quivering mass of pleasure. White hot electricity entranced every fiber of my being, from the first touch of his lips unto my pussy lips. I don't know how he does it, but Danny is the best pussy worshiper in the world. He devoured my pussy like it was a feast fit only for his majestic pleasure. He consumed me, inciting spirals of fire in my body into a seething bonfire that left me writhing helplessly beneath him.

Again and again he ate me, again and again he made me cum. I came so hard and so fast, dizzying orgasm on top of dizzying orgasm. The furor of my desire shook me to the core and I couldn't help but scream and mutter unintelligible phrases over and over again. He kept my thighs wide open with his hands and loved me up like never before. My pussy rewarded him incessantly, gushing out so much cum that I was amazed. I had never ejaculated like this before.

It was a, it was an ocean of cum, dripping, gushing and pouring everywhere like it was coming from a water faucet. The wet spot under my ass got bigger and bigger, and still I gushed on, as pleasure flowed through my veins like lava down a mountain. I wasn't cognizant of anything, other than this intense erotic experience that was invading me. Danny kept at it, incorporating his fingers, tongue and lips, working my pussy like he never had before. It was on a whole 'nother level, something elementally perfect that tears sprang to my eyes. I was lost on a sea of dizzying passion and I cried out his name over and over again. I remember having one orgasm that was so long that I thought my heart would explode. It was a wave of four orgasms linked together into one long orgasm that lasted for what seemed like an eternity.

I kept arching off the bed and he kept clamping me down, showing me over and over again that he wasn't done with me yet. My heart beat rapidly in my chest and there was a loud roaring in my ears. I thought I was going to die from the sheer ecstasy of it. I begged him to stop, pleaded with him that I'd had enough but Danny obviously hadn't had enough of me. A few minutes later he got me a towel to lay on, so that the large wet puddle on the bed wouldn't be too uncomfortable. "Lay back down baby, I"m just getting started," he promised wickedly.


My pussy was thrilled with that and the moment his lips touched me again I saw heaven. Orgasms ripped through me in a dizzying wave that I couldn't even count anymore, just think and feel how amazing this moment was. It was interminably long and Danny kept at it, licking that pussy all the way clean. I clenched him, unable to stop the waves that kept overtaking me and the liquid gushing into his face of it's own accord. My pussy was no longer was completely owned by Danny.

Finally, after what seemed to be another earth shattering half an hour, Danny let go of my pussy and started to gently massage me. I was so highly sensitized at that point taht even that light touch was driving me dizzy. He headed south down my legs, trailing his fingers up and down them. The stirring breeze invigorated me slightly but when he dipped my toes into his mouth I totally lost it again. Another full orgasm rocked me and I saw the long squirt of cum gushing out of my pussy. It was so over.

I clung to consciousness with a mere thread of willpower and still Danny hadn't had his full. He stroked, licked, teased and sucked his way into every cell of my body, leaving me a heaving, screaming body of jelly that was unable to move, unable to think and unable to breathe. OH MY GOD! It was the best sexual experience of my life---and we didn't even have sex! It was like I wasn't myself, just a conglomeration of beautiful earth shattering, pussy squirting orgasm right on top of another one.

It was better than Waterfall, Volcano or even Paradise, all put together. This was beyond anything I had ever seen or heard of. The towel under my ass was a soaking testament to the furor of my desire. SHE was actually fully appeased for the pussy slaying of the night before. Danny more than made up for it.

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Sunday, May 20, 2007


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This Week’s Picks

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“Saliva splashed to her hands as she worked me to a mighty stiff erection.”

Part Three: Sorbet at Night (…)
“With every thrust, I was louder and louder, my hands clawing for something to squeeze besides the brick wall of his building.”

Tighter: the hotel (…)
“One by one, I tied the ropes to the cuffs, and then made adjustments so that she was taut, with her arms and legs splayed out.”

Mr. Sugasm Himself
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Editor’s Choice

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Thursday, May 17, 2007


My pussy throbbed and hurt for several hours after that last encounter. It was no joke. Danny was so concerned, fearing that he had indeed broken something. I felt like I was being sliced in two...and that maybe his huge cock and finally done the inevitable and tore through my pussy into my cervix or bladder. He was so solicitious, he brought me some warm tea, Motrin and even did research online per my symptoms to let me know that I wasn't going to die. For all his care, I knew that there was probably a part of him that was loving the fact that he killed my pussy.

"Wanna know what it feels like you Pussy Slayer?" I asked as I sipped my tea. He nodded and I tried to put it into words.

"Like someone kicked you in the balls...but it's constant."

"Hot damn...I'm so sorry babe. Now I can relate," he replied as he kissed my forehead and pushed my hair off my face.

Now that's more like it.

Thankfully the Pussy was back to her normal self by the next afternoon. Especially after Danny made it up to her. That's the next story....

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The Pussy Slayer

As you know, I was ill for a while and Danny was out of town. Since he's been back, we've been really going at it in the bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom and pretty much everywhere and anywhere. I can't keep my hands off of him. He was getting ready for work but the sight of his freshly shaven face, wet body and sculpted muscles left me on the bed trying to catch my breath. SHE roared awake in passionate bounds, pooling hot pussy juice in my core. Just looking at him made me want him...and I wanted him bad. Come to mama...oh yeah, I'll show you...!

I walked over to where he was by the dresser drawers and he was still talking to me, telling me about the plans for the day. My knees hit the floor and my lips where on his delicious cock before he realized what plans I had for him. His balls begged me for attention and I obeyed, licking, sucking and teasing him to my heart's content. My luscious lips closed around his cock, savoring every decadent inch from the root to the tip. I so adore giving Danny head. There is something about his cock that just calls me and begs me for attention---and I can't help but to obey.

The blowjob was intense as I took my time, going nice and slow with deep velvety strokes of my tongue lapping him up like he was dessert. My mouth barely grazed his cock, my touch was that light with only the firmness of my tongue to spice it up. Juicy drops of precum squirted out of him and I lapped them up greedily, tasting every drop of his essence. Yummy!

My enthusiasm knew no bounds and I couldn't help but suck him like my very life depended on it. He leaned back against the bureau and let me have my way, have my cock in my mouth to my hearts content. I switched it up, going faster then slower, as my ass provocatively rolled and wriggled in his eye sight. His right hand tugged my hair, urging me to increase the passion but I declined, choosing instead to tease him and marinate his passions to a rising inferno.

Danny's desire knew no bounds and for the second time he asked to fuck me and I ignored him, simply sucking and enjoying my favorite treat. His cock loved the attention and it had gotten bigger, thicker and fatter during my tender ministrations. My hands raked his thighs giving shivery trails of energy through his cells. I kept going as far down as I could, taking him deep in the back of my throat and then coming back up, lathering every inch with my tongue and lips. He was so into it.

The third time, Danny didn't ask to fuck me, he just lifted me off the ground and swung me to the bed. Oh my gosh, I love it when he gets all macho on me! That just made my pussy hotter and wetter and moments later when he thrust into me with one solid push I knew that we were both home. It had been so long...far too long since my pussy walls had claimed it's long love and we both relished the connection. My pussy felt so incredibly tight and I could tell that Danny was holding on by sheer willpower. He started fucking me then, slowly at first but his thrusts grew into an astonishing crescendo. My first orgasm overcame me, and I couldn't help but latch on to his forearms fearing that I would drown in the sea of passion. He kept going, stroking my pussy like he was created to, knowing the right pressure and points that would have me quivering beneath him.

Danny lifted my legs and feet up and placed them at the top of his shoulders. This is my ultimate weak position and he knows it. Within the next thrust I was in delight again, screaming his name over and over in the morning light. I had a rolling that seemed never to end, as 3 orgasms melded sinuously into each other. I screamed then, as my back arched in wild abandon. Danny continued, pounding harder and faster, deeper and surer. With each stroke I got closer and closer to the edge of oblivion. He flipped me over, doing a sideways fuck and filled me completely with his cock. OH MY GOD...I saw heaven, and the eons of transcendental delights after that.

My pussy was in delight as well, shaking and quivering around him, clasping his cock tightly in it's depths the same way I was clasping him tightly to me. It wasn't until he moved to switch to another of my favorite positions that I felt a sharp searing pain shoot through my pussy. I ignored it however, immediately recognizing that the pleasure far made up for whatever the pain was. He fucked me raw and hard, lancing me with his cock until I was a seething mass of nothing. After two more shaky orgasms, I finally had to beg for a respite. My pussy was throbbing with fire, thoroughly fucked and slayed.

I curled up in a ball, gathering heat into my core, trying to make sense out of what had just happened. He had never fucked me that hard before. He had never slayed the Pussy before. SHE was invincible dammit! I touched the fiery folds of my pussy and realised as I recoiled from myself that SHE truly had been slayed. Thoroughly. Totally. Fully.

Crawling onto my knees, I headed once again like a compass to the south pole. I satiated the rest of my desire on his cock, pouring every ounce of passion that I had left into me. I laved and kissed, sucked and licked over and over again until Danny was putty in my arms. I ravished his cock with the same intensity that he had ravaged my pussy and had no mercy on him or it at all. Over and over again, up then down, the motions that drove him wild and crazy melded together in a beautiful symphony.

Minutes later my efforts were rewarded with a pulsating stream of hot, wet cum. He stared down at me with his beautiful sloe eyes and I smiled, relishing that for once, he was the speechless one.

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Hospital Freaks

If you all remember, I was sick a few months past with my normal illness. It was the last day before I was to go home and Danny had just got back from Oregon from an 11 day stint. I missed he soooo much while he was gone, even though I was ill and dealing with family drama, I still wanted my man fiercely with intensity.

He walked into my hospital room looking like a delicious Greek god. His face was clean shaven, he smelled great and just looked soooo yummy. I wanted to eat him up right then and there. I wasn't as beautified, my hair was a ragged mess and I know that there is no way you can properly get clean with a bed bath.

But he didn't care. He just grabbed me and kissed me furiously, melding my mouth with his as he ran his fingers through my hair. His full lips teased mine and I was caught up in the kiss, rocked to the core of having Danny in my arms all over again. I was lying on the hospital bed and he crouched above me, lacing me with his tongue and filling my mouth with his kiss. Oh...Danny!

We necked and cuddled for a while, caught up in the lull of Sunday afternoon. My room was a private one, and we could hear the buzz of the nurses' station but all the action passed by us. I caught him up on everything that had happened in the last 11 days and he told me some about his vacation. The more we talked, the closer Danny got until we were laying side by side on the hospital twin bed, as close as our bodies could let us. My butt fit perfectly into his groin and my neck fit perfectly into the crook of his neck. He was so damn sexy! He whispered in my ear, just all the naughty things that he wished he could do to me.

"I wish I could just fuck you right here and now. I'm so into you," he whispered sexily. "So what's stopping you?" I responded...actually SHE responded as liquid heat pooled already in my loins. "Well, um, you are sick in the hospital, remember?" he stated as he nuzzled my neck. Although his lips were telling me no, his body---mainly his rock-hard cock was telling me hells fuckin' yeah.

I wriggled my ass against him, rubbing him into a furious heat. He grabbed my hips to stop the motion but for some reason it made him hotter. I started kissing him then, moist wet liquid kisses designed for only one purpose, for him to want to take me right then and there. "We've done it on the highway, in a public park and at a restaurant bathroom. Why not add something else to the list?" I continued as I licked his neck and tweaked his nipples, driving his desire higher and higher.

Danny was more than ready for me. My hospital gown provided easy access and in seconds his cock was whipped out of his jeans, proud and turgid in the afternoon light. Yummy. I wanted to suck him off right then and there but Danny and SHE had other things on their mind. His cock plunged into my pussy slowly and erotically, drawing each inch like a blade of liquid hot fire. He seared me with his heat and energy and then withdrew for a moment leaving me completely bereft only to come back and enter me with his deliciousness again. I wanted more and he got that, rocking my hips to and fro as he pounded into me from behind.

His cock was at a perfect angle and I couldn't help but to cum, over and over again, spilling juices all over his member. My screams were caught up in the pillow and the naughty titillation of possibly being caught further added to the desire. Over and over again Danny fucked me just the way I had imagined it on all the nights I lay here wanting him. He bit my neck as he came, hard and I relished it, taking every drop of cum from him, wringing every drop out completely with the tight walls of my pussy.

We broke apart with a laugh and I straightened my gown while he did his clothes up. "I can't believe you just did that! You horn dog---I'm in the hospital!" I teasingly protested as I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him with fervor and laced intensity. "You know you wanted it," he said with no shame as he gathered me close.

Oh yeah, he was so right. SHE wanted it. I wanted it. We both got it.

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Brush with Death

The last 10 days have been almost a nightmare. I've been sick ever since April 28th with something that I thought was just the flu/cough. I went to the ER and they discharged me the same day so I thought it wasn't serious...only having to be rushed back 6 days later with a temp of 102, out of my mind delirious and in so much pain that it took an elephant's dose of narcotics to get it under control.

So I was admitted, which never is a good thing. The Pussy was NOT pleased. Can you imagine not getting some of Danny's awesome dick loving just because of something as paltry as pneumonia? Add to that, the day after I get out of the hospital, Danny has to head to Oregon on business. Yeesh. It got soooo bad that I was dreaming of fucking him so bad that I was masturbating. I even asked the nurse for AA batteries and Danny to bring my vibrator (which he didn't by the way!) He felt that I was too sick to be worried about the Pussy, however SHE feels that it's probably that he wasn't getting any orgasms so he didn't want me to have any either. Of course, logic says he was probably worried sick about me enough to jack off...but he's a highly sexual and sensual sex addict. If he was sick, I would be worried but I would still get some orgasms---just to release the stress, you know?

I mean, we have done it in the hospital before...wait I didn't tell you about it?

Well while I'm here recuperating from my bout with death, I'll relive some wonderful memories that I should have posted about in January but was too pleasure shocked to write about. It's juicy.

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