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Monday, June 19, 2006

SHE is Satisfied...for Tonight

"What happened to you here?" I asked him as I examined his arms. "I don't know," he said as he lay back. There were four identical marks puckering on his bicep. Uh-oh. I looked at the other side, and yeah, same thing. "It was me," I confessed. "Must have been during one of my orgasms," I told him as I kissed each mark. He smiled then, ignoring the pain and loving the fact that my wildness had left marks on him.

"You're such a beast," he told me. "You unleash the vixen in me," I replied instantly. Looking at him in the muted light just sent more shivers through me. He is really utterly gorgeous! I started kissing him, nearly devouring him with the intensity of my kiss. I wanted him yet again, my need unsated. Heat pooled in my core, firing me up instantly, making me crave him with each breath. He kissed me back with equal fervency and I trailed my fingers over his arms, his love marks, his hard, toned body. I forgot about my pain, forgot about everything, just lost in this one perfect moment.

The hard throb of his cock against my belly pleased me and my hands headed south, making him get harder and harder. "I can't believe you," he muttered breaking off the kiss for a second. "I can't believe you are getting me hard again."

Believe it honey. I'm not done with you yet, SHE said.

His hard length beckoned me and I kissed him down there again, licking him and increasing his ardor. "I want you from the back," he told me. I was ready to oblige him, but since I couldn't get on my knees, there was a slight problem with that. My brain was actually able to compute the logistics. I suggested he enter me from the front first, then gradually shift until he was spooning me. That way my right leg would remain immobilized.

I gasped as he shifted his hips and filled me so effortlessly, so deeply and so fully. He thrust all the way and then back again, with no hesistation this time. With each deft stroke, my desire increased. He inched me ever so slowly, taking his time and moving my left limb with ease. My body throbbed and ached for him and I wanted more, all of him.

He placed my left leg on his shoulder and drove deeply, and this contact hit all my 3 spots. He continued the contact, revelling in my desire and drove me to higher heights. I caught the wave then and rode it, and he savored it with me. He quickened his deep, probing strokes and each one went hotly through me, lancing me and branding me as nothing else could have done. He moved my left leg to his other shoulder then and this motion sent me careening over the edge yet again. He let me savor that orgasm, slowing down his motions as he repositioned himself.

Danny spooned me from behind, kissing the nape of my neck, trailing his hands through my body and hair, being all around me, behind me, and inside me all at the same time. My pleasure built over and over again and I cried out once again in sweet release. My pussy was on fire, even SHE could say that she was satisfied.

As if reading my mind he pulled out then and stood above me, his gaze a mixture of exhiliration and deep desire. "I want you all over me," I ordered in a voice that was hoarse from my passionate outcries. I opened my mouth, daring him to shoot it in with a look. He accomodated me almost instantly, spilling his seed all over me. The hot drops warmed on my skin and then instantly cooled and he fell to his knees, spent, replete, content.

"Come here," I invited, opening my arms to him. He kissed my cheek then, then wiped me off tenderly, throwing the tissues in the trash. "Your touch is so amazing," he told me, staying well away from my grasp, as if I might devour him once again, "You are so insatiable." Honey, you have no idea!

He kissed me then, taking his time exploring my mouth as if he had never kissed me before. "Shower?" he invited. "Yes," I replied.


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