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Monday, September 04, 2006

Fare Amore

It all started innocuously enough with a foot massage. I was giving Danny one after his long 12 hr day. We chatted abit and he kept praising my masseuse skills. That just enticed me further, and I started kissing him, working from his feet and heading all the way up. I placed butterfly kisses on his sensitive spots, at the nape of his neck, the backside of his arms, knees and elbows, taking my time and just savoring the moans each touch elicited. In turn he was angling for my breasts, kissing my nipples and turning them into throbbing peaks of desire. I was wearing white boy shorts and for some reason they really sexed things up. He kept playing with my butt, watching it move and jiggle with each motion I made.

In due course, I took things down to his cock and had fun there sucking his balls and slathering his member with loving attention. I paced myself, playing with him and teasing him all the while, knowing that each caress, lick, suck and touch was just increasing his anticipation and ardor. With one hand he took my boyshorts off and then started flicking my pussy. Knowing that I couldn't control myself when he had the reins I leaned him back and told him to cease and desist. "Me first. You next," I told him emphatically with a wiggle and deep suck. When I finally got back fully into the swing of things, I deep throated him as far as I could, almost gagging with the effort. For some reason this turned him on further and I could feel the blood pulsating through his member. My excitement increased sporadically and I renewed my efforts, showing him why I was the best cock-sucker he had ever met.

He was sitting on the bed at that point, his head resting on the headboard and me sliding up and down his shaft with my lips while crouched beside him on the floor. I reached under the pillow and brought out my vibrator, placing it under his balls and increasing the pace of my ministrations with the speed of the vibrator. "Damn baby," he expelled harshly and I smiled, enjoying his reaction to my form of torture. I could feel his cock jerking and I knew he was about to cum so I grabbed his balls and started massaging them, slowly reducing my speed and that of the vibrator.

"I need to be in you---NOW," he stated simply. "Are you sure?" I queried, giving him a few more licks as if savoring a melting icecream cone. He nodded in affirmative. "Are you positive?" I asked again, flicking his f-spot with my tongue. He jerked against me and then stood up rapidly. His cock gleamed proudly in the dim light of the room and I smiled. Oh yeah, he was so sure.

He held his cock at the entrance of my pussy, and I closed my eyes, savoring the hardness and the warm heat. He advanced it in slowly, inch by solid inch, causing me to clasp around him in delight. I urged him on, faster, deeper and he complied. I wrapped my legs around him and drew him into me deeper, heightening the effect of our closeness. He drew closer to me and surrounded me, kissing me while he plunged into me with intensity. My walls wrapped around him in a tight welcoming sheathe and I commanded him to take all of me.

He bent my knees then, plunging further into my depths. His scent surrounded me as my first orgasm hit me, coming so suddenly that I was almost overwhelmed. Another followed right on its heels as he kept hitting my g spot over and over again. Danny's eyes were full of such passion and intensity and he winked at me as he kept driving in harder and harder. I raised my legs, placing them on his shoulders, giving him further access and he took it without missing a beat. I tipped over the edge again, flailing, crying out, burying my face in his body as my back arched and my pussy throbbed fiercely around him. I could see from Danny's face that his orgasm was building and I urged him to keep thrusting. Less than 6 strokes later he came in me, a fiery burst that seared my inner walls and caused me to explode again.

Danny cocked his head and smiled at me and I returned the smile. "Come here," I demanded as I cradled him to my bosom. Together our heartbeats slowly returned to normal as we kept caressing and kissing each other.

I don't think we can get enough of each other. Ever.

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