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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Passion Unleashed

It didn't take that long for us to get home. As soon as we were through the door I was all over him, kissing him and taking off his clothes one by one. As far as I was concerned, this was going to be the last night, in the next few days that we could exhibit such unbridled passion.

I wrapped my arms around him, kissing him everywhere I could get my lips on, revelling in the taste of him, the sensation of his warm skin under my hands. I could feel his heart beat pounding as ferociously, if not moreso than mine.

His kisses moved slowly from my mouth to my neck, the uber sensitive spots all over my throat. He laved his tongue deeply and hotly, sending chills all over my body. He took his time, savoring my tender skin, making me moan and yearn so much for him. My hands glided constantly over him, unbuckling his belt, taking his pants off, yanking socks off with ragged motions. His boxers were the last to go and he took those off with his own volition since my hands were too busy wreaking havoc with his hair, butt and everywhere in between.

All I wanted was for him to be inside me. There was no need or time for pleasantries, tonight...I wanted him. Deep. Inside me. I told him so harshly, mincing no words whatsover. His breathing ragged, he slowly slid my panties down my legs. The motions were so slow and erotic, building the excruciating tension inside me. With my underwear discarded, he slowly brushed his fingers over my pussy, sending me almost rocking off the bed. He slowly seperated the folds of my body and buried himself in, deeply, all the way to the hilt.

With hard strokes he thrust faster and deeper, keeping the rhythm at a consistent level that my body could do naught but to respond. With every stroke, white hot whips of fire raced through my bloodstream, sending me into the bliss that I was demanding.

I met him, stroke for stroke, claiming his body as thoroughly as he claimed mine, milking him tightly in a warm, wet vise. My second orgasm claimed me then, making my body taut and unyielding. Biting back a cry of pleasure, I let the waves crash over me, savoring the ecstasy that was mine.

He stayed with me, and kept on building the inferno. I caught his lips with mine, frolicking heatedly with my tongue in a wicked foray of its own. At the same time, I clenched my walls around him tighter and tighter. He tried to pull away, to pull out, but I wouldn't let him, wouldn't let him leave me---not when he was so close.

"Come for me Daniel," I whispered in his ear. "I want you all up and through me," I invited, sending a royal invitation with more motions of my vaginal walls. With a cry of triumph he obliged moments later, and I felt his essence pouring into me, uncontained, unrestrained, all mine.

"You got me," he said raggedly as he collapsed against me. I smiled as I wrapped my arms around him, cradling him as close to my body as I could. We both fell asleep that way, neither unable to move a muscle, so replete that we couldn't even lift the coverlet over our dewy skin.

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Tonight he came by again. He had no extra business after work, so he wanted to take me out somewhere nice. With excitement, I got dressed up for the first time in weeks and was impatiently waiting by the time he got here.

He was looking utterly delicious as usual. As I leaned in for a kiss, the spicy scent of his cologne wrapped around me. I smiled, I couldn't help it. This was Danny. My Danny.

"Where are we going?" I asked him as he settled me into the car. "You'll like it, I promise," he replied, smoothly pulling into the street. I was on tenterhooks, dying to know yet not wanting to spoil the surprise.

"Is it Indian? Olive Garden?" I finally asked.

He gave me a crooked smile. "Relax, enjoy the ride. It's no where we've ever been before," he promised. We started talking then, about our respective days. "I read Dream Lover at work today," he told me. (I had emailed it to him) "I was hard in 20 words. I can't be reading your stories at work anymore!" he grimaced.

I smiled, picturing the moment. Him checking is email during his lunch break at work, spying an email from me that was intended to titillate. I'm sure that his cock must have rose to at least half mast, and just the fact that my words could do that thrilled me.

After about 20 minutes we got to the City and he drove us around. We parked in the North District where the restaurant was located. I was planning to be impressed, after all, we've been to North District before.

The foyer of the restaurant drew my attention. It was warm and welcoming, all the tables filled to capacity, busy waiters scurrying around. Danny spoke in Italian to the waiter and instantly got us a table in the back of the room where it was more secluded and less noisy. The ambiance was very romantic, and I could imagine lots of lovers choosing this spot as a start to their evening. There were large murals painted on the walls, murals of fine Italian art. I easily identified replications of the works of Bonticelli, Donatello Michelangelo, Da Vinci and Matisse. In addition, in each enclave and on pillars throughout the banquet room there were fine sculptures from the same era. It was a veritable Renaissance collection that if they were the originals would have rivalled anything found in the Louvre!

Danny spoke to the waiter again and ordered an appetizer, an Italian delicacy called Caprese (i think that's the spelling!). It's mozzarella cheese on fresh cold tomatoes and it was absolutely delicious. Whilst we were eating, the host that seated us came over and played on the violin. He played a haunting melody that reminded me of the violinists in the canals of Venice. I was totally enraptured.

Our meal was delicious and the service was impeccible. We ended up staying there for close to two hours, just talking, taking slow, savory bites, feeding each other, kissing and laughing. The evening took a different bend from then on, it was like we dropped all our cares and worries and the vibe was so warm and pleasant.

I even slipped my shoes off under the table and played footsies with him. Actually, being that I wasn't even playing with his foot, it couldn't be called footsies. I kept my enchanting, seductive smile on my face, knowing from the force of his arousal the full effect that I was having on him. We ended up leaving, not because we were done with the setting, but because if we had stayed a moment longer I'm sure that Danny would have been all over me, regardless of who was watching.

We took a short drive through the hills and found ourselves on this hill that overlooked the city. After parking, we headed over the edge, Danny trying not to look down (slight case of acrophobia) while I was simply too wrapped up in the scenic views to care. There was a slight breeze in the air which succeeded slightly in tamping down our ardor, but even I knew that we weren't cooled, it was merely temporarily leashed. We kissed for long moments on the hill, savoring each other as if we hadn't kissed in ages. I held on to him for dear life, fearing that if I let go he would slip away....forever.

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Monday, June 26, 2006

The Sweetest Dawn

I had left the bedroom whilst he was sleeping to blog for a bit. I couldn't sleep, having slept all day so kept myself occupied online until around 5am. I finally crawled into bed beside Danny, cold and shivering in the pre-dawn chill.

Although he was sleeping, he wrapped his arms securely around me, spooning me instantly I crawled in next to him. I love it when he does that. I could tell he was fast asleep because his breathing remained even and deep. I shimmied my butt against his groin to get warm (yeah right!). My booty felt the hard turgid form of his member and my curiosity was instantly aroused. I had to do a little investigating.

I sent my questing hands over his groin, and sure enough, his cock was at half mast. He must have been having some really kinky dreams, I thought as I angled myself closer to him. I remembered the Dream Lover and decided that this was the perfect time to reciprocate.

His boxers had the fly with a button so it was undone easily. His cock sprang alive in my hands, warm, hard and ready. With an eagerness that was almost like a child on Christmas morn I wasted no time in touching his cock with my lips. I took him in slowly, savoring the contact, relishing the moment even more than he was. I knew he was still asleep because his breath was still the same. I started licking him then, sucking and tasting him with ardent, thirsting desire. I flicked my tongue up and down on his frenulum, knowing the the collection of nerves there would start singing. His cock got harder slowly, and rose to it's full height. I smiled to myself. He was ready.

I deep throated him as far as I could, playing with his balls with one hand and his nipples with the other. My acrobatic agility pleased me and I continued my love play, angling my body until I was perfectly comfortable, relaxing my jaw. I could have done this for the rest of the morning, I was enjoying it so much. I sucked him like a popsicle, like an ice-cream bar that I'd been craving all winter.

The first few drops of precum formed at his tip and I laved it up eagerly, flicking my tongue in his slit to check for more. I wasn't sure if that was the motion that woke him, but I knew the moment he did wake. He was quiet, watching me, his eyes like luminescent orbs in the early morning twilight. I continued my efforts in pleasing him, going faster, deeper, laving him with long sure strokes. My tongue kept working wonders of its own, licking him over and over again, in various prisms.

His hand unerringly found my butt and I had to smile to myself. Even in the darkness, with him not sure how I was laying...he found my booty. He squeezed it gently, then harder, and I continued my motions, taking my time know, drawing each stroke as a violinist might draw on the bow.

He urged me to stop, telling me he didn't want to cum until he was inside me but I ignored him, wanting to keep on sucking that cock that I've come to adore. I raked my nails against his taut flesh, driving him insane with my touch, my taste, my mouth. His other hand gripped the sheets tightly as he tried to control himself, but I would not be denied. It became almost a battle of wills, who would get their way, neither of us wanting to give in. I wanted to drive him to the brink of ecstasy but he wouldn't take the plunge---not without sending me there first.

With a forceful jerk, he wrenched himself from my grasp. My greedy fingers sought him again but he evaded me, standing upright on the bed. Uh-oh. I could tell from that look in his eye that I was in for it now.

Without a moments hesitation he ripped my panties off. Yes---actually ripped them off! I was stunned by the force of his arousal and almost fearful of the powerful surge of his lust. He entered me seconds later, wasting no time in even checking to see if I was wet. He knew that I was.

I tried to wrap my hands around his shoulders, to guide the avenue and pace of his thrusts but he grabbed both of my hands with one of his, keeping them pinned on the bed above my head. He started moving then, slowly, patiently, sending streams of pleasure coursing from my core to the rest of my body. I writhed helplessly beneath him wanting more.

The inability to move my hands left me vulnerable and yet added an edge to our lovemaking that had never been there before. I struggled in vain for a few moments but he wouldn't relent. So I gave up struggling and just savored his every move.

"I love you," he whispered as he started to ride me. "You are my Queen," he continued. Tears pricked my lids as was almost overcome by an intense emotion. It was a mixture of love, hope for the future and the moments that I was going to miss. I steeled myself against his words, not wanting to break down and start crying.

The next phrase almost unmanned me. "I waited all my life...for you," he told me as he kissed me deeply, plunging his tongue into my mouth at the same time plunging himself into my body. Invading my very essence, my mind, my body, my heart, my soul. My orgasms hit me right then, one right on top of another, a dizzying ecstasy that took my breath away. I screamed, jerking against him, my back arching of it's own accord.

He continued with his tender assault, unceasing in his rhythm. Finally letting go of my hands, he lifted my leg, angling himself diagonally to me. That motion sent him hitting each of my three spots with each thrust and I was careening over the edge again.

I got lost in the passionate avowal of his body to mine. With each thrust he was telling me that he loved me, that he would love me forever, that I was his forever, that he would never let me go. I lost count of my orgasms then, just totally immersing my every essence into just relishing the moment.

He had so much energy and he made love to me for what seemed like forever. Until I was a writhing mess. Until I couldn't move a limb. Until I couldn't talk, could barely breathe and all I could do was moan. Only then did he let himself go, pouring his seed all over me, branding me with the liquid silver drops.

It took me a while to regain my focus. He was so energized, getting up, cleaning us both up, getting me some water then finally laying down beside me and wrapping me in his arms. "I don't want you to leave," he murmured into my ear.

I don't want to leave you either baby.

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Friday, June 23, 2006

Dream Lover

I was caught in the pleasant lull between sleep and full wakefulness. His warm body was behind me, warming my back as the open window let in the cool morning air. I snuggled under the covers, closer to him, closer to the heat that was beckoning me. His arms tightened around me instinctively and I nuzzled my head on his bicep. His warm breath tickled the nape of my neck and I reveled in it, savoring every contact. Finally, everything was just right, and my mind succumbed to slumber.

I have no recollection of how long I slept, but I remember that it was peacefully. For once neither of us was jostling and tangling the covers, we just lay there, quiet, replete and restful in sleep. My dreams were colorful, erotic in their intensity. I've had erotic dreams before but this one was so different.

It began with butterfly kisses, light ones on my neck, behind my ears and my throat. My arm and elbow got the same attention as the gentle tongue forayed further down my body. I sighed, enjoying the contact, holding the dream to me and staying in it. Warmth beckoned me as heat pooled in my core, as my body responded to my lover's touch.

He kissed further down, lavishing the same attention on my stomach, my pubes, my thighs and all the flesh in between. His tongue laved my navel and the touch was so exquisitely real that I almost cried out. I wanted more. I wanted him in my pussy. I didn't move, fearful that if I did the dream spell would be broken. He parted my thighs slowly and I complied. At first, there was no contact on my heated flesh, just the breezy trickle of breath belying his presence. I writhed my hips trying to get closer and his arms caught me, holding me still.

When his lips made first contact on me I trembled. The touch was so perfect, so gentle and yet fiery. He fanned the flames with his tongue, slowly and methodically licking my pussy with infinite gentleness. I reached down and curled my fingers through his hair.

What?? The familiar curls nestling in my hands awakened me as nothing else could have done. I slowly opened my eyes, realizing then that it wasn't a dream. Realizing that it was my lover making sweet morning love to me. His face was already slick with my juices and he didn't stop, just kept flicking his tongue over my most sensitive places over and over and over again. He kept licking, eagerly imbibing all my essence as a starving man at a banquet. The sounds of his lips against my lips were the only sounds in the early morning air.

I felt the coil drawn tighter and tighter and he kept at it. His obsidian eyes gazed at me like two chocolate orbs in the apex of my thighs. "I love the way you taste," he whispered against my heated flesh. It was that moment that the fantasies of my dream and reality merged into one. With a keening cry I let myself go, my back arching of its own accord. The passion seeped through me like volcanic lava and my whole body shook with the height of my passion.

"What a delightfully erotic way to be awakened. Thank you." I managed to whisper as he kissed upwards my body, landing a passionate kiss on my lips. "I'm not done yet," he said with a wicked gleam in his eye.

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Monday, June 19, 2006

SHE is Satisfied...for Tonight

"What happened to you here?" I asked him as I examined his arms. "I don't know," he said as he lay back. There were four identical marks puckering on his bicep. Uh-oh. I looked at the other side, and yeah, same thing. "It was me," I confessed. "Must have been during one of my orgasms," I told him as I kissed each mark. He smiled then, ignoring the pain and loving the fact that my wildness had left marks on him.

"You're such a beast," he told me. "You unleash the vixen in me," I replied instantly. Looking at him in the muted light just sent more shivers through me. He is really utterly gorgeous! I started kissing him, nearly devouring him with the intensity of my kiss. I wanted him yet again, my need unsated. Heat pooled in my core, firing me up instantly, making me crave him with each breath. He kissed me back with equal fervency and I trailed my fingers over his arms, his love marks, his hard, toned body. I forgot about my pain, forgot about everything, just lost in this one perfect moment.

The hard throb of his cock against my belly pleased me and my hands headed south, making him get harder and harder. "I can't believe you," he muttered breaking off the kiss for a second. "I can't believe you are getting me hard again."

Believe it honey. I'm not done with you yet, SHE said.

His hard length beckoned me and I kissed him down there again, licking him and increasing his ardor. "I want you from the back," he told me. I was ready to oblige him, but since I couldn't get on my knees, there was a slight problem with that. My brain was actually able to compute the logistics. I suggested he enter me from the front first, then gradually shift until he was spooning me. That way my right leg would remain immobilized.

I gasped as he shifted his hips and filled me so effortlessly, so deeply and so fully. He thrust all the way and then back again, with no hesistation this time. With each deft stroke, my desire increased. He inched me ever so slowly, taking his time and moving my left limb with ease. My body throbbed and ached for him and I wanted more, all of him.

He placed my left leg on his shoulder and drove deeply, and this contact hit all my 3 spots. He continued the contact, revelling in my desire and drove me to higher heights. I caught the wave then and rode it, and he savored it with me. He quickened his deep, probing strokes and each one went hotly through me, lancing me and branding me as nothing else could have done. He moved my left leg to his other shoulder then and this motion sent me careening over the edge yet again. He let me savor that orgasm, slowing down his motions as he repositioned himself.

Danny spooned me from behind, kissing the nape of my neck, trailing his hands through my body and hair, being all around me, behind me, and inside me all at the same time. My pleasure built over and over again and I cried out once again in sweet release. My pussy was on fire, even SHE could say that she was satisfied.

As if reading my mind he pulled out then and stood above me, his gaze a mixture of exhiliration and deep desire. "I want you all over me," I ordered in a voice that was hoarse from my passionate outcries. I opened my mouth, daring him to shoot it in with a look. He accomodated me almost instantly, spilling his seed all over me. The hot drops warmed on my skin and then instantly cooled and he fell to his knees, spent, replete, content.

"Come here," I invited, opening my arms to him. He kissed my cheek then, then wiped me off tenderly, throwing the tissues in the trash. "Your touch is so amazing," he told me, staying well away from my grasp, as if I might devour him once again, "You are so insatiable." Honey, you have no idea!

He kissed me then, taking his time exploring my mouth as if he had never kissed me before. "Shower?" he invited. "Yes," I replied.


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SHE Takes Control

As he was kissing my breast I ran my fingers through his hair. His head came up slowly, his lips slightly reddened from the kissing. "This is really hard for me," he said harshly as he withdrew his body from mine and stood up.

No, don't go! my body protested. My nipples had puckered up within seconds of being in his presence and they stayed that way, pointy beacons through my thin shirt. I rubbed my right leg (the main source of my pain) in consternation. We both knew what the deal was. The right thing to do of course, would be to abstain from any encounters that would further hurt me. After all, having a crises is a painful thing, and he would rather I got better than anything else. But I was so damn horny too!

"I don't wish to cause you any pain," he told me as he paced around me bed. "It's just so hard because I want you every time I see you," he continued, trashing the remnants of our minner. I smiled at him, a smile that was full of intention, unspoken words of invitation. "My pills have kicked in sweetie. I'm sure a little necking wouldn't be amiss," I told him. Of course, I had a WHOLE lot on my mind besides making out, but I didn't want to alarm him.

He sat on the right side of the bed. "Just make sure that I don't move my right leg, ok?" I told him as I kissed him deeply. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me back, a kiss of possession, of desire, of intent. I nipped his lips, then sent my tongue into the wicked foray of its own. With a groan he deepened the kiss, matching the movements of my tongue with his, totally lost in the contact. I trailed my hands and fingers across his back, then moved to his chest and abs. I could feel the bulge of his arousal against my belly and I knew that he was keeping himself in fierce check. But SHE was having none of that.

I started kissing his neck, the sensitive spot behind his ears and moving downwards to his throat. He groaned, reveling in the caress. My lips and tongue traced the path that my hands had initiated and I kissed him everywhere I could, leaving love bites on his taut flesh. He gripped me tightly, torn between his desire for me and his desire to cause me no pain.

"Stand up," I commanded as I finally tore my lips from his skin. He obliged and I slid his boxers down, all the way to the floor. His cock was firm and hard in my grasp, springing free of the thin material and inviting me. Mmmmm.

I kissed all around his pubes, lavishing attention on every single bit of flesh that comprised of him. He stared at me with that passionate gaze, giving me the charge of his body. I started licking his cock then, slow licks that were merely to tease him than anything else. They worked. Within seconds his desire was as much (if not as more) than mine. I sucked him properly then, taking him in slow and deep, one excruciatingly precise inch at a time. He loved this intense parlay between my mouth and his cock. He got bigger with each second and this further spurred my efforts. I laved him softly at first, my hands wreaking havoc with his body. There were a few spots that I had discovered in my last quest, and I played his body like a virtuoso on the strings.
He couldn't help himself, couldn't pull back from my ministrations. Technically, he wasn't causing me harm anyway so I don't know why he was stressing. He watched me, with his eyes so opaque in the light, caught up in this music of my own making as I was.

His fingers sought my pussy and he started stroking my clit, purposeful strokes that lit a fire of their own. I was wet and pliant, and he stroked my heat, leading me to a climax that rocked me. I had to jerk away from his cock, fearing that in my orgasm I would hurt him but still he didn't cease. I kept one hand on him and returned to my activity, trying to ignore the embers that he just kept stroking. The only sounds heard were our dual moans, lost in pleasuring each other. "I want to be inside you," he told me raggedly.

"Then you shall," I whispered to his cock. He got on the bed and took my panties off with infinite carefulness. "I'm not that fragile you know!" I protested but he ignored. He lay be back, tucking another pillow to anchor my right leg and then teased me with his cock at my entrance. I was beyond ready, my wet panties a testament to that. "Please," I begged him, "Now," I ordered in the same breath.

He obliged me then, entering me with such gentleness and care that I felt like I was drawn on a wire. My breath caught in my throat and I savored the contact. He placed all his body weight solely on his arms, not wanting to put anything on me. My walls clasped around him in welcome, and he stayed still for a few moments, letting me adjust to his size. Then he moved, slowly, which such intense concentration that it nearly brought tears to my eyes. Enough with the porcelain doll act already. Fuck me! SHE told him. SHE clenched around him, tighter and tighter, and I could tell that he was fighting the passion, fighting the desire. SHE wouldn't be denied however.

The first few strokes were gentle, but then SHE took over and he couldn't fight it any longer. His ardor increased as SHE directed him, and he moved faster, deeper, harder. I met him stroke for stroke, taking as much as he could give me and more. Forgetting the pain, forgetting the hurt, everything was eclipsed by this moment. I could barely breathe with the intensity of pleasure that his every stroke gave me. With a suddenness that surprised us both, my second orgasm rocked me. I cried out in exultation and remember scoring my nails against his arms. He continued with more forceful thrusts, in an unyielding rhythm, making me soar and soar, higher and higher. He quickened his strokes, firing me up instantly into another orgasm. My thighs shook uncontrollably with passion and my pussy screamed with delight.

He groaned, caught between making me come more times and the effort that holding back was costing him. I saw his dilemma and immediately made the choice for him. "Come for me Aba," I invited, clenching my Kegels securely around his cock. He thrust harder and I grabbed his head, kissing him fervently, twirling my tongue all with his. The combination was enough to send him careening over the edge and he did, whispering my name over and over. His orgasm was long, and it rocked us both, as my pussy clenched him in response to every shot that he sent up my walls.

I placed a tender kiss on his brow and urged him to lay beside me. He clasped me tenderly in his arms. "Why did you make me? I wasn't done yet," he groused.

Oh really? Well neither was I, SHE stated. "Will you quit complaining?" I told both him and her. He muttered something noncommittal. Since when did 3 orgasms not become enough for you anyway? I asked her. SHE clenched in response, sending tingles up my spine. Since you introduced me to this fine, big specimen of masculinity. It will never be enough.



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Friday, June 16, 2006

Coitus Interruptus

Danny came over last night. He didn't get out of the jam session until after 1 am. I actually thought he wasn't coming any longer, had showered, put my Pjs on and was wrapping my hair when the phone rang.

He arrived about 30 minutes later. He was exhausted. I fixed him a dinner plate and then headed to the room. We were supposed to 'talk' but both of us were just so tired that we ended up falling fast asleep.

I woke up this morning to him kissing me. He had arisen around 830 but didn't want to disturb me. So he had just laid there gazing at me, until his passion had overcome him. I was still knocked out. I've always had this fantasy of being awakened to deep, soulful kisses and he really put the effort in to fulfilling that. He was kissing my derriere when I finally roused. We had a long, sensual foreplay session and then I happened to gaze at the clock.

It was already 11! He had to leave by noon and he hadn't even showered yet. My roommates were going to dog-sit this weekend and their friend was dropping the dog off at 1130. We hustled to the bathroom and took a nice long shower together. I was still very tired, so I tumbled back to bed to watch him dress.

Somehow he ended up right beside me, his tongue and fingers picking right where it had left off just a 15 minutes before. I enjoyed the dual caress. He made it down to my pussy and wasted no time getting down to business. I love the way he eats me out! He took his time, laving his tongue everywhere, sucking, teasing and licking me thoroughly. I was quivering and moaning in seconds, gripping the sheets tightly and letting myself fully be awash with pleasure.

The loud tones of the doorbell interrupted me as harshly as anything could have done. The bell was insistent and I knew that I wouldn't be able to come with such an interruption. Cursing under my breath, I threw my bathrobe on and headed to the door to see who it was. I had to fold my arms across my chest so whoever it was wouldn't see my protruding nipples.

Yeah, it was the Dog Guy, with his dog. Uuugh! My room mates weren't back so he foisted the dog off to me and started giving me instructions. I headed to the room a few times to check on Danny, he had already started getting dressed. The Dog Guy headed outside with the dog to 'socially interact' with our dogs. I used that opportunity to see my baby off. I fixed him a plate of food as well as some cherries and his favorite granola bars to tide him over for the day.

"See you Sunday," I whispered as I kissed him fervently. He gave me a look that spoke volumes. I don't think neither of us can wait that long.


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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Rapture

After my heart-rate returned to normal, I was too energized to take another nap so I decided to hit the gym. Danny was almost asleep at this point but I told him where I was going. Grabbing my gym clothes, I headed to the bathroom to shower and dress leaving him in quiet. I called Bella and she was up, she agreed to hit the gym as well.

About 20 minutes later, Bella arrived at my house and I grabbed my gym stuff. I couldn't find my shoes so I scurried around looking for them while Bella was honking the horn outside. Finally I went to the room to look for them and sure enough they were right there by my bed. Danny opened his eyes abit but went back to sleep so I didn't bother saying anything.

We talked abit and went to the gym. We had a great workout, were both there for about an hour. It was a short session, I wanted to get back before Danny started getting ready for work. Around 11am Bella dropped me off and to my surprise Danny was right outside.

"You leaving already?" I asked being that he didn't have to be at work until 1pm. He had this really tense look on his face and for a second I was worried. He didn't say anything just headed back in the house. "Are you ok?"

"Where have you been?" he said in consternation. "I was at the gym," I defended casually as I gave him a kiss. "I told you where I was going, remember?"

My room mate was home too and he had gotten her worried looking for me. Apparently he had woken up at 1000am when I went to get my shoes and thought that I had come back from the gym. He took another short nap and then took a shower. By the time he got dressed, he still hadn't seen me so he started worrying. My roomie got home and found the front door open (I had left it open cos I forgot my keys and didn't want to be looking for them with Bella waiting outside.) They had called my cell phone and heard in ringing in the house--I never take it to the gym. They called Bella but got her voicemail.

He was really worried. He thought that I had opened the door for someone who abducted me. My roomie called her hubby who talked to Danny and told him to relax. "Get in the spa or something, I'm sure Badspice will show up sooner or later,"he said. Danny tried to relax but he was really getting frantic.

Finally he convinced my roomie and they both decided to drive to the gym & thereabouts to look for me. That was when I strolled in. I explained my version of events but this did little to calm Danny down. My room mate took it all in stride however.

"I need to talk to you, in private," he said tersely, ushering me to my room. Uh-oh. I was expecting a tongue lashing at the very least. But as soon as the door shut behind me he enveloped me in this tight, fierce hug.

"I was so worried about you," he said quietly. "Don't ever scare me like that again!" he continued. He held me in that tight embrace, nearly squeezing the very breath out of me but I didn't complain. "I'm so sorry baby, I didn't mean to worry you," I told him as I stroked his back and his hair.

He heaved a deep sigh of relief and it wasn't until I felt a wet drop land on my shoulder that I realized that how deeply upset he had been. He had been frantic with worry, thinking all manner of things. I felt really bad for upsetting him so.

In a few minutes he got control of his emotions and leashed the vulnerable part of him that I have come to love. I just kept holding him, apologizing and telling him over and over and over again that I'm ok.

This was the moment that I think I realized his depth of love for me. I'm---humbled by it. In awe of it and kinda amazed by it.

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Fire Me Up

He continued kissing my neck, throat and earlobes and then slowly moved on to my right breast. Not having been caressed by him in a week was enough to send pleasure immediately coursing through my bloodstream. He laved my nipple, tenderly at first then harder and harder, just the way I liked it. He took his time, moving at an unhurried leisurely pace, knowing he had all the time in the world. My fingers got lost in his hair, the curls wrapping tightly around my fingers as if they belonged there.

He finally moved on down my chest, holding the right breast with his hand, still playing with it, keeping my fire burning. He kissed down my body, with nips and licks, mixing it up and driving me insane. My body began undulating of it's own accord, SHE started screaming and demanding attention as well. He took his time however to get to my core, knowing that the intensity was delicately leaving me in shreds.

I had been lying on my left side facing him and he didn't move this position as he proceeded downward. He watched me through those mocha colored eyes, taking the full depths of my passion and controlling his caresses accordingly. He turned me on my stomach and gently nipped my bum. Even that was pleasurable.

The slow ease in which he fired me up was already making me wet, and he sensed this, yet continued his quest, unhurried, unstressed. He kissed my bum! He laved my butt cheeks and then rimmed me! It was a weird sensation, one that I had never experienced, I've always been shy about having guys around my booty. However once I got past the strangeness of it I noted the chemical frissions that I had never had. My pussy contracted of it's own free will, every time his tongue flicked against my butt. It's as if the two were connected. He stuck his finger in my pussy then, and SHE clenched all around him, but he continued the caress on my butt, moving his finger rapidly the same time on my G-spot.

I was moaning loudly by now and within seconds I had come all over his fingers. He licked his fingers, looking at me with that satisfied smirk on his face.

Then he took his boxers off, and my black lace panties. Without preamble he entered me--- one swift, long thrust that drove it home. I gasped as my walls closed around him, as he filled me and SHE loved the sensation. SHE grasped him tighter, harder, holding his cock in a tight vise that was hard to break. He smiled and then started moving, in and out, the rhythm as old as time.

"We've missed you," I said with a smile as I met his thrust with a provocative one of my own. He started going harder at that, forgoing all the finesse and foreplay and just royally laying that pipe in me. He lifted my legs unto his shoulders and rode me hard, deep and fast. My nails dug into his biceps and I couldn't help myself, as he took me to soaring heights that I haven't been in a while. With a mighty gush I came for him again. He noticed, yet didn't stop, and he rode my orgasm like a surfer on a tide. "I love you Badspice," he said as he stared deep into my eyes. Within moments another one was on me, and I was caught in it, spirals of joy, dizzy exultation, unable to breathe, unable to speak. All I could do was feel him on me, around me, in me. All I could do was BE.

That orgasm took another form as it petered out, another wave crashed over me. I was mindlessly blubbering by now, uncaring of how I sounded or how my face looked. He grinned at me, one of pure male satisfaction. After my fifth, he turned me around, shooting for doggy style. I managed to get on my wobbly knees, my hair falling around my face and he entered me again. There was a ferocious edge to his lovemaking now, the time for making love was long gone and now it was all about the fucking.

I jutted my bottom out, feeding it into him, knowing that the visual was driving him to the edge as well. He kept going harder and faster and I spurred him on, telling him not to stop, not to hold back. He jerked as he came and pulled himself out, lacing a thick gush on my dewy skin. I took it all, relishing in the fact that he had enjoyed it as much as I did.

He held me then, and kissed my face, wiped up the mess with a napkin. We lay entwined in each others arms, both of us still floating back to earth. "Thank you," I said as I kissed the scratches that my passion had left on him. He smiled, unable to say a word and yet he claimed those marks of passion.

"How's your headache?" I asked him again. After a few moments he replied. "It's better"

Nothing like a good sack session to cure a headache, I thought to myself as I drifted in the lull of our lovemaking.

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Catching Up

Five hours later, I opened my groggy eyes to see Danny at my side of the bed, scrounging through my nightstand. "I have a massive headache," he muttered as he looked for some Motrin. I was tempted to give him the 'good stuff', some of my Vicodin but resisted the urge knowing that he had to work. I got him some water and had him take 400mg of Motrin--the maximum he would take. He was very antsy and couldn't fall back asleep, he kept tossing the turning.

Cradling him in my arms for a change! I took over and asked him what was wrong. He told me that in addition to the headache, he had a back and shoulder ache as well. I diagnosed him as dehydrated, exhausted and suffering from a too high pillow (he sleeps with two!). I urged him to drink more water, which he steadfastly obeyed and then I flipped him over and gave him a deep tissue massage for his back, shoulders and neck. This eased the tension a bit and he relaxed.

We started talking about our summer plans. I'm going to see my mom when she comes to the country this summer for a week in July as well as going to my cousin's wedding in Chicago at the end of July. In addition my BFF Jade was flying to Hotelville to spend a whole week with me. Meanwhile, Danny got invited by his dad to rendezvous in Amsterdam for a seminar on Global Universality (or something like that). His dad is planning to fly him down there for about 4 days and Danny is totally psyched to go. I encouraged him to go, he needs a vacation.

Somehow I got into a fit of pique this morning and had this little tirade (don't even remember what it was about). Danny let me rave and then practically ordered me to come lay down by him. "I want to baby you---just like you've been babying me," he stated.

I obliged and lay on his shoulder, with one hand caressing my back and the other entwined in my hair. "How's your headache?" I asked him as he started nuzzling my neck. He didn't reply me just kept kissing and laving my neck over and over again, making me wet with anticipation. Guess it was better;)

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Seventh Night

Last night marked the 7th night of our Sex Fast and even I was on tenterhooks and seething with tightly leashed passion. I was ready for some good loving.

Danny was totally on the same page with me. He didn't get out of work until 10pm and right after that he raced over. We ended up zapping to Taco Bell for some late night grub. He ordered the vegetarian Bell Grande, which he planned to share with me. I was going to throw a fit but decided against it. I didn't want to ruin the evening. Besides, I could eat meat on my own time if I was that carnivorous. I really think he's trying to turn me Veggie. I've been surrounded by Vegetarians all my life, my parents, sister, aunt & uncle and pretty much my extended family and a majority of my church members. So with that much influence, if I wasn't vegetarian already, it just pretty much means that I'm eating meat of my own free will. Sometimes you just need to choose your battles.

After minner (midnight dinner), I dragged him to my room. We talked for a while, I told him what my mom had said and we ran over our days. I had promised on the phone earlier to give him a foot massage and I put some music on, dimmed the lights and set to work. He totally was lovin' it, reveling in my masterful hands. I could see his eyes getting heavy and so I told him to totally relax. "It's ok if you fall asleep baby. Just make sure you make mad, wicked love to me in the morning," I told him.

He complied and within minutes he was fast asleep. I kept up the massage for about 15 more minutes, just loved running my hands all over his muscular thighs and legs. I had taken a nap earlier in the day and wasn't feeling so sleepy, so I left the room to read & blog for a bit.

About 2 hours later at 3am I finally crawled into bed. The room was kinda chilly but it was warm under the covers, and even warmer right up to him. I settled close to him and he turned over and spooned me automatically, without even waking up. His warm breath tickled my ear and his head rested heavily on my head but I reveled every sensation. He heated me quite easily, his warm flesh radiating and heating my frozen core. I wriggled my bottom against his pelvis, grinding it slowly but he didn't really stir. Realizing that his exhaustion was deeply steeped in five days of overworking and little sleep, I let him be. Finally, when I was warm I fell asleep myself, circled in the warm embrace of my love.

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Friday, June 09, 2006

Day Three

"I want you to know that this No-sex thing is really hard for me. I just am doing it because I love you," groused my boyfriend on the phone today.

Why does that make me smile?

Honestly, I do believe that it's harder for the guys than it is for us. I mean, I was actually ok, and would be ok for a bit longer. I'm not climbing the walls or anything, literally stripping off the clothes of every man that walks by. Not saying that Baby is doing that---but if I was a guy and my chick put me on a No-sex policy, I don't think I would be nice.

So does this mean he must really, really like me?

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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Day Two

We played chess. Actually, we cheated at chess. Then turned it to strip chess. It was very, very fun, of course, he did run out of clothes first. We laughed, we kissed, we talked, and we made out---but just a teensy, weensy bit. Then I practically fell asleep with exhaustion.

I woke up a couple of hours later in pain. Lotsa lotsa pain. I immediately reached for my pills on my nightstand and some water. Danny woke up sometime towards this and actually climbed out of a warm bed to get me some more water. My knees were aching something fierce, and I felt like a dozen jackhammers were having their way with my skull, back and every single joint in my body. Ugh!

I turned away from him, and stifled my moans, waiting for him to go back to sleep. He lay there with me, held me, wiped my tears, massaged my achy joints and even dug up a heating pad from somewhere. Finally the pills kicked in and I fell into a drugged sleep. His arms tightened around me and he must have noticed the second the pills kicked in because my body relaxed. He kept up on the massage, kissing my nape until I fell asleep.

4 hours later he had to get up to go to work. He woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed, much to my chagrin. He has so much energy in the morning! Perhaps it was my drugged up state but I really didn't appreciate his hyper sunny-ness. Ugh. He insisted I have some breakfast (even though in my time, it was still early) because he didn't want me to have my pain medicine on an empty stomach. So he brought me eggs and toast, with lots of water and kisses.

He finally had to go to get to work on time and after a fond farewell he jetted out the door, looking utterly adorable in his Versace shirt, pants and loafers. That man can make a potato sack look like designer duds.


He's so sweet!

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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Sex Fast: Day One

There really wasn't any temptation today. I didn't see Danny at all. However, he called me when he got home from work this evening.

"I wish I was there right now," he said. Just the tone of that statement was enough to leave me feeling overheated.

"So come over," I invited, knowing that he wouldn't and yet wanting him to at the same time. It was close to 11, he had to be at work by 9am, and from previous experience we've found out that he won't make it to work, or we have to wake up atrociously early (like 6) to get him there.

"I'll see you tomorrow," he promised. Just hearing him on the phone made me grip the phone tighter to prevent my hands from roaming...elsewhere.

"We can play chess tomorrow," I stated, figuring we might as well do something productive.

Ha! Play chess. Funny.

Maybe I should turn it into a strip chess session.

I think that would be cruel and unusual punishment though.

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After I finished blogging the last entry---I headed to bed. He was already asleep, had been for about 2 hours. He was facing the window, which was open to let in some cooling air. I slid under the cool sheets and spooned him, his back slowly warming me.

I lay there for several minutes, trying to be quiet and force myself to sleep but my brain was really overactive and wouldn't shut down. My hands were drawing concentric circles on his chest and I didn't notice the motion for several minutes. I wanted to stop, not wanting to wake him---he needed his rest. But at the same time my body refused to comply with my good sense.

My right hand played with his nipples, trailing and raking my fingers lightly against his taut flesh. My left hand was on it's own quest, losing the fingers in his thick, lustrous curly hair. I inhaled against his neck, smelling his sexy aroma and then kissed him.

He didn't respond, his breath remained deep and even and this further emboldened me. I trailed my right hand further down, going to his happy trail, playing with the waistband of his boxers. I tucked my finger beneath the band and trailed it up and down the crest of his pubes and I didn't cease the contact.

He turned then, and I knew he was waking up, yet he didn't say a word. I had better access with him laying on his back and I took full advantage of it. Ignoring the fact that I had decreed the sex embargo just hours before, I stroked his member to full, hard arousal and then took him in my mouth.

Danny groaned then, unable to hold it back and I continued, ignoring him. I bent my head to my task, taking my time, taking him down deep and slow, just the way he loves it. His hands were in my hair, urging me to go faster, but I wouldn't speed up the pace, not yet. My tongue was working magic up and down his shaft as my lips and hands did everything else.

He hit the back of my throat several times, causing me almost to gag but I didn't relent. My eyes started tearing up but I wouldn't stop. I changed my angle, leaned between his thighs and took him that way. This enabled me to take him in deeper and he totally loved it.

I could feel him seeping in my mouth with pre-cum, knowing that he was about to erupt but I wouldn't let him get there that quickly. I stopped my ministrations, replacing my mouth with my hand and told him that I wanted him to cum inside me.

"What about the---" "Shhhh!" I interuppted, throwing caution to the winds. After all, we should make love one last time before we started fasting---right?

He obliged me then, changing our positions fluidly. He hesistated at the entrance of my walls for just a fraction of a second, giving me a moment to change my mind. But my warm, wet lips made him realize that I was as ready for him as he was for me. He entered me then, slowly, all the way, and then pulled out with excruciating slowness. The gentleness unmanned me and I begged him for more. He ignored me, just kept on with those slow, deep strokes. I realized then that he was getting me back from my earlier acts.

I started pleading with him. "Please Danny, more, faster, harder, please!" With that cocky grin on his face he finally obliged me, driving it home, laying tracks in me like he never had before. I was at the edge of my release, held there for a micro-second, and then I was falling, falling, deep into a dizzying vortex of ecstasy. I gripped his arms fiercely, scouring his skin with my nails. The force of my passion overtook me then, and I don't remember anything but his scent, his touch, his feel as he was all over me, all inside me.

I peaked again and again, orgasm on top of orgasm. My thighs started shaking and I was unmanned, but I didn't want him to stop. He went harder then, faster, deeper, thrusting as if the gravitational force of the world depended on this one act. He was in me over and over again, unstopping, unyielding. He kissed me fiercely and passionately and I took as much as he could give me and more.

We were melded as one, joined in all aspects and the wild frenzy that overtook us leashed us together tighter than anything could at the moment. Our carnal natures took over and we were just participants in this raunchy, libidinous, erotic duo. The scorching, raging inferno took over and we were lost in it as we brought each other to dizzying heights. He fucked me. Royally. Over and over again.

I could feel my eigth orgasm waning and even I had to call it quits. If not, I probably would have died from so much pleasure. My pussy was on fire, and even SHE could not complain. "Are you sure baby, cos I can go all night," he intoned. "I know, but I don't think I can take anymore, at least not tonight," I protested, licking his balls and under his shaft.

He allowed me to continue where I had left off, sucking and licking him greedily. Within minutes he had cum all over my breasts, dripping his warm essence all over me. We could barely move and lay quiet for several minutes. The only motion was the concentric circles rubbing my shoulder.

"Now we can start the fast," I sighed. He smiled at me and then told me that I was definitely the freakiest girl ever. "I can't say no to you," he told me. Neither can I Danny. Neither can I.


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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Falling Asleep

Danny got off work around six this evening. Normally, I don't see him on Friday nights but I had been wearing his shirt all day and was craving him something fierce. So I told him to come over. Without hesitation, he told me that he would, he just had to run some errands first.

He got to my house close to midnight and I took him straight to my room. I had no designs on him, just wanted to fall asleep in his arms. We ended up talking for a couple of hours. It's so much more interesting talking to him in person than talking to him over the phone.

We feel asleep around 2 and he had to get up early to head back to work. He told me the next morning that he was surprised that he was able to feel so rested after only 6 hours. "Wow, 2 nights in a row and you didn't get tired of me yet?" he joked to which I told him that it would take more than that for me to get tired of him.

I wanted him to come back on Saturday night, but he declined. He told me that he would see me on Sunday night instead, spend the night and he didn't have to be at work until 1pm so we could spend the morning together.

"Oh, and dress up. We are going on a date on Sunday," he told me.


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Friday, June 02, 2006

Phone call

"This message is for the Number One---not the #2...just the #1 most beautiful girl in Hotelville. If she gets this message, she knows that she is loved by the hottest guy in Danny-ville."


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Breakfast in Bed

The next morning he woke me up with cereal (only food he could find in the kitchen) and refilled my water bottle, urging me to take more pills. He kissed me slowly then, morning breath and all, telling me that he had to head to work. I assured him that I was doing much better, that the attack was just a minor one and I would be ok. With that, he left, promising to call me later in the day.

I'm missing him already.

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No Pain, No Gain

The cramp that I caught intensified and I instinctively knew that it wasn't just any other cramp. I cursed mentally, steeling myself for what was to come. I had been feeling minor pains for a while but was hoping that it wouldn't get worse.

Yep, it was my sickle cell acting up. I didn't say anything to Danny, just got some water and popped a pain pill to deter any pain. He noticed though. "What wrong?" he asked and I tried to make a light of it. But he could tell that my leg was killing me, the pain intensifying with every second.

"What can I do baby?" he asked with a concerned look on his face. I knew that he was thinking it was all his fault and I quickly disabused him of that notion. "It's not your fault, it just happened, ok?"

"I hate seeing you in pain," he groused as he started massaging my aching limb. He didn't press hard, just a light touch, so it wasn't making it worse. I enjoyed the motions and tried to block the pain from my mind to no avail. "It's ok sweetie, it's just pain. It's a way of life, at least for me," I said philosophically. I turned away from him, knowing that it was going to get worse and I didn't want him seeing me like this.

He spooned me, being careful with my aching leg and cradled me in his arms. The pain started spreading as I feared it would, a searing volcano that almost took my breath away. We lay there forever, me taking harsh breaths trying not to cry and him murmuring soft words in my ear. "It's going to be ok," he said as he rubbed my arm.

I knew it was going to get worse before it got better but I didn't say anything, just kept looking at the clock. It takes a minimum of 30 minutes for the meds to kick in and it's just been 15. Great.

It's in moments like this that I wish that I had a permanent IV and some good drugs at hand. Oh well. I braced myself for the next onslaught as the pain spread to my back, my chest and my head. I could barely move and I felt every single cell in my body was hurting. I couldn't contain the stream of tears that slid down my cheeks but I tried to be as quiet as possible.

"Oh God," he said as he knew I was crying. He wiped my tears with his palms and I could tell that he was hurting emotionally as well. He prayed for me then, in Hebrew, something nice and beautiful. After that he pressured me to take more pills and I did, even though I knew that it probably wouldn't work fast enough.

I bore the rest as stoically as I could, knowing that if I broke down my baby would hurt emotionally worse than I do physically. Finally, the pain started easing as the first bout of meds started taking effect. He noticed the relaxing of my body and heaved a sigh of relief. He didn't say anything, just kept rubbing my shoulder. The soothing motion and the pills kickin in finally made me fall asleep.

He's actually the only guy I have ever come across that can handle a sickle cell exacerbation without running fleeing in the other direction as fast as his legs can carry him. I mean, he could have been like my ex and just fallen asleep, figuring that there was nothing he could do. But he stayed with me. Awake, and waiting the storm with me. What's not to love?

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Light My Fire

After that talk, you know what happened next. Wonderfully mindblowing awesome sex.

I was laying on him very redolently, like an Egyptian princess, using him as my couch. Eventually he was done talking and started playing with me instead. He started by kissing me first, small lipkisses that started melting me. I entwined my hands in his hair, playing with his curls. Our tongues frolicked for a few minutes and we just stayed that way, kissing until I was seriously fired up. I broke the contact, putting my hands instantly under his shirt, raking my nails lightly against his taut skin.

He moaned deeply, making me take his shirt off and start kissing him all over his chest. The aggressive side in me took over and I took the rest of his clothes off, casually tossing them into a corner. My mouth never broke contact with his body as I kissed his pecs, his abs, his collarbone. The butterfly kisses were driving him wild and yet he just lay back and let me do my thing.

Emboldened by the passion and control, I took his boxers off, taking long deep breaths as I gazed in rapture at his beautiful cock. He moved it for me, up and down and I took the invitation, taking the scenic route to his cock. I kissed his thighs, his balls, and all the skin around his hips before I took him into my mouth.

When I finally claimed him he jerked for me and I smiled. Then I began to give him a blowjob, reminscent of the one he had yesterday. Slow, deep and sensual. I was unhurried, realizing that I had all the time in the world. I felt him get harder and harder under my minstrations and yet I would not cease. I swirled my tongue on his tip, on his shaft, playing with his balls with one hand and his chest with the other.

He made me stop after a few minutes and I was dismayed for a second, as I was really getting into the groove of it. However, my own slickness called to him and he returned the favor, playing, licking and teasing my pussy until I coated his face. I was angled on the bed, laying on it vertically, with my butt and legs hanging over the side. "I need you inside me," I urged, and he ignored me, sticking his finger into my pussy instead. He hit my G-spot then and I nearly arched off the bed. He kept the pressure on it, back and forth flicking his finger and I came for him again.

"I want you to beg for me," he harshly commanded. I readily complied. I begged, I pleaded, anything to assuage this heat that threatened to engulf me. Finally he entered me, slowly at first, just the way I like it. My walls welcomed him instantly, and I felt complete. He started moving then, long, sure strokes, that made me burn hotter, fiercer. I could tell he was done making love to me then, he started fucking me. Hard, fast, fierce. He thrust into me over and over again, until I was a seething mass of pleasure, until all I could feel was him in me, our essence melding as one.

With a keening cry I came again, scoring my nails against his back. He continued unperturbed, and moved me beyond passion into ecstasy. He placed my legs on his shoulders and drove deeper and deeper and I took all he had. "You feel like heaven," he managed to say. I smiled and flexed my Kegels in gratitude. That sent him over the edge, he was about to pull out to regroup but I locked my legs behind him and urged him to cum. He obliged me almost immediately, with a wet stream of cum that was all over my stomach and breasts.

I smiled then, secure in the knowledge that I had fired him up just as much as he had fired me. I couldn't move, my legs and arms limp extensions of my body. I could still feel my pussy clenching and relaxing, over and over again. He grabbed some tissues from my nightstand and cleaned me up. Where he gets the energy from, I don't know.

He collapsed beside me then and we lay in a tangled mass of entwined limbs. He was rubbing my shoulder, a nice motion that warmed my soul. "That was pretty awesome," I managed to intone. "Top 10?" he asked. "Top 5 definitely," I told him, being that the best five are the last five times we had sex. Hehehe.

A few minutes later I finally got the power to move. I told him that I had been reading the Sex Chronicles, and in one of the stories the lady had sucked her guys cock until he came, kept sucking it until he got hard and came again. I headed down south and started doing the same thing.

Being that we were both so wiped from the last encounter I was really surprised when his cock rose under my ministrations. I didn't pause to think about it though, just started sucking him slowly and gently, taking him in as deep as I could. I caught a cramp in my leg and had to re-align after a few minutes but I wasn't going to stop without receiving the fruit of my labor. I told him so and kept at it, going up and down over and over again, the repetitive nature that was so second nature to me whenever I got around his cock. Ummm.

His member was highly sensitized and I think that this further improved the activity. His hands were in my hair as he watched me through those obsidian eyes. I increased my efforts, determined that I wasn't going to stop until he came again.

Minutes later he did, to his utter surprise and my delight. "I can't believe you made me cum again," he told me. Especially with just a 5 minute recovery time. "Believe it," I told him cockily as I settled beside him.


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Thursday, June 01, 2006

That Evening...

Danny came over this evening after work. He was really in a good mood and talked to me on his way over. Apparently, the 2nd meeting with the investors had gone one way better than the first. They are deliberating right now and said that they would get back to him.

I've taken to wearing his shirts when he's not around and I was in one of them when he arrived. "Hey, that looks familiar," he said as he gave me a slow, deep kiss. It was late and my roomies were sleeping so I took him to my room immediately.

We talked for a while as he told me about his day while I gave him a foot massage. Then I showed him the replacement pictures that I had ordered for the ones that Psycho Chick destroyed. I had also gotten some more recent pix that we had taken with Bella a few weeks ago (remember the naked photoshoot?) and showed that to him as well. There were about 66 prints and he went through them, picking his favorite 10. We actually make a really hot couple. Not just cute---HOTT!

I told him that I didn't trust Roxie enough not to destroy them again so I was going to keep them for a while. In reality, I'm going to use his fav pics and others to make a nice memory book later on in the summer (when I finally get around to it).

It was hard for me not to bring up any of the things I wanted to concerning his email but with great avail I did manage to keep my mouth shut. I craftily provided an opening for him to talk about the loan, asking about how the car situation was. He didn't take it though, just gave me that whole repo situation.

I know that he will eventually tell me, in his own time, but being patient has never been one of my strong suits. I know that even if they were kissing, they definitely aren't doing it now. The thing about it (and I talked to the Posse about this), I have really good intuition when it comes to guys. And it's not screaming.

It's not telling me that Danny is a bad guy or out to play me. It's not telling me that even though this situation is ludicrous that it's going to end badly. My intuition is telling me that he's a great guy, a keeper and I should hang on for the ride, no matter how rocky it is. It's telling me that he loves me, that he always will and he wants to have a future with me. My rose-tinted goggles are off, it's been 7 months already. Usually most of my superficial relationships would have fizzled by now. Which further tells me something.

"It's an established pattern with you, women fall in love with you and you fail to reciprocate, instead leaving them and moving on to the next hot thing. How do I know that you aren't just going to get tired of me one day and be like Peace?" I asked him incredulously.

"I'm not," he stated.

"But how do you know? What makes you so sure? I mean, every single one of your exes (Roxie!) thought that you all were this 'great love' and it turned out not to be the case. So what makes us any different?" I pressed.

"Because every time I see you, my attraction increases instead of diminishing. I want to see you every moment I can. I yearn to be with you. I love spending time with you. With all of my previous relationships, I always felt that there was something missing. However with you, it's not the case. You stimulate me on so many levels, it's not just about the sex, which is pretty awesome by the way. It's about the way we connect intellectually, spiritually, the way you understand and support my dreams, the way we click on every thing that really matters. It's about how we push each other to be a better version of ourselves. It's about how we understand each other, humor our vanity (we are both so vain!) and have this amazing chemistry. It's about how you are the total package, beauty, brains and that beautiful butt. I'm in this for the long haul. And I'm sure. What about you?"

Good answer Danny. I totally dig his eloquence. I couldn't help but blush though, and feel warm all the way to my tippy toes. I want to be a believer, I really do.

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