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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Tonight he came by again. He had no extra business after work, so he wanted to take me out somewhere nice. With excitement, I got dressed up for the first time in weeks and was impatiently waiting by the time he got here.

He was looking utterly delicious as usual. As I leaned in for a kiss, the spicy scent of his cologne wrapped around me. I smiled, I couldn't help it. This was Danny. My Danny.

"Where are we going?" I asked him as he settled me into the car. "You'll like it, I promise," he replied, smoothly pulling into the street. I was on tenterhooks, dying to know yet not wanting to spoil the surprise.

"Is it Indian? Olive Garden?" I finally asked.

He gave me a crooked smile. "Relax, enjoy the ride. It's no where we've ever been before," he promised. We started talking then, about our respective days. "I read Dream Lover at work today," he told me. (I had emailed it to him) "I was hard in 20 words. I can't be reading your stories at work anymore!" he grimaced.

I smiled, picturing the moment. Him checking is email during his lunch break at work, spying an email from me that was intended to titillate. I'm sure that his cock must have rose to at least half mast, and just the fact that my words could do that thrilled me.

After about 20 minutes we got to the City and he drove us around. We parked in the North District where the restaurant was located. I was planning to be impressed, after all, we've been to North District before.

The foyer of the restaurant drew my attention. It was warm and welcoming, all the tables filled to capacity, busy waiters scurrying around. Danny spoke in Italian to the waiter and instantly got us a table in the back of the room where it was more secluded and less noisy. The ambiance was very romantic, and I could imagine lots of lovers choosing this spot as a start to their evening. There were large murals painted on the walls, murals of fine Italian art. I easily identified replications of the works of Bonticelli, Donatello Michelangelo, Da Vinci and Matisse. In addition, in each enclave and on pillars throughout the banquet room there were fine sculptures from the same era. It was a veritable Renaissance collection that if they were the originals would have rivalled anything found in the Louvre!

Danny spoke to the waiter again and ordered an appetizer, an Italian delicacy called Caprese (i think that's the spelling!). It's mozzarella cheese on fresh cold tomatoes and it was absolutely delicious. Whilst we were eating, the host that seated us came over and played on the violin. He played a haunting melody that reminded me of the violinists in the canals of Venice. I was totally enraptured.

Our meal was delicious and the service was impeccible. We ended up staying there for close to two hours, just talking, taking slow, savory bites, feeding each other, kissing and laughing. The evening took a different bend from then on, it was like we dropped all our cares and worries and the vibe was so warm and pleasant.

I even slipped my shoes off under the table and played footsies with him. Actually, being that I wasn't even playing with his foot, it couldn't be called footsies. I kept my enchanting, seductive smile on my face, knowing from the force of his arousal the full effect that I was having on him. We ended up leaving, not because we were done with the setting, but because if we had stayed a moment longer I'm sure that Danny would have been all over me, regardless of who was watching.

We took a short drive through the hills and found ourselves on this hill that overlooked the city. After parking, we headed over the edge, Danny trying not to look down (slight case of acrophobia) while I was simply too wrapped up in the scenic views to care. There was a slight breeze in the air which succeeded slightly in tamping down our ardor, but even I knew that we weren't cooled, it was merely temporarily leashed. We kissed for long moments on the hill, savoring each other as if we hadn't kissed in ages. I held on to him for dear life, fearing that if I let go he would slip away....forever.

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