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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I was fast asleep when he got here, having given up the vigil to the pain and wonderful drugs that were in my system. I thought I was dreaming at first...when I felt warm kisses on my cheek, brow and lips. His scent surrounded me, and even though my dreams are tactile, they are rarely surrounded with the sense of smell. I opened my eyes slowly and got to watch him kiss me on my neck and shoulders.

The room was dark, lit only by a small lamp, and it pooled towards his presence, illuminating him perfectly. I could see from the wrinkles on his brow that he was tired, and from the haunted look in his eyes that he was as emotionally worn as I suspected. That alone melted whatever little ire I had in my heart.

"Hi baby," I said softly, burying my hands in his hair and drawing him close. I kissed him slowly, trying to imbue him with some comfort. "Te amo bellisima," he replied as he returned the kiss. I slid over and let him share the tiny bed with me, adjusting my body to lie right next to his. He wrapped me in his arms tenderly, cradling my head, surrounding me with such luscious warmth that whatever pains I had gently eased to a low throb. I listened to his heart beating, and his every breath as he played with my hair.

Neither of us said anything, nothing needed to be said. He was here. With me. And I was here with him. No matter what had happened or what was going to happen, our world was at peace.

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