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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

In Sickness, and Health

I woke up a couple of hours in excruciating pain. My meds had worn off, so the pain was back in full force. I must have slept through the earlier part of it....damn, damn, damn! "Shit," I hissed under my breath, getting out of Danny's embrace and reaching for some pain relief.

He woke up as soon as I moved and gazed at me quizzically. Without a word, he got up and passed me the meds, doling them out like a nurse might and even going to the kitchen to get some water. By the time he came back to the room, I had scuttled under the covers, trying to get warm. He laid back beside me, gingerly putting his arms around me, making sure that he didn't jar anything or come in contact with an achy joint.

I buried my head in his arm, willing the pain to go away, and trying to hold back tears at the same time. I didn't want Danny to know the level of my anguish. I wanted him to go back to sleep---he had work early the next morning and it was late enough already. "I'm okay babe...just waiting for the pills to kick in. Just go to sleep," I manage to reply him in a normal tone as I turned away from him, screaming inwardly in despair.

He didn't buy it for a second. He cradled me closer, wrapping me up in his warmth and talked to me gently, giving me something to focus on besides the pain. He wrapped my fingers in his and told me to squeeze tightly if it hurt too much and told me that I shouldn't hold back anything because he was there. He calmed me, soothingly, gently and tenderly and I was able to focus on his words, the lovely cadence of his voice, as he talked about how glad we were moving in together and all the things we would do together.

By the time the meds kicked in, I was already asleep, warmed by his wonderful heat and soothed by his comforting tone.

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