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Friday, April 27, 2007


Danny was in a recording studio session last night. I waited up for him, worried because it was really late and he was in a bad side of town. Of course he kept me in touch, but the session lasted waaaaay longer than it should have, with him coming home at 530am. He ended up for the first time being able to hear the whole project that he'd been working on with these guys for almost a year. Danny was really sweet on the phone for the last 2 hours of my vigil. At the door, he gave me a searing kiss, one that made my toes curl instantly.

I hustled him to the bedroom, more worried about hitting the sack knowing that he had an early appointment the next day. But his ebullient nature couldn't be denied and moments later I was lying in his arms on the bed, the lights all on and yet to fall asleep. "I waited all day to hold you," he told me as he kissed the hair on my nape. He stroked my hair and I couldn't help but let out a small moan and nestle my bottom firmly in his groin. "You have an early day tomorrow," I said sleepily as I burrowed closer. I could feel his cock stirring and I wriggled more radically, teasing him more than anything. The air around us was sexually charged, it practically sizzled with desire and I gave myself into the delicious, erotic heat of his mouth on mine. His kiss was a promise of decadent delights and I couldn't help but let out a lusty moan.

For some reason, that sound gave him more energy than I can even explain, more energy than I can even describe for someone that was up for 20+ hours straight. My heart pounding, I watched his long, finely shaped fingers wreaking havoc with my breasts. He knew exactly what to do to have me all distracted. He teased my ear with his tongue, his breath hot and fiery against my skin and SHE trembled, more than ready for her own brand of kisses. It had been a while...far too long since his lips had met my inner lips and we both knew it. Aunt Flo had decided to interrupt that activity but SHE was done and tired of being chaste and wanted to get eaten out. I could tell from the pooling of liquid heat in my pussy that SHE was more than ready for his adoration.

Danny read my mind and taking the scenic route of hot, shivery kisses all over my body, headed down south to appease the Pussy. The instant his warm, wet lips touched my warm, wet lower lips, I moaned loudly as desire pelted my core. He was like a wild, hungry beast, devouring me instantly, sampling me as if SHE was an utterly decadent piece of chocolate. He ran his tongue over every plane in my pussy, reacquainting himself with every crevice, nook and cranny. His tongue prodded insistently into every depth as if knowing where SHE stored all her passionate secrets.

I shuddered beneath him, caught up in the quagmire of rampant desire. My body was afire, fueled with passions that claimed me in such an intensity that I found herself moaning and gasping at the same time. My nails held on to him, as if he was the lifesaver on this tidal wave of white hot passion. Orgasms whipped all over me and through me, shaking me to the core. I spurted cum into his mouth, ejaculating time after time until his face, moustache and goatee were fully covered. He didn't stop, each orgasm only fueling him with more ardent desire. I felt hot, so damn hot, like I was caught up in an inferno of ecstasy.

Orgasm after orgasm rolled over me in a stunning crescendo that had me reeling, screaming, quivering and shaking in his arms. He opened my thighs wider, giving him more access and flicked his tongue, rolling it expertly on all my external pleasure zones. Then he stuck his tongue about an inch inwards and flicked it. White hot lightening shot through me and I lifted from the bed screaming his name. I could feel the ejaculations as consistent as my dozen orgasms and the spurts of cum just kept getting more and more and more until he was dripping with it.

Danny kept on at it, over and over again. My hands found themselves in his hair and even that seemed alive with energy. He kept consuming me like a bounteous feast as if I was his and his alone. SHE was loving every moment of it, caught ablaze on a lake of passionate desire. He is a Pussy Eating God! The head was so masterful that I couldn't do anything but succumb moment after moment to the pleasure of his mouth, lips, tongue and fingers.

The damp spot under my ass was growing bigger and bigger until it was a soaking wet testament of his artistry and my passion. I was on the seventh heaven of delight. As my 20th or so orgasm ripped once again through me with as much intensity as the first, I felt like I was actually touching the highest level of ecstasy that was humanly possible. "Oh. My. God. O!" I intoned in a shrill scream.

He continued, lacing and lavishing me with his love as if the cum practically bathing his face didn't matter. His exuberance fueled my desire and he ate me out almost rabidly, over and over again like he existed to please only me. My fingers clutched at the sheets as I tried frantically to gain control of myself to no avail. Danny was the seducer and I was the seduced. He revelled in my fiery depths and stroked it, knowing the right combination to lick, stroke, flick and tease until I was a quivering mass of incoherent putty in under his touch.

My heart was pounding furiously and I found myself gasping for air like a struggling fish, forgetting my name, who I was or what I did, forgetting even the simplest task of breathing. All I could do was scream, shake and tremble beneath him. He satiated every single cell in my body, drinking from me like I was his water glass. SHE presented him time and time again with enough juices to end a drought, coating his face thoroughly with my essence.

Oh my goodness, I'm getting hot again just remembering this!

It was so fuckin' hot. So fuckin' raw. So fuckin' intense that I felt like I actually saw heaven. And that was only the beginning.

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