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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Appetizer

When we got to our room, I headed straight for the showers. I felt so icky and wanted a refreshing cool shower. Moments later Danny chucked his clothes and joined me. I lathered us both up, taking care to wash all necessary bits with extra care. I rinsed off and was about to step out when Danny started kissing me.

His tongue mingled with mine and I leaned closer to him. He started kissing my neck then, water sluicing gently over our bodies. His hard length pressed against my belly and I grabbed his cock, realizing that I hadn't felt it in a looooooong time. I rubbed him against my pussy, delighting in the feel of his tip against my vaginal lips.

"Baby, I want you now," he groaned. I shot him a smile and stood on my tippy toes, allowing him into my entrance. He pushed in slowly, savoring each incredible inch and grabbed my ass with his hands, urging me closer. The slickness of the water and soap between our bodies was so sexy and we slide together seamlessly.

He kissed me, holding my gaze with his and he fucked me ever so slowly. My first orgasm rocked me, I had almost forgotten how good it was. He surged on, burying himself to the hilt and slowly drawing out again, knowing that the tender motions were fueling my passion. I clung tightly to him, my hands tightening sporadically on the muscles of his back. The water poured on, cooling the heat that we were creating.

He lifted my right leg up and dove deeper, causing me to scream out in ecstasy. My second shook me to the core, leaving me a quivering mass. Danny pulled out then, turning me around and entering me from the back. Damn, he felt so good. He thrust faster then, as if he couldn't get enough of my body, every forceful stroke pounding pleasure within me.

"I missed this. I missed you," I said harshly as I stuck my ass out further, enticing him more. His cock lanced me with pleasure and we were both caught up in the flames of our own making. I came again and the water sloshed around us, cleaning and purifying at the same time. I turned towards him, kneeling between his legs and taking him into my mouth.

I licked and teased him from base to head, reveling in his response. He groaned, feeding himself to me. I took every inch eagerly, savoring my cock love that I had missed. I licked and played with him, following every bead of water with a warm lick of my tongue. I took my time, unhurried, satisfying and showing him a glimpse of heaven at the same time. He rewarded my efforts, actually shooting cum all over the place. I leaned back on my heels, enjoying the warm drops spilling on my body and then getting washed off by the relentless streams of water.

" got me," he said. I could tell that he was grousing that he came too early (anything under 1 hour/me 5 orgasms is early in Danny's book). I smiled at him, reveling in the control that I had unleashed.

I hope he doesn't think WE are done with him yet, SHE said clenching her walls in response.

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