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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Birthday Bliss

Danny ended up having the day after his birthday off from work so we made plans to see each other. He came and picked me up, met my old lady and then we took off. We ended up in this lovely restaurant by the waterside where I had made reservations the night before. Dinner was lovely, and we devoured each other with our eyes as we did the meal. You could tell by the looks we were sending across the table, the touches and the sighs that neither of us could wait for the meal to be over with.

After dinner we headed to check on my old lady before I turned in for the night. Danny had gotten a hotel room close to my job and we checked in. Moments later we were both fully naked and tumbling into the sheets, not wasting any time to start our rendezvous.

It's been a week since we'd been intimate with each other and we were both just fiery and passionate. My head swelled with the ecstasy of his touch. For once we were in one accord and he didn't waste anytime, just sliding deeply into me with one forceful thrust. His muscles rippled beneath my fingers as he gazed at me, filling me completely. He entered me again completely, strong and powerful, intent on quenching the thirst that we had for each other.

Within moments I was screaming his name over and over again, clutching him wildly as he took me with such tenderness and ferocity. The combination drove me over the edge over and over again as he kissed me then, masterful and devouring, completely driving every single thought from my head. The passion was intense, with him full and throbbing in my pussy and me wanting even more.

Orgasm upon orgasm ripped through me and I thought that I was going to pass out. Finally, when he sensed that I could take no more, he spent himself inside me. We clung to each other, fully satisfied and yet craving the intimacy. "Thank you," he whispered in my ear as I floated off to sleep.

No Danny....thank you!

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