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Monday, June 19, 2006

SHE Takes Control

As he was kissing my breast I ran my fingers through his hair. His head came up slowly, his lips slightly reddened from the kissing. "This is really hard for me," he said harshly as he withdrew his body from mine and stood up.

No, don't go! my body protested. My nipples had puckered up within seconds of being in his presence and they stayed that way, pointy beacons through my thin shirt. I rubbed my right leg (the main source of my pain) in consternation. We both knew what the deal was. The right thing to do of course, would be to abstain from any encounters that would further hurt me. After all, having a crises is a painful thing, and he would rather I got better than anything else. But I was so damn horny too!

"I don't wish to cause you any pain," he told me as he paced around me bed. "It's just so hard because I want you every time I see you," he continued, trashing the remnants of our minner. I smiled at him, a smile that was full of intention, unspoken words of invitation. "My pills have kicked in sweetie. I'm sure a little necking wouldn't be amiss," I told him. Of course, I had a WHOLE lot on my mind besides making out, but I didn't want to alarm him.

He sat on the right side of the bed. "Just make sure that I don't move my right leg, ok?" I told him as I kissed him deeply. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me back, a kiss of possession, of desire, of intent. I nipped his lips, then sent my tongue into the wicked foray of its own. With a groan he deepened the kiss, matching the movements of my tongue with his, totally lost in the contact. I trailed my hands and fingers across his back, then moved to his chest and abs. I could feel the bulge of his arousal against my belly and I knew that he was keeping himself in fierce check. But SHE was having none of that.

I started kissing his neck, the sensitive spot behind his ears and moving downwards to his throat. He groaned, reveling in the caress. My lips and tongue traced the path that my hands had initiated and I kissed him everywhere I could, leaving love bites on his taut flesh. He gripped me tightly, torn between his desire for me and his desire to cause me no pain.

"Stand up," I commanded as I finally tore my lips from his skin. He obliged and I slid his boxers down, all the way to the floor. His cock was firm and hard in my grasp, springing free of the thin material and inviting me. Mmmmm.

I kissed all around his pubes, lavishing attention on every single bit of flesh that comprised of him. He stared at me with that passionate gaze, giving me the charge of his body. I started licking his cock then, slow licks that were merely to tease him than anything else. They worked. Within seconds his desire was as much (if not as more) than mine. I sucked him properly then, taking him in slow and deep, one excruciatingly precise inch at a time. He loved this intense parlay between my mouth and his cock. He got bigger with each second and this further spurred my efforts. I laved him softly at first, my hands wreaking havoc with his body. There were a few spots that I had discovered in my last quest, and I played his body like a virtuoso on the strings.
He couldn't help himself, couldn't pull back from my ministrations. Technically, he wasn't causing me harm anyway so I don't know why he was stressing. He watched me, with his eyes so opaque in the light, caught up in this music of my own making as I was.

His fingers sought my pussy and he started stroking my clit, purposeful strokes that lit a fire of their own. I was wet and pliant, and he stroked my heat, leading me to a climax that rocked me. I had to jerk away from his cock, fearing that in my orgasm I would hurt him but still he didn't cease. I kept one hand on him and returned to my activity, trying to ignore the embers that he just kept stroking. The only sounds heard were our dual moans, lost in pleasuring each other. "I want to be inside you," he told me raggedly.

"Then you shall," I whispered to his cock. He got on the bed and took my panties off with infinite carefulness. "I'm not that fragile you know!" I protested but he ignored. He lay be back, tucking another pillow to anchor my right leg and then teased me with his cock at my entrance. I was beyond ready, my wet panties a testament to that. "Please," I begged him, "Now," I ordered in the same breath.

He obliged me then, entering me with such gentleness and care that I felt like I was drawn on a wire. My breath caught in my throat and I savored the contact. He placed all his body weight solely on his arms, not wanting to put anything on me. My walls clasped around him in welcome, and he stayed still for a few moments, letting me adjust to his size. Then he moved, slowly, which such intense concentration that it nearly brought tears to my eyes. Enough with the porcelain doll act already. Fuck me! SHE told him. SHE clenched around him, tighter and tighter, and I could tell that he was fighting the passion, fighting the desire. SHE wouldn't be denied however.

The first few strokes were gentle, but then SHE took over and he couldn't fight it any longer. His ardor increased as SHE directed him, and he moved faster, deeper, harder. I met him stroke for stroke, taking as much as he could give me and more. Forgetting the pain, forgetting the hurt, everything was eclipsed by this moment. I could barely breathe with the intensity of pleasure that his every stroke gave me. With a suddenness that surprised us both, my second orgasm rocked me. I cried out in exultation and remember scoring my nails against his arms. He continued with more forceful thrusts, in an unyielding rhythm, making me soar and soar, higher and higher. He quickened his strokes, firing me up instantly into another orgasm. My thighs shook uncontrollably with passion and my pussy screamed with delight.

He groaned, caught between making me come more times and the effort that holding back was costing him. I saw his dilemma and immediately made the choice for him. "Come for me Aba," I invited, clenching my Kegels securely around his cock. He thrust harder and I grabbed his head, kissing him fervently, twirling my tongue all with his. The combination was enough to send him careening over the edge and he did, whispering my name over and over. His orgasm was long, and it rocked us both, as my pussy clenched him in response to every shot that he sent up my walls.

I placed a tender kiss on his brow and urged him to lay beside me. He clasped me tenderly in his arms. "Why did you make me? I wasn't done yet," he groused.

Oh really? Well neither was I, SHE stated. "Will you quit complaining?" I told both him and her. He muttered something noncommittal. Since when did 3 orgasms not become enough for you anyway? I asked her. SHE clenched in response, sending tingles up my spine. Since you introduced me to this fine, big specimen of masculinity. It will never be enough.



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