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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Round Two

We both headed for the showers moments later, deciding to wash off the encumbrances of the day. Danny soaped me up slowly, gliding his fingers over my body. He took care to wash every curve and crevice, kissing me all the while and drawing me closer. We both stood under the spray of the shower jets and kissed slowly, unminding of the water sluicing all around us.

After we rinsed off, Danny headed under the spray to rinse out shampoo from his hair whilst I contemplated his sexy bronzed body under the bright lights. He is one fine guy! His cock was at half mast, signaling to me that it was ready for some loving attention. I headed straight for it, wrapping my mouth and fingers around him softly, sensing that he might be a tad tender from our fierce lovemaking just moments before.

"Mmmm," he moaned in appreciation and I took this as encouragement. I got down on knees and stuck out my derriere, knowing that the pose was increasing his ardor. Sure enough his cock grew harder and firmer in my mouth, tempting me with silver drops of his essence. I used my knowledge of him to heighten the experience, drawing him closer and closer, taking him deeper and deeper. His cock was hitting the back of my throat and eventually his thighs started shaking.

That was my signal to change positions. I stood up and backed up to him, guiding him into my pussy with no further delay. He started pounding me forcefully almost the instant he got in, thrilling me with his loving deep strokes. I braced my hands against the tiles of the tub and started pounding backwards into him just as forcefully, squeezing my Kegels tightly around him.
He grabbed my waist and there was a minor power struggle over who would direct this encounter until finally he relented to HER pressure. I pounded against him, driving him fully into me, over and over again. Danny grabbed my breasts, playing with them and watching my ass roll and buck against him. Orgasms rolled on top of me one right after another and I gritted my teeth in concentration, not giving in until he came as well.

He took over then, driving himself fully and deeply into me with those last few strokes. Finally he jerked against me in completion, pouring so much into me that SHE couldn't soak it up fast enough. It dripped down my legs, mixed with the water from the shower and trickled down the drain.

"Baaaaby," was all he breathed as he held me close and kissed me. I smiled in satisfaction, knowing exactly what he meant in it's entirety. "You're welcome."

I Know he doesn't think we are done with him yet, SHE told me emphatically.


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