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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Fire Me Up

He continued kissing my neck, throat and earlobes and then slowly moved on to my right breast. Not having been caressed by him in a week was enough to send pleasure immediately coursing through my bloodstream. He laved my nipple, tenderly at first then harder and harder, just the way I liked it. He took his time, moving at an unhurried leisurely pace, knowing he had all the time in the world. My fingers got lost in his hair, the curls wrapping tightly around my fingers as if they belonged there.

He finally moved on down my chest, holding the right breast with his hand, still playing with it, keeping my fire burning. He kissed down my body, with nips and licks, mixing it up and driving me insane. My body began undulating of it's own accord, SHE started screaming and demanding attention as well. He took his time however to get to my core, knowing that the intensity was delicately leaving me in shreds.

I had been lying on my left side facing him and he didn't move this position as he proceeded downward. He watched me through those mocha colored eyes, taking the full depths of my passion and controlling his caresses accordingly. He turned me on my stomach and gently nipped my bum. Even that was pleasurable.

The slow ease in which he fired me up was already making me wet, and he sensed this, yet continued his quest, unhurried, unstressed. He kissed my bum! He laved my butt cheeks and then rimmed me! It was a weird sensation, one that I had never experienced, I've always been shy about having guys around my booty. However once I got past the strangeness of it I noted the chemical frissions that I had never had. My pussy contracted of it's own free will, every time his tongue flicked against my butt. It's as if the two were connected. He stuck his finger in my pussy then, and SHE clenched all around him, but he continued the caress on my butt, moving his finger rapidly the same time on my G-spot.

I was moaning loudly by now and within seconds I had come all over his fingers. He licked his fingers, looking at me with that satisfied smirk on his face.

Then he took his boxers off, and my black lace panties. Without preamble he entered me--- one swift, long thrust that drove it home. I gasped as my walls closed around him, as he filled me and SHE loved the sensation. SHE grasped him tighter, harder, holding his cock in a tight vise that was hard to break. He smiled and then started moving, in and out, the rhythm as old as time.

"We've missed you," I said with a smile as I met his thrust with a provocative one of my own. He started going harder at that, forgoing all the finesse and foreplay and just royally laying that pipe in me. He lifted my legs unto his shoulders and rode me hard, deep and fast. My nails dug into his biceps and I couldn't help myself, as he took me to soaring heights that I haven't been in a while. With a mighty gush I came for him again. He noticed, yet didn't stop, and he rode my orgasm like a surfer on a tide. "I love you Badspice," he said as he stared deep into my eyes. Within moments another one was on me, and I was caught in it, spirals of joy, dizzy exultation, unable to breathe, unable to speak. All I could do was feel him on me, around me, in me. All I could do was BE.

That orgasm took another form as it petered out, another wave crashed over me. I was mindlessly blubbering by now, uncaring of how I sounded or how my face looked. He grinned at me, one of pure male satisfaction. After my fifth, he turned me around, shooting for doggy style. I managed to get on my wobbly knees, my hair falling around my face and he entered me again. There was a ferocious edge to his lovemaking now, the time for making love was long gone and now it was all about the fucking.

I jutted my bottom out, feeding it into him, knowing that the visual was driving him to the edge as well. He kept going harder and faster and I spurred him on, telling him not to stop, not to hold back. He jerked as he came and pulled himself out, lacing a thick gush on my dewy skin. I took it all, relishing in the fact that he had enjoyed it as much as I did.

He held me then, and kissed my face, wiped up the mess with a napkin. We lay entwined in each others arms, both of us still floating back to earth. "Thank you," I said as I kissed the scratches that my passion had left on him. He smiled, unable to say a word and yet he claimed those marks of passion.

"How's your headache?" I asked him again. After a few moments he replied. "It's better"

Nothing like a good sack session to cure a headache, I thought to myself as I drifted in the lull of our lovemaking.

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