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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Riding Dirty

It all started with a simple foot massage. Danny thinks I have magic fingers and I voluntarily offer them up whenever he's tired, stressed or just wanting a massage. We had the lamp on low, setting a golden aura on everything. We started talking, as my new John Mayer cd played in the background.

I was almost done with the massage and I felt her come out of hiding. SHE had gone on vacation for a while, recuperating from 24. We did have sex the next morning after my wonderfully orgasmic 2 dozen foray, amazing and gentle sex but totally orgasmless for me. Yep, SHE was in hiding. Hiding and recuperating from Danny and his fabulous Diamond Dick. lol

Anyway, I don't know what it was, whether the combination of the sensuality of my hands on his skin or the way he kept breaking up the conversation because he was struck by how cute I am. But something got her to poke her head out of the sand.

I crept slowly up his body, seeking his lips with mine, kissing him mindlessly and as thoroughly as he kisses me. He joined fully in the kiss, welcoming a playful foray of our tongues together. My fingers found his nipples and I played with them, trailing sensations all down his body. My mouth followed suit, licking his chest and nuzzling his torso, filling him with liquid heat. I crept down this time, taking care to leave no area of his body unattended to. He shivered and groaned at the sensation of my hot lips and hands on him and this just further empowered HER.

SHE wanted him. And SHE was in total control today. He was at her mercy in every single aspect. I cupped his balls with my hands, warming them with my breath. I breathed in his smell, totally captivated by his aroma. I wanted to bathe in the scent, capture it in a bottle just to savor it when he wasn't there. My fingers slowly dealt with his clothing, taking every single stitch of clothes off until we were both totally naked.

He watched me with his dark gaze and I watched him, cocking my head and looking at his beautiful face. Get on with it already, SHE commanded. I slowly slid my body down his, grazing his chest and torso with my hardened nipples. He let out a low hiss and moved restlessly against me, grabbing my derriere and drawing me even closer.

I laughed as I delighted in every sensation. I watched a beaded drop of cum form at his tip and licked my lips in anticipation. I angled my body and kneeled between his thighs, taking his cock deep into my mouth slowly, tracing my tongue up and down the sheer length of it. I tasted him from the base and back up, slowly stirring the desire that I knew was pooling through him. I stuck my butt out, knowing that he was enjoying the view as well.

Sucking his cock at this particular moment was more for my pleasure than his and he let me have my way. SHE loved every single inch of him, taking him as deep into my mouth as I could. Over and over again I licked and sucked him, revelling in the fact that he was totally at my mercy. My fingers joined into the encounter, one hand playing with his nipples while the other tightened around him.

I paused for a moment and went further south, sucking and licking his balls as well. I played with his sac, cupping it, and dropping them in my soft, wet mouth, one at a time. He groaned out loud then, and started talking dirty to me. Really, really dirty. SHE loved it.

The words just brought out the little bitch in me and SHE totally took over, helping me relax and take him deeper and deeper into my mouth. The rhythm was flawless and I kept it soft and succulent, melding everything he loved and everything I loved about giving head in one effortless motion. Pre-cum kept trickling in my mouth and I kept slurping it up slowly, shooting enticing looks up at Danny who was caught in the space between desire and full blown out passion.

I could sense that I was just as soaking wet and I didn't even hesitate in taking him into me. The moment he entered me, I fought to control my ecstasy. Whooooa! It felt so damn good. So good in fact, just having his hard length in me that I came shortly thereafter. I forced myself to stay focused though, relinquishing my orgasm instantly for the reins of being the enchanting temptress.

Words flowed easily on my lips and I told him all kinds of nasty things, dirty things that I knew was driving him insane as it was mine. I quickened my strokes, riding him hard and fast, jiggling my ass against his thighs, as my breasts bounced up and down like bouncing balls. I could see his pleasure building and building and he started bucking against me.

I leaned back, gritting my teeth in ecstasy as another orgasm hit me. My body was covered in a fine sheen of sweat and still I kept provocatively grinding up and down his shaft. If I was drowning in an abyss of passion, then so was he.

"Don't move. Don't fucking move," he suddenly ordered. I cocked my head at him, smiling in triumph. SHE didn't obey him, SHE wanted him to come. SHE was the one in charge and he was going to obey her. I drove into him faster and faster, lifting my hips and pounding at a furious pace. He caught the challenge in my gaze and fought against it for a few seconds but finally gave in and let his body explode into a million pieces.

"I can't believe you got me. You are so wicked," he breathed in my ear as I lay on top of him, smiling in exulation.

"So are you," I replied, savoring the wetness between my thighs.


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Friday, October 20, 2006


After that I had mellowed out a bit. Danny kept rubbing my back and shoulders, easing solace into my bunched up muscles. He started kissing me as well nuzzling my neck. I closed my eyes and savored his touch, his kisses and his caress, banishing all other thoughts from my head. He leaned down and kissed me with more fervor, invading every single inch of my mouth, meshing his tongue with mine slowly and sensuously, building my desire. His kiss was so tender, so precious and so healing that it chased all the shadows and hurt away.

I sighed and leaned closer to him, wrapping my fingers in his lustrous curls and drawing him as close as I could. I didn't want to stop kissing him, I wanted him to possess me totally with every fiber of my being. I was addicted to his kiss, giving up my need for air effortlessly, drowning myself in his kiss.

Danny broke off and started nibbling his way down my neck causing tendrils of fire to course through my veins. Passion coursed through me then, in a totally enveloping cocoon, securely protecting me from the world. My body burned with it as he took my clothes off, teasing me and kissing me slower, gentler as if worshipping my body. And when I opened my eyes...oh my good Lord! He was staring at me with his mesmerizing gaze with all the love in the world shining back at me.

With a slow smile he moved further down, trailing his warm hands up and down my stomach and thighs, making HER throb with desire. SHE roared awake then, insistent, demanding and my panties were so wet that I was much relieved when he took them off. He replaced the lace with his lips, kissing me on my pussy, quite similar to the way he kissed my mouth. He kept at it, kissing down there over and over again, working magic with his sweet mouth and those bomb diggity lips.

By this time my entire body was burning in ecstasy and Danny knew the right combination of licks and flicks to totally drove me over the edge. My first orgasm came over me, and he still kept at it, devouring me with his mouth, making her quiver and tremble in ecstasy over and over again. My thighs started trembling of their own volition and he dragged me by them, bringing my pussy closer and closer to his searing mouth. "I love the way you taste," he stated simply as he buried his face into my pussy and inhaled deeply. Chills spread all over my body as my next orgasm came.

He kissed my thighs and I looked down at him in expectation of him coming back up north but he wasn't done with me yet. Heading back to HER, he kept licking and tasting me, drinking fully my essence. His finger joined in the love play, stroking me with desire as he flicked it over and over on my clitoris. I dug my fingers into the sheets, trying to keep some semblance of control amidst the waves of ecstasy that was rushing over me like a tidal wave. He gave me no quarter though, making my heart race over and over again, lacing my blood with fire and desire. Until I forgot about everything, the worries, the family, the stress. Until all I could do was call his name over and over again. Until I had soaked the bedsheets so thoroughly that we had to reconvene on the floor.

It was then that he entered me, slowly and deliberately, inching himself deeply into me until he completely impaled me with his hard, throbbing cock. Mmmm. SHE welcomed him in delight, stretching at last to her fullest extent, enveloping him fully in her warm heat. I savored having him on top of me, inside me and around me and wrapped my legs around him, drawing him closer and closer. Danny complied, sensing that my need for closeness was infinite. His muscled chest was lying right on top of me, merging hardness with softness the same way his cock merged it with my pussy. He started kissing me again, wringing a cry from my lips as he plunged in me all the way to the hilt.

One stroke. One long, hard stroke. That was all it took for me to cum again, coating his cock with my juices. He kept thrusting though, driving himself even deeper into me. My hands clung tightly to his back trying to keep pace with the immense pleasure that was coursing through my body. Never had we been so in sync. He felt so good inside me, filling me completely, entering me and making me his in every single way, exploding me over and over again in white-hot ribbons of ecstasy.

No matter how much I screamed, shook and shattered, he wouldn't stop, knowing instinctively that I wasn't begging him to, that I was begging for more. And he gave it to me, mercilessly, driving into me passionately and forcefully, hitting my three love spots effortlessly with each stroke.

My back kept arching over and over again and he grabbed my shoulders, shifting positions until I was leaning against him. Then he kept moving, stroking me with passion, desire and ecstasy rolled up in one. He made love to me, making me orgasm over and over again. Finally, in gasping breaths, I begged for mercy and told him that I couldn't take anymore. This was when he switched gears.

Danny kept kissing me, telling me over and over again that he loved me and wouldn't let me go. Not for anything. He wrapped his right hand with mine, and got closer still, until he was lying behind me, gently throbbing inside me, stroking me slowly in repose. My fingers tightened with his and I came again and again, orgasm right on top of another orgasm.

SHE told me when I had reached my peak. I was at fifteen once again and didn't even know it. I managed to tell him in broken tones before another wave of unimaginable pleasure filled me. I could tell from his focus that he was far from done with me. "That was just a warmup," he promised in a husky tone.

Oh damn, I thought
Oh yeah baby! SHE thought.

My muscles jerked in response as his fingers joined in the act once again, playing with my breasts and squeezing my butt. I was on my knees now, and he was behind me, yet I felt so intimately connected with him anyway. He moved faster against me, thrusting himself deeply into me. He felt so good in my pussy. SHE was custom built for him. And they both knew it.

Just as his hard length was custom designed for me. My body grew hotter and hotter, hotter than I ever thought it could and all I could do was go with the flow. I focused on breathing, taking breaths with each orgasm. 17. 18. He shifted again, having my legs above his shoulders, penetrating me from a whole new angle.

"Please...sssttt---stop," I said brokenly as I tried to push him away with weakened limbs. He complied for a few minutes, stroking my back and hair while I fought to catch up with myself.

Enough with the break. Let's get back down and durty with it! SHE announced bossily as SHE kept tingling and throbbing with excitement. Danny knew the moment I was ready again and he once again entered me, filling me, quickening his strokes in rhythm with mine. He felt so good and all I wanted was to have him in me like this forever. 19. 20

He wrung every single iota of pleasure from my body, until I was on one long orgasm ride. They kept falling into each other, wave after wave after wave. SHE didn't even try to recuperate anymore, just went with it. I reveled in every single sensation, the sweat dripping off him in rivulets, the slickness of our bodies, the musky scent of our combined essence. I reveled in the total connectedness I felt at that moment, on every single plane.

21. 22. 23.

With a series of powerful thrusts, he emptied himself fully into me, driving my final orgasm as fully and as encompassing he did his own. "I love you," he said as he threw his head back and gave in to the pleasure that cascaded over both of us.



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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Story of Fifteen

This should have been posted on the 15th latest, but we all know what happened then.

Danny woke me up this morning with kisses. He's so energetic in the morning. He wouldn't be deterred however, ignoring my sleepy voice and my eyes shut tightly against the morning rays. He kept talking to me, cuddling me and kissing me until my body responded enough to slowly raise my eyelids. He was freshly showered, smelling so clean with that minty fresh toothpaste scent.

After completing a short toilette, I headed back to bed, just to try to catch a few more Zzzz's before I had to get up. "I want to make love to you," he said, wrapping his fingers in my hair. It's not often that Danny makes such a request, usually he gets right down to it---no permission required. I gave him a bemused nod and lay back, fully ceding the reins over to him.

He kissed my lips, fully tracing my outer lips, tucking his tongue slowly into mine and exploring every inch of my mouth with delicious decadence. He tasted like a minty version of heaven and I sighed in his mouth, caught in a warm embrace. The longer he kissed me, the more I wanted. He rubbed his cheek against mine and I smiled, enjoying the graze of his morning stubble. My fingers of course naturally found their way to his hair and I drew him closer, until he was lying fully on top of me.

He moved away from my lips then, taking in my whole face, nuzzling in my neck and kissing it, suckling inches of skin between my face and my collarbone. My nerves started sizzling, instantly awake and wired with his sweet caress. His body was warm and hard above mine, meshing firmly and tightly. I could feel his cock stirring, getting harder with each passing moment and SHE stirred in response.

My breasts were the next focus of his attention and he suckled them tenderly and sweetly. He paid attention to each one, lavishing worshipful licks and adoration all with a single touch. I was helpless beneath his tender assault, squirming under him, trying to get closer to his heated skin, trying to get more of this delicious passion that started coiling deep in my belly and speeding through my veins. He kept gazing at me, watching my responses, knowing exactly what he was doing that was driving me wild. My nipples were no match for his tongue and they proudly peaked, proudly declaring that they were loving all the sensations.

He moved further downward, keeping his hands on my breasts, kneading them slowly and enticingly. He kept the fire going, and I couldn't help but arch against him, digging my nails into his shoulders. It felt so good. So damn good. Every touch, every kiss, every caress. He went down my body, first one side and then the other, totally ignoring HER as he kissed everywhere else, laving pleasurable sensations on every inch of skin.

SHE would not be denied though. I could feel my essence pooling at my core, and I knew that the scent of me would be his beaconing call to my pussy. It was. He paused at inches from my lower lips, breathing a warm air on my pussy that further titillated me. He didn't move, just looked up at me. I stirred restlessly against him but he pinned me in place with his hands, holding my hips. He knew that SHE was demanding attention right then and there. I licked my lips in anticipation and he smiled, as he slowly probed a finger in my nether lips, coaxing them awake and open with one command.

Danny started kissing me then, on my pussy with his juicy lips. I kept my eyes open and watched him, his curly hair glistening in the lamplight, his emerald orbs watching me with intensity. His finger was flicking at my clitoris at the same time, and he kept kissing my pussy, no nibbles, no sucks, just long sultry kisses. My first orgasm rolled over me slowly, I wasn't even expecting it. I could tell from the gleam in his eyes that SHE was fully participating in this venture.

He kept at it, introducing his tongue now, deeply probing and licking my pussy. My walls were drenched with their own juices and he reveled in it, as if he couldn't get enough of the taste. I came for him again minutes later, harder this time, squirting a light stream directly in his mouth. I felt him lap it up still maintaining eye contact. "I love you," he told my pussy. SHE throbbed in response and he smiled again, gazing this time at me. He mimed the words again, looking at me with all the love in the universe in his eyes. Then he stuck a finger in my pussy. The combination drove me wild and I clung at the sheets, trying to keep my thighs from trembling. He noticed and continued sucking me, bringing me to another tumultuous orgasm within minutes.

Danny kissed upwards my body then, taking a different route that he had taken before, tantalizing me once again with his touch. The soft tickle of his lips on my body made me groan and the expectation was intense.

His cock was rock hard and instead of plunging into me like I would expect, he stayed at the entrance, as if getting permission. I heard the slick folds of my pussy wet with cum coming in contact with the head of his cock, and he massaged me slowly with it, rubbing his manhood in my feminity, making me ache with how good it felt.

Finally, after what seemed like interminable minutes, he slid himself into me slowly, once sweet throbbing inch at a time until he was pressed deeply into me. He didn't move then, just wrapped my left hand in his fingers. He kissed my ring finger, taking it deeply into his mouth and sucking it. "My bride. My wife," he said, whispering the words in a deliberate incantation. He started moving then, slowly and insidiously, taking his time and once again making me melt with the intensely tender expression on his face. On his third slow thrust I came again, with a force that rocked me.

I can feel intimately where my three g-spots are located. Danny knows intimately however exactly where in my pussy they are and what he has to do to get me screaming. His cock rubbed deeply in my pussy, like a samurai sword in it's sheathe and SHE tightened around him, waiting more, asking for more. He obliged but kept it nice and slow, strokes designed to fully sizzle every single inch of my pussy. All the while he kept whispering to me how much he loved me, and treasured me, and cherished me.

Orgasms rocked through me, one right on top of the other. Five, six and seven came in rapid succession, causing me to actually let out a loud scream. I felt so connected to him, not just physically and emotionally, but kinesthetically as well. As if we were connecting on a plane that not everyone can get to, a spiritual plane. Eight. Nine. He kept stroking me, over and over again, lifting my knees up to drive himself deeper. My thighs were shaking in earnest this time, wrapped tightly around him in rapture. My heart kept pounding fiercely and as each wave took me I thought for sure I would pass out in dizzying ecstasy.

"Oh my God. I'm so gonna die," I managed to say in a harsh whisper as I started begging him to cease. He cocked his head at me and asked me cockily,"How many?" "Ten!" I practically screamed as another wave rolled over me. I arched against him, almost throwing him off rhythm as I hit the seventh heaven of delight. "Five more," he replied with another smile, placing a soft kiss on my brow.

Huh? Would I even be able to last that high? My previous was 14---only God knows what happens to a woman after that,' I thought as he placed my legs on his shoulders, driving into me deftly. I'm so going to die! 'Stop being a cockblocker bitch, this is the kind of sex I live and breath for!' SHE replied, ignoring my protestations. SHE gripped him tenaciously, clinging to him with every stroke. That alone made me cum again, and my pussy kept pulsating at that point, not even going into resting phase, just primed and ready for another one. Twelve. Thirteen.

Closing my eyes, I savored his touch and tried to control my rapid heart beat. He grabbed my hands again, wrapping both of his in them, forcing me to open my eyes. "I love you," he kept whispering over and over again with each stroke. My first g-spot, the one in the front, responded as he pressed it, making me grip his hands tightly. "You are my Queen," he continued as he changed the angle of his thrust. My second g-spot got hit then and I trembled in anticipation. "You are my wife," he continued, hitting all three at the same time with one perfectly positioned thrust.

I screamed his name then, arching against him, straining in rapture as my body was buffeted from all sides with waves of pleasure. He caught my scream with a kiss, twirling his tongue with mine as he kept stroking.

"We are one," he said as he quickened his thrusts, catching me mid-orgasm as he joined me in every way possible. We clung to each other, both breathing raggedly yet in the same mindset.

"That was...fuckin' incredible," I was finally able to say.

"Top 10?" he asked. I nodded in reply. "Top 1."

He stared at me in amazement. "Really?"

"Oh hell yeah. In every single way imaginable," I replied with a smile, snuggling closer to him. "You know, I prayed when you went to the bathroom. About us. About this. I prayed that I could show you how much I loved you just by making love," he confided slowly.

"Mission accomplished," I said, savoring his precious touch as I cuddled with the love of my life.

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I can't write. Because I'm too busy making love.
We've done it so many times in the last 7 days that I'm so behind on just writing about it.

I've spent every single night with Danny this week. Every single one. Let's see, coming up the Story of 15, another session of Floorplay followed quickly by such an intense encounter that I can't even give it a title so as not to spoil the surprise. And then---there was tonight.


Is there a possibility of having too much sex? Does your body actually get to a point where you just say 'oh hell no' to another orgasm? Fury told me that most women peak at 12 and then don't want to be touched anymore. I actually got to that point...but it wasn't at 12. Or 16. Or even 18. All I can say is that SHE is a ferocious little minx.

So much to write, so little time.

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Friday, October 13, 2006

Alive but Barely so...

Walking is definitely barely possible.



Now that is something I'm really going to have to dish about.

When I get the energy to move that is. And think. And process it.

He is so fuckin' amazing.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Round Four

Four hours later I was awakened to warm, wet kisses gliding up and down my body. Danny was up and ready to play. I snuggled under the covers, trying to ignore his warm caress, even though SHE was instantly awake and throbbing, making more sleep an impossibility.

"Good morning love," he said, kissing me full on the lips. I smiled sleepily at him and didn't say anything, running my fingers through his hair instead. With a beguiling smile he kept kissing me, watching me with his hazel eyes, trailing more kisses down my torso. He took his time, slowly tasting every morsel of flesh, as if committing the map of my body to memory with his lips.

By the time he got down to my pussy, SHE was already trilling and throbbing in anticipation. He kissed me down there as well, not skimming on licks and warm kisses with his full lips. After a few minutes he positioned himself at the entryway and with one strong push, he was once again home.

He stayed in me for a while, not moving, just watching the play of emotions on my face as SHE stretched and tightened around him. When he did start moving, he was done making love to me, as evidenced by the intense look on his face. His thrusts were hard, fast and sure, lacing me instantly with passion and desire, filling me fully with his cock until we were one. He wrapped his fingers in mine then, kissing me over and over, lifting my legs and driving himself deeper and deeper, until I didn't know where I started and he began.

Danny watched with a cocky smile as my orgasms rolled over me, one right on top of the other, until my body was quivering in ecstasy and I was screaming his name. When my tremors ceased, he flipped me over and started pounding again, deeper, fiercer, smacking my ass with his hand and flicking my clit with the other.

I thrust against him just as fierce, revelling in this delicious erotic moment, increasing his ardor just as fully as he was increasing my own. I sensed the moment he was on the brink and noticed him trying to hold back and slow down, but I slammed my hips against him, bucking quickly, driving him fully inside me over and over again. He had no choice when SHE clenched fully around him to let out a deep groan and pour himself all over me.



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Round Three

Danny dried me off and we both slid under the covers, cuddling, snuggling and spooning each other. We started talking again, mostly cutesy couple stuff until he feel asleep. For some reason however, I was restless. And we all know why!

I kept trying to fall asleep but SHE kept me up. SHE wanted more dammit! SHE wanted more tonight. "Relax, you've had 8 orgasms already, jeez," I muttered to myself as I thumped my finger angrily on the pillow.

'8 orgasms? 8 orgasms are supposed to mollify me? After you didn't let me get some for 8 days? What's that like 1 orgasm a day? Do you not know who you are talking to? I'm Platinum Pussy. I get 3-5 orgasms on a slow day. So what the fuck???? You have some catching up to do, and you are getting more cock tonight. Or you aren't sleeping,' was her straight up demand.

I ignored her, tired from the trip and all the exertions of before. But SHE would not be denied. SHE stoked up all her powers, flooding my body with endorphins and pheremones, making me hornier and hornier by the minute.

"Ok! Dammit! But after this you had better let me sleep!!" I had to finally relent. Who is the master here anyway? Obviously NOT you, was her snarky reply.

Just looking at Danny lying there sleeping so peacefully was enough to send me back to sleep but SHE wasn't having any of it. I touched his penis then, actually not semi-hard for once. It was spongy to the touch, yet still impressive enough even when flaccid. He is definitely both a grower and a shower. His cock jerked against my hand, as if knowing it was me and I snatched my fingers back in surprise.

I leaned back down then, guiding it out of his boxer shorts and nestling my face in his pubes. Just smelling him down there made me wetter. I started playing with myself, much to HER amusement and enjoyment. I opened my mouth and sucked him then, licking him tenderly and softly, savoring just the ability to have him whenever and wherever I wanted him. His cock grew under my ministrations and I was shocked. Danny was still very soundly asleep---at least he seemed that way.

I kept sucking him though, my fingers playing with my pussy and my nipples, as I tried to drive the fires that SHE had built. It wasn't until I felt warm hands on my ass that I realised that Danny had woken up. "Having fun without me?" he stated huskily in his sexy bedroom voice. If I was Caucasian, I'm sure I would have been blushing. "Ummm...yeah?" I managed to blurt out.

He didn't notice my nervousness though, as he was positioning himself to eat me out. "Keep going," he whispered to my pussy and SHE clenched tightly in response. Oh boy, I had to obey them both. We started licking each other, him skillfully and passionately, me more softly and gently. I licked his balls as well, enjoying the difference between the different parts of his skin.

His tongue was working wonders on me, and coupled with the fact that I had him in my mouth, within seconds I was coating his face with cum. He kept at it, licking me over and over again, hitting all my spots in a perfect crescendo that my body responded to and with minutes I was orgasming all over him again.

As for him---dude, he already came like 3 times tonight! Even I know a guy needs recuperation time.

After my second orgasm SHE finally stilled, languidly sending happy waves of love and peace up and down my body. I wiped Danny's face down and forced him to drink 2 glasses of water. "Just so you'll be all juiced up for later," I whispered as I snuggled against him.

I fell asleep seconds later.


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Round Two

We both headed for the showers moments later, deciding to wash off the encumbrances of the day. Danny soaped me up slowly, gliding his fingers over my body. He took care to wash every curve and crevice, kissing me all the while and drawing me closer. We both stood under the spray of the shower jets and kissed slowly, unminding of the water sluicing all around us.

After we rinsed off, Danny headed under the spray to rinse out shampoo from his hair whilst I contemplated his sexy bronzed body under the bright lights. He is one fine guy! His cock was at half mast, signaling to me that it was ready for some loving attention. I headed straight for it, wrapping my mouth and fingers around him softly, sensing that he might be a tad tender from our fierce lovemaking just moments before.

"Mmmm," he moaned in appreciation and I took this as encouragement. I got down on knees and stuck out my derriere, knowing that the pose was increasing his ardor. Sure enough his cock grew harder and firmer in my mouth, tempting me with silver drops of his essence. I used my knowledge of him to heighten the experience, drawing him closer and closer, taking him deeper and deeper. His cock was hitting the back of my throat and eventually his thighs started shaking.

That was my signal to change positions. I stood up and backed up to him, guiding him into my pussy with no further delay. He started pounding me forcefully almost the instant he got in, thrilling me with his loving deep strokes. I braced my hands against the tiles of the tub and started pounding backwards into him just as forcefully, squeezing my Kegels tightly around him.
He grabbed my waist and there was a minor power struggle over who would direct this encounter until finally he relented to HER pressure. I pounded against him, driving him fully into me, over and over again. Danny grabbed my breasts, playing with them and watching my ass roll and buck against him. Orgasms rolled on top of me one right after another and I gritted my teeth in concentration, not giving in until he came as well.

He took over then, driving himself fully and deeply into me with those last few strokes. Finally he jerked against me in completion, pouring so much into me that SHE couldn't soak it up fast enough. It dripped down my legs, mixed with the water from the shower and trickled down the drain.

"Baaaaby," was all he breathed as he held me close and kissed me. I smiled in satisfaction, knowing exactly what he meant in it's entirety. "You're welcome."

I Know he doesn't think we are done with him yet, SHE told me emphatically.


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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Round One

When we got to our hotel room, it was Danny all of a sudden devouring me. He peeled my clothes off like petals off a flower and his as well. He wasn't satisfied until we were skin to skin, flesh to flesh. We were both standing up, feasting on each other in all our naked glory. His eyes glowed like emeralds, admiring me in fascination. I perused him with the same adoring gaze and then couldn't resist touching him.

My fingers trailed over his body in a quest of their own, satiating my tactile senses with his warm, muscular body. I touched him everywhere, every single inch that had missed my adoring attention in the last eight days. He revelled in the touch like a treasured pet, his muscles contracting under my fingers, his cock growing harder and thicker under my tender ministrations.

My heart was beating fast and I licked my lips in anticipation. I kissed him again, fully intending to head down south within a few moments but Danny had other plans in mind. He lay me down on the bed, wrapping my legs around him. He trailed kisses on my body, sensitizing nerves and skin with each fiery caress. My nipples puckered hard under his soft, wet tongue and he sucked them as if tasting them for the first time. He moved on, still caressing, touching and kissing, still heating me with every passing second. I could feel HER stirring again, already dripping in anticipation, wanting his cock in HER walls.

As if sensing the call, he wasted not a moment more and plunged into me with one forceful thrust. SHE felt tight, tighter than SHE had ever been and I could tell that he enjoyed it. SHE clenched against him, welcoming him in a warm vise and he stayed still, letting me adjust to his girth and width, knowing that the intensity was driving me to distraction. "Welcome home," I whispered into his ear with a slow smile.

I clung to him, mindless of everything around me, seeking only the one thing that he could give me. He started moving then, slow and steady strokes designed to further titillate and inflame my passion. In three thrusts my first orgasm hit me and I arched against him, trying to battle the waves of it coming so soon---however it was all in vain. He kept thrusting, faster and deeper, melodically stroking every single crevice in my body. Lifting my legs up, he drove in more fully, taking me on another tumultuous experience.

I clung to the sheets, trying to hold on to this reality, trying to savor the here and now and slow down my reactions but he wouldn't be deterred. He kept at it touching, kissing, thrusting, stroking, loving me. Until I was screaming for him to stop and screaming for more at the same time. Until our bodies were coated with sweat and our pubes with cum. Until nothing else mattered but appeasing this inferno of desire that he had ignited between us. I came over and over again, losing myself in his passion and his embrace, clinging to him as the only buoy is this bonfire of passion.

Finally he let himself go, coalescing in a simultaneous final orgasm with me, cradling me against his full weight as he crashed on top of me.

"I love you," he said in my ear, holding me close as if afraid to let me go. "I won't ever go away for that long again," I promised as soon as I could catch my breath. Don't you dare leave this fine specimen of virility! SHE stated emphatically spilling juices all over my sweat soaked thighs.


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As soon as Danny picked me up from the airport, I was all over him. I had missed him so much! We stood outside in the cold evening breeze, amidst honking cars, irascible security guards and other commuters trying to make their way home and just kissed. It was a movie type kiss, slow, sultry and totally encompassing. His tongue melded with mine like long lost loves and all was forgotten except enjoying being here in his arms.

Finally we were able to separate and we settled into the car. We talked for a bit, caught up on our days and the flight. While I was away we had been talking almost constantly so there wasn't that much to catch up on. The car was stopped at a red light and I leaned over to start kissing Danny again. I just couldn't get enough of him, his presence, his touch, his smell, the way his beard stubble brushed against my cheek. I breathed him in again and we shared a soft smile, as the light turned green.

Danny deftly maneuvered through the traffic and unto the highway, while at the same time maneuvering the folds of my dress to seek and find HER. My pussy was already wet and ready just with the kissing and he thrust his fingers through my slick folds and then brought them to his lips, licking each one quite erotically. He looked at me then, gracing me with a grin that was both suggestive and titillating.

This just made me hornier. I started kissing him with renewed vigor, eliciting tiny sighs and moans from him. I kissed his neck, his throat and ears, running my fingers up and down his body. My fingers deftly took his belt off and unbuttoned his jeans. Moments later I was admiring his cock, already hard with cum forming at the tip. I kissed it slowly, enjoying the moment my lips touched his head.

Then I leaned over and started licking him in all earnestness, taking him deeply and softly in my mouth, alternating with licks and sucks. I had dreamed about having him in my mouth several times over the last week, even masturbated to the memories. Now however, I was living them. His cock got harder and more turgid and I kept at it while he drove, knowing that my lips, mouth and tongue were giving a more lavish welcome than any present I could have gotten him. My bottom was in the air, and his right hand grabbed it, squeezing my cheeks firmly, massaging and touching my ass as if remembering every contour. His fingers slipped into my pussy then and SHE started contracting against him involunatarily, almost breaking my concentration.

However I continued all the way home, sucking his cock to my hearts content. I ignored the heat that was building in my core, the signals that SHE was screaming to me. SHE wanted in on this action big time. But I temped down her energy with a force of will. Right now, it was all about Danny.

We pulled up to the house and he parked in a sidestreet, and this just enabled me to get into a better position. I tickled his member with my tongue as I continued stroking up and down with my mouth and a few minutes later he came in my mouth with a resounding fury.

It was simply a preview of what was to come. He was in for it tonight. And for once, he actually didn't know exactly what he was in for.

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Pent Up Desire

I'm going to see my lover today.
At last.

After 8 nights of longing, 8 days of wishing, 8 days of aching to have him in my arms. After reliving our last encounter in my mind over and over again in a vain attempt to savor the passion that has been denied me. After countless phonecalls, racking up minutes and dreaming passionately of him every night. Only to awaken in the morn with no sweet lover's caress, or gentle kisses. With nothing but the whispery remnants of a dream.

Once again, work and life has seperated us for far too long.
But today, this Tuesday I know that everything I waited for will come to fruition.
He's promised me tender loving, fierce fucking and amazing passion.
And he always delivers on his promises.....always.

The airport shall be our meeting point, and I plan to seduce him the moment I step off the plane. I'm wearing a dress designed to titillate and enchant him wildy with desire, with the knowledge that underneath it...I'm wearing nothing at all. SHE wants no encumberances tonight. Nothing in her way.

I know a few of the erotic fantasies we've talked about heatedly over the phone in hushed, sultry tones will finally be enacted. I know that I will be able to taste him and feel him and kiss him once again.

14 more hours....until I kiss my darling love.

I can hardly wait!

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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Birthday Gift

I had cum so much, more than I had ever cum before. My juices saturated the linens, a puddle that gave testimony to the amazing time I'd just had. "I can't believe that was all me," I exclaimed, still relishing the contact of his skin against mine. He smiled at me, showing me further evidence of my libidinous delights. His cock was coated with my juices, as if SHE couldn't hold anything in at all...oh yes, it was all me.

We hit the showers together, slowly soaping each other under the warm spray of water. Danny loves frolicking in the bathroom and I couldn't help but get turned on again as his cock rose to attention the minute I was all wet. The water sluiced gently over us as I bent down and took him in my mouth, slowly and gently sucking his balls and sac, licking and savoring his hard member. I wanted him to want me as much as I wanted him again. I didn't have to worry. He watched me intently, gazing at my slick derriere with water spraying gently off it. He got harder and thicker by the second and I could tell that he was more than ready for me again.

And SHE was more than ready for him. I leaned forward and turned my back to him, grabbing his cock and leading him into my waiting walls. He pounded slowly at first, letting me once again adjust to his girth. The water steamed around us, warming us and wetting us with coils of passion. He drew me closer, thrusting deeper in me with one motion and making my nipples harder. He kissed the back of my neck, my back as his cock caressed me intimately, making me moan in desire. I started thrusting backwards, driving him into me with fierce impunity. My butt was hitting his torso with the full force of my passion. I needed this, wanted this, more than the air that I breathed.

Danny lifted himself up then, unto the ledge of the bathtub, still plunging deeply into me. The angle was perfect and within seconds I was coming again, managing to still stand up with sheer force of will as my climax rolled upon me. He kept on moving until it was complete. With one hand he shut the water off, then grabbed a towel and led me to the bed, drying me slowly with the towel, then touching me again.

He thrust his fingers down my pussy and worked wonders as he watched me. I bucked against him, unable to stop the torrent of passion that laced through my blood. Danny knew the moment I started tightening against him that I was about to come again and he replaced his finger with his cock, catching my orgasm right then and there. My pussy clenched tightly around him and I cried out, clutching wildly at the bedsheets. With one hand he held mine imprisoned as he started thrusting in me gently, knowing that although SHE wanted attention, SHE was probably tender by now.

As he thrust he was talking to me, telling me that he loved me, would always love me. "You are the only One," he said over and over again, bringing tears to my eyes and screams of pleasure to my lips. He kissed me, twirling his tongue with mine in an erotic dance that made me dizzy with ecstasy. I lost myself for a moment, just trying to capture that perfect moment, unbelieving that I was actually living it, that it wasn't just a dream.

The hard length of him throbbing deeply in me reminded me that it was all too true. And all to good. SHE tightened around him, demanding more attention, more thrusts, more passion. He complied instantly, driving himself in me deeply, rocking the whole bed, the room, the house with the force of his thrusts. A picture frame crashed to the floor and I didn't even notice, and my books hurtled to the floor right behind it. I lifted my legs high, as high as they could go and he took as much as I gave, unceasing in the pleasure that he was trying to give me.

I drew him closer, bringing his head to mine and told him that I loved him, that I loved this, that I loved us. I fought the tears of joy from falling down my cheeks and buried my face in his hair, hiding them from him. We both came simultaneously then, in a stunning crescendo of beauty and passion that left us both...lifeless.

That was my birthday gift.

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Friday, October 06, 2006

Birthday Bliss

He kissed me slowly, deeply, a kiss that savored every crevice in my mouth. "I'm going to make love to you tonight," he promised sweetly, shedding my clothes deftly and pushing them aside. I lay before him, stretched out on the bed covered with rose petals, eyes gleaming with anticipation.
"I'm going to have to screaming in ecstasy," he continued, placing soft, wet kisses on my brow, my cheekbones, on the corners of my lips.

"Really?" I challenged with a quirky smile. He didn't say anything else, just kept trailing kisses down my body. I closed my eyes and felt bubbles rising everywhere his lips touched, feeling tiny frissions of energy passing from his lips to my heated skin. My hands entwined in his hair and he lifted up, taking a finger in his mouth and sucking deeply. My toes curled of their own accord and he wrapped his thick lips around my left ring finger, searing it with magic. I moaned and lifted up, trying to wrap my body around his and draw him closer but he wouldn't be dissuaded from his mission.

Further down he went, using his lips, tongue and teeth to wreak havoc on my body. Inches of skin caught fire, joining the inferno that was seething in my core. I squirmed restlessly against him and he pushed me down with his hands, keeping me in place, as his mouth re-discovered my body, as if he hadn't just been kissing me a few days before. He stayed around my pubes, not touching my searing pussy, even though SHE was screaming for some attention. He licked me everywhere, taking his time and not even heading anyway towards her. "Please. Please," I murmured, begging him to stop teasing me.

"Screaming," he muttered against my pussy seconds before he laid his lips on it. His touch was exquisite, so beautiful that I almost passed out there and then. He kissed my nether lips with as much care and love as he had kissed my other lips. His tongue started teasing me then, licking me with wild abandon, making me purr in delight. SHE trilled inside me, glad to be getting some attention at last, seeping wet juices into his greedy mouth. He lapped it up, like a cat lapped up cream, undeterred in his motions.

My first orgasm hit me so hard that I wasn't expecting it. My thighs arched around him, tightening around his head, as my hands dug deeper into his head. He didn't stop, just kept laving and licking until he had me screaming in delight for my second and third orgasm. Of all the times he had eaten me out, this was by far one of the most thorough, and and most encompassing. I could have rolled over right there and then and gone to sleep, it was that good.

He wasn't done with me however, and he slipped into my flowered pussy easily through the slick folds. It felt so good that I almost cried out in ecstasy with his first thrust but I managed to restrain myself. Until he started to move. Exhilaration and desire flowed like hot lava through my veins, warming me all over. I came with his fourth thrust and he pushed my legs all the way up, driving deeper and deeper with the delightful throbbing lance of his cock.

He kept my gaze, keeping me close, murmuring how much he loved me and adored me. "You are my Queen," he said, kissing me and melding his tongue with mine as his cock penetrated me over and over again. He took nothing for himself, just gave and gave me pleasure on top of pleasure, orgasm on top of orgasm. Until I couldn't think, couldn't breathe, couldn't do anything but give in to this all encompassing passion that took over my body. I screamed out loud, over and over again and still he continued.

"Five. Six. Seven. Eight.....lost count...losing count. Must stop, please stop, I'm going to die, I have died and gone to heaven, this is just too good," disjointed thoughts flew through my head in an wide array.

He didnt stop, didn't relent until I was fully satiated. Until SHE couldn't do anything must shiver and quake in response to his magically searing touch. Until any other pleasure would be almost towards the point of pain. It was then, with tears rolling down my face and his name on my lips that I had my 10th orgasm and he came with me, gripping me tightly as if he never wanted to let me go---as if he couldn't let me go.

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Of all the times I've been with Danny, this by far is the greatest. I can't even talk about it, just think about it, reliving snippets and moments like a warm cup of tea on a cold day. I find myself searching for the best words to describe it, to explain it, to illustrate it but always find myself coming up short. Was this the best sex I've ever had? Yes. Was it the best ever with Danny? Hells yeah. But first---I must start from the beginning and that is the hardest thing of all.

I am a Libra. And my birthday was the other day. And in addition to dinner prepared by him, a couple of hours soaking in the hot tub and the lovely camera he got me, Danny had something else up his sleeve. And this just blew everything out of the water. Totally.

I've never had a boyfriend that went all out like this on my birthday. I've never felt so special, so loved and catered to by anyone else up until him. It's like he can't get enough of me---and I can't get enough of him. We spoil each other, all the time. And just having that kind of love and spoilage reciprocated is better than any gift no matter how expensive.

Without mincing words I'm going to try to describe the most amazing 24 hrs of my life.
But first---I'm going to savor it to myself just a little bit more....

Stay tuned.

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Monday, October 02, 2006

Passionate Floorplay

It all started with a kiss. A single, gentle, questing kiss that completely stole my breath away. I knew with that kiss that SHE would immediately wake up, that SHE would strongly take over. My hands wrapped in his hair, drawing him closer and melding my body snuggly against his, trapping warmth, heat and energy between us. He fanned the flames with his tongue, questing gently into my mouth, frolicking and playing with mine as his hands trailed over my body.

His touch was warm and gentle, yet insistent and purposeful, increasing with every second the ardor of my desire. I sighed in his mouth, trying to expel the libidinous urges that were taking over my body. I wanted him already. The muted light from the candles around us cast shadows through the room, drawing in graphic detail on the walls that this was a room satiated and filled with love.

His eyes burned into mine, glowing like chocolate embers as his soft, full lips continued, kissing my neck and my nape, trailing butterfly soft kisses on my collarbone. With every single touch of his lips on my body, I instantly found pleasure. My fingers wrapped themselves deftly in his clothes, divesting them with alarming speed, shedding everything I could until he stood naked before me, a bronze sculpture cast to perfection. I reached for him, exploring with my hands the warm flesh that I had missed for so long.

As if reading my mind he flexed his muscles under my fingers, and I smiled, knowing that he was using every single weapon in his arsenal to leave me a quivering heap before him. "You are so beautiful," he said, gripping my derriere and drawing me close. He kissed me again and his cock throbbed against my groin, calling to HER, needing HER as much as SHE needed him.

He started kissing me again, relentless this time, casting a lyrical quality over my body. I burned for him, yearned for him, quivered for him, needed him with an intensity that I couldn't deny. "Please," I said, begging him for sweet release from this dizzying torture of spasmodic delight. "Now. I need you in me now," I begged again, drawing him closer.

I urged him across the room to the bed, but SHE was ready to have him here and now. We never made it to the bed. Against the wall he took me, entering me with one forceful thrust and SHE relished the contact, wrapping tightly around him and holding him in. Dayum! Was the only thought the flew through my mind as he started moving, thrusting deeper and deeper into me. Orgasms hit me, right on top of each other and my thighs started to shake, unable to bear up my weight. He lowered me to the floor, still deeply embedded in my womb and continued with his passionate assault.

I was in bliss, surrounded by the scent and feel of my lover, having him on top of me, feeling him inside me. Even though I was on the hard floor, I was so exhilarated that I felt like I was on a bed of rose petals. Two. Three. Four. Over and over again, I screamed out in the delight, gripping him tighter and urging him faster. He raised my hands over my head, gripping them firmly and just the fact that I couldn't touch him in any way further drove me over the edge. He raised my legs higher and higher, hitting all my wonder spots so effortlessly, until all I could do was give myself over to the pleasure.

Until finally, when he knew that I could withstand not a moment longer, he joined me in the seventh heaven of delight, shuddering above me like a fallen conqueror. I cradled him to my bosom, trailing soft kisses on his nape, keeping him still inside me, relishing the contact. "I love you," I whispered.

"Ti amo di piu," he replied, lost in the same moment that I was.

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