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Friday, October 06, 2006

Birthday Bliss

He kissed me slowly, deeply, a kiss that savored every crevice in my mouth. "I'm going to make love to you tonight," he promised sweetly, shedding my clothes deftly and pushing them aside. I lay before him, stretched out on the bed covered with rose petals, eyes gleaming with anticipation.
"I'm going to have to screaming in ecstasy," he continued, placing soft, wet kisses on my brow, my cheekbones, on the corners of my lips.

"Really?" I challenged with a quirky smile. He didn't say anything else, just kept trailing kisses down my body. I closed my eyes and felt bubbles rising everywhere his lips touched, feeling tiny frissions of energy passing from his lips to my heated skin. My hands entwined in his hair and he lifted up, taking a finger in his mouth and sucking deeply. My toes curled of their own accord and he wrapped his thick lips around my left ring finger, searing it with magic. I moaned and lifted up, trying to wrap my body around his and draw him closer but he wouldn't be dissuaded from his mission.

Further down he went, using his lips, tongue and teeth to wreak havoc on my body. Inches of skin caught fire, joining the inferno that was seething in my core. I squirmed restlessly against him and he pushed me down with his hands, keeping me in place, as his mouth re-discovered my body, as if he hadn't just been kissing me a few days before. He stayed around my pubes, not touching my searing pussy, even though SHE was screaming for some attention. He licked me everywhere, taking his time and not even heading anyway towards her. "Please. Please," I murmured, begging him to stop teasing me.

"Screaming," he muttered against my pussy seconds before he laid his lips on it. His touch was exquisite, so beautiful that I almost passed out there and then. He kissed my nether lips with as much care and love as he had kissed my other lips. His tongue started teasing me then, licking me with wild abandon, making me purr in delight. SHE trilled inside me, glad to be getting some attention at last, seeping wet juices into his greedy mouth. He lapped it up, like a cat lapped up cream, undeterred in his motions.

My first orgasm hit me so hard that I wasn't expecting it. My thighs arched around him, tightening around his head, as my hands dug deeper into his head. He didn't stop, just kept laving and licking until he had me screaming in delight for my second and third orgasm. Of all the times he had eaten me out, this was by far one of the most thorough, and and most encompassing. I could have rolled over right there and then and gone to sleep, it was that good.

He wasn't done with me however, and he slipped into my flowered pussy easily through the slick folds. It felt so good that I almost cried out in ecstasy with his first thrust but I managed to restrain myself. Until he started to move. Exhilaration and desire flowed like hot lava through my veins, warming me all over. I came with his fourth thrust and he pushed my legs all the way up, driving deeper and deeper with the delightful throbbing lance of his cock.

He kept my gaze, keeping me close, murmuring how much he loved me and adored me. "You are my Queen," he said, kissing me and melding his tongue with mine as his cock penetrated me over and over again. He took nothing for himself, just gave and gave me pleasure on top of pleasure, orgasm on top of orgasm. Until I couldn't think, couldn't breathe, couldn't do anything but give in to this all encompassing passion that took over my body. I screamed out loud, over and over again and still he continued.

"Five. Six. Seven. Eight.....lost count...losing count. Must stop, please stop, I'm going to die, I have died and gone to heaven, this is just too good," disjointed thoughts flew through my head in an wide array.

He didnt stop, didn't relent until I was fully satiated. Until SHE couldn't do anything must shiver and quake in response to his magically searing touch. Until any other pleasure would be almost towards the point of pain. It was then, with tears rolling down my face and his name on my lips that I had my 10th orgasm and he came with me, gripping me tightly as if he never wanted to let me go---as if he couldn't let me go.

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