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Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Present

"I have a present for you," I whispered temptingly as I kissed him full on the lips. "Stay right there," I ordered, grabbing my overnight bag and heading to the bathroom behind a firmly locked door. I took my time, slinking into a sexy lingerie outfit that I had just purchased that day. There was the lacy top to which I added my tiniest, laciest black thongs. I put the stockings on with great anticipation. I could feel my pussy already getting wet. I put everything together, added sexy fuck me heels and his favorite chain that I had found on my night stand on Sunday. I even had the gloves and diamond bracelet. I looked exactly like her, except I was hotter, more bootylicious and more willing to fuck his brains out.

Taking a deep breath, I sauntered out of the room, leaving little room to the imagination exactly what I wanted from him. My hands stayed at my sides, chest and butt thrust provocatively out and I licked my lips slowly.

The soft breath of air expelled and the admiring glint in his eye was all the encouragement I needed. I sashayed into the room with a saucy smile and piroutted right before him. "Do you like it?" I asked, knowing his answer just from looking at his cock slowly rising to full stance. His hazel eyes were intensely gazing at me, like I was a priceless jewel that he had just discovered. He still hadn't moved from the position as he kept drinking me in with his eyes.

"Wow," he finally breathed, reaching forward to touch my derriere gingerly with his long fingers --then firmer, squeezing the globules as if testing it for it's plumpness. I wriggled in front of him, enticing him, tempting him and eased myself on the bed, sticking my booty full in his face. His cock waggled up and down for me, and I took direction from him, ripping off his boxers with silk clad fingers. I devoured him instantly, wasting no time for niceties, just taking him full into my mouth with one long, easy lick, wetting his member and sucking him deeply.

He moaned and watched me, caught by the scene of this sexy siren seducing him. The silk made everything feel different and I realised that he sensed the difference as well. It was softer, and glided more easily and I pressed one hand and skimmed it over his body, enjoying the effect. His cock increased quickly and this spurred me on and I slathered, sucked and licked him to my hearts content. He tried to stop me once and rose to sitting position, telling me that he wanted to fuck me but I pushed him back with my head forcefully and glared at him. He backed off, laying back like a sacrifice and I continued in my endeavors, kept showing him some cock love until he was writhing under my attentions. He bucked under me restlessly, driving himself deeper and deeper into my mouth. I smiled then, a huge one, knowing that I was driving him insane with desire and loving every single minute of it. He didn't say anything, but his eyes darkened slightly, promising me with one look that I was in for it.

I decided to ignore him, and kept deep-throating him with good intent, until my eyes were smarting and I was almost gagging with the effort. I relaxed against him, savoring every single drop that his cock rewarded me with and kept sucking and licking, tasting and pleasuring him with my lips and tongue. I could feel his cock jerking in my mouth and realised that he was going to cum within a few seconds. He did as well and wasn't going to go out like that. With a burst of energy, he wrenched himself out of me, getting out of bed in the same move. I was caught with a burst of laughter and eased towards him to continue my efforts but he had other things in mind. He flipped me and pushed me on the bed, leaving my derriere right in front of him, sticking in the air.

He looked at our reflection in the mirror, him grabbing my ass and the provocative pose we displayed. He bent down and kissed me then, slow, wet, butterfly kisses all over my rump, on the exposed flesh that the lacy thong didn't cover. With unhurried fingers, he pushed my thong over, licking my crevices deeply with his tongue, replacing the lace with the heat of his lips and mouth effortlessly. The heat of his mouth caused tiny frissions of energy surging through my body. I squirmed against him, seething with desire, wanting more and yet wanting to make this bewitching moment to last forever.

He then trailed his mouth and fingers to my pussy, called by her wetness. With his head cocked to one side, he looked at my pussy, as if having a telepathic conversation with her. I could feel a drop of juice slip out of her walls and down my skin and he caught it with his tongue, responding to the invitation. I moaned deeply, realizing that the roles had once again been changed, the seducer becoming the seduced. He licked my inner and outer walls, savoring my pussy as if he hadn't just tasted it a couple of days ago. SHE welcomed him instantly, opening up like a budding flower under his tender ministrations.

The position was driving me insane. I could see him in the mirror, yet couldn't participate. I longed to wrap my fingers through his hair and draw him closer to my body. I moaned deeply instead, grabbing the sheets with my silk clad fingers. He read my mind and with both hands brought me closer to him, leaving no space of air between us. His mouth kept working wonders on my pussy, pleasing HER immensely. I orgasmed slowly as he built up my passion, seeping cum everywhere and coating his face and goatee with it. He kept at it, making me cum again and again and only stopped when my thighs started quivering with the effort of remaining standing up.

He lifted my legs then, placing them on the bed, yet still keeping me kneeling in front of him. I could feel his hard cock pressing into my soft folds and he smiled as I did, enjoying the sensation of being joined again. The slickness of my pussy welcomed him and he pushed in further, slowly and with great deliberation, still gazing at our reflection in the mirror.

I brought my ass closer to his, riding his cock with a few powerful strokes, enjoying the fact that I was wearing a whole outfit, and still having access to fuck him. He thrust in me forcefully making me shiver with the onslaught of his desire. His hands started wandering all over my lace clad body, leaving no inch untouched by desire. We were both caught up in a symphony of our own making, surrounded by lace, silk and musk.

I could still taste him in my mouth and knew he could taste me as well. He slung his body closer to mine as I arched around and kissed me deeply, melding our mouths as fully as our bodies were melded. The second his tongue touched mine another orgasm hit me, causing me to cry out loudly. He smiled and continued harder and harder, riding my orgasm with me into another and another, leaving me unable to think, unable to breathe, unable to do anything except enjoy the wonderful sensations that were coursing through me.

The pre-cursors of my seventh orgasm made HER tighten around him with a force that couldn't be denied. I nodded at him, unable to talk at this point and closed my eyes, taking the wave together. He stayed in me a few moments, savoring the warm slickness and we clung to each other, relishing the significance of the instant, being totally replete and do nothing more than float back to earth together.

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