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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Catching Up

Five hours later, I opened my groggy eyes to see Danny at my side of the bed, scrounging through my nightstand. "I have a massive headache," he muttered as he looked for some Motrin. I was tempted to give him the 'good stuff', some of my Vicodin but resisted the urge knowing that he had to work. I got him some water and had him take 400mg of Motrin--the maximum he would take. He was very antsy and couldn't fall back asleep, he kept tossing the turning.

Cradling him in my arms for a change! I took over and asked him what was wrong. He told me that in addition to the headache, he had a back and shoulder ache as well. I diagnosed him as dehydrated, exhausted and suffering from a too high pillow (he sleeps with two!). I urged him to drink more water, which he steadfastly obeyed and then I flipped him over and gave him a deep tissue massage for his back, shoulders and neck. This eased the tension a bit and he relaxed.

We started talking about our summer plans. I'm going to see my mom when she comes to the country this summer for a week in July as well as going to my cousin's wedding in Chicago at the end of July. In addition my BFF Jade was flying to Hotelville to spend a whole week with me. Meanwhile, Danny got invited by his dad to rendezvous in Amsterdam for a seminar on Global Universality (or something like that). His dad is planning to fly him down there for about 4 days and Danny is totally psyched to go. I encouraged him to go, he needs a vacation.

Somehow I got into a fit of pique this morning and had this little tirade (don't even remember what it was about). Danny let me rave and then practically ordered me to come lay down by him. "I want to baby you---just like you've been babying me," he stated.

I obliged and lay on his shoulder, with one hand caressing my back and the other entwined in my hair. "How's your headache?" I asked him as he started nuzzling my neck. He didn't reply me just kept kissing and laving my neck over and over again, making me wet with anticipation. Guess it was better;)

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