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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Main Course

After toweling off we headed to the large king size bed. Danny pulled his boxers back on and climbed into bed. I took out a bottle of lotion and started moisturizing my body. He watched me silently, with half lidded eyes, gazing at the luminous hue of my skin against the backdrop of the dim light.

"You are so beautiful,"he said admiringly. The tenderness on his face grabbed my heart and squeezed it tight. I glowed, preening like a peacock. Daniel knows how utterly vain I am, and that I don't need compliments---I compliment myself quite often. In fact, it's a trait that we both share, confidant in our hotness. He still does compliment me and I still smile every time he does. He kept watching me, not making a move to come closer, just acutely gazing like a voyeur might.

I rubbed the lotion slowly, suggestively over my breasts, my stomach, my butt. I lifted my leg unto the bed so that my pussy was staring at him in the face as I moisturized my thighs and legs. I could see him getting harder with my sensual movements and he offered me a sensual smile.

Oh yeah baby, that's more like it. Don't you DARE get tired on us now---it's going to be a long ass night, SHE said.

I headed over to him, kissing him quite slowly. His hands gripped my butt tightly and a twirled my tongue with his. A promise. Of many things to come. I started kissing him all over then, making my way slowly down his body. I could tell from his moans that my light kisses and touch was making him wild.

Opening his legs, I knelt between them, slowly savoring his sac and pubes. I trailed one finger over his nipple as my lips slowly closed over the tip of his penis. He jerked under my ministrations, wanting more and yet willing to go at my pace. Slowly---ever so slowly I suckled him. Gone was the passionate fervor that had accompanied our first session, this one was definitely slower, more sensual, more deliberate. I laved him and licked him, taking him deeply into my mouth. I worshipped his cock, loving every single inch of it. With every slow lick he would moan, clutching his hands holding up my hair. I shot him a totally possessive look and laved his tip again, wetting my mouth and lips with his precum.

I sucked him for several minutes, taking my time, refusing to pick up the speed. I had other things in mind. His cock kept getting harder and harder and this thrilled me even more. He bucked against me, driving himself further in my mouth and I gamefully took as much as I could. I kept moving my head, deepthroating him even further and he started talking dirty to me, telling me all the freaky shit he was going to do to me. You know SHE was happy at hearing that.

A few moments after that I brought him to the peak of orgasm, knowing that one more lick would drive him over the edge.

And stopped.

He expelled a harsh breath of air, waiting for my next move, sensing that I wasn't about to leave him hanging. I had other plans however. "Turn around," I ordered. He obeyed me with alacrity and I smiled. I so love to be in control.

I started kissing the back of his neck, taking little nips and licks as well. He responded to every single time my mouth came in contact with his skin with a moan with drove me further. I kissed his back, his sides and even the tender flesh on his bum. My warm breath against his skin sent all those sensitive nerve endings all a twitter. I followed the crease of his backside, ignoring my earlier compunction.

My tongue was the first part to encounter this new entity. His appreciative moans gave me the drive I needed to continue. I started kissing him and licking him there, envisioning how every single time he ate my pussy what he must have been doing and how it felt. I totally forgot everything, just followed his responses to finding what worked. Once again it was my unhurried pace. I licked him everywhere, and varied with nips and touches. I even flipped him on his side and ate him out while I pumped his cock with my hand.

He was in total ecstasy. I could tell from the harsh breaths he kept taking and his moans. He wasn't even talking~~at all, that was another clue that he was totally into it. I must have kept at it for a solid 10 minutes, not even breaking a sweat. Finally I flipped him back to his front. I was ready for some more cock dammit!

I eagerly took him back into my mouth, seamlessly picking up right where I had left off. The short hiatus hadn't softened his cock any--in fact, he was just as hard as I had left it. "I need to be inside your pussy right now," he growled low in his throat.

I ignored him and took him deeper, playing with his balls in one hand and his nipple with the other. I was having way too much fun with his cock. I had been denied of regular access for close to 2 weeks, so I was going to imbibe to my heart's content. He was holding on to control with sheer force of will, mainly to please me. I kept licking, sucking and stroking him with my tongue, watching the emotions play across his face. Passion. Desire. Need. Want. Ecstasy.

"Please," he said several minutes later. That one word convinced me like nothing else could have. I slowly got up from my knees after giving him one last long lick. He stared at me intently, eyes promising retribution. Uh-oh.

My panties were off the very next second. He knew I was wet just from the juices that had been dripping from my pussy while I was cock-loving him. My legs opened willingly and he thrust into me in one powerful, long stroke.

Oh.My.God. This must be what heaven feels like. My pussy closed around him, welcoming him into it's warm, moist depths. The hollowness that I'd been dragging around for weeks finally abated. He gave me a grin, as if reading my thoughts. "I've missed this," we both said simultaneously. Then we broke out in laughter.

He pulled out and pressed in again, stroking my fires as expertly as he always does. It was heavenly. Within 5 strokes I was having my first orgasm. He didn't even slow down, just kept thrusting into me, deep, hard, pulsating. My heart started pounding fiercely. I know I was saying stuff but most of it must have been incoherent. The pleasure was just so intense. There was so much power and strength in each stroke, yet mingled with gentleness & tenderness. He held my gaze, my right hand entwined in his and kept stroking me, over and over again.

I started orgasming in multiples, one right on top of another. He didn't even have to change positions, he just varied the speed and intensity as if he could read my mind. Around my fifth orgasm I remember screaming, locking my nails in the back of his neck. He had to pry my fingers loose, and yet didn't even break his rhythm (he has scars on the back of his neck to prove it.)

Tears pricked my eyelids as he kissed me, masterfully and devouring, taking me in every single way he could. He was in me, on me, around me, claiming me as only my best lover could. Six. Seven. Eight. He was smiling watching me in the throes of orgasms on top of orgasms. I thought I would definitely die if I had another one. I begged him to stop, telling him that I couldn't take anymore. "You started this," he growled raggedly.

Don't you dare stop! SHE said, clenching tighter around him. He ignored me and listened to my pussy instead and pounded fiercer, ripping me in ultimate ecstasy. I let out a keening cry as my thighs trembled, and with a deep groan he released deep inside me.

We lay together in a tangled mass of limbs, both panting as our bodies continued to shiver and spasm. My hand got entranced in his curls, the only part of my body that I could move. "That was amazing," I said slowly, taking a deep breath.

"Twice in an hour? Girl u crazy!" he stated with a smile. "Top 10?"

"Top 3, definitely," I rated with a smile. He smiled back and talked to me for a bit, telling me how wonderful I was. "You have totally erased every single memory that I might have had of any other encounters with any other woman. I don't even know how I could think sex was great until I met you. You are amazing," he stated.

I do so love an eloquent man. I told him he was pretty amazing as well. "I love you," I continued, wrapping his arm around me. "Ti amo di piu," he whispered, kissing my brow.


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