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Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Americone Dream

It all started with a spoonful of ice cream. Norio loves ice cream and had just picked up the Americone Dream from 7-11. There were a few spoons left in the bowl and I watched him as a drop of ice cream trickled down his lips. My pussy was moist already, dreaming of those lips on HER. He was talking about something or another, watching a clip on Youtube about MLK. However, my mind wasn't on the revolution of the '60s, it was on something big and thick, juicy and begging to be sucked. 

"If you get me a bowl of ice cream, we can see what it'll taste like off your cock," I stated simply, shifting my thighs together. The alacrity in which he responded amused me. He was back with more before I could say Jack Robinson. He got on the bed, the bowl of ice cream at his side. I crouched in front of him and took the spoon, dribbling the cold cream on his chest. My lips followed right after, a rapid induction of cold on hot, searing his cells in desire. He moaned and writhed and I grew more emboldened, dribbling more ice cream on his neck. 

I took little nips on his skin and enjoyed my ice cream, licking him off. The caramel cast a bronze glow on his skin, and I watched his eyes follow my lips and my body. My pussy was tight, SHE was demanding more than just foreplay, so I shoved the spoon south, putting some cold ice cream on his hard, thick cock. 

He groaned again and I watched the ice cream melt in wicked anticipation. My eager little mouth caught every drop, licking his cock like it was my cone. My tongue mixed in with cold ice cream, hot on cold, driving all kinds of sensations through his body. His cock got bigger and bigger, and I grew more emboldened, putting ice cream on every inch of his skin. The bites and nips I started taking on his skin made us both hot and the ice cream only helped to increase the ardor instead of calming it down. 

He shivered and moaned and I reveled in the fact that my passionate lover was under my control.  My lips covered his balls and all his crevices, licking and stroking with al my passion. My head caught a beautiful rhythm, bouncing up and down in sinuous melody. His hands gripped my hair, and the tighter he gripped, the more I wanted him to. His cock responded like a long lost friend, gifting me with all kinds of pre-cum. The taste of the ice cream and pre cum was like a mystical flavor that I was addicted to. 

My pussy clenched and throbbed, demanding attention, and he sensed that, flicking his fingers in my wet pussy. My back arched like I was on crack, addicted to his nectar and cock like it was food from the gods. I came almost instantly, dripping on his fingers. "Mmmm," he said as he dipped his fingers into his mouth. 

"We want to get fucked," I said in an otherworldly voice. Almost instantly he flipped into me, his big cock stretching out my tight pussy. "Fuuuuuck!" I screamed as I adjusted, loving all the sensations that came over me in a wave. Our loving was primal and animalistic, hard and deep. His strokes were fast and sure, digging into me with searing intensity. We bit, we scratched, we fucked.

My voice was hoarse from all the screaming as orgasms kept pounding over me in one all consuming wave. The flavor and scent of ice cream was all around me, leaving me wet and craving for more. He was unrelenting in his passion, fucking my pussy like he owned it. "Deeper! Harder!" I cried even though SHE was begging for mercy.  He pounded me raw and harder, flipping me in positions that defied even the Kama Sutra. He fucked me until I was spent, until I could barely move, my limbs quivering in defeat. 

"Do you want me to stop?" he asked. "Hell no! MORE!" I replied hoarsely. He obliged, going slower and deeper this time, lacing me with his love stick. Another beautiful orgasm consumed me, leaving me in total ecstasy. He kept fucking me until I was speaking in tongues, until I didn't even know my own name. 

I was over heated and burning up. Norio pulled out, and carried me to the shower. I sat on the floor of the bathtub, cool water sluicing over me, imbuing me with some form of energy. Enough at least to rise to my knees and get down on his cock again, picking right off where I left off on the blow job tip. Sucking and licking his balls as well as his cock, Norio was once again the seduced and I was the seducer. 

It took less than five minutes to get him to cream all over my face, honey nectar like drops squirting out in rapid ecstasy. We both slid to the shower floor, water cooling us down, washing away the last remnants of the Americone Dream. 


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