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Friday, April 27, 2007


Danny was in a recording studio session last night. I waited up for him, worried because it was really late and he was in a bad side of town. Of course he kept me in touch, but the session lasted waaaaay longer than it should have, with him coming home at 530am. He ended up for the first time being able to hear the whole project that he'd been working on with these guys for almost a year. Danny was really sweet on the phone for the last 2 hours of my vigil. At the door, he gave me a searing kiss, one that made my toes curl instantly.

I hustled him to the bedroom, more worried about hitting the sack knowing that he had an early appointment the next day. But his ebullient nature couldn't be denied and moments later I was lying in his arms on the bed, the lights all on and yet to fall asleep. "I waited all day to hold you," he told me as he kissed the hair on my nape. He stroked my hair and I couldn't help but let out a small moan and nestle my bottom firmly in his groin. "You have an early day tomorrow," I said sleepily as I burrowed closer. I could feel his cock stirring and I wriggled more radically, teasing him more than anything. The air around us was sexually charged, it practically sizzled with desire and I gave myself into the delicious, erotic heat of his mouth on mine. His kiss was a promise of decadent delights and I couldn't help but let out a lusty moan.

For some reason, that sound gave him more energy than I can even explain, more energy than I can even describe for someone that was up for 20+ hours straight. My heart pounding, I watched his long, finely shaped fingers wreaking havoc with my breasts. He knew exactly what to do to have me all distracted. He teased my ear with his tongue, his breath hot and fiery against my skin and SHE trembled, more than ready for her own brand of kisses. It had been a while...far too long since his lips had met my inner lips and we both knew it. Aunt Flo had decided to interrupt that activity but SHE was done and tired of being chaste and wanted to get eaten out. I could tell from the pooling of liquid heat in my pussy that SHE was more than ready for his adoration.

Danny read my mind and taking the scenic route of hot, shivery kisses all over my body, headed down south to appease the Pussy. The instant his warm, wet lips touched my warm, wet lower lips, I moaned loudly as desire pelted my core. He was like a wild, hungry beast, devouring me instantly, sampling me as if SHE was an utterly decadent piece of chocolate. He ran his tongue over every plane in my pussy, reacquainting himself with every crevice, nook and cranny. His tongue prodded insistently into every depth as if knowing where SHE stored all her passionate secrets.

I shuddered beneath him, caught up in the quagmire of rampant desire. My body was afire, fueled with passions that claimed me in such an intensity that I found herself moaning and gasping at the same time. My nails held on to him, as if he was the lifesaver on this tidal wave of white hot passion. Orgasms whipped all over me and through me, shaking me to the core. I spurted cum into his mouth, ejaculating time after time until his face, moustache and goatee were fully covered. He didn't stop, each orgasm only fueling him with more ardent desire. I felt hot, so damn hot, like I was caught up in an inferno of ecstasy.

Orgasm after orgasm rolled over me in a stunning crescendo that had me reeling, screaming, quivering and shaking in his arms. He opened my thighs wider, giving him more access and flicked his tongue, rolling it expertly on all my external pleasure zones. Then he stuck his tongue about an inch inwards and flicked it. White hot lightening shot through me and I lifted from the bed screaming his name. I could feel the ejaculations as consistent as my dozen orgasms and the spurts of cum just kept getting more and more and more until he was dripping with it.

Danny kept on at it, over and over again. My hands found themselves in his hair and even that seemed alive with energy. He kept consuming me like a bounteous feast as if I was his and his alone. SHE was loving every moment of it, caught ablaze on a lake of passionate desire. He is a Pussy Eating God! The head was so masterful that I couldn't do anything but succumb moment after moment to the pleasure of his mouth, lips, tongue and fingers.

The damp spot under my ass was growing bigger and bigger until it was a soaking wet testament of his artistry and my passion. I was on the seventh heaven of delight. As my 20th or so orgasm ripped once again through me with as much intensity as the first, I felt like I was actually touching the highest level of ecstasy that was humanly possible. "Oh. My. God. O!" I intoned in a shrill scream.

He continued, lacing and lavishing me with his love as if the cum practically bathing his face didn't matter. His exuberance fueled my desire and he ate me out almost rabidly, over and over again like he existed to please only me. My fingers clutched at the sheets as I tried frantically to gain control of myself to no avail. Danny was the seducer and I was the seduced. He revelled in my fiery depths and stroked it, knowing the right combination to lick, stroke, flick and tease until I was a quivering mass of incoherent putty in under his touch.

My heart was pounding furiously and I found myself gasping for air like a struggling fish, forgetting my name, who I was or what I did, forgetting even the simplest task of breathing. All I could do was scream, shake and tremble beneath him. He satiated every single cell in my body, drinking from me like I was his water glass. SHE presented him time and time again with enough juices to end a drought, coating his face thoroughly with my essence.

Oh my goodness, I'm getting hot again just remembering this!

It was so fuckin' hot. So fuckin' raw. So fuckin' intense that I felt like I actually saw heaven. And that was only the beginning.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Mid Afternoon Romp

Spring is in the air and when I was getting dressed this morning, I couldn't help but dig into my spring clothes for an outfit. My choice was a flirty pink floral skirt, something that exuded the essence of how I felt inside. I'm so darn happy!

Danny wasn't home when I headed for work, but when I got back, he was in. So was our new room mate, who I greeted in the kitchen but for a moment as with single minded purpose I walked over to where Danny was on the computer and talking on the phone at the same time.

"Hello honey," I stated simply as I sashayed across the room, planted a sweet kiss on his sweet lips. His gaze encircled me warmly as he kissed me back, still talking to his business associate on the phone.

"I have something for you," I whispered naughtily in his other ear as I flipped my skirt up, showing him a glimpse of my derriere in a very sexy pink thong. With that comment, I headed for the bedroom, throwing him a glance that practically ordered him to follow me.

And follow he did. I had scarce made it across the bedroom when he grabbed me by the arm and drew me close, planting a series of fiery kisses on the crook of my neck. Whips of fire laced through my bloodstream. He trailed more kisses over the delicate skin on my jaw, neck and ears, continuing to push me into the room until we bumped into the wall. I moaned, going weak at the knees and wanting to shred every single article of clothing off both our bodies to ravish him.

He had another idea however. His hands artfully touched, kneaded and caressed me, leaving me panting for more within seconds. My skin started tingling in desire and I melded closer to him, kissing him and nibbling on his lower lip. He kissed me back, deep and long, nipping at my lush lips, tasting me with slow, firm sucking pulls. Oh yeah baby! His curly hair tangled in my hands as I drew his head closer to devour him fully. My breasts found his hands easily through the thin material of my shirt and he squeezed them tightly, causing a stream of fire to arc through my body.

I could feel the warm pooling of heat in the Pussy and I smiled to myself, pushing my ass firmly into his groin. "You are wet for me," he stated knowingly and I smiled, trying to get to him yet again. "Cock. Inside. Now." I ordered. He smiled in dark satisfaction and still wouldn't give me what I wanted. "Please!" I begged carnally, dying to have him in that very second.

His huge, throbbing cock signalled that he was as ready as I was. There were too many clothes between us. Once again I tried to shimmy out of my clothes but he forestalled that, finding a shortcut to getting what we both so desperately needed.

With jerky movements, he unzipped his jeans and his cock practically leaped out. His other hand pushed my skirt up, pushed my thong out of the way and he instantly thrust strongly into me. That first motion of his hard, thick head prodding me with insistent delicious friction was enough to have me cum.

I gasped loudly, digging my hands into the wall. Nudging my feet back, he pushed my thighs apart more until me knees bent to accommodate his angle. He teased me at first, with slow teasing rhythmic thrusts, plunging in and out, and I frantically wanted more. Then he drove deeply into me again, all his manhood, over and over again. I gasped as I tried to fight the second wave of pleasure that took over me. He rubbed back and forth into my creamy pussy, spreading the erotic slickness everywhere. I twitched, desperate for more, wanting more of him, all of him desperately.

SHE took over and pounded him then, ramming him deeply into me just the way I needed it to. Danny gripped my neck, pacing the thrusts, taking the reins over again. He then showed me what real pounding was all about. Liquid heat flowed like lava all over my body, igniting me to furious desire, leaving me screaming and passionate, nails digging gouges in the wall that ended up remaining there till this day.

Over and over I came and Danny just kept pounding and thrusting, filling me with his delicious cock, his delicious essence, his delicious heat. Oh yeah, the Pussy was pleased. He pounded us both until she was quivering and clenching over and over again, orgasm on top of intense earth shattering orgasm. Until my legs couldn't hold me up and he carried the weight of both of us with his strong arms, holding me up against the wall and digging into my pussy.

And still he continued, lifting me up with ardor, leaving me quivering, shaking and cumming all over his cock. Faster and faster, deeper and deeper, Danny kept filling me and satisfying me over and over again. He fucked me raw, he fucked me hard, and yes, he fucked me well.

I ended up on the floor as he drew his cum covered cock from out of my nether lips to fill my questing mouth. With fiery passion, I sucked him off, finishing off what my pink thong had started. He came at last, squirting warm strings of pleasure all over my body.

Oh yeah, hot dirty afternoon sex is so fucking good.

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Friday, April 13, 2007

The Truth

It's not that we haven't been having a matter of fact, this week the Pussy has been quite pleased, fully satisfied and adoringly taken care of. The truth is that with my new job, more writing gigs and real life, I rarely get time nowadays to sit down and tell you all about it.

But, I will say this---this afternoon was fuckin' amazing.

Imagine bent over, pink thongs, a skirt up around my waist and his big, hard cock just pounding away. Oh yeah...I've just been royally fucked. Royally!

Soon, I'll spill, I promise. Stay tuned my lovelies.

The story will be told.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007


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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Feast of Delights

It all started with a simple kiss. Actually, not a simple kiss, a mindblowingly hot and erotic kiss. One that simmered and shimmered in the air, melding our tongues, lips and hearts together with that contact. I was created to kiss Danny...and Lord knows, he can kiss! My hands wrapped around his head, drawing him closer, entangling my fingers in his curls. The kinetic energy flowed fluidly between us and I could tell, with the promise of that kiss, that this was going to be a night to remember.

"No hurry. We have all night sweetheart," he murmured softly in my mouth as he deepened the kiss. His tongue played with mine, sending streams of white hot fire down my throat that shook me to the core. I drew closer to him, melding my body as close to his as I could get, wanting to be one with him, yearning to be close to him. The kiss went on ad infinitum, until his scent was all around me, all over me and all I could hear was the loud roaring of my heart in my ears.

With a lazy smile of slow deliberation he left my lips swollen and continued on, trailing light kisses on my neck, teasing me with nips and licks interspersed down the trail. A low moan signalled my pleasure and he continued on, savoring and tasting every single centimeter of sensitive skin on my neck, even to my throat. I felt drugged, drunk and intoxicated with desire, enveloped in delicious sin. The heat kept rising and building with each touch of his sweet lips against my skin and I knew that I had to do something to ease the balance, before I was fully beguiled by his sizzling passion.

Wrenching my body above his, SHE demanded I take the reins and I complied. "How about we play a little game," I suggested, instructing him that there was a time limit on every caress. "The first person that yields...that surrenders to the other...wins," I firmly stated, knowing that his competitive nature would immediately take the bait.

My first caress was on his right earlobe. I sucked on it slowly and gently, as if it was a tender fruit. His obsidian eyes glittered in the low lamplight, the only clue on his face to his aroused state. With small concentric circles, I traced over his neck, taking my time and sucking him as well, adding my fingers to the mix and trailing them over his heated skin. Further on I licked, as if drawn by a compass, placing a few kisses on his Adam's apple that channeled another moan from him. Spurred by this I moved south, laving the hollow of his throat lovingly, lapping it up like a cat lapping up cream. I ended my turn with a slow long lick up his throat, ending on his lips, where I kissed him once fervently, enough to stir him more wildly. "Your turn," I purred, dropping my gaze to his cock.

"You are so in for it," he promised darkly as he leaned over me. He was so savagely, so intensely beautiful in that moment that I couldn't take my eyes off him. My breath caught in little gasps and my chest heaved. This caught his attention and I knew that my nipples were already standing raptly at attention. With a smile he took my shirt off, but very slowly, drawing the smooth cotton against my already heated flesh. The edges of the shirt grazed over my nipples and I groaned, digging my hands in the cushions. I would not yield. Even though I wanted his lips all over my breasts, I wouldn't ask for it.

As if reading my mind, he started with a brand of passionate torture, a predatory glint in his heavily lidded gaze. His teeth grazed me lightly, scattering nips and love bits all over my chest. His hands made slow circles around my breasts, pausing every single time they got close to my aureole. My nipples felt harder and harder and I arched against him, trying to get my full breasts into his hands but with a laugh he drew back, making me yearn for him again. He did grace me however with hot open-mouthed kisses all over my torso. His lips kept getting closer and closer to my right breast. I could feel the heat of his breath on my perky nipple and I was so sure he was going to claim it in his mouth right then and there. "Your turn," he said teasingly.

Two can play this game. With a saucy smile I got up and shed my jeans, kneeling beside his gorgeous body on the couch. My lips started a teasing dance of their own, selectively leaving love bites on the thin sensitive skin on his arms, sides and waistline. With each kiss he shivered and I preened, knowing that he was as aroused as I was. My ass was sticking out and I could see his gaze heading often towards my sexy derriere clad in nothing but a scarlet thong. His eyes were deliciously wide and I savored every contact, raking my fingernails in a practiced rhythm along the sides of his chest and abdomen.

"My turn," he decreed, with a hiss as he lifted his head and latched on to my right breast. White hot heat lanced through my body in that second and I gazed at him with widened eyes. Oh yes, that's a good boy! SHE declared as SHE clenched tightly in my womb, making me realise instantly that I was so wet, practically dripping with juices. His lips tightened around my nipple, drawing out each caress infinitesimally while his other hand worked my other breast, not letting it feel out of the loop and building on the fire. The dual caress was driving me insane and I leaned closer into him, wanting to ride him right then and there. You will not yield, SHE practically ordered in a roar. I expelled a breath of pent up air, trying to expel some of the excruciating pleasure that was encompassing me to no avail. He switched his lips to my other breast providing no respite from the cauldron of ecstasy that was rapidly overtaking me. With hot, velvety strokes of his tongue all over my chest he had me shuddering in delight.

His hands grabbed my ass, drawing me even closer and he squeezed both cheeks, sending more fire lacing through my core. I know he could tell that I was rapidly overheating and was loving every moment of it. The moment his finger slipped through my slick wet folds, I knew that I was undone. No, not yet dammit! SHE growled. Take control! I tried, honestly I did, but the waves of an orgasm washed over me in seconds as his finger flicked on my g-spot.

With an audible curse, I wrenched myself from his grasp, cum dripping down his hand and my thighs. "My turn," I wailed as I put my hands and body back into play. He licked his fingers slowly, further enticing me as his tongue darted in and out of those full sexy lips. Doing my best to ignore his teasing, I set forth to build a bonfire of my own. Taking that same hand, I kissed his middle finger, drawing it out slowly between my lips. I twirled my tongue against the tip so adroitly as if I was sucking his cock. Looking at him through eyes that screamed for him to fuck me then and now, I leaned my body over his until my hard nipples were grazing his skin. I could tell from the harsh expel of air that it was probably sending shivery chills up and down his body.
I took his nipples into my mouth, sucking them as thoroughly as he did mine, claiming them as I claimed every other inch of his body with savage possession. His hands dug into my derriere, bringing my body closer to his and I shifted my weight and acceded to the unspoken request. The contact sent lightning shocks of fission all over my body and I had to break it just to stay in control. Turning my body yet again I leaned over him, until my ass was in his face and his cock was in mine. Oh yeah baby.

Wet splotchy stains on his boxers spoke the truth that he was as deeply entrenched into this passionate encounter as I was. With agile fingers, I took off his boxers and his cock sprang to full mast, standing proudly in all it's masculine glory. With a smile I bypassed my cock love and instead spent minutes kissing and nibbling on his inner thighs. My right hand reached all the way up and grabbed his big toe and I cupped it in my fingers, rubbing it as if I was rubbing his cock. My back arched perfectly and my ass stood in his face, cum already wet and glistening through my thong. His fingers dug into my ass and I sensed that he was fighting the urge to capitulate.

"Do you yield?" I asked slowly, enunciating each word in precisely expelled breaths and sent more warm air circling his cock. "No," he replied through gritted teeth.

I stuck my other finger in my mouth and traced the softness of his ball sac with it, playing with the family jewels as if they were priceless. The wetness of my finger coupled with the heat of my breath against the head of his cock made him arch to get his cock closer to me, but I wouldn't give in. Not until he surrendered.

Sensing my intention, he stuck his finger into my pussy, drawing it out slowly and sending me back to nirvana. I closed my eyes, trying to separate my pussy from the rest of my body but to no avail. He knows my weakness. With a small laugh, he pulled my legs down, resting my pussy closer to his mouth. His cock was against mine at the same time and we were both locked in a stalemate.

One long drawn out second passed. He breathed warm air into my pussy and even SHE couldn't help but to quiver. His tongue got close, so close to my clitoris, close enough that all I had to do was say yes and he would eat me out. I leaned my groin closer, trying to get him to flick the tiny bud just once to ease this burning in me but he wouldn't relent. Not until I said the words.

"Do you surrender?" he whispered naughtily into my pussy. "Ummm, ahhhhh---" I started but SHE interrupted with a deep throb. "Oh hell no!! You can do it baby girl. Make him yield!!" she roared loudly in my ears. Of course, I did my best to obey, remembering instantly that he was in a vulnerable position as well.

I leaned my head forward and trying to ignore the fire in my pussy lapped softly against his balls. I licked them slowly, drawing small circles with my tongue. My nails raked up and down his thighs, building tiny rivulets of energy that made his cock grow even harder, thicker and more turgid before my very eyes. Pre-cum dripped down his shaft and this caused him to moan deeply. I put his cock in my mouth, not touching anything yet, just letting him feel the hot, moist heat that could envelope him instantly if he surrendered. He sucked in a ragged breath and I smiled to myself. I did this a few more times, teasing his balls and thighs incessantly as I wiggled my derriere in his face.

Not being able to see his face, I could only tell that he was close to relenting from his breaths and the tightness of his fingers against my ass. With a very light lick, I followed the precum up and down his manhood as my fingers flicked once again on his balls. "All you have to do is surrender," I whispered softly against his cock once again.

"Yes," he moaned. I almost didn't catch it, unable to hear through the blood pounding in my own ears.

"Yes what?" I prodded as I looked up, grazing his cock with my other hand to keep him enraptured.

"I yield. Suck my cock," he replied shakily. I arched an eyebrow at him and smiled to myself. He repeated the statement, this time tinged with a demand instead of a plea. Oh yeah, that's the man I love. A boss even when he's under my domination.

My lips closed around his cock so quickly that his reply turned into a gasp of passion. I smiled to myself in dark satisfaction, taking him deeply and slowly into my mouth. My lips wrapped around his member in a warm, wet embrace and I could taste more precum spilling out in seconds. Up and down I kept going, caught up in the rhythm of our mutual ecstasy. Cum dripped down my thighs, a testament that I was as into this as he was. I kissed him on his corona and trailed my tongue up and down the head, twirling and swirling to my hearts content. There was a subtle urgency to this blowjob, as if I knew that I had to get in all the licks and sucks that I could before he took over.

And take over he did, mere minutes later as he flipped me over slowly, entering me with one strong unrelenting push. My moist folds welcomed him instantly, intrinsically sensing that each facet of our love and connection was interconnected to this moment. "More, I need more," I begged urgently and he complied, driving himself in to the hilt.

He didn't move at all, just stayed there, lancing me fully with all of his heat. "I love you," he stated simply, kissing my lips in slow wonder. It was at that moment as he looked deep into my eyes that I knew that he was feeling the exact same thing I was feeling. This inexplicable feeling of rightness surrounded us, spilling over into a fountain of preordained and predestined love. Tears sprang to my eyes and I drew him closer, wanting to be completely adhered to him. He kissed me again, a long kiss, one of ultimate cohesion and obliged to my unspoken request.

The moment he moved, ecstasy rocked my world and I was caught up in a sea of orgasms, one right after another. He moved slowly, just gliding effortlessly into my moist heat and each thrust resounded with the message that I had already known. He was mine. I was his. We belonged to each other. Forever.

A simultaneous orgasm ripped between us suddenly that it surprised us both. I couldn't help but scream as he rocked into me, shuddering with each wave. I lay quivering and whimpering helplessly beneath him, unable to anchor him in this storm; just ride it out with him. We both convulsed together until every last ripple of climax was ripped from us both and we lay in a sweaty contentment, two hearts beating as one.

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