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Friday, January 05, 2007


This morning I was sore and tired, my pussy was throbbing and torn, from all the activities of the last 3 days. We had been apart for 12 torturous days, leaving nothing but a sweet words on the phone and naughty, dirty thoughts on our minds.

I told you that for once, my nether lips could not welcome you, that I was hurting, swollen and still sick and exhausted from the last 2 weeks. But for some reason, even though my lips were talking, SHE was saying something else. SHE was calling you...and you listened.

"Fine. I'll leave you to your peace this morning," you said as you placed a slow, sensual kiss on my neck, that sweet sensitive spot that you know drives me wild. Even though your cock was rising slowly, morning wood a testament of the night spent dreaming of me and the morning spent cuddling in your resisted.

Until SHE called you.

Touch me. Feel me. Don't listen to her. Listen to me. I want you. I need you. I have to have you NOW! SHE thrilled slowly, stretching in her full desire. SHE wanted you...SHE wasn't down for the count.

Your fingers crept to my pussy, as if obeying her call, like a siren calling to a sailor. They swept aside your silk, red boxers that I had hastily put on last night as I fell asleep in your arms after another round of passionate love-making, and found solace in her warm and dewy depths. "You might not want me, but SHE does," you whispered naughtily, reminding me just who was in control of this situation.

You touched me slowly, melding your fingers with my flesh, molting me and molding me, touching me and leaving me a quivering mass of desire. Even though my lips kept saying no, my body was telling you YES, and you listened and obeyed, stoically stroking me until fires seared my core, until SHE was clenched around your fingers invitingly, begging your cock to fill her like your fingers never could satiate.

The boxers found themselves in a tangled pool at the foot of the bed, followed quickly by your T-shirt. For some reason I felt as if in a dream state, as if I was watching you made love to me, watching you love me up, watching you make me scream and coil up in desire. SHE dripped wet pussy juices all over your fingers, rewarding you with her essence, and you savored it, wrapping my legs around yours, plunging deeply into me with one long stroke.

"Ahhhhh," I expelled in desire as the inferno thrilled from my pussy to my core. SHE took over then, as you took over again, with deft stroke after deft stroke, slowly thrusting into me. You watched me through hooded eyes, caught up in the bonfire of your own making and the only sounds heard in the room were my passionate moans.

"More. Harder," I demanded, finally caught up fully in HER desire, allowing you both to take over me. SHE clenched around you then, demanding and impatient, and you gave it to me, harder and deeper, just like I liked it, just like I wanted it, just like I needed it. Over and over again, my back arched as I was caught up in paroxysms of delight. Over and over again you laced me with your passion, with your essence, with your fire, until I couldn't think or feel, just be.

Just be one with you, as you wanted. As SHE wanted.

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