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Sunday, July 23, 2006


At the end of the day---none of the petty stuff really matters. Because we love each other. That's what the last 10 days have taught me. I can't get into everything individually, but I will summarize as best as I can.

I'm going to start from the 12th and fill it in up until last night.

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Friday, July 21, 2006

The Book

"Now it's time for your present," I told him as I dragged my limp limbs out of bed to get the box that I had wrapped for him. Danny cocked an eyebrow, really surprised that I had anything to give.

He opened it very slowly, taking time with the pink tissue I had wrapped it in. The embossed cover stared back at him, with the gilt edged words answering his unspoken question. Our Love Story...

"Wow baby," he stated, opening the first page. He gave me a slow kiss then, but even I could tell that he was dying to see the whole book. I moved over and let him lay down, and he started reading the pages one by one. It took a while, mainly because it was 60 pages of poetry, quotes, our emails, text messages, entries from my blog, letters, cards and pictures, pretty much a collection of the last 8 months. "This must have taken you a long time," he stated. I smiled, really giddy with the fact that he loved it. "This is the best present I've ever gotten. EVER. Thank you for making my birthday extra special," he stated.

When he was done, he thanked me again, this time with a deeper kiss, one that was designed to fully inflame my desires. The Book was forgotten, as he buried himself in me to the hilt. I wrapped my hands in his hair and savored our ecstasy together.

We spent the night entwined in each others arms, talking, loving, planning and reminiscing. It was a very therapeutic period, allowing us to breach the gap that the past couple of weeks had opened and helping us reconnect again. We ended up falling asleep around 3am and I had to get up at 8 to head out to work. I didn't want to leave him, but he promised that he would come visit again before my session ended.

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Birthday Bliss

Danny ended up having the day after his birthday off from work so we made plans to see each other. He came and picked me up, met my old lady and then we took off. We ended up in this lovely restaurant by the waterside where I had made reservations the night before. Dinner was lovely, and we devoured each other with our eyes as we did the meal. You could tell by the looks we were sending across the table, the touches and the sighs that neither of us could wait for the meal to be over with.

After dinner we headed to check on my old lady before I turned in for the night. Danny had gotten a hotel room close to my job and we checked in. Moments later we were both fully naked and tumbling into the sheets, not wasting any time to start our rendezvous.

It's been a week since we'd been intimate with each other and we were both just fiery and passionate. My head swelled with the ecstasy of his touch. For once we were in one accord and he didn't waste anytime, just sliding deeply into me with one forceful thrust. His muscles rippled beneath my fingers as he gazed at me, filling me completely. He entered me again completely, strong and powerful, intent on quenching the thirst that we had for each other.

Within moments I was screaming his name over and over again, clutching him wildly as he took me with such tenderness and ferocity. The combination drove me over the edge over and over again as he kissed me then, masterful and devouring, completely driving every single thought from my head. The passion was intense, with him full and throbbing in my pussy and me wanting even more.

Orgasm upon orgasm ripped through me and I thought that I was going to pass out. Finally, when he sensed that I could take no more, he spent himself inside me. We clung to each other, fully satisfied and yet craving the intimacy. "Thank you," he whispered in my ear as I floated off to sleep.

No Danny....thank you!

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Happy Birthday Danny!

Today is Danny's real birthday. However, he has tomorrow totally off so we are celebrating then. My Lady was really busy this morning so I didn't get a chance to call him until Noon.

He was nice for about 5 minutes, I even sang Happy Birthday to him. I told him that I had big plans for him the next day, but he wasn't fazed. His beef with me was that I didn't call him all day. "First, my mom didn't even know how old I was and now my girl didn't even call me until noon. What a way to have a birthday." Yeah, but I'm sure fucking Roxanne called you, I instantly thought.

Everything I said was an excuse and we got into a heated row. "I don't know why you want us to have a fight, today of all days, but if that's what u fucking want, don't say it's my fault," I remember telling him.

"You are just still mad about last night and trying to take it out on me," he said. We argued for 30 minutes---over nothing, until finally I called a timeout. An hour later I called him at work and he was in a better frame of mind. We even laughed about our short tempers. "I know, you just really miss me---don't you," I teased.

I miss him sooooo much so I know that he must be feeling the same way if not worse. I called him throughout the day periodically, just checking up on him and making sure that he had directions for tomorrow.

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Make up

We ended up making up----we always do. He promised to make it up to me and I promised him great things for his birthday.

"I love the fact you tell me stuff now, instead of harboring the resentment," he stated before he signed off, "Or calling your friends, or blabbing about it on your blog. I know it's a Libra trait but honestly, I wish you were more secretive about our relationship."

He loves it when I write about the amazing sex though!

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Monday, July 17, 2006

New Digs

Every evening after dinner, I take out my scrapbook and work on it. Danny's birthday is on the Thursday and I wasn't done yet. I was racing against the clock but with a little extra motivation from my old lady I managed to have it done on time.

I got permission from my Lady (Betsy) to have Danny over for the evening of his birthday. She agreed and made alternate dinner plans.

I called my aunt to let her know what was going on and my uncle calls me back in a fit of pique, telling me that I'm unreliable, irresponsible and shouldn't have Danny over. "I don't care if it's his birthday, you are on probation and you are inviting him over? That's just stupid," he groused.

I almost wanted to yell at him to leave me the hell alone. I'm out of your house for 12 days, isn't that enough? Instead, I mollified him, telling him Betsy had suggested it because she had other dinner plans. He bought it but reminded me that he wants me out of the house by September 7 come hell or high water.

Everything is just so awful now at the house I can barely breathe. I feel like I'm walking on eggshells trying to please everybody and keep everyone content. Bella offered me her place if I ever needed a place to crash. "It's tiny but it's a roof over your head until you can get things straightened out," she stated. I don't know---I might have to accept the offer.

With the amount of cash that I'm going to make at this gig, I can afford to move anywhere. Danny has agreed to move out of Roxanne's house as soon as we find a place together. So that's that. Now I just have to find a place in 40 days. Yikes!

I miss Danny. I miss holding and kissing him. I miss getting to talk to him on the phone whenever I feel like it. I miss having my own privacy, my own space. I miss my old life. My old life before I moved out here.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Once again, Danny and I headed for our new rendezvous spot. There is something about doing it in a hotel that just screams sexy! I think this is going to become a consistent habit---at least until I get my own place.

After having a late supper, I just wanted to head to bed. Danny asked me to take my clothes off....which I did, quite sensually, doing a little strip tease to further fire him up. I pranced around the room naked in all my glory and having a fun time teasing him and watching him watch me with such....adoration.

I think I might have pushed it a bit though. When he was done being played with, he took control of the situation and had me screaming over and over again in ecstasy. He fucked me hard, raw....and I was caught between that fine point between pleasure and pain. It was abso-frickin'-wonderful.


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Monday, July 10, 2006

Midnight Passion

I told my mom that I was going to take a drive with Danny. We ended up checking into a hotel. Mainly for some privacy---and because we were both so damn horny. I mean, we haven't done anything in Ages...I felt like I was going to expire.

The hotel we ended up at is actually going to become on of our favorites. As soon as we were in the room, we wasted no time getting all over each other. I stripped his clothes off quickly, discarding them in a pile on the floor. He barely had time to admire my lacy underwear when I shod everything and stood in front of him---totally naked.

"You are so damn sexy," he said as he leaned in for a kiss. We kissed deeply and longingly, as if we hadn't seen each other in years, hadn't kissed in months. We savored the kiss, with him drawing slowly on my bottom lip and me rubbing my body provocatively against his.

He suckled my breast slowly, first one and then the other, flicking his tongue the way I like it sending my back arching with pleasure. He glanced down and noticed my newly shorn pussy. It gleamed in the moonlight, beckoning him to a feast galore.

Before he could get there though, I forestalled him with a little exploration of my own. I kissed him on his chest, laved his nipples and headed down the treasure trail, taking his already turgid cock in my mouth. I feasted on him, taking my time, savoring the cock that I had missed with such ferociousness. Danny's hands found themselves on my butt, and I arched it higher, knowing that the visual was driving him to the brink.

"I have to be in," he told me raggedly after a few minutes. I ignored him as I continued my pleasure, stroking, sucking and licking him until he moaned in pleasure. He let me enjoy it for a few more minutes, but then, with his control hanging by a thread, he grabbed my arms and flipped me on the bed.

He entered me fluidly, wasting no time in burying himself to the hilt. I expelled a short breath of air and clamped my legs together, forcing him not to move. "Mmmm. This feels so good," I told him, welcoming him into my warm, wet depths. He grinned at me said nothing, just plunged further into my walls.

The glint in his eye spoke volumes. This was going to be one looooong ass night. He pushed against me, over and over again with long even strokes, immersing his very essence into me, melding me to him irrevocably. I met him, stroke for stroke, wanting him as much as he wanted me. I pulled his head down closer and placed a searing kiss on his lips, kissing him as if my very life depended on it. My other hand was locked in his, my fingers intertwined, as if we were one unit, one soul, one life force.

The love in his eyes burned me, fueled my desires and my own passion. We moved as one, in a symphony of desire, caught in the waves of our own making. Orgasms rocked through my body, one right after another, and I clung to him wildly, having only his body to guide me through the ecstasy that claimed me. He continued to move, seemingly ignoring my cries of pleasure, yet I knew that he was as into the moment as I was.

He was insatiable, kissing me, holding me, caressing me and fucking me all at the same time. He unleashed a veritable flood of exuberance, plunging me further and further into the depths of my passion. Three, four, five....six. I could barely move, barely think, barely breathe, all I could do was writhe helplessly beneath his tender assault.

Finally with a deep shudder, he poured his essence into me, and I felt my uterus shiver in anticipation. I clung to him, squeezing my Kegels in acceptance, kissing him over and over again. He lay on top of me, still joined at our focal point, our hearts beating fiercely.

"Wow baby," he managed to raggedly whisper.

Wow indeed.

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Happy Fourth

Danny woke up while I was packing. "Guess you are still taking that trip," he stated as he wiped his groggy, reddened eyes. You could tell how tired he was just my looking at him. "Yes hun, it's just an overnighter, we'll be back on Thursday," I told him. In terse tones I explained what had happened. He offered to leave right then. "I don't want to be a cause of stress for you. I'm sorry for all that happened earlier, I just wanted to see you tonight," he told me as he got his stuff together.

I wrote a note for Jade telling her to pack a bag and call me when she was ready to leave while Danny was brushing his teeth. "I'll walk you outside," I said as I grabbed my cell and headed for his car.

We started talking then, me venting my frustrations of everything. I cracked then, not being able to take the stress of it anymore. I remember that I started talking lucidly, and somehow ended up a bawling, blubbering mess. Uugh.

Danny just stayed there, listening to me rant and rave. When the tears started flowing, I tried to stop them but he grabbed me and held me close. "It's going to be okay babe. Everything is going to work out," he stated. This only upset me more and within moments I was leaving wet spots all over his shirt.

I really am totally fed up. I just couldn't deal with everything a moment longer and totally broke down. As usual, once the tears were spent I was able to think clearer. He started planning with me, making alternate plans with me. However none of them was anything plausible.

Finally we lapsed into total silence, holding hands and just staring out the windshield of the car. Some people in our neighbourhood started fireworks then, and they lit up the sky in stunning array. We watched for several minutes, catching our first fireworks together.

"Happy Fourth love," he whispered in my ear.


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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Sleeping Beauty

The front door was open, a testament to the fact that my roomie had probably let Danny in. I headed on quiet feet to my room, and saw him there, laying prone on my bed. His head was facing the nightstand, and his face in such serene repose almost made me not want to wake him. Almost

I headed over to the bed, sitting down on it and running my fingers through his hair. The curls wound loosely around my fingers, beckoning me in their silken depths. I kissed him, softly at first, as if waking a sleeping lion.

He didn't respond at all so I deepened the kiss. I nipped at his lips, then licked them both, savoring the mouth that I hadn't seen in so long. Of their own accord, his lips opened and I sent my tongue into a questing foray, tasting him, waking him, heating his center.

The tightening of his arms around my body was the first signal that I got of his full wakefulness. I broke the kiss then, taking a deep breath---but those obsidian eyes called me back again. I kissed him languidly this time, with less haste and more passion, just savoring every moment of contact.

"Mmmmm, now that's the best way to be woken," he said with a smile. "How are you feeling?" I asked him, caressing his neck and shoulder. "Now that you're here...I feel like I'm in heaven," he replied. Without mincing words, he told me of his horrific 12 hour day on the sales floor and I felt bad that I had made him drive all the way down here when he should have just gone home.

"I forgot you had a long day today, I'm sorry," I told him. "Nah--I wanted to see you!" he replied as he leaned in for another kiss. It was then I realised we had been chatting for several minutes.

"I came to pick you up, I forgot," I told him. He told me he really wasn't hungry but would come along since I drove back to get him. "You have to give me a few minutes though--I don't think I could walk right now," he said with a glance down at his groin.

My hands headed south, wrapping my fingers securely over his rock-hard cock. I wanted to forget everyone and everything, and just have him inside me if only for a few minutes. My pussy clenched in acceptance----yes, do it! For once I actually ignored her demands. "We should get going," I said as I patted his cock. "I will have to take care of this later," I promised.

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Sunday, July 02, 2006


Danny and I cuddled for a few moments, then I headed to my room to chill with Jade before she fell asleep. We ended up talking until 5AM while Danny was crashing on the sofa in a alcohol-induced exhaustion.

Close to 6 she finally fell asleep. I crept to the living room. The lights were dimmed and Danny was really sleeping. I had his belt and jeans loosened before you could say Rumplestiltskin. I kissed his face, his chest and happy trail and then wasted no time in getting down to business. I was hella horny, I know that Danny was too---we hadn't really done anything since Tuesday night. I was aching to have his hard cock inside my pussy, but I knew that I couldn't do that, at least not this eve.

Today, I was going to appease myself with my mouth, and I didn't hesitate for a second. I licked him slowly, wetting his shaft up and down the whole thing. I took small nips on the underside, working my way upwards. My right hand was holding his cock and balls, playing with him and getting him hard. My left was on it's own quest, flicking with his nipples, making them stand turgidly as his cock now was.

His deep groan alerted me to the fact that my ministrations had awakened him. I headed upwards to give him a kiss then renewed my love play with serious intent. I sucked him deep and hard, going slow and exacting patient vengenance with my tongue, making him moan, thrust and quiver in delight.

This time, in a very long time, he could only have the blowjob---the expectancy of my pussy was driving him wild though. He clutched my butt and bucked against me, driving me head deeper and deeper down his shaft. I almost gagged but kept at it like a trooper, even though tears had sprung to my eyes.

"Claim that cock like it's yours," he ordered me, and I obliged, renewing my efforts with all energy. I sucked him hard and long, slow then fast, varying the rhythm and sending my hands as sparkers all over his body. It took him a while, but he finally came, a steady, unrelenting flow straight down my throat. I swallowed it all, licking him even though he was hyper sensitive, letting him know that yes---this cock was all mine.

He gave me a smile, the one he always gives when words can't even express how he feels and clasped my head to his chest. I lay that way, savoring the contact for several moments until the cool chill of the morning air made me ache for my warm bedcovers. "I wish you could come lay down with me," I told him. "I know," he responded, catching the rest of my unspoken thoughts.

I wish you could come and fuck me. Now.


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