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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Riding Dirty

It all started with a simple foot massage. Danny thinks I have magic fingers and I voluntarily offer them up whenever he's tired, stressed or just wanting a massage. We had the lamp on low, setting a golden aura on everything. We started talking, as my new John Mayer cd played in the background.

I was almost done with the massage and I felt her come out of hiding. SHE had gone on vacation for a while, recuperating from 24. We did have sex the next morning after my wonderfully orgasmic 2 dozen foray, amazing and gentle sex but totally orgasmless for me. Yep, SHE was in hiding. Hiding and recuperating from Danny and his fabulous Diamond Dick. lol

Anyway, I don't know what it was, whether the combination of the sensuality of my hands on his skin or the way he kept breaking up the conversation because he was struck by how cute I am. But something got her to poke her head out of the sand.

I crept slowly up his body, seeking his lips with mine, kissing him mindlessly and as thoroughly as he kisses me. He joined fully in the kiss, welcoming a playful foray of our tongues together. My fingers found his nipples and I played with them, trailing sensations all down his body. My mouth followed suit, licking his chest and nuzzling his torso, filling him with liquid heat. I crept down this time, taking care to leave no area of his body unattended to. He shivered and groaned at the sensation of my hot lips and hands on him and this just further empowered HER.

SHE wanted him. And SHE was in total control today. He was at her mercy in every single aspect. I cupped his balls with my hands, warming them with my breath. I breathed in his smell, totally captivated by his aroma. I wanted to bathe in the scent, capture it in a bottle just to savor it when he wasn't there. My fingers slowly dealt with his clothing, taking every single stitch of clothes off until we were both totally naked.

He watched me with his dark gaze and I watched him, cocking my head and looking at his beautiful face. Get on with it already, SHE commanded. I slowly slid my body down his, grazing his chest and torso with my hardened nipples. He let out a low hiss and moved restlessly against me, grabbing my derriere and drawing me even closer.

I laughed as I delighted in every sensation. I watched a beaded drop of cum form at his tip and licked my lips in anticipation. I angled my body and kneeled between his thighs, taking his cock deep into my mouth slowly, tracing my tongue up and down the sheer length of it. I tasted him from the base and back up, slowly stirring the desire that I knew was pooling through him. I stuck my butt out, knowing that he was enjoying the view as well.

Sucking his cock at this particular moment was more for my pleasure than his and he let me have my way. SHE loved every single inch of him, taking him as deep into my mouth as I could. Over and over again I licked and sucked him, revelling in the fact that he was totally at my mercy. My fingers joined into the encounter, one hand playing with his nipples while the other tightened around him.

I paused for a moment and went further south, sucking and licking his balls as well. I played with his sac, cupping it, and dropping them in my soft, wet mouth, one at a time. He groaned out loud then, and started talking dirty to me. Really, really dirty. SHE loved it.

The words just brought out the little bitch in me and SHE totally took over, helping me relax and take him deeper and deeper into my mouth. The rhythm was flawless and I kept it soft and succulent, melding everything he loved and everything I loved about giving head in one effortless motion. Pre-cum kept trickling in my mouth and I kept slurping it up slowly, shooting enticing looks up at Danny who was caught in the space between desire and full blown out passion.

I could sense that I was just as soaking wet and I didn't even hesitate in taking him into me. The moment he entered me, I fought to control my ecstasy. Whooooa! It felt so damn good. So good in fact, just having his hard length in me that I came shortly thereafter. I forced myself to stay focused though, relinquishing my orgasm instantly for the reins of being the enchanting temptress.

Words flowed easily on my lips and I told him all kinds of nasty things, dirty things that I knew was driving him insane as it was mine. I quickened my strokes, riding him hard and fast, jiggling my ass against his thighs, as my breasts bounced up and down like bouncing balls. I could see his pleasure building and building and he started bucking against me.

I leaned back, gritting my teeth in ecstasy as another orgasm hit me. My body was covered in a fine sheen of sweat and still I kept provocatively grinding up and down his shaft. If I was drowning in an abyss of passion, then so was he.

"Don't move. Don't fucking move," he suddenly ordered. I cocked my head at him, smiling in triumph. SHE didn't obey him, SHE wanted him to come. SHE was the one in charge and he was going to obey her. I drove into him faster and faster, lifting my hips and pounding at a furious pace. He caught the challenge in my gaze and fought against it for a few seconds but finally gave in and let his body explode into a million pieces.

"I can't believe you got me. You are so wicked," he breathed in my ear as I lay on top of him, smiling in exulation.

"So are you," I replied, savoring the wetness between my thighs.


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