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Wednesday, June 07, 2006


After I finished blogging the last entry---I headed to bed. He was already asleep, had been for about 2 hours. He was facing the window, which was open to let in some cooling air. I slid under the cool sheets and spooned him, his back slowly warming me.

I lay there for several minutes, trying to be quiet and force myself to sleep but my brain was really overactive and wouldn't shut down. My hands were drawing concentric circles on his chest and I didn't notice the motion for several minutes. I wanted to stop, not wanting to wake him---he needed his rest. But at the same time my body refused to comply with my good sense.

My right hand played with his nipples, trailing and raking my fingers lightly against his taut flesh. My left hand was on it's own quest, losing the fingers in his thick, lustrous curly hair. I inhaled against his neck, smelling his sexy aroma and then kissed him.

He didn't respond, his breath remained deep and even and this further emboldened me. I trailed my right hand further down, going to his happy trail, playing with the waistband of his boxers. I tucked my finger beneath the band and trailed it up and down the crest of his pubes and I didn't cease the contact.

He turned then, and I knew he was waking up, yet he didn't say a word. I had better access with him laying on his back and I took full advantage of it. Ignoring the fact that I had decreed the sex embargo just hours before, I stroked his member to full, hard arousal and then took him in my mouth.

Danny groaned then, unable to hold it back and I continued, ignoring him. I bent my head to my task, taking my time, taking him down deep and slow, just the way he loves it. His hands were in my hair, urging me to go faster, but I wouldn't speed up the pace, not yet. My tongue was working magic up and down his shaft as my lips and hands did everything else.

He hit the back of my throat several times, causing me almost to gag but I didn't relent. My eyes started tearing up but I wouldn't stop. I changed my angle, leaned between his thighs and took him that way. This enabled me to take him in deeper and he totally loved it.

I could feel him seeping in my mouth with pre-cum, knowing that he was about to erupt but I wouldn't let him get there that quickly. I stopped my ministrations, replacing my mouth with my hand and told him that I wanted him to cum inside me.

"What about the---" "Shhhh!" I interuppted, throwing caution to the winds. After all, we should make love one last time before we started fasting---right?

He obliged me then, changing our positions fluidly. He hesistated at the entrance of my walls for just a fraction of a second, giving me a moment to change my mind. But my warm, wet lips made him realize that I was as ready for him as he was for me. He entered me then, slowly, all the way, and then pulled out with excruciating slowness. The gentleness unmanned me and I begged him for more. He ignored me, just kept on with those slow, deep strokes. I realized then that he was getting me back from my earlier acts.

I started pleading with him. "Please Danny, more, faster, harder, please!" With that cocky grin on his face he finally obliged me, driving it home, laying tracks in me like he never had before. I was at the edge of my release, held there for a micro-second, and then I was falling, falling, deep into a dizzying vortex of ecstasy. I gripped his arms fiercely, scouring his skin with my nails. The force of my passion overtook me then, and I don't remember anything but his scent, his touch, his feel as he was all over me, all inside me.

I peaked again and again, orgasm on top of orgasm. My thighs started shaking and I was unmanned, but I didn't want him to stop. He went harder then, faster, deeper, thrusting as if the gravitational force of the world depended on this one act. He was in me over and over again, unstopping, unyielding. He kissed me fiercely and passionately and I took as much as he could give me and more.

We were melded as one, joined in all aspects and the wild frenzy that overtook us leashed us together tighter than anything could at the moment. Our carnal natures took over and we were just participants in this raunchy, libidinous, erotic duo. The scorching, raging inferno took over and we were lost in it as we brought each other to dizzying heights. He fucked me. Royally. Over and over again.

I could feel my eigth orgasm waning and even I had to call it quits. If not, I probably would have died from so much pleasure. My pussy was on fire, and even SHE could not complain. "Are you sure baby, cos I can go all night," he intoned. "I know, but I don't think I can take anymore, at least not tonight," I protested, licking his balls and under his shaft.

He allowed me to continue where I had left off, sucking and licking him greedily. Within minutes he had cum all over my breasts, dripping his warm essence all over me. We could barely move and lay quiet for several minutes. The only motion was the concentric circles rubbing my shoulder.

"Now we can start the fast," I sighed. He smiled at me and then told me that I was definitely the freakiest girl ever. "I can't say no to you," he told me. Neither can I Danny. Neither can I.


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