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Friday, August 25, 2006

Leashed Passion

He reversed our positions so fluidly that I felt as light as a feather. I laid my hands against him, reveling in the strength of his grip, the warmth of his skin. There was so much power there, yet mingled with so much love and tenderness that it made me weak. He gazed at me for several minutes, his obsidian eyes catching every nuance and reflection of the light. He raised his hands to my face and cupped it, kissing my mouth fiercely, tenderly, melding my tongue hotly with his as it had been tightly glued on his member mere seconds again. His tongue played with mine as his hands left my face and started tracing the contours of my neck, my throat, my breasts.

His touch seared fire all the way to my loins and I felt my nipples pucker tighter in desire. With a whimsical smile I reached for him, cupping his balls in my hand and feeling his hard, turgid cock with the other. "I need you. Now," I whispered erotically. I was already wet and throbbing, had been since the moment he walked in. And SHE was clenching me demanding to be satiated. "I don't want to---"he started. "Shhhh!" I interrupted him with a firm finger on his lips. "I'll be ok. Just be gentle. Very very gentle," I encouraged, slipping my finger into his mouth as I guided him into my body.

At last! Tiny spirals of energy filled me, sizzling through my blood like bubbles of champagne. I could feel my walls clenching around him tightly, welcoming him, then adjusting to his girth. He let out a low moan, reveling in the intimacy of his moment as I did, yet holding the feral part of him in check. He took his time with me, slowly and methodically, thrusting in very softly, searing my body with kisses and intensely hot looks, making love to me gently. It was so tender, and yet so wildly erotic.

I could see the beads of concentration on his brow, noticed the effort he was taking to prevent from hurting me, from sliding over the precipice of making love to me to fucking me. And my heart pounded, filled with amazing adoration at his fortitude and discipline. He filled me completely and deeply, continually keeping those long deep strokes, hitting my g-spot effortlessly with one thrust. My first orgasm came with a wave, slowly cresting and I savored it. I was unprepared when the second hit me and the force of the pleasure had me arching against him, wanting more of this delicious passion, more of this fervent heat. I could feel my sleek hot pussy wet with juices and hear the sounds with each thrust. It trickled down my butt as he came out and he moved faster, grinding himself in me deeper, and yet keeping that gentle edge to it.

Enough with this porcelain doll act---get to the really freaky stuff already! SHE demanded as she gripped around him like a hot vise. I started bucking against him urging him faster, deeper and he obliged, causing me to shudder in his arms. Over and over again he gave me pleasure, taking his time, watching after my achy leg, and yet at the same time making sweet love to me. Three. Four. My orgasms kept rolling over me in a stunning crescendo, unceasing and unyielding, so intense.

Five. Six. Seven. My words were incoherent now as my head started swimming, and I took harsh breaths, trying to concentrate on him with all this intense ecstasy all over me. It was like I was surrounded by shimmery light, all soaked with pleasure. He kissed me then, sucking my lips as he whispered sweet things into my ear. Mmmmm.

I started begging him to stop, telling him that I couldn't take anymore pleasure without passing out. He finally obliged me, slowly drawing out, laving my entrance and then....plunging in again as if he didn't want to be separated from me for an instant. I almost started sobbing, it was so good and yet so intense. He climaxed right then, buried in me to the hilt, and shivered with each wave of his orgasm. I could feel our combined juices all mixed up in me and I smiled, clinging to him like he was my anchor. Finally, he stopped moving, just lay there clasped in my arms, looking at me with such wonder tears sprang to my eyes.

"That was incredible" I breathed as I ran my fingers through his hair. As habit, I checked his body for any scratches that I might have unknowingly inflicted, and thankfully hadn't taken any skin off.

"Are you okay?" was the first thing he said.

Oh yes honey. WE are sooooo okay.


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