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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Role Playing #3: Sex Therapist

I walked into the therapists office, surprised to see a new doctor. "Hello, I'm Dr. Feinstein," he said with a very polite handshake. "Dr. Greenberg transferred to a new office and I'll be taking over your case Miss--?"

"Fontaine. Angelique Fontaine," I told him as I hurriedly took a seat. I already knew of this situation but still was surprised that Dr. Greenberg left.

"I've read your file extensively, but I would like to hear a little about you---in your own words and what you think is the problem," he stated. I opened up to him hesitatntly, telling him first of my childhood, being raised having travelled all over the world and having no place to call my own. I told him of my job, and how much success I've achieved in my life. My parents are very proud of me, their only daughter and of all my accomplishments. "The problem is---ever since I was little, I've been having these blackouts. When I wake up, I have no recollection of what happened, and sometimes I'm in strange rooms with strange men, having done all kinds of sexual things. Dr. Greenberg said I have multiple personalities and we've been working on bringing out my other side for a consultation," I concluded, nervously tapping my fingers on the tabletop.

"Interesting. Can you tell me the first time you had this blackout and what happened?" Dr. Feinstein probed, making some notes on his tablet. I told him that my first sexual experience was when I was 11, apparently in school I had accosted a guy and given him a blowjob. "I don't understand what makes me do all these things--" I started whimpering, trying to block out the awful memories of the things that I was told that I had done.

"It's like someone else takes over my body, and I can't control myself at all," my nails were tapping against the table in a staccato rate, and I could tell my agitation was increasing. I crossed my legs, trying to keep the feral beast in but SHE would not be controlled. I could no longer focus on what Dr. Feinstein was saying everything was blurry....I struggled with HER but as usual she won and everything

"Now that that little whiner is gone, let's get down to bizness Dr. Fine-ass,"SHE said, standing up and leaning in closer to the doctor. He was very fine. Finer than the normal guys that Angelique hung out with. There was something that had awaken me from the moment I walked into the room and saw his Lawd-have-mercy fine ass specimen of virility. I caught the appreciative glance that he sent my way as I entered the office, even though that dumb ass Angelique didn't notice a thing.

"Excuse me Angelique--"he started but I interupted him with a finger placed on his lips. "Shhhh. Angelique is gone. I'm running the show now. You can call me Angel," I said as I stuck my forefinger in his mouth. Ooooh yeah, just looking at those bomb diggity full sexy lips, I knew he could eat a pussy like no man's business.

"You must be her alter ego," he started, taking a few steps back. Oh--did he think he could avoid me? I pursued him relentlessly, taking bold and brazen steps towards him until I had him cornered. He didn't see the green sofa that was right behind him until his knees knocked into it. He was off balance....just how I like them.

"She is my alter ego. Remember, I run the show. Do you know the real reason why Greenberg is gone? It's because of me. And you are about to find exactly why," I stated as I pushed him until he fell back against the sofa. "I'm a professional," he stated emphatically as I planted a wet kiss on his neck. "This is an office woman, not a love shack."

"Oh--it's going to be way more than a love shack, I'll tell you that much," I said as I leaned closer to him, melding my body tightly to his. My breasts felt heavy and full and pushed tautly against his hard chest, my nipples already hard and puckered. I could feel the hard throb of his arousal under his khakis and this made me smile. No man could turn me down.

For some reason, he wasn't intimidated by my threat. His eyes lit up and he licked his lips. Oh yeah, it was so on. When I placed a kiss on his lips, he eagerly gave me his tongue, frolicking with mine. I wrapped my hands around his head and drew him closer, nuzzling him in my breasts. His cock throbbed harder under me and I finally took pity on it, releasing it from its bondage.

Just like I thought, he was packing. I smiled and licked my lips. Big. Juicy. Just the way I like it. I took him in my mouth slowly, savoring the contact of a cock between my lips. Then I deep throated him, giving him just a taste of what Angel could do. Within seconds he was groaning and moaning, thrashing and bucking, wanting more of my magic. I took more of his cock, cupping his balls in my hand, licking and sucking on them as well. I devoured him, like a starving woman at a feast, and feast I did. It had been a while.

The good Doctor let me have my feast for as long as I wanted, rewarding me with drops and sips of his essence. Dayum. He tasted real good too. I could feel him straining, holding back and that was the moment I knew that I wanted to fuck him.

"Wow Angel, now I see why Greenberg quit," he said hoarsely. I smiled at him cockily. I wasn't done yet. Not by far. There were many, many other naughty things that I was going to do with him.

When Angelique wakes up, she's probably going to wonder every single day of her life if she has fucked the good Doctor Fine-ass. If he's really cured her. However, the secret of what happens in this office will only be known to him and me. Her loss is my gain.

****end scene****


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