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Monday, August 14, 2006

Roleplaying #1: Rape Scene

"Where the hell are you? I've been waiting here for the past 20 minutes. I can't believe you are fucking late on our anniversary," I yelled into the phone, pretending to be berating my boyfriend. I hung up angrily and ordered another vodka on the rocks, cursing under my breath. I had had an awful day, just gotten fired from my job and now was getting stood up.

A stranger walked in, nattily dressed, gazing about the bar with a cursory glance. "Excuse me miss, is this seat taken?" he asked, indicating the chair right next to me. "Yes," I scathingly replied, tossing him an angry glare. "It's reserved for my boyfriend," I stated, narrowing my eyes in fury as a took a sip of my newly filled drink. "Well how about I just sit here until he arrives? By the way, my name is Tom, what's yours?" the stranger said as he extended his hand.

I stared at it like it was a poisonous snake, refusing to even touch him. With a glare, I turned my back to him, deciding to ignore him as if he was beneath me. Tom ordered a white wine and started talking to me, making seemingly innocuous remarks about the weather, the traffic and the city. I replied him in mono-syllables, very stand-offish and kept checking my watch.

"I couldn't help but overhear your conversation. What kind of man would be so neglectful as to be late to come see you?" he stated, gazing at me longingly. "Are you flirting with me?" I replied icily, as I raked him over with a caustic stare.

"If I was flirting with you, you wouldn't even know it," he replied suavely, causing my eyes to narrow. At this moment, I hated all men, especially my boyfriend for standing me up. This guy seemed to be willing to invade my space and thoughts, so he would get the brunt of the punishment.

For the next 15 minutes we mentally sparred, trading insults, as we flirted, insulted and bantered with wild abandon. I called him all manner of names, disgusting pig, village idiot, bastard, whoreson---things that I would never call my boyfriend. He replied with compliments, warming himself up to me, inching his chair closer and closer to mine. I pushed him away angrily, berating him for daring to come so close, for even being in my 2 feet of personal space. He didn't back down, asked to smell my hair, wondering out loud if I look this beautiful when I'm not angry. I lashed out again, clipping him with a fist in his shoulder, warning him that if he didn't step away from me I would slap his face. Tom grinned at that taking the blow with a small grimace, locking his hand in mine to prevent me from carrying out my threat.

"Can you fucking just leave me alone?" I finally said, telling him in my stance and posture to get away from me. This was the umpteenth time I told him to leave---he had ignored all the other requests. He was irritating me, being too nice, taking every abuse I gave him and still staying nice.

"If I bother you that much, then I guess I will have to vacate your lovely presence," he replied easily. "But before I go, you have to give me a kiss," he told me, his mouth achingly close to mine.

"I ain't giving you shit! Get the fuck out of my face," I told him, pushing his face away with my other hand. In that second, he turned from a nice gentleman into a stranger. He grabbed my wrists angrily, flinging me against the pool table.

"All I wanted to do was make your day a little bit better, and this is the thanks I get? I'll show you bitch," he stated as he pushed me against the table. I fought him, screaming as loud as I could until he hit me in the mouth. Blood trickled from my lower lip and he wiped it away aiming to kiss my face. I tried to bite him and he shook me, until my teeth were rattling. "Listen and do what I say or I'm going to kill you," he growled at me. I ignored him, slamming my heel against his instep, bucking against him, trying to get him off balance.

He pushed me on the table then, pinning both arms above my head with one hand while he fingered my breast with the other. I turned and twisted, trying to break his grip to no avail. I tried to scratch him with my nails but he wasn't letting go of my wrists. I kicked him, and he leaned back, momentarily distracted as pain shot through his stomach.

He put his right hand on my throat in retaliation, temporarily cutting off my air supply. Fuck! I twisted my neck, trying to break his grip to no avail. I closed my eyes, pretending that I passed out and his grip loosened a bit as he unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. I managed to get one of my arms loose, and tried to aim into a blow to his head but he ducked it, cursing as he leaned his whole weight on me, laying full on my body, until all I could do was struggle to breathe. I tried to pull the whole fainting trick again but he wouldn't buy it, grinning as he noticed my vision started to blacken.

"Stop! Please stop, I can't breathe," I begged, trying to squirm to no avail. "Are you going to be a good girl now? Are you going to listen and do what Tom tells you to do?" he asked as he lifted some of the weight off. I stole harsh, choppy breaths, forcing air into my starving lungs. He took my distraction and forced my skirt up, pushing my panties to the side as he fingered me.

The moment he touched me I pushed against him, my strength renewed, fighting for all it was worth. We went on like this for several minutes, me tearing and clawing at his hair, his skin, trying to gouge out his eyes---anything to get him away from me. He was as determined as I was, blocking my efforts defensively, bruising my skin with the punishing grip he held me in. The fight was gone from me, as I realised the futility of my efforts. I had gotten so tired, my arms and legs where hurting with the effort of trying to fight him off. He was stronger, he was faster, he was overpowering me. There was no way I could escape. I cried in the futility, cried that I couldn't escape what was happening. Cried at my naivete for trusting a stranger.

He noticed my withdrawal from the fight and took advantage of it, kissing my neck and breasts, yet staying far away from my mouth, in case I decided to bite him again. I feebly tried to pull his head away but my arms wouldn't cooperate. He pulled his pants and boxers down and in one vicious push, impaled himself in my pussy.

The moment he entered me I knew it would be hard to hold the character. Even though on the outside I could pretend it wasn't Danny, my mind and pussy both new the truth. SHE trembled against him, clenching around his member as he slowly withdrew and entered me again. "No, no, no," I begged, trying to stay in character, even though my body was saying a resounding yes.

There was no way I was going to fight him anymore. I imagined it was Danny filling me with his hard throbbing heat. He started moving then, leashing his own passion as he fueled mine, wrapping me up entirely in beautiful rays of desire. I peaked then, cresting ever so delightfully in orgasm. He kept at it, thrusting slowly, drawing out each stroke inch by delicious inch, leaving my body tightly coiled up in ecstasy. He fucked me hard then, going faster and faster, until my thighs were shaking with the force of his virility. I wrapped my legs around him, bringing him closer and deeper into me. I came again and again, over and over and he kept fucking me relentlessly.

"Do you like this? Is this better than the cock your boyfriend gives you?" Tom asked as I hit another peak. "Yes. Yes," I mindlessly whimper, wanting more of this pleasure. "Good. I just want to make you happy," he replied. He thrust his hips tightly into me, taking me over and over again. "Danny....Danny," I screamed with the next orgasm. "Not Danny. SAY MY NAME. IT'S TOM!" he ordered, pulling fully out of me until I was begging for more of his thick, hard heat.

"Tom," I muttered, wondering how focused Danny could be to stay in character while fucking me. "Please Tom. Come back in my pussy," I begged politely. He grinned then as he drove himself deep inside me burying in me to the hilt. "You like that?" Tom asked again, encouraging me to praise his prowess. "Yes," I moaned in pleasure, seizing the next orgasm that ripped my body asunder. I was enjoying this way too much.

As if sensing that Danny pulled out again, walking to the other side of the room. "We're ending that scene. Grab a pillow, your boyfriend is coming in," he stated as he put some clothes on.

What? Oh yeah....we were still doing this enactment thingey! I grabbed a pillow and pretended it was Tom fucking me as Danny walked into the room. "What the fuck?" Danny said, pulling Tom off me. He punches him in the face, in the gut, and knees him in the groin as I whimper helplessly. "He raped me," I said, staring at Tom with accusation in my eyes.

Danny beat him again, over and over, as my mind shrank from the reality of the moment. The raw fury in his gaze scared me, as was the vicious violence he was exhibiting against the rapist. I gingerly put a shirt on, covering my nakedness as if protecting my body from the violence. Tom lay in a bloodied heap on the ground, barely recognizable and barely breathing.

"Come here," Danny ordered, grabbing my hand and drawing me closer to the bloody mess. "Bust his balls," he ordered cryptically. "Bust his balls and make sure he never rapes another woman again." I complied woodenly, stomping on Tom's balls until I hear an audible smash. Danny did it again with the heel of his shoe, totally ruining Tom's chances of ever procreating.

"Fucker," Danny said as he pulled out his imaginary gun and shot him dead, emptying a whole clip of bullets in him.

After that he reached out to hug him but I shrank away from him, not knowing this man from the monster. My heart was hurting and my body brutally abused. I wanted all this to be a dream. I cried again, hiding my face from the flood of tears that ripped through my soul. "I'm sorry baby. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry I was late," he said as he kissed me slowly, trying to give me some strength to weather the storm of sorrow that was to come.

---------END SCENE---------

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