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Monday, August 14, 2006


After the scene we curled up in bed and talked for a bit. He rubbed my arms and kissed me, in an attempt to erase whatever pain his earlier touch might have caused. "That was almost too fun," I stated, rehashing the events.

"I couldn't hold character once you were in me, all I could think was...Danny's fucking me," I told him, explaining my total acceptance of Tom's lovemaking. "Yeah, it looked like you were enjoying it. You even had multiple orgasms!" he agreed.

Well yeah, that's some grade A Cock...what did you expect, SHE replied, tightening in me.

"Is it wierd that I am jealous of myself? I got mad that you were enjoying me fucking you even though it was me but then not really me," he asked, telling me why he had reacted so violently to killing the rapist deader than dead.

"Yes. You are wierd."

"At least I didn't break character like some people we know," he replied quickly.

" did. What the hell kind of rapist says 'I just want to make you happy?' That was all you and you know it!" I teased, wrapping my hands through his hair. He agreed to that little faux pas. All in all, we had to agree, it was a mindblowing experience. We are soooo crazy!

"Now it's time for one of my fantasies," I told him.

The Skit: He's a job interviewee trying to get a job at a Fortune 500 company. I'm his potential employer personally screening all my applicants.

We put our clothes back on and I told him that he couldn't use the name of Tom. "I can't even imagine fucking a guy named Tom---it's so boring!" I exclaimed.

"Well give me whatever name you want," he said as he got fully dressed and headed back to the doorway.

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