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Friday, March 03, 2006

The Quickie

When we got back from Quizno's I was very tired. I told Danny that I was going to take a nap. I knew that he had to leave soon, business never waits. I had even heard him make an appointment for 330pm and it was already 2.

I stretched out on my bed like a Persian cat and just that stretch turned him on. As he started kissing my neck he mumbled, "Why do you have to be so seductive?" I sent him a sardonic smile and ignored his ministrations. "You don't have enough time, you have to leave," I told him. I didn't want to start anything that we couldn't finish and his phone was already blowing up as we spoke. Morever, I wasn't really in the mood--I just wanted to sleep.

He pretended he didn't hear me and pressed on in his quest. I had told him over lunch about the time that Brandon made me have 7 orgasms in 3 hours and for some reason this had challenged him and he was determined to prove that he could outdo that. I have little faith in his boast--really, how can he top 7 orgasms? Even I can barely do that myself and I have a lovely Rabbit!

Bella and Selena had been rhapsodizing to me the virtues of doggy style. I'm not a big doggy style lover, I tried it once and didn't ever want to do it again. They both convinced me to give it a try again, as a more 'mature sex kitten'. They gave me tips and suggestions and it actually sounded quite nice.

"Do me from the back," I invited as I thrust my butt in the air. This must have turned him on some more and he entered me slow and sweet. It didn't hurt, but felt--different. He moved and once he did that, I liked it. I told him to go faster, harder and he complied and I even managed to orgasm that way. Thanks for the tips girls!

He walked to the bathroom, cleaned himself up and put his clothes on. "You are just leaving like that? What's up with the WhamBamThankYouMa'am Fuck?" I accused when I noticed he was putting his shoes on. "Haven't you heard of afterplay? Do I need to school you on this?"

"Look, I'm sorry, I just need to go. You know I have that appointment in a few,"he said, attempting to smooth things over with a kiss. This just infuriated me more. I stood before him, a furious amazon in all my naked glory and pointed to the door. "You know what, just fucking leave then. Get the hell out!"

He couldn't understand my sudden change in demeanour and seemed fazed by it. What's not to understand?


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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Strippers R Us

After we left the non-existent video shoot, we drove back downtown and ended up in the Big City, on the north side. It was a district that I hadn't been to before, and I was intrigued with the little italian shops, cafes and stores.

We stopped at this really cute caffe and ordered some dessert. It was a raspberry filled pastry that simply melted in our mouths. It was quite delectable and I enjoyed every single bite. Danny was conversing with the waiter in fluent Italian and they bonded over a discourse of the merits of Italian water vs American water. The waiter ended up bringing us 2 cappacinos on the house, and he even made a big white heart in each cup. It was my first cappaccino ever and I really enjoyed it. Yes, it did keep me up all night.

After we were warmed up from the drinks, we headed on down the street and stopped in this Italian pub. Danny ordered a Long Island iced tea but I ended up drinking most of it. We must have spent about 15 minutes in the pub.

Here's where it gets interesting. We are walking back up the street towards the car and I mentioned jokingly to Danny that I wanted to hit up a strip club (there were many along the same street). We just happened to be passing by one when I said that and the front door lady told us it was a Wednesday special. "For 15 bucks, you and the missy can watch the whole show." Danny paid and we entered the dimly lit room.

We sat in the 2nd row, I was very nervous and wierdly excited at the same time. There were several patrons already there, 3 other couples besides us and a few single guys. We watched the first show and I was floored by the girls acrobatic ability. Danny and I sat in those plush chairs and talked about the merits and demerits of each performance. A quick estimation post-show revealed that for a 12 minute dance, each girl made an average of 10 bucks. Yeesh!

One of the girls was a born entertainer and she really got the audience into the act. She had all these random people all up in her bosom and she kept dragging the biggest tipper to look/smell her crotch. Eeeew, I know!

Danny wanted to leave after the first show, but I wanted to see all the strippers perform. I have never been to a sleazy strip joint before and was very intrigued. My eyes were open wide, taking in everything, the DJ who announced each dancer and played the music, the host that kept inviting everyone for lapdances in the back, the open bar where the Biggest Tipper kept refilling his Coke/no ice. I had my hand on Danny's lap for half of the performance, and he didn't even get aroused with the first 2 strippers (who were decent) until I started fondling him. I was amused, I thought all guys like strip clubs.

"How do they make any money? The pay sucks!" I told Danny as we finally walked out after 4 performances. "I guess it's through lapdances," he replied.

"Well, you can get much more money just having a sugardaddy!" I huffed. Yeah, i know! I was kinda drunk though! "I don't think you can make as much as they do in a strip club," Danny refuted. We started arguing on the going rate for a professional courtesan. Danny put it at a max of 300 a week and it was hard for me not to laugh. From personal experience, I had made much more in 10 minutes than these chicks probably made all week.

Coming back home both of us were still really chatty and animated. "So why weren't you hard at the club?" I asked.

"Look, there is no way that any of those girls even compare to you. You are the only one that can get me that way. Not even Beyonce (who is his dream girl) can even compete with you when it comes to the level of attraction I have for you." Good answer Danny.

Earlier in the week, I had mentioned to Danny about my multi-orgasmic experience with Brandon. He is taking it really personal and tried his best to break the record. He's all about breaking records. I doubt that it's possible and even regretting the fact I mentioned it. It must be a guy thing, they love to think they are the best at everything.

Needless to say, by the time I got home I was still amped up from the evening I had. I put a CD on and tried to re-enact some of the moves that I had seen the strippers do much to Danny's delight. The cappaccino's kept us up late, into the wee hours of the morning, talking, making love and showering.

It was a nice date.


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A Date

Danny and I had a real bonafide date last night. He called me around noon, telling me that one of his boys was shooting a music video down in the city. He had promised his friend that he would stop by and he wanted me to come along.

I agreed, my schedule was open, and I wanted to gauge his mood and attitude since the talk. "What time do you want to meet up?" I asked. He told me that he would come pick me up by 830pm. The shoot was supposed to start at 9. "If you are late, I'm not going," I told him emphatically. I hate it when he's late. He agreed to be at my place no later than 9. He was actually on time.

We stopped to grab something to eat and ended up getting late to the shoot. We walked round the campus looking for the video shoot and called his friend to no avail. Finally after half an hour we started walking back up the hill to where we had parked the car. The hill was steep going up it and to my surprise I wasn't even winded. Guess those hours in the gym are finally paying off.

On our evening stroll, Danny confessed his feelings to me. "I don't know how you managed to do it, but you got in here,"pointing to his heart. "I really do love you. I have for a few weeks now, and I didn't want to tell you until I was sure, and didn't want to vocalise it without being sure."

"You told me on the 13th," I responded. I know this because I remember typing it into my blog. He smiled and continued in his speech. He told me that even though at times I could be very demanding and irritating, he loves me.

This floored me. I couldn't even respond. I just gave him a kiss and said "Thank you." I know that the required response is for me to say that I love him as well but I didn't want to ruin the tender moment with my confused emotions.


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