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Friday, January 12, 2007

The Volcano

"Come to bed with me," you whispered as you pulled me into the bedroom. I was tired and cranky, not in the mood for any loveplay, but you dispelled all my feelings with one look in your eye. "I want to be next to you," you stated with a small smile, sending a twittering into my core. SHE woke up almost immediately.

You lay me back against the bed, and kissed me slowly, melding your lips effortlessly with mine, those full lips that I had come to admire, that I had come to adore. Those soft lips kissed me slowly, until all I could do was think and feel their softness. I closed my eyes and just felt you touching me gently, tracing your fingers up and down my body leaving tendrils of stirring desire with each nerve ending.

My eyes opened slowly as I watched you in the dim lamplight, shadows playing across your beautiful, bronzed skin. Within moments, my pants were off, closely followed by my underwear. I could tell from the soft look on your face that you were going to make sweet, slow and sensual love to me.

Your lips grazed my neck, nipping softly at my sweet spot and making me moan with pleasure. You continued on, following the trail that your fingers had crossed with your lips, building the pleasure into a deeper inferno. I squirmed under you as SHE arose, already pooling liquid in my nether lips. You followed the scent and smiled in surprise, noticing that I was wet and already ready for you.

The second your lips touched my pussy I found pleasure. With a quick flick of your tongue, my moans increased and I came for you instantly. You lapped up the juices with an eagerness that belied your anticipation. Instead of coming upwards for some reciprocal loving, you stayed downtown, molding your lips and your tongue to mine. The heat of your mouth was enough to drive me wild. I found on hand gripping the sheets, the other hand tightly curled in your hair. You needed no direction, and just kept licking and laving me until I was naught but a moaning puddle of ecstasy. SHE loved the attention and creamed for you again, squirting cum directly in your face.

Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry," I managed to murmur as another orgasm hit me, causing more and more cum to squirt out. I felt it trickle down my crevices to my ass but didn't have time to be embarrassed as another wave of ecstasy rolled over me. You ignored me and kept to your task, as if revelling in the treasures that SHE was bestowing on you. You dug your face deeper into my pussy, tasting it and eating it like it was nectar from the gods.

You didn't stop at all, as if you were on a quest of your own pleasure, playing with my nipples and teasing my clit with your adept tongue. The look in your obsidian eyes was enough to send me orgasming again. You were loving this as much as I was. Eight. Nine. Ten. Surely this couldn't be doesn't have this many orgasms just from magic lips alone, my mind cried as my body kept arching over and over again.

Oh. My. God. Eleven, twelve and thirteen hit me all in a dazed wonder. I let the orgasms wash over my body, ignoring the large puddle that was forming under me. You gripped my thighs open and delved your tongue deeper, flicking my clit with your thumb as you sucked my nether lips. There was something about the way you did it, about the way each movement was designed to pleasure me beyond anything I had ever imagined. I couldn't think, couldn't breathe, all I could do was feel each orgasm lace through my system.

I wrapped my legs around your head and started feeding you my pussy then, rubbing it in your face like a dishcloth. You loved the motions and moaned deeply. I could see the hard marble of your cock thrust forward turgidly and this further increased my ardor.

My pussy was throbbing, blood pulsating freely through it unchecked by either my mind or my body. You built the stream of pleasure over and over again until your whole face, your goatee, your mustache...was coated with my juices. I was surprised at the effect you were having on my body, at the constant dizzying exulation that I kept ascending to. I thought I would pass out in satisfaction, the emotions were so intense.

Over and over again I came, orgasm on top of orgasm. I was screaming, moaning and begging for your cock, begging for it as if 16...wait no 17....aaaaahhhhh 18 orgasms weren't enough. "Please..." I asked again over and over, trying to numb my mind to the pleasure. SHE wanted your cock...SHE needed your cock. SHE wasn't going to be satisfied until SHE had your cock. Plain and simple.

For the nineteenth orgasm, SHE demanded your cock quite emphatically, squirting a full load of cum straight at your face like a shooting geyser. We both saw it and looked at it in surprise. "I didn't even know that was possible," I breathily moaned.

You took the hint and thrust into me then, filling me deeply with your cock in one smooth stroke. Over and over again you thrust into me, keeping the force of your desire and my passion stoked, effortlessly taking me over the thresh hold of another orgasm. I could feel my next orgasm building already. I stroked your balls then, gripping them softly in my hand, totally blowing the tight leash you were holding on control. SHE responded in accompaniment, gripping tightly around you like a velvet fist, pulsating and holding your cock in absolute surrender.

We both came at the same time, and I felt connected to you on more than just the physical plane. We were soulfully connected in that moment, your hand tangled in mine, your body wrapped protectively over me. Our hearts and breathing were the same, ragged and quick...staccato beats that symbolically represented what we had just shared.

"Wow," you breathed as you cuddled me close. We both revelled in the fact that together we had made another for the history books.

"I love you," you said softly in my ear. I snuggled close and kissed your cheek, echoing the sentiment without a word."You really do have a bomb ass pussy," you continued.

That's grade A platinum pussy Danny...and don't you forget it! SHE responded saucily.

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Friday, January 05, 2007


This morning I was sore and tired, my pussy was throbbing and torn, from all the activities of the last 3 days. We had been apart for 12 torturous days, leaving nothing but a sweet words on the phone and naughty, dirty thoughts on our minds.

I told you that for once, my nether lips could not welcome you, that I was hurting, swollen and still sick and exhausted from the last 2 weeks. But for some reason, even though my lips were talking, SHE was saying something else. SHE was calling you...and you listened.

"Fine. I'll leave you to your peace this morning," you said as you placed a slow, sensual kiss on my neck, that sweet sensitive spot that you know drives me wild. Even though your cock was rising slowly, morning wood a testament of the night spent dreaming of me and the morning spent cuddling in your resisted.

Until SHE called you.

Touch me. Feel me. Don't listen to her. Listen to me. I want you. I need you. I have to have you NOW! SHE thrilled slowly, stretching in her full desire. SHE wanted you...SHE wasn't down for the count.

Your fingers crept to my pussy, as if obeying her call, like a siren calling to a sailor. They swept aside your silk, red boxers that I had hastily put on last night as I fell asleep in your arms after another round of passionate love-making, and found solace in her warm and dewy depths. "You might not want me, but SHE does," you whispered naughtily, reminding me just who was in control of this situation.

You touched me slowly, melding your fingers with my flesh, molting me and molding me, touching me and leaving me a quivering mass of desire. Even though my lips kept saying no, my body was telling you YES, and you listened and obeyed, stoically stroking me until fires seared my core, until SHE was clenched around your fingers invitingly, begging your cock to fill her like your fingers never could satiate.

The boxers found themselves in a tangled pool at the foot of the bed, followed quickly by your T-shirt. For some reason I felt as if in a dream state, as if I was watching you made love to me, watching you love me up, watching you make me scream and coil up in desire. SHE dripped wet pussy juices all over your fingers, rewarding you with her essence, and you savored it, wrapping my legs around yours, plunging deeply into me with one long stroke.

"Ahhhhh," I expelled in desire as the inferno thrilled from my pussy to my core. SHE took over then, as you took over again, with deft stroke after deft stroke, slowly thrusting into me. You watched me through hooded eyes, caught up in the bonfire of your own making and the only sounds heard in the room were my passionate moans.

"More. Harder," I demanded, finally caught up fully in HER desire, allowing you both to take over me. SHE clenched around you then, demanding and impatient, and you gave it to me, harder and deeper, just like I liked it, just like I wanted it, just like I needed it. Over and over again, my back arched as I was caught up in paroxysms of delight. Over and over again you laced me with your passion, with your essence, with your fire, until I couldn't think or feel, just be.

Just be one with you, as you wanted. As SHE wanted.

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