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Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Once again, Danny and I headed for our new rendezvous spot. There is something about doing it in a hotel that just screams sexy! I think this is going to become a consistent habit---at least until I get my own place.

After having a late supper, I just wanted to head to bed. Danny asked me to take my clothes off....which I did, quite sensually, doing a little strip tease to further fire him up. I pranced around the room naked in all my glory and having a fun time teasing him and watching him watch me with such....adoration.

I think I might have pushed it a bit though. When he was done being played with, he took control of the situation and had me screaming over and over again in ecstasy. He fucked me hard, raw....and I was caught between that fine point between pleasure and pain. It was abso-frickin'-wonderful.


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