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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sleepy Tales

Danny does this thing when we are in bed that totally rocks my socks. He will be fast asleep, perhaps even snoring even, and yet when he stirs, it's to rub or pat one of my more sexy body parts. With his eyes closed and in a totally unconscious state, my baby will hone in on the perfect curves of my ass or my boobs, massaging it gently until he slips again into deeper REM sleep.

Sometimes he will even stir more fully and open his eyes, smiling sleepily up at me as if he'd been dreaming of me. "I love you," he'll say huskily followed by a slow, sultry butterfly kiss and then moments later drift off to sleep.

If I'm the one stirring, he comforts me, letting me readjust my position and then settling his big, warm, hard body all around mine like a cocoon. In addition to that, he stays close and holds me all through the night. I'm a rough sleeper and usually all over the place, I've been known to kick whoever is unfortunate enough to share my bed. But when I'm in his arms I settle down into sedate warmth. He's a great spooner, breathing softly on my neck, kissing the nape of it anytime he wakes as if to soothe me. I just lay there at times thinking how lucky I am, how happy and spoiled.

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