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Friday, June 02, 2006

Light My Fire

After that talk, you know what happened next. Wonderfully mindblowing awesome sex.

I was laying on him very redolently, like an Egyptian princess, using him as my couch. Eventually he was done talking and started playing with me instead. He started by kissing me first, small lipkisses that started melting me. I entwined my hands in his hair, playing with his curls. Our tongues frolicked for a few minutes and we just stayed that way, kissing until I was seriously fired up. I broke the contact, putting my hands instantly under his shirt, raking my nails lightly against his taut skin.

He moaned deeply, making me take his shirt off and start kissing him all over his chest. The aggressive side in me took over and I took the rest of his clothes off, casually tossing them into a corner. My mouth never broke contact with his body as I kissed his pecs, his abs, his collarbone. The butterfly kisses were driving him wild and yet he just lay back and let me do my thing.

Emboldened by the passion and control, I took his boxers off, taking long deep breaths as I gazed in rapture at his beautiful cock. He moved it for me, up and down and I took the invitation, taking the scenic route to his cock. I kissed his thighs, his balls, and all the skin around his hips before I took him into my mouth.

When I finally claimed him he jerked for me and I smiled. Then I began to give him a blowjob, reminscent of the one he had yesterday. Slow, deep and sensual. I was unhurried, realizing that I had all the time in the world. I felt him get harder and harder under my minstrations and yet I would not cease. I swirled my tongue on his tip, on his shaft, playing with his balls with one hand and his chest with the other.

He made me stop after a few minutes and I was dismayed for a second, as I was really getting into the groove of it. However, my own slickness called to him and he returned the favor, playing, licking and teasing my pussy until I coated his face. I was angled on the bed, laying on it vertically, with my butt and legs hanging over the side. "I need you inside me," I urged, and he ignored me, sticking his finger into my pussy instead. He hit my G-spot then and I nearly arched off the bed. He kept the pressure on it, back and forth flicking his finger and I came for him again.

"I want you to beg for me," he harshly commanded. I readily complied. I begged, I pleaded, anything to assuage this heat that threatened to engulf me. Finally he entered me, slowly at first, just the way I like it. My walls welcomed him instantly, and I felt complete. He started moving then, long, sure strokes, that made me burn hotter, fiercer. I could tell he was done making love to me then, he started fucking me. Hard, fast, fierce. He thrust into me over and over again, until I was a seething mass of pleasure, until all I could feel was him in me, our essence melding as one.

With a keening cry I came again, scoring my nails against his back. He continued unperturbed, and moved me beyond passion into ecstasy. He placed my legs on his shoulders and drove deeper and deeper and I took all he had. "You feel like heaven," he managed to say. I smiled and flexed my Kegels in gratitude. That sent him over the edge, he was about to pull out to regroup but I locked my legs behind him and urged him to cum. He obliged me almost immediately, with a wet stream of cum that was all over my stomach and breasts.

I smiled then, secure in the knowledge that I had fired him up just as much as he had fired me. I couldn't move, my legs and arms limp extensions of my body. I could still feel my pussy clenching and relaxing, over and over again. He grabbed some tissues from my nightstand and cleaned me up. Where he gets the energy from, I don't know.

He collapsed beside me then and we lay in a tangled mass of entwined limbs. He was rubbing my shoulder, a nice motion that warmed my soul. "That was pretty awesome," I managed to intone. "Top 10?" he asked. "Top 5 definitely," I told him, being that the best five are the last five times we had sex. Hehehe.

A few minutes later I finally got the power to move. I told him that I had been reading the Sex Chronicles, and in one of the stories the lady had sucked her guys cock until he came, kept sucking it until he got hard and came again. I headed down south and started doing the same thing.

Being that we were both so wiped from the last encounter I was really surprised when his cock rose under my ministrations. I didn't pause to think about it though, just started sucking him slowly and gently, taking him in as deep as I could. I caught a cramp in my leg and had to re-align after a few minutes but I wasn't going to stop without receiving the fruit of my labor. I told him so and kept at it, going up and down over and over again, the repetitive nature that was so second nature to me whenever I got around his cock. Ummm.

His member was highly sensitized and I think that this further improved the activity. His hands were in my hair as he watched me through those obsidian eyes. I increased my efforts, determined that I wasn't going to stop until he came again.

Minutes later he did, to his utter surprise and my delight. "I can't believe you made me cum again," he told me. Especially with just a 5 minute recovery time. "Believe it," I told him cockily as I settled beside him.


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