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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Morning Play

We ended up sleeping for several hours, both of us exhausted from our exertions. The next morning when I woke up, Danny was already awake and gazing at me. He had been kissing my face and I did wake up but rolled over to get more sleep. He wouldn't leave me be however and kept at it until I finally woke up.

Damn morning people!

He had a noon appointment with a client and had to drop me off at home before then. I headed to the showers very disgruntled but perked up when he joined me. We lathered and soaped each other and I even shaved his chest for him. For some reason we were both moving slowly like we had all the time in the world.

After the shower I take my lotion but he grabs it from me, insisting that he was going to apply the moisturizer today. He did---slowly, in an identical replica of the way I did it the way before...but slower. His touch sent coils of heat pooling in my belly and my breathe got slower.

He kissed me then, slowly, langurously, savoring my mouth. My lips were bruised from last night but I eagerly accepted his kisses. He moved lower to my breasts then, savoring each one like a long lost orphan child. His touch was electric, leaving me panting for more. I ran my fingers through his lustrous curls and touched the back of his neck, where my nails had scored him the day before. "Battle wounds," he said with a smile, returning to his quest of leaving me in a limpid pool of desire.

It didn't take long for me to get impatient....I wanted to feel his cock in me dammit! With jerky fingers I grabbed his cock and positioned just where I wanted it. Seconds later he claimed me, taking me right where all his tender kisses had promised. I thought I would be sore, or maybe my pussy would be really insensitive because of the demands of the night before but SHE trooped right along with me, cresting each orgasmic wave like a pro.

Three was my limit this morning and then I had to tear my body from his as pleasure spasms wracked all over me. My thighs were quaking, my pussy clenching and I caught my breath in harsh gasps.

He kissed me, over and over again, knowing that I was over-sensitized and yet unwilling to let go of my body. A few minutes later I got up on my knees, arching my back to him and sticking my butt in his face. Oh yeah, he knew what time it was. He entered me slowly from the back, doggy style, hitting my g spot effortlessly, sending me orgasming within minutes later. I jutted my bottom further out, knowing it was enticing him, daring him to take the plunge with me.

Danny stopped holding back and started pounding into me, throbbing, harder, filling me, his balls slapping rhythmically against my ass. Damn, it felt so good. I came hard again, and moments later he joined me, as lost in the music of our own making as I was.

"Dayum girl. I can't believe you dick-slayed me with that platinum pussy," he raggedly said as he collapsed beside me.

Damn skippy you better believe it, SHE said.

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