Chronicles of a Platinum Pussy

Sunday, September 23, 2007


"I want to make love to you," Norio whispered in my ear as we lay in bed this evening. "Mmm," I muttered, totally in the zone of sleep that I couldn't even form a coherant response. The Pussy however, was instantly excited at his words, and SHE began buzzing in delight. Norio kissed my mouth, slowly and tenderly, sucking on my lips like it was a juicy strawberry. Warm sizzles of electricity coiled in my body, sending streams of desire pouring through my bloodstream.

I locked my hands around his head and dove fully into the kiss. His tongue teased me decadently, promising me all sorts of erotic delights. My tongue joined in the foreplay and there was nothing heard but appreciative sighs. His lips trailed down my neck, tickling me and at the same time awakening every cell in my body. His hands lead a wicked trail of their own, conquering and squeezing, teasing and molding. My tits were no match for his mouth, and soon my nipples were peaked and hard little pebbles in excitement.

The adoration in his every movement made me want to revel in the sensations as they coursed over me. Norio took his time, licking and tasting my body like it was an ice cream cone. I could feel his cock growing, getting harder and harder as every second passed, and SHE was thrilled to the core, already wetting my panties in anticipation. He shed the rest of our clothes slowly, dragging each layer over my sensitive skin. I grabbed his cock, eager to ease him in but he moved away, "Not so fast little lady. I'm going to make love to you all night long," he promised with a grin.

My toes curled at that statement...I was already more than ready. However, Norio made me lay back and just watch him play my body like he was a virtuoso. His lips teased and prodded, drawing out a slow orgasm from my clit. I started panting softly, I wanted his cock...I needed his cock deep in my pussy. SHE demanded it too, and I couldn't help but to agree. "Please baby, I want you right now!" I begged.

He finally acquiesced and settled on top of me. His cock found it's way to my narrow opening and SHE throbbed fiercely in anticipation, matching the staccato beat of my heart. With one firm slow push, Norio entered my pussy and I started getting heady with passion. He moaned, the sensation of being in my warm walls after so many days of being apart almost too much for both of us to bear. Norio shook it off though and with a smile and wink at me, he started to move.

Shards of fire spread all over my body and I nearly ricocheted off the bed---the pleasure was that intense. I was already orgasming, my walls squeezing him tightly as more pussy juice coated his cock. He just kept going, slowly but surely, not letting the unmistakable fire push him over the edge. The fire was burning me up, scorching me with intense orgasmic delight, and every stroke of his was either to build up the fire or put more heat into it. My nails raked across his back and he caught me in a kiss, murmuring in my mouth how much he loved me and loved my pussy.

SHE preened and showed off, squirting more pussy juice all over his cock, making herself into one juicy, squishy well of love. His cock reacted to it, filling her up all the way, each stroke a testament to how well we were built for each other. "More!" I screamed, unable to control the exhilaration of another orgasmal wave. Norio smiled and thrust harder and faster, carrying me into another tide of ecstasy.

He grabbed my wildly flailing arms and kept my wrists down, leaving me totally at his mercy. His cock plunged deeply into my wet walls, and his tongue plunged deeply into my mouth with the same intensity. Pleasure poured from every cell of his body to every cell of mine and I saw a dazzling array of stars. My words became incomprehensible, unintelligible, and yet he continued, loving me up and down, forwards and backwards, sideways and from every single way imaginable.

The bed was wet with cum, our bodies slick with the sweat of the passionate romp, and yet he continued, slowly and assuredly taking me from one end of an erotic pendulum all the way to the other. My blood boiled and fizzed like fine champagne and more orgasms slammed through me, leaving me reeling and dizzy. And still he continued.

My pussy was the only one with an iota of thought, and SHE wrenched from him as good as he gave, squeezing him unfathomably tight in a velvet glove. His balls tightened and jerked in my hand and my lips grazed his nipples, teasing his concentration but not his drive. Norio made good on his promise, making love to me until the sun came up, showing me a thousand and one moments all the pleasures of the universe.

Tears caught in my eyes but I held them back, not wanting anything to take away from the beauty and intense passion of the moment. He held my gaze in loving adoration and my pussy responded, squeezing around him even tighter still. "Ahhhhh!" he groaned as he wrenched from the silken web of my pussy and sprayed on me, pouring white hot streams of cum unto my heated flesh. He fell to his knees, and I reached for him, tenderly sucking whatever was left from him.

We collapsed together on the bed, a mix of tangled limbs and bodies, only the wild beating of our hearts the only words that could be formed right then and there.


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