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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Anniversary Love Play

We broke character for almost at the same time. Danny seemed to be reading my mind. I wanted to make love to him as me tonight of all nights--because tonight was a special night. We came together instantly, as if pulled by a magnetic force and started to kiss. He kissed me deeply, soulfully, melding his tongue with mine, lighting my fire with just one kiss. My hands found themselves laced in his hair, drawing him closer, thrusting my groin provocatively against his. He groaned low in his throat and lowered me on the bed.

Danny started kissing my breasts then, suckling each one deeply, playing with my nipples until they were tightly beaded. My bra and shirt got pushed aside and in seconds he had divested me of everything else but the red thong panties that I was wearing. I returned the action, taking off all his clothes. His cock leaned out at me, gleaming like a marble sculpture in the dim light of the room.

I started kissing him then, everywhere. Giving him pleasure as tiny whips of lightening raced across his body. I took him into my mouth slowly, sticking my ass in his face, and he could see my mouth and butt at the same time. The red thong tormented him, the straps having slipped sexily into the recesses of my butt. He peeled off the center strap with a finger and worked his finger into my crevices, seeking to give me as much pleasure as he was getting.

The moment he touched me, he could tell that I was slick, wet and hot. I continued sucking him, taking him fully into my mouth and back out again, nice and slow, deep just the way he likes it. The only sound in the room was the sounds of beautiful lovemaking. Danny pressed his finger through my slick folds, seeking my clitoris with the accuracy of an arrow. He started playing with it, flicking back and forth and causing more tendrils of fire to seep to my core.

I tried to concentrate on sucking him whole heartedly but the moment he lifted himself and licked my pussy, it was so over. Desire blinded my eyes and all I could think of as he licked me over and over again was how much I wanted him. His tongue and lips played havoc with my senses and the only reason I could still suck him was beacuse it was a motion that I had grown used to. I gripped his balls with one hand, trying to drive him to distraction the same way he was driving me but couldn't achieve it.

He returned the motion, playing with my clitoris, sticking a finger in my pussy and licking me in all my innermost places. He licked me over and over again, causing me to cry out. My first orgasm hit me with the full force of a tympani. Tiny frissions of kinetic energy surrounded me and I leaned all the way back, sticking my pussy full into his face. He responded by licking me more, over and over again until I had coated him in warm pussy juice and screamed in another ecstatic release. "I need you inside," I ordered harshly.

He gazed at me with his obsidian eyes and flipped me, gripping my legs fiercely. With one solid push, he thrust himself in me all the way to the hilt. "Mmmm". My pussy welcomed him like he was just come home from a long war and he stayed there for a few seconds, savoring the warm depths.

If I thought that was pleasurable, the moment he moved brought me further into ecstasy. Within 4 thrusts I had already cum again, coating his cock with more of my essence. He pounded me slowly, gradually building momentum. It was a good thing that I was in a hotel room because I couldn't hold back the screams of pleasure that kept building up inside me. "I love you, I love you," I kept repeating over and over again and my pussy gripped him tighter. He stopped for a few seconds and I urged him to keep moving, thrusting my hips in his direction.

"Don't move. Don't fuckin' move," he ground out. I smiled, pleased that he was as overheated as I was. I purposefully disobeyed his instructions, wondering if I really could push him to the brink. My pussy clenched around him hotly in a tight vise and he ground his teeth, then pulled out of me ferociously. He leaped out of bed and paced the room trying to cool himself down. I sent him a smile and he smiled back, knowing fully well that I had intentionally tried to make him cum. I licked my lips and urged him back to bed.

The glint in his eye should have warned me that I was in for some payback. Burying his head in my neck, he bent my legs on his chest and entered me again. He licked and nuzzled me, kissing my body over and over again as he surrounded me with his warmth, his smell, his touch. Within seconds I was an incoherant mass of ecstasy. He stroked me deeply, plunging himself into me with wild abandon.

We were both in the moment, caught up in the rhythm of our desire. Our bodies were joined in every single way possible, slick with sweat and still he continued pounding. I kept moaning and moaning, over and over again as orgasm upon orgasm crashed upon me in a beautiful, stunning crescendo.

He shifted himself in me, doing a full revolution while still slowly thrusting. My pussy was on fire, searing my whole body and every different angle of penetration still managed to yield me more pleasure. I don't remember when I started begging him, pleading with him that I couldn't take another orgasm.

He pulled out and readjusted me, hitting it from the back, proving to me that yes, I could take another, and another and another. Finally, after my heart must have died a thousand times from the ecstasy, he released his essence deep inside me, filling me with his love and heat.

"Amazing," I breathed as I kissed his sweat laced brow. "You are," he replied, nuzzling me and snuggling closer.

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