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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Round Three

Danny dried me off and we both slid under the covers, cuddling, snuggling and spooning each other. We started talking again, mostly cutesy couple stuff until he feel asleep. For some reason however, I was restless. And we all know why!

I kept trying to fall asleep but SHE kept me up. SHE wanted more dammit! SHE wanted more tonight. "Relax, you've had 8 orgasms already, jeez," I muttered to myself as I thumped my finger angrily on the pillow.

'8 orgasms? 8 orgasms are supposed to mollify me? After you didn't let me get some for 8 days? What's that like 1 orgasm a day? Do you not know who you are talking to? I'm Platinum Pussy. I get 3-5 orgasms on a slow day. So what the fuck???? You have some catching up to do, and you are getting more cock tonight. Or you aren't sleeping,' was her straight up demand.

I ignored her, tired from the trip and all the exertions of before. But SHE would not be denied. SHE stoked up all her powers, flooding my body with endorphins and pheremones, making me hornier and hornier by the minute.

"Ok! Dammit! But after this you had better let me sleep!!" I had to finally relent. Who is the master here anyway? Obviously NOT you, was her snarky reply.

Just looking at Danny lying there sleeping so peacefully was enough to send me back to sleep but SHE wasn't having any of it. I touched his penis then, actually not semi-hard for once. It was spongy to the touch, yet still impressive enough even when flaccid. He is definitely both a grower and a shower. His cock jerked against my hand, as if knowing it was me and I snatched my fingers back in surprise.

I leaned back down then, guiding it out of his boxer shorts and nestling my face in his pubes. Just smelling him down there made me wetter. I started playing with myself, much to HER amusement and enjoyment. I opened my mouth and sucked him then, licking him tenderly and softly, savoring just the ability to have him whenever and wherever I wanted him. His cock grew under my ministrations and I was shocked. Danny was still very soundly asleep---at least he seemed that way.

I kept sucking him though, my fingers playing with my pussy and my nipples, as I tried to drive the fires that SHE had built. It wasn't until I felt warm hands on my ass that I realised that Danny had woken up. "Having fun without me?" he stated huskily in his sexy bedroom voice. If I was Caucasian, I'm sure I would have been blushing. "Ummm...yeah?" I managed to blurt out.

He didn't notice my nervousness though, as he was positioning himself to eat me out. "Keep going," he whispered to my pussy and SHE clenched tightly in response. Oh boy, I had to obey them both. We started licking each other, him skillfully and passionately, me more softly and gently. I licked his balls as well, enjoying the difference between the different parts of his skin.

His tongue was working wonders on me, and coupled with the fact that I had him in my mouth, within seconds I was coating his face with cum. He kept at it, licking me over and over again, hitting all my spots in a perfect crescendo that my body responded to and with minutes I was orgasming all over him again.

As for him---dude, he already came like 3 times tonight! Even I know a guy needs recuperation time.

After my second orgasm SHE finally stilled, languidly sending happy waves of love and peace up and down my body. I wiped Danny's face down and forced him to drink 2 glasses of water. "Just so you'll be all juiced up for later," I whispered as I snuggled against him.

I fell asleep seconds later.


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