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Friday, February 09, 2007

A La Carte

Danny made me dinner last evening. As usual, it was delicious. He really is exemplary when it comes to the kitchen. Everything was divine and tasted utterly fabulous. "Thank you," I stated simply, licking my spoon absentmindedly.

"Stop," he replied to which I ignored him. "Stop doing that or I will lay you over this table right now and eat you out for dessert," he threatened. SHE loved that idea and I couldn't help but give him a smile. "So what is stopping you?" I taunted. The lights were on in the dining room and our curtains were open. I knew that if any of the neighbours looked into our apartment they could see us, and I knew that Danny knew this as well. He wouldn't do it, not then, not without seeking some privacy first.

My dare just pushed him to it. He grabbed the plates off the table and shoved them to the floor in one smooth motion. Luckily none of them broke. I was still setting the spoon down when he lifted me off my chair and placed me on the dining room table. My jeans slid down my legs as if of their own free will and he stood above me, kissing me slowly, melding his tongue with mine.

I could taste the spicy aroma of dinner on his lips and I licked them salaciously, as if trying to get every single morsel of his lips. He kissed me more fervently, getting more into the moment. I moaned and wrapped my legs around his waist and drew him closer to my body. The heat in my pussy grew hotter and fiercer and there was only one thing that could put it out.

Danny's cock was turgidly formed in his jeans, almost bursting out of it's buttons in anticipation. With a flick of my wrist his fly sprang open and I had his hard, long cock in my eager grasp. I flexed my fingers around his cock, wanting to take him into my mouth right there and then. Danny however had other ideas.

He kissed down my body slowly sending tingles and traces of fire through my veins. I groaned in desire as his cock slid away from my grasp and I lunged for it again but he pushed me back against the table. His soft lips evaded my breast then and I gasped. I could feel the heat pooling in my pussy, hotly coating my panties.

"I want you," I begged harshly as I tried to get him closer to my quivering lower lips. My panties got shoved to the side and his lips skimmed over my stomach to my thighs, increasing my ardor as well as my impatience. My legs tightened around his head and I urged him closer and closer to my pussy. SHE wanted some attention right there and then.

He obliged right then. The moment his lips found my pussy lips I quivered in exultation. My back arched instantly and shook with the force of my first orgasm. Cum flowed effortlessly out of me, wetting his face shooting like a slow waterfall. Danny revelled in it, burying his face deeper into my pussy and twirling his tongue over and over again all over my clit. He stayed down there for three more orgasms, until the spot on the table where my body sat was as wet as his beard. I coated him thoroughly with my juices and he enjoyed it all like a starving man at a feast.

I was still in the throes of my fourth orgasm when he pressed his cock deeply into my pussy. SHE welcomed him heartily, closing around him in a tight vise. He started slow and deep, looking into my eyes and kissing me slowly, telling me how much he had enjoyed dessert.

"Now, it's time to work off that heavy meal," he promised as his cock jerked deeply inside me. I smiled in anticipation as he thrust into me. I couldn't hold back the screams of passion from my throat or the orgasms from my pussy. He pounded fiercely into me over and over again until all I could do was scream in ecstasy. The table rocked with the force of his thrusts and still my baby did not relent.

Over and over again I came, orgasm right on top of another orgasm. He turned me around then, instinctively knowing that I wanted it from the back. His right hand rubbed against my clit massaging another orgasm out of me while I caught the rhythm and slammed my ass against his thighs, bucking unconsciously.

My pussy held on to him tightly, letting him exit only with the sweet promise of another entrance. He did obey the call and came back in as if drawn to a magnet. He kissed my back then and spanked my ass just the way I liked it. I drove into him harder, riding him backwards, seeking the promise of another orgasm and his release.

When at last we both came again, the mutual orgasm shook us to our core. We collapsed together on the floor in a lifeless bundle of limbs and simultaneously beating hearts. "That was a very perfect meal," he stated simply. All I could do was smile.

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