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Friday, August 11, 2006

Public Displays of Affection

By the time I got to Danny's job, it was almost time for his lunch. I strolled into the store, smiling at the staff and made my way to where Danny was ringing up a customer. His eyes nearly boggled out of his head. I gave him a sultry smile and ambled over to a keyboard, playing La Cucaracha until he was finished up with his customer. His co-workers were all staring at me, but noone approached me, as if they sensed that I was waiting for him exclusively. "Hey baby," he stated, "Did you want to buy a keyboard?"

I leaned closer and inhaled his cologne. Mmmmm. "I came to take my boyfriend to lunch," I whispered huskily.

"I'm going to clock out--be right back," he told me quickly as he stomped to one of the backrooms. Feeling the intense stares of his coworkers, I strutted my hot self out to the street and decided to purchase some breath mints from a nearby vendor. There just happened to be 2 guys there talking to the Candyman, and I passed him a dollar and choose my Tictacs. Danny called me on the cell then, he was standing outside the store and wondering where I was.

Staying on the cell phone, I strutted over to him, pausing for a second to gaze at him in the bright sunlight. He is actually so damn hot! I could tell from his gaze that he was thinking the same thing as well. As soon as he was in grabbing distance, I leaned in and kissed him.

We kissed for several minutes, uncaring who could see us. I hugged him and he had his hands on my butt. I could fell his cock surging and swelling pressed against my apex and SHE trembled in response. Hot damn!

"Perhaps we should take this somewhere more private," he told me as he escorted me to the car. He had his hand around my waist and I drew him closer, savoring in his presence. I'd really missed him. ALOT!

We get to the car and I couldn't help but plant another kiss on him. I leaned him against the car, thrusting my hips provocatively against him and rubbing his cock against my body. This kiss was more feral, more passionate and further fueled our desire. He groaned, nestling his lips in my neck while I kissed his throat, behind his ears and ran my fingers through his hair. After a few minutes he broke the embrace, walking me to my side of the car.

"Quizno's?" he asked even though he already knew the answer.

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