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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bubble Bath

I called Norio from work last night on my way out the door. "I've had a very rough day. I'm coming home to a bottle of wine and some TLC," I said as I spilled some of the details from my busy day. The drive home was quick with no traffic at midnight and my tired legs managed to drag me up to the apartment. I dropped everything at the doorway as I heard Norio walking to the door.

"Hey baby, I missed you," he said as he kissed me softly and slowly, melding his lips with mine, his hands cradling my face. The moment his lips touched mine, all the stress and exhaustion melted away. It was replaced with liquid heat, as passionate coils of fire laced through my bloodstream from his lips. I could feel my heart beating wildly in my chest as I came up for air. He smiled at me sardonically and swooped in again, knowing that every single cell in my body warmed at his touch. I sighed happily, glad to be finally home away from the rigors of the day.

Norio shed my clothes off one by one and led me to the bathroom. The tub was half filled with bubbles gracing the top in an inviting steam bath. I stepped in and smiled at the utter decadence as Norio adjusted the water that was filling the tub. Moments later, he shed his clothes and joined me, and I sat on his lap, my backside rubbing against his cock. He kissed my neck then, taking little love bites up and down my collarbone. "I want you so bad," he whispered slowly in my ears, releasing a shivery stream of air. I could feel it getting harder and thicker and I squirmed, wanting it to get bigger still. I leaned back, too tired to move a muscle and sighed again as his fingers tenderly and firmly massaged my scalp. His other hand was at my Pussy, beckoning her to awaken.

She sprang to life at his touch and brought energy with her. Suddenly my exhaustion dissipated into a quicksand of desire. I wanted his cock right then and there. In my mouth. Oh yeah baby, come to mama! I rose up on my knees and directed him to stand. Water sloshed over me and I closed my eyes, letting instinct guide my mouth to the one place it wanted to be.

The moment my lips closed over his cock, he let out a sigh of his own. "Oh Badspice," he said in a murmur as his hand went over my head again. I teased him slowly, going soft and shallow at first, then deeper and deeper. My right hand held on to his cock tightly and guided him into my mouth. I loved laving at him, looking up with shining eyes as prisms of delight and desire danced between us. I sucked him hard and then slow, and my ass wiggled and wriggled for him. He was caught up as my mouth and body drove him into another zone of passion. "I want to make love to you," Norio ground out between harsh breaths as I teased his cock mercilessly in my mouth. "Errrrhn errrrhn???" I said and he understood even though my mouth was full what I was saying. SHE didn't want to make love tonight. SHE wanted to fuck.

"Fine. Fuck," he gritted. My tongue twirled around his shaft as my mouth wrapped hotly around him. Still I persisted in driving him over the edge. He was bucking against me in mere minutes as he drove his cock deep into my mouth, making me choke and gag. I valiantly continued as tears sprang to my eyes, taking him down and deep as far as I could, sucking his precum like candy.

"Baaaaby!" he shouted at me. He refused to be driven all the way over though, just clung on the precipice of desire as he wrested the reins of control from me. Pulling me up he bent me over and started fingering me. My pussy was already wet and dripping and that was all the encouragement he needed. His cock found it's way into the Pussy with no other direction. With a few gently thrusts he made it all the way in.

I found pleasure instantaneously as white hot lights flew in front of my eyes. He drove into me again, harder and faster this time, fucking the Pussy like she had been begging to be fucked. My hands gripped the edge of the tub and water sloshed all around us. But we ignored it, too caught up in the hurricane of our own making. Each solid thrust was a step closer to ecstasy for him and a seething rolling orgasm for me. My pussy clenched and tightened around him, convulsing in waves of ecstasy over and over again. I ground my ass into him and he thrust forward and we were both hearty participants in creating this tornado. "Norio, Norio, Norio!" I screamed as another set of orgasms poured over me. My hands were gripping the edge of the bathtub so tightly, the only thing that was steady and constant in this rollicking fiery inferno.

He started pounding harder and faster, deeper and deeper, seeking out all the secrets of the Pussy. He wrung out everything SHE had to give and much more. I fell to my knees, unable to remain standing and he came down with me, not losing rhythm, just plunging downwards over and over again. It felt divine as the water mimicked the motion of his cock, retreating and plunging as furiously and entirely as he did. Orgasms shattered my mind, body and spirit and I felt him grappling with the decision to cum or not to cum.

The Pussy made up his mind as she tightened around him tighter than a vise, squeezing him and with every thrust driving him closer still to the precipice. We both caught the wave and flew at the same time, me screaming his name and Norio saying mine. He shuddered inside me, pouring every single drop of his cum into my thirsty Pussy. She kept massaging him, compulsively milking him of his wet, slick cum.

The water rose between us as we both slid down the bathtub to lie as limp noodles, right back in almost the same position we had started. "Now THAT...was well worth the crazy day I had," I breathed in utter exhilaration as I closed my eyes and slowly floated back to reality. "I love you Badspice," Norio said as he held me close.

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10 days of loving, fucking and sucking. 14 days of unbridled bliss and orgasms on top of orgasms. 10 days of eating, sleeping, waking up, working and making love. 10 days of SHE meeting HE yet again.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Norio has been away for 3 weeks. How the Pussy and I survived I can hardly tell. He got back 10 hours ago. So far 2 rounds and counting...

I am taking note of it all so juicy stories are coming your way.

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