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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Seventh Night

Last night marked the 7th night of our Sex Fast and even I was on tenterhooks and seething with tightly leashed passion. I was ready for some good loving.

Danny was totally on the same page with me. He didn't get out of work until 10pm and right after that he raced over. We ended up zapping to Taco Bell for some late night grub. He ordered the vegetarian Bell Grande, which he planned to share with me. I was going to throw a fit but decided against it. I didn't want to ruin the evening. Besides, I could eat meat on my own time if I was that carnivorous. I really think he's trying to turn me Veggie. I've been surrounded by Vegetarians all my life, my parents, sister, aunt & uncle and pretty much my extended family and a majority of my church members. So with that much influence, if I wasn't vegetarian already, it just pretty much means that I'm eating meat of my own free will. Sometimes you just need to choose your battles.

After minner (midnight dinner), I dragged him to my room. We talked for a while, I told him what my mom had said and we ran over our days. I had promised on the phone earlier to give him a foot massage and I put some music on, dimmed the lights and set to work. He totally was lovin' it, reveling in my masterful hands. I could see his eyes getting heavy and so I told him to totally relax. "It's ok if you fall asleep baby. Just make sure you make mad, wicked love to me in the morning," I told him.

He complied and within minutes he was fast asleep. I kept up the massage for about 15 more minutes, just loved running my hands all over his muscular thighs and legs. I had taken a nap earlier in the day and wasn't feeling so sleepy, so I left the room to read & blog for a bit.

About 2 hours later at 3am I finally crawled into bed. The room was kinda chilly but it was warm under the covers, and even warmer right up to him. I settled close to him and he turned over and spooned me automatically, without even waking up. His warm breath tickled my ear and his head rested heavily on my head but I reveled every sensation. He heated me quite easily, his warm flesh radiating and heating my frozen core. I wriggled my bottom against his pelvis, grinding it slowly but he didn't really stir. Realizing that his exhaustion was deeply steeped in five days of overworking and little sleep, I let him be. Finally, when I was warm I fell asleep myself, circled in the warm embrace of my love.

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