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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Mid Afternoon Romp

Spring is in the air and when I was getting dressed this morning, I couldn't help but dig into my spring clothes for an outfit. My choice was a flirty pink floral skirt, something that exuded the essence of how I felt inside. I'm so darn happy!

Danny wasn't home when I headed for work, but when I got back, he was in. So was our new room mate, who I greeted in the kitchen but for a moment as with single minded purpose I walked over to where Danny was on the computer and talking on the phone at the same time.

"Hello honey," I stated simply as I sashayed across the room, planted a sweet kiss on his sweet lips. His gaze encircled me warmly as he kissed me back, still talking to his business associate on the phone.

"I have something for you," I whispered naughtily in his other ear as I flipped my skirt up, showing him a glimpse of my derriere in a very sexy pink thong. With that comment, I headed for the bedroom, throwing him a glance that practically ordered him to follow me.

And follow he did. I had scarce made it across the bedroom when he grabbed me by the arm and drew me close, planting a series of fiery kisses on the crook of my neck. Whips of fire laced through my bloodstream. He trailed more kisses over the delicate skin on my jaw, neck and ears, continuing to push me into the room until we bumped into the wall. I moaned, going weak at the knees and wanting to shred every single article of clothing off both our bodies to ravish him.

He had another idea however. His hands artfully touched, kneaded and caressed me, leaving me panting for more within seconds. My skin started tingling in desire and I melded closer to him, kissing him and nibbling on his lower lip. He kissed me back, deep and long, nipping at my lush lips, tasting me with slow, firm sucking pulls. Oh yeah baby! His curly hair tangled in my hands as I drew his head closer to devour him fully. My breasts found his hands easily through the thin material of my shirt and he squeezed them tightly, causing a stream of fire to arc through my body.

I could feel the warm pooling of heat in the Pussy and I smiled to myself, pushing my ass firmly into his groin. "You are wet for me," he stated knowingly and I smiled, trying to get to him yet again. "Cock. Inside. Now." I ordered. He smiled in dark satisfaction and still wouldn't give me what I wanted. "Please!" I begged carnally, dying to have him in that very second.

His huge, throbbing cock signalled that he was as ready as I was. There were too many clothes between us. Once again I tried to shimmy out of my clothes but he forestalled that, finding a shortcut to getting what we both so desperately needed.

With jerky movements, he unzipped his jeans and his cock practically leaped out. His other hand pushed my skirt up, pushed my thong out of the way and he instantly thrust strongly into me. That first motion of his hard, thick head prodding me with insistent delicious friction was enough to have me cum.

I gasped loudly, digging my hands into the wall. Nudging my feet back, he pushed my thighs apart more until me knees bent to accommodate his angle. He teased me at first, with slow teasing rhythmic thrusts, plunging in and out, and I frantically wanted more. Then he drove deeply into me again, all his manhood, over and over again. I gasped as I tried to fight the second wave of pleasure that took over me. He rubbed back and forth into my creamy pussy, spreading the erotic slickness everywhere. I twitched, desperate for more, wanting more of him, all of him desperately.

SHE took over and pounded him then, ramming him deeply into me just the way I needed it to. Danny gripped my neck, pacing the thrusts, taking the reins over again. He then showed me what real pounding was all about. Liquid heat flowed like lava all over my body, igniting me to furious desire, leaving me screaming and passionate, nails digging gouges in the wall that ended up remaining there till this day.

Over and over I came and Danny just kept pounding and thrusting, filling me with his delicious cock, his delicious essence, his delicious heat. Oh yeah, the Pussy was pleased. He pounded us both until she was quivering and clenching over and over again, orgasm on top of intense earth shattering orgasm. Until my legs couldn't hold me up and he carried the weight of both of us with his strong arms, holding me up against the wall and digging into my pussy.

And still he continued, lifting me up with ardor, leaving me quivering, shaking and cumming all over his cock. Faster and faster, deeper and deeper, Danny kept filling me and satisfying me over and over again. He fucked me raw, he fucked me hard, and yes, he fucked me well.

I ended up on the floor as he drew his cum covered cock from out of my nether lips to fill my questing mouth. With fiery passion, I sucked him off, finishing off what my pink thong had started. He came at last, squirting warm strings of pleasure all over my body.

Oh yeah, hot dirty afternoon sex is so fucking good.

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