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Saturday, August 26, 2006


When we got to our room, I sat on the bed, still deeply wrapped in my own thoughts and revelations. Danny sat across from me on the loveseat, staring me down as if to read my mind. "You've got to believe me. I can't make you believe me. But if you don't, then this will always come up between us," he said slowly. I nodded my head, knowing that he was right, and yet I knew instinctively that old habits die hard.

"Come here," he beckoned in his deep baritone. I obeyed slowly, knowing that my acceptance of that one command was more than just the words. It was me showing my acceptance of him, of us. With four steps I was close to him, and he drew me closer, sitting with me in his lap. He held me and kissed me slowly, promising me that I would be safe. That my heart would be safe.

For some reason, from that moment on---I believed him. Like actually, truly believed. Ti amerĂ² per sempre e voglio restare insieme a te tutta la vita.


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