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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Role Playing #5: Set Up

"Yo Tone, where u at man? I'm here at the Vine waiting for you, this shit ain't professional. Holla at me. 100," barked the well dressed stranger into his cell phone. I walked up to him, taking the seat right beside him, ordering a vodka tonic. He ignored me, and I was surprised. Normally men can't help but admire me, if only a cursory and appreciative glance at my most beautiful assets.

His phone rang again and he picked it up. I wasn't intentionally eavesdropping but I couldn't help but over hear. He sounded like a music producer. And a very good one at that. I studied him covertly under my eyelashes. His skin was a dark bronze that belied his mixed origins. He had the most beguiling hazel eyes framed by long, dark lashes. His high forehead and strong features made his face one that was instantly recognizable by millions across the globe. He was the guy I was waiting for.

I focused for a second on his full, thick lips. Tone was right, he was indeed a looker up close. I wondered whether or not I should tell him that I was his 9pm appointment on time but he seemed kinda frazzled. Nah, I'll just play with him for a moment.

He hung up the phone curtly, gazing once again at his watch. I took this as an intro and look him dead in the eye, smiling flirtatiously as I did so. "It's five after nine," I remarked, holding his glare effortlessly. "You must be waiting for someone," I remarked casually. "So am I."

He ignored me, sipping his drink stoically. I watched his lips on the rim of the glass and wondered if he was capable of pussy licking with those lips. Most definitely. Ignoring his rude dismissal, I stretched my hand across the table. "I'm Angelique. Pleased to meet you--" I started but his ringing phone interrupted me. Damn. He shot me an apologetic glance and picked it up, tersely issuing instructions to some hapless underling.

As soon as he hung up I laughed at him. I could tell from the look of surprise on his face that he didn't know how to react to that. "Why are you laughing?" he asked in this deep mesmerizing voice that reminded me of hot chocolate and shortbread cookies. Mmmm.

With his interest piqued, I sent him another whimsical smile, as if I was trying to stifle my laughter but couldn't. "I just find it funny the two sides that I see with you right now," I started. He frowned and I rushed to continue before I lost his attention altogether. "You sound totally different on the phone, more professional, more street. However in person, you look like a smooth, urbane upper echelon, high profile person."

"Well, I do have many sides," he responded, taking another long drink from his glass.

"You might wanna slow down on that---you'll be drunk before your friend even gets here," I continued, talking to him like we had actually been officially introduced. I could tell from the look in his eye that he didn't know what to do with me, or how to respond to that statement. "My appointment is late. It's their fault if I'm drunk," he stated, flashing an irritating look at his phone as if waiting for Tone to call him back.

"Don't worry, I'll keep you company until your friend gets here," I responded adroitly, further insinuating myself to his presence. "You never did tell me your name," I continued. He seemed taken aback by my boldness and confidence, but at the same time intrigued by it. He told me his name was Danny, which must have been his alias or something. I was able to hold back my disbelief as well as my laughter for his subterfuge. As if I didn't know who he was...Ha!

In the next few minutes, I peeled back as many layers as I could. He didn't respond in kind to my questions, evading most answers and turning the questions back to me. I have to give him mad points for his intelligence. For some reason, this just attracted me more. Usually men in his position would be boasting and blowing their own horn by now, but he was quite self-effacing and humble. Me likey.

"So you are the architect that is going to build my next 3 houses," he replied after asking me my profession. To my flirtatious banter, he expanded on the location of the homes, a summer home in Italy between Sienna & Venice, a New York loft style apartment in Manhattan and a hill top mansion overlooking the city of San Francisco. Tone was right---this guy is really too business minded.

"Actually, I'm going to be more than your next architect," I stated, deciding to take the plunge and reveal what my true intentions were. "Really?"

"Oh yes, I'm going to be the vixen that fucks your brains out. Tonight," I told him confidently. He raised an eyebrow in silent query and I walked over to him, kissing him full on those lips that had been tempting me for the last half hour. "As much as I would like to take you up on that offer, I have other plans tonight."

"I know. I'm your 9 o'clock. Tone sent me," I replied suavely, deciding to end this play. He didn't believe me for some reason and called Tone directly. As usual Tone was up to his usual games, denying any tomfoolery. I grabbed the phone from the rapper and talked to Tone myself. He seemed satisfied after that.

"So--why didn't u just tell me?" he asked, now deciding to take issue with my games. "Why didn't you tell me your real name?" I retorted. He nodded, realizing my reason for subterfuge was as playful as his was.

"Even though you are my 9pm, I have a late date with Vanessa Williams tonight so I can't have you fuck my brains out," he scowled. "Why don't you call Vanessa and reschedule?" I responded, handing him his phone back. This put me in close proximity to him and I took the advantage. I sat in his lap, kissing him on his neck and ears while he made the call. I could feel his arousal growing with every kiss even though he sounded quite nonchalant to Vanessa. I continued my caresses and kisses, deciding to see how long he could sound normal without 'Nessa figuring what's up. To my surprise, he was actually pretty disciplined.

As soon as he hung up, I took him by the hand and guided him out of the room. Tone said Danny should have fun tonight---and have fun he will.

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