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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Nooner

After we had eaten our sandwiches, I swished some SoBe in my mouth considering the best way to break him out for a nookie. Should I wait till we got in the car? Should I have him park in a remote location and just have my way with him? Nah. Doing it in the car was old. I wanted something fresh. Something adventurous.

A patron leaving the washroom gave me an idea that I instantly seized on. Why not in the bathrooms? "Hey baby, can you do me a favor?" I said, giving him a look that was intended to garner attention. On his acquiescence I told him to count to 20 and meet me in the Men's Bathroom. "What?" his look told me that he didn't believe me. I repeated the instructions as I grabbed my purse and headed to the men's bathroom.

Quickly assessing the domain, I put my stuff on the shelf space and waited for him to come in. He turned the handle slowly and I dragged him in, locking the door behind me. I put some tissues on the floor, hiked up my dress and got down on my knees.

He gazed at me through sensually lidded eyes, unbelieving of this moment. It was hard for me to grasp as well, but I wanted his cock in my mouth right then and there and couldn't wait another second. With feverish fingers I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants, taking them all the way down to his knees.

Without any delay, I grabbed his already hard cock, caressed it for a few minutes, putting my face in his boxers and just inhaling the scent. Ummm, smells like my baby, just the way I like him. I pushed his cock through the hole in his boxers, gazing at it's beautiful form and licking the drop that was already forming at the tip.

I took it all in my mouth in one fell swoop, wasting no time with pleasantaries. He moaned then, unable to catch the sound. I murmured for him to be quiet and continued with my pleasure. I say my pleasure because it was probably more pleasurable for me than it was for him. I laved and licked, sucked and sucked, taking my time and yet knowing that in a few moments we could be discovered.

The thrill of danger fueled our passion and I continued intently, daring him not to cum for me. He grabbed the top of my dress then, messing with the laces as he tried to fondle my breasts. With one hand I swept the laces off, pushed my bra down and my boobs feel into his eager hands. He played with my nipples and I continued sucking, not letting my passion take hold. This was his moment and I wanted him to enjoy it.

At that thought I hiked my dress up higher, exposing my curvaceous bottom, with my red thong panties tantalizing his view further. I could see his obsidian eyes taking it all in, looking at my mouth on his cock, my pose, my butt arced in the air, my hard nipples standing at attention. I licked his balls, my eager mouth paying attention to every single inch of his member. I went back to his cock, taking him as far as I could go, slowly, tortuously and he loved every minute of it. He let himself go then, and I felt him jerk as he held his cock in his hand and tried to take it away from my face.

But I wouldn't be deterred. I kept sucking him, uncaring where the drops landed, just wanting to pleasure this man that I have come to adore. With a pent up moan that he couldn't expel he bent down and murmured my name, over and over again in a harsh voice.

"Are you ok?" he asked me when he was coming back from the seventh heaven of delight. I nodded that I was and he wet a napkin, wiping me face, my neck, my dress, and everywhere that his delight had been spilled. I accepted it all and finally got off my knees, straightening my dress as I did so.

"I can't believe you just did that," he told me as he gave me a luscious kiss. We washed up and straightened our clothes the best we could and then with another cocky smile I told him to meet me outside in 30 seconds. While I was in the bathroom I had taken my panties off and I put them in his pocket. "A souvenir of the first time we did it in public," I whispered.

He met me outside with a wicked smile. We walked to the car hand in hand and I smiled to myself like a cat that just swallowed the cream. Just reliving the moment made me feel like the queen of the universe. He kissed me again, slow, deep and passionate, as he raked his hands all over my body, uncaring of who was around. "I love you. I love you," he told me as he clasped me to him really tight. And I love you.

He could barely speak as he drove me to the metro station to drop me off. "I'm still having flashbacks," he told me. I let him savor the moment as I trailed my fingers through his hair. "You've officially claimed your crown. I don't think you can ever be beat. You are definitely the kinkiest and freakiest girl I have ever been with. What I thought was dynamite sex is really nothing compared to you. Thank you," he told me.

He's so expressive and has such a way with words. Well thanks for my crown honey. I'll be sure to keep it sizzling like this until the fat lady sings.

It's like I can't help myself. I'm addicted to him. Once I get around him, I want to touch him, kiss him, tease him, have him inside me. And he feels the same way. It's really idyllic to be with a man who's passion is the same as mine. It's like we fuel each other constantly, consistently. I'm never afraid to do whatever I want with him, and he can push the envelope just as much as I can. We both on the same level. It's heady and erotic. I love it.


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Pick Me Up....

I realized that I wouldn't see Danny for a few days. My pheromones were raging, missing him something fierce. He told me that he couldn't come by tonight because he didn't get off work until 1030pm that night and we both didn't want a repeat of what happened on Tuesday morning. I don't think he would have been able to keep his job if he was super late several days in a row.

Bella and I went to the gym and I told her that I would probably go see him for his lunch break. She encouraged the idea and that was all I needed. As soon as I got back from the gym, I took a shower, sprayed his favorite perfume, wore his favorite dress and gathered my stuff to go see him. I was planning to take public transportation (which would have taken me 2 hours) but my roomie decided to give me a ride ---very lovely of her.

We got there in record time. On days that he closes the office, he's usually there until 1030 so he takes the last lunch at 5. It was just past 3 which meant that I had a long wait ahead of me, however I didn't care.

He wasn't expecting to see me at all. As I walked into his job, the look he gave me said it all, total surprise. "Wow, fancy seeing you here," I said as I flirted with him over the countertop. I snagged his car keys and told him I would be waiting for him when he took his lunch. "Dont worry, take your time. I brought something to keep me company," I told him as I sashayed out.

I ended up chilling at a bookstore right by his office reading my book while I was waiting. He sent me a text message at 5, and then there I was, ready, willing and able to dazzle him. I let him take the steering wheel but couldn't resist kissing him. It was a kiss of passion, of smouldering fires, one that signaled great things to come. "Don't come to my job and give me kisses like that honey....I have to go back to work in an hour!" he groused. I couldn't help but give him an impish smile.

We flirted as we drove to Quizno's, deliberating using words to bait each other. Not knowing how far I was going to take this little flirtation gave him some pause.

He didn't know I was going to take it very, very far.

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Saturday, May 27, 2006


Somehow Danny managed to talk his dad into giving him the money that he was going to use to fly him and Junior out to Oregon in order to assist with his finances. My guy can talk anybody into anything! He called me during work, telling me that he wasn't going to go to Oregon but would spend the weekend in town with Junior instead.

Either way this would really not make a big difference to me because I wouldn't be seeing him until Sunday or Monday night. However, I know how having more money would alleviate alot of his issues. He has a meeting set with the investors on Tuesday to go over the business plan. I hope everything goes through as planned.

I didn't hear from him this morning and really didn't plan to. I was at ends during the day, trying to find stuff to do and yet having alot of unfinished projects that I didn't even want to get to. My phone was ringing off the hook with all my friends and I barely even noticed that I hadn't heard from him all morning.

He called me around 2pm, telling me that he was on the way to record a hook (chorus) for some guy in a city not far from me. Junior was in the back of the car. He was really in good spirits, well rested and energized. He told me that he had skimmed over the business plan and he's really appreciative of all the work that I put into it. He had it with him and he was planning to read it during his downtime at the recording studio.

At 530 he rang me again, asking me to direct him to the nearest highway. I mentioned to him that he was really close to me and he should just come over. He hesitated for just a moment, but this was enough for me to withdraw the invitation. I remembered instantly the promise I had made to myself after the last incident, promising that I wouldn't force myself on him/Junior if he didn't create the opportunity.

"Don't rescind it," he said realising my intent. "We are on our way, I just took the exit towards the highway to your house. I don't want to say no to you, you know that. It's just that I promised Roxie that I would be home by 7 pm, so it has to be a really quick visit," he intoned.

I was giddy with excitement. "Why do you have to be home by seven? The clubs don't start hopping till after 10," I mused. He told me that Roxie's mom's dog of 12 years had died and Roxie wanted to go visit her mom. I honestly wanted to scream at him but I realised instantly that I was getting my way so it really didn't matter.

I headed to the room to change, I wanted to wear something memorable for the moment I was going to meet his son.

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Friday, May 26, 2006

Making Love...Making Breakfast

It was hot in bed that night. Normally Danny radiates heat that warms me but this time it was making me perspire. Shortly after our talk he fell asleep and I just lay there tossing and turning. Finally I stopped being a wimp and opened the window. It was then I was able to fall asleep.

The next morning my morning lark boyfriend woke up all amped up and psyched. "Go away," I muttered as I closed my eyes and tried to sleep. It was 930AM, reasonably early for me to get up but I wasn't feeling it. So he hit the showers and I hit the snooze button on my alarm.

He came back to the room about 20 minutes later all dressed and ready for work. Just hearing him putter around woke me and I gave him a glare. "I hope you don't think you are leaving me yet" I said balefully. (He didn't have to be at work until 1pm.) "Take off your your pants. Good, now come back to bed," I bossed with an impish smile. For some reason he conceded to my demands without a fuss and lay beside me.

Then his energetic morning vibes took over again. The guy couldn't stay still (and he hadn't even had any coffee yet! The next thing I know he was all over me, kissing me, touching me, licking and pleasuring me. I told him last night that we couldn't engage in any activity because I was VERY sore from our last sack session and so for that reason he was very gentle. He licked me for about 10 minutes, taking his time, bringing me to the peak and then letting the waves subside before I headed over. I was writhing with pleasure at his tender ministrations and started begging him to let me cum. He conceded and then pressed on, not letting up on the pleasure until I came all over his face, over and over again.

He inched up then, a large grin on his wet face and I cradled his head in my arms. But he wasn't done with me yet. He paid homage to my breasts and then inched into my tight pussy, slowly, gently and I felt the fires building into a seething cauldron. He was very tender, very slow and kept telling me how much he loved me. He kept his eye contact with me the entire time, our hands were intertwined and as he spoke to me seductively in Italian, I realised that he wasn't fucking me this morning---he was making love to me.

Sweet gentle love. I tried to get him to let go of that controlled aspect, to bring out the beast that is my usual lover but he wouldn't relent. He continued his lovemaking, taking time to kiss me and nibble on my breasts. He played with my hair, rubbed my neck, gazed at me keeping the pace unhurried and non-feverish. I thought that I wouldn't be able to cum but my body quickly accustomed itself to this new rout and found it's own pace.

I felt my uterus clenching, my walls tightening around him and finally I reached nirvana. He wouldn't quit on the pace, finding the slow, interminable quality was driving me insane. I came once more time, more fiercely as my fingers clenched his tightly and I begged him to cease.

He stopped, realising that I was caught on the threshold of pleasure and pain from being so sore and he held me and kissed me for several minutes. He didn't take anything for himself, just gave and gave and gave until I couldn't take anymore.

As I float down from my orgasm, he slowly gets up and with a wink throws some clothes on and heads to the kitchen. I finally manage to get my limbs working enough to slip on a bathrobe and go after him. "You aren't needed here. Go back to bed," he told me saucily as he turned me around.

He made me breakfast in bed, brought it to me a few minutes later. It was perfect, my toast lightly buttered, my eggs just the way I like it, accompanied by a fortifying cup of red zinger tea. I enjoyed the meal in relative solitude while he finished getting ready for work. Then with a parting kiss, he rumpled my hair, told me how beautiful I looked and that he loved me and headed to work.

God, I love this guy!


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The Perfect Woman

I didn't see Danny until later on in the week. I had finally finished the business plan and if I must toot my own horn, it's pretty damn good! I called him to come get it on Thursday and he told me that he would swing by after work.

By the time he got to my house it was already 11 pm. I showed him the plan and printed out a copy. Then he told me that his parents wanted to fly him to Oregon to spend the weekend with them, their other grandkids and Junior. I know that he needed a break from the rigors of the last few weeks and I was all for it. I even helped him search for a goodly priced ticket and everything.

On the Roxie tip---no news at all. Looks like she's going underground to come back out with guns blazing. I can't wait!

After a while I could see that Danny was really tired so I took him to my room. I helped him take his clothes off then I gave him a back massage and foot massage and told him that he could fall asleep. Somehow we ended up talking instead (guess the massage got him Up!) and the conversation turned to his last relationship with Red. I was asking him questions that would get him to tell me the stuff that I found when I snooped through his mail, so that in the future if I ever slipped up on something I could always say he told me. Seriously---I really have a criminal mind. It's a good thing I use my powers for good most of the time;)

Danny told me in detail his relationship with Red which only made me really, really horny. Not because of what he was talking about but just looking at his lips talk about sex turned me on big time. I had him keep talking and then I went down to talk to his cock. It was a bit chafed (just as sore as I was from our rigorous activity the day before) so I took him into my mouth and sucked very softly and tenderly. Considering all the lovemaking we've been doing lately, you would think he would be used to my lips on him by now! However this wasn't the case as he got totally distracted from the story he was talking and started moaning and urging me to go faster and take him deeper. Of course I obliged and within minutes I had the very fruitful yield of my efforts.

He was caught in the lull of his orgasm and yet I was still up and excitable. So I had him talk to me---poor guy! However he did humor me and we ended up talking more about our relationship. For some reason he started asking me how much sexual activities I've engaged in before him. I told him that I hadn't had this much sex ever! Instead of him to be pleased by that he pressed me and wanted to know specifics. "Who else did you give Bjs to? Have you ever done it raw with anyone else? Who else went down on you?" To which all the answers where....Brandon. I could see that this peeved him but I was being truthful and didn't feel like I had to hide it. Especially considering the fact that I've known of every single one of his past liaisons in intimate detail.

He got this look on his face and I asked him what it was about. He didn't want to tell me but I wasn't letting it go. "I just never thought that the woman he would end up with would have had so much past history," he said. Oh wait, you the guy who's slept with dozens of women are tripping because I've had sex with 6 times less guys than you have? I immediately took offense and stated this. "You wanted a virgin?" I asked to which he replied that he wouldn't have minded if I was more chaste. "In this day and age honey, it doesn't get any chaster than this!" I replied emphatically. He immediately changed the topic telling me that he loves me and accepts me the way I am.

"Yeah you better get rid of your image of the perfect woman. You have me on this pedestal, this persona of what you think that I should embody because you think the woman who you end up with is going to shit roses. Well I'm not her and I'm not molding myself to be her. I'm Me and you either accept me and love me the way I am or leave me," I told him in a huff. He reiterated that he does accept me and love me just as I am. "I don't want to change you, you are everything I want and a whole lot more," he said. Then he enumerated all the reasons I embody his dream girl and told me that I was foolish if I thought he was going to ever let me go.

Now that tune is more like it:)

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Round 3 anyone?

You would think after that I would go right to sleep like a baby. But for some reason I couldn't sleep. Danny headed off to dream land and I lay beside him, lost in my own thoughts. I finally got caught in that sticky place between sleep and awakefulness. All was quiet for about 30 minutes and then he started mumbling. With one hand he gripped me closer and with the other he grabbed his cock. Just a few really fast strokes. Then he stopped.

So I continued the action. I figured he must be having really passionate dreams (Better Be About Me!!) for him to grab his cock. So I started giving him a handjob. He was still sleeping, I could hear his quiet snores and yet he grew hard and turgid beneath my fingers. Interesting. I swooped down and gave him another blowjob, softer this time, not wanting to wake him, or hurt him if he was sore. I was so engrossed in it that I didn't even realise he woke up until he gave a groan and gripped my head.


This spurred me on. He didn't orgasm again (I would have been scared if he did!) but he did enjoy the motions while he lasted. Finally I headed back to sleep, my earlier excitement replaced my langour. He cuddled me some more, cradling me and spooning me as he kissed the nape of my neck.

He's amazing. He touches me the way I've always dreamt of being touch, even if it's just a light kiss here and there. Mmmmm.


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Raging Inferno

Yes, I really did have something to show him. I ordered him into my bed and had him take off his jacket and tie. Then I took his shoes and socks off. I had ordered some new business cards from Vistaprint and wanted to show them to him. He was impressed and really liked them. I wasn't as pleased with them as he was but he really liked them. Trust me, they are waaaay better than what he has now.


He swooped in for a thank you kiss which grew into something more. I had been reading this book about how when people start having sex kissing is the first thing to go. Well that is not the case with us. We kissed, and kissed and kissed. We had lots of tongue action, nipping lips and everything. We didn't touch anywhere else, just our mouths and the melding and heat just added to the moment.

I took the initiative and started kissing him all over, his face, his earlobes, his throat, his chest, his Adam's apple. I could tell from the quiet groans he was masking that he really was loving my touch and this just inflamed me with more desire. I wanted to please him, I wanted to delight him, I wanted to titillate him. I wanted him to remember this moment for a long ass time. I gradually stripped his clothes off one by one and he let me do it my way. His cock was already hard, with precum forming at the tip.

I took this as my invitation and licked the beaded drop, tasting him everywhere and anywhere. I swooped unto his Mmmm zone and did my worst. I teased him, refusing to put his whole cock in my mouth until I was good and ready. Those butterfly kisses drove him wild and he bucked against me. I finally took him into my mouth, soft, slowly, intensely. I focused all my energies of making him a hot volcano the way he had made me. I was angled just right 90 degrees to his body, no chance for a crick in my neck. I took him whole, took him as deep as I could, over and over again until my eyes watered with the effort. And still I sucked. I sucked him until he was harshly whispering, telling me everything he was going to do to me and for me. I sucked him until he couldn't speak anymore, only grip my ass with his hand and squeeze my bum real tight. I sucked him fluidly, with unceasing rhythm, in and out. He got harder in my mouth and this spurred my efforts. I licked his balls as well, refusing to neglect them. I played with them, saturated them with my saliva. He could see my bum, the arch of my back, my tongue as it dipped and swirled all around his member. And he loved every minute of it.

His balls tightened in my grip and I knew that he was liable to bust a nut any minute. So I went abit slower, taking him right to the edge and yet not letting him cross it. He looked at me then, torn between the thresh hold of pleasure, knowing this and yet unwilling to cross. Then he got this mischievous look in his eye. I knew I was in for it.

Without a word, he lifted me and placed me laying prone on the bed. He lifted my legs and my thighs up unto his shoulders. He reversed our roles as effortlessly as if he was the master and I was the marionette. He let his breath warm me first, ignoring my soft whimpers for more. He placed his fingers on me and opened my pussy wider. The moment he stuck his tongue in it, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. The bliss was complete. He lapped me slowly, immeasurably intense, wreaking more havoc on me than I could ever hope to wreak on him. He knew my body, knew my spots and within minutes my thighs were quivering. I buried my fingers in his hair, trying to hold back the contractions to no avail. I wanted to scream, and yet instinctively knew that I couldn't as he licked on. Wave and wave of orgasm crashed over me and my whole body contracted with this intense heat. And still he licked on.

He kept at it, refusing to give in until I had come for him again. And again. When he looked up his face was slick with my pussy juice, it was coated all over him. I didn't even think it was possible for me to come that much. "There's more," he promised as he kissed my pubes, my hips, my breasts and my stomach.

We both had stored up alot of passionate energy the last five days. It's hard to believe it was only five days!

I begged him to enter me, my core was screaming for him, begging for him. I didn't need any further lubrication, I was so slick already. He entered me slowly, carefully, drawing each minute inch for as long as he could. He took his time, savoring every millimeter and tears sprang to my eyes. I didn't think I could handle it. He stayed in me for a few moments, letting my body adjust to his girth, letting my walls welcome him home. "I've missed you inside me," I whispered. "I missed being inside you," he stated as he began to move. He thrust slowly, tenderly at first, keeping the flames a steady burn.

Then the heat of our passion took over and I coaxed him, urged him faster, deeper, harder. He complied with every request, took as much as I could give him and gave me more. Over and over again. I came again and then once more and I could feel my juices pouring, leaking through the point of our union and soaking the sheets under my body. I was stunned at this outward pouring, I couldn't even say a word. He smiled, that cocky smile when he knows that he has me totally under his spell. He positioned himself deeper, with my legs over his shoulders. The angle hit my three spots and I was in heaven with just four strokes. I came again, spurting more liquid all over the place. "Your pussy feels like heaven," he told me as he thrust in me some more. Rhythmic, fast, continuous. I felt like I was on a cliff. Falling, falling over and over again.

Oh my God!

I told him I couldn't stand another orgasm, I would die if I had another bout of pleasure, but he ignored me and flipped me again, doing some kind of weird side move that I can't even explain. All I know is that he grabbed my ass and did the moving for me, as my thighs and legs were incapable of holding me up. He talked to me, telling me all the things he had in mind for me, all the ways he was going to fuck me. How he would keep doing this all night long. Our bodies were joined, slick with the heat of our perspiration, our point of joining slick with the wetness of my womanhood. And still he thrust on. I started begging, telling him that my pussy was on fire, that I couldn't take anymore.

"Do you want me to stop?" "Oh no!" I replied, caught in the fine throes of another orgasm. Wave upon wave it shook me. I forgot my name, forgot all speech, the only thing I knew was that Danny was in me and I was complete. The last orgasm rocked both of us, and he jerked out of me suddenly. My body cried at the sudden withdrawal and I knew that he was holding himself in check with a fine line.

He collapsed on top of me, letting me gain my breath and catching his. I grabbed his cock, ignoring his groan of arousal and used the interlude to speak to his member. I claimed his cock, wrote my name all over it, sucked it deep and sucked it fast, until the only thing that could be heard was his deep groans of pleasure. He didn't want to let go, wanted to stay hard and please me, but I was done being the only one getting something out of this. "Cum for me," I intoned, humming deep in my throat. The melody sent convulsions through him and he couldn't hold back any longer. He came in my mouth, deep down my throat and I sucked and sucked and sucked until there was nothing left. His dick lay in my palm, spent, soft, pliant. MINE.

Danny lay back, unable to believe that I had just unleashed such a fiery inferno. I found it hard to believe myself. We were both so insatiable, demanding and needy. "How was that for you?" he asked me as he cradled my head in his arms. I noticed a set of marks on his arms, scratches from the heat of my passion. My pussy was sore and still burning, my lips were raw from the kissing and still, I wanted more. We lay together, entwined for several minutes until I felt this fire stirring in me. I wasn't done yet.

I started massaging his balls and then his cock, my greedy fingers grasping and stroking it into obedience. He rose again for me, hard, not as hard as last time, but definitely not soft. "Wow!" I exclaimed, surprised. He just smiled at me, still barely able to speak. I headed down south again, taking the scenic route this time and had him totally hard in a matter of minutes. "I want you again. Now, deeply," I told him as I talked to his cock. He smiled wanly, barely able to mutter up the strength that I had just depleted. So I took matters into my own hands.

I sucked soft and deep, just the way he liked it, until he was hard enough to suit my needs. Then I turned over and rode him, reverse cowgirl, setting the rhythm and the pace to match the needs of my pussy. SHE was happy, SHE was glad. The moment he entered me SHE welcomed him with open arms. I rode him fast, I rode him slow, obeying the dictates of my body. He watched me, a smile on his face and couldn't help but look at my perky breasts swinging with every motion, the arch of my back, the curve of my backside. I caught one more orgasm this way and then I turned over and caught one more. Not as intense as the first 7 but definitely just as enjoyable.

I rose from him, determining that finally SHE had been appeased. But he had just gotten his second wind back. He had me lick him again, suck his cock like it was food from heaven and I couldn't help but comply. He entered me again, slowly from the back, one of our favorite positions. It hurt a tad but SHE didn't complain, harboring his turgid cock securely in her warm wet walls. He started moving, slowly at first, cognizant of the fact that SHE might be sore but was emboldened by her groans of pleasure. He fucked me fast and fucked me hard, and SHE couldn't help but quiver all over again. That last mini-orgasm caused his own to erupt and he pulled out, soaking my ass with his wet life force. "Wow, you got me again," he said in awe as he helped me to rise. He grabbed a towel and gently cleaned us up. Then he guided me to the bed.

I could barely walk. SHE couldn't even move, just stayed there, quivering with searing heat. He had left his name in her, all up and through her sacred walls and SHE was complete. We lay together, every limb entwined, our breathing unified, our hearts still racing. He nuzzled in my hair, whispering all kinds of beautiful nothings and I could still barely speak. Finally we fell asleep, so close that we might as well be merged as one, unwilling to let a single inch of space separate us.

And that was the night. Now the morning....That's a different story......

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Fire Zone

I've just been royally fucked.


I can barely type it out, the moments keep going through my mind over and over again. I will update soon. I promise.

But right now, I'm going to crawl into bed with my foine, sexy, bomb diggity ass boyfriend who knows how to claim me like no other ever has or ever will.


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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Slow Burn

He arrived right on time and I walked to the front door to open it. My family was still engrossed in the movie and I just stood in the doorway and watched him. He was straight from work and was wearing his Versace suit and looking like a GQ man. Lord he is so damn hottttt!! Just looking at him sent flames of heat arcing through my core. I didn't touch him, knowing that if I did I would be liable to rip his clothes of then and there----yeah, in front of my family no less!

He came in and got introduced. He was really afflable and cordial to everyone, a charming debonair extrovert. He worked the room easily and then we headed to the kitchen while I fixed him a plate of pizza. I wrapped him in the tight hug, smelling his wonderful cologne and running my hands through his curls. I could feel the hardness of his arousal against my belly and I smiled. He was totally feeling me as well.

It was a good thing the lights were off (for the movie). We made our way to the living room and he got invited to watch the movie. So he sat in the chair, and I sat on the floor right beside him and we started watching the movie while he ate his dinner. He was done with the pizza in a few minutes and then his hands started wreaking havoc on me. All he did was place his right hand on my shoulder and I felt the slow burn. He started tracing his fingers across my collarbone and I knew that my breath was getting choppy. His other hand was entwined with mine on his lap and I started a little exploration of my own. Within seconds we were both overheated---just from a single touch.

We ended up fanning the fires on and off the rest of the evening while the movie played. I even moved my fingers up to his thigh and teased him unmercifully there. To which he leaned down and whispered something delightfully naughty in my ear. The warm breath sent shivers through me and I tell you, I honestly almost came.

Finally the movie was over. He had to place his jacket over his lap to hide the effects that I had had on him. I gave him a wicked grin as I headed to the kitchen with the used plates. He started talking to my aunt and uncle for a bit and then I walked past them and decided to get my room ready. I came back and blatantly said, "Come with me. I have something to show you that just came today. I think you will like it," I invited. My aunt and uncle tactfully bid us goodnight and then I dragged him to my room.

Shameless? Me?? What???

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Friday, May 19, 2006

Rapporte Sensuale

Around 8am the next morning Danny awakened me with this urge to totally have me. It was right then and there, he could barely wait for me to brush my teeth! As soon as I came back to the room he was all over me, kissing me, touching me, sending little shivers of pleasure through my body. He couldn't wait to enter me, even though I protested and told him Aunt Flo' was in town.

I deterred him for a few minutes as I went down on him and gave lots of loving attention to his beautiful cock, pausing only to look at him and make sure he was enjoying it. He was...but he wanted more. He promised me that he would be 'gentle'...and then entered me, slowly at first. I thought it would be painful but it was pleasantly nice.

He lay in me for a few moments, still as a statue while he kissed me and gave me time to adjust to the girth. I loved the attention. He started moving then, nice and slow, gradually building in momentum until I felt like I was being stretched on a wire. I wanted more.

He raised my legs and put my heels over his shoulders. This new motion immediately sent shock waves through my body. He was somehow deeper and I felt fully contracted. Once he started to move, it was totally over, I was lost to the torrent of passion that overtook me. I had 2 orgasms in this position, and apparently this was when I scratched him---deeply!

After that he flipped me again doing a side flip that had me wondering how in the world he could contort so adroitly. I hesitated on the brink of another orgasm and then with a gentle massage of my clit he sent me over the edge. "I can't take anymore," I was able to gasp but he sent me a cocky grin that told me he wasn't done with me yet.

Without pause he positioned me again and he was laying flat whilst I was on top of him. I started to move, clenching my Kegels as I did so. I realised quite quickly that this new position was one that was made to drive a woman insane and I came over him, sending gushes of fluid all around his shaft. My thighs were trembling and I wanted to stop, but not before I showed him that I had some skills as well.

I turned over doing the reverse cowgirl thing and rode him nice and easy at first, my butt coming down hard on him. I raised myself up on my palms & heels and rode him some more, faster this time, unrelenting to his moans. I know that the visual of my booty was driving him to newer heights and I kept doing my thing, taking my time. I would go really fast for a few strokes and then just as he was about to cum, I would slow down, drawing his orgasm out slowly, fanning the fires and building the bonfire gradually.

He was growing impatient I could tell but I didn't change the pace. When he came, he wasn't even expecting it, and his gripped my hips and had me ride him harder, faster to which I complied.

Finally I collapsed on top of him, spent, replete, content. Mmmmm.

"Ti amo con tutto il cuore," he whispered.

So do I. So do I.


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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Lavender Blues

Danny came over again last night. He had had an awful day on so many levels. I can't even begin to tell you how bad it was. But pretty much he was exhausted, fighting a cold, dealing with allergies and lost all the files on his computer so that puts him in a quandary with all his clients. He has alot of catching up to do.

But he came to see me anyway.

I offered him something to eat and then took him to my room. He looked like he was dead on his feet. I lit some candles, put Brian McKnight on my CD player and then took his shoes and socks off. I started to give him a foot massage, just rubbing some warm lavender lotion on it and giving him a proper massage. He stared at me through these half lidded eyes as I pampered him. "You are so beautiful right now," he said to me. I smiled, blushing with the compliment. My hair was in a ponytail and I was in sweats and yet he thought I was beautiful.

He complimented me on my magical hands, asking me if I went to school to learn massage or if it was an art. "It's hard to transcend knowledge into an art but you do it so effortlessly," he continued softly.

I didn't say anything, just let the ambiance and soulful serenade of McKnight's Let Me Love You wash all over us. I kept massaging his feet and ankles, then moved up to his legs. He was exhausted, finding it hard just to keep his eyes open. Finally I moved upwards and gave him a soft kiss.

"Go to sleep honey. Sleep well. And when you wake up, find me, wherever I am, whatever I'm doing and then you make love to me, okay?" He nodded and was asleep in five seconds flat.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sex in the Shower

This officially breaks into the top 10 encounters that we've had. It was so good that I told Danny that I would have to blog about it and even put it up there in the Wild Section just because.

Danny didn't have to be at work until 1pm this morning so we actually lazed in bed that morning. By the time we started getting around it was almost 11 and ever since that one time he was late getting to work, I've been kicking him out of my house with an hour and half to spare. He headed to the bathroom and I followed him, unwilling to let him out of my sight. I was freezing so I had on my pink floor length bathrobe and I just watched him get the water heated. I was thinking all kinds of naughty thoughts, what I wanted to do to him at that particular moment and how I wanted to do it.

"I love that look on your face, too bad it's too late for me to do anything about it," he stated as he stepped into the shower. He took the soap and started lathering it up. Not for me. He didn't even notice me shed my robe and didn't know my intention until I was kneeling beneath him with my lips on his cock.

He dropped the bar of soap he was holding as his hand involuntarily grabbed my hair. I didn't stop, just continued the motions, nice long licks, taking him as far deep into my mouth as I could. He savored the contact as the water sluiced over both of us, warm and inviting, enveloping us in a wetness that enforced the encounter.

I used my right hand to grab his cock as I went further down and licked his balls, warm water trickling in my mouth as I did so. Water was everywhere, all around us, a warm shower that made me feel like we were under a waterfall. I went faster and faster, not stopping even though he groaned with my tender ministrations.

"I want you inside me. Now," I commanded when I knew that I few more licks would get him to cum. He wasted no time in obliging me just turned me around and entered me slowly from behind. Mmmmm. The motion was even more excrutiatingly erotic with water still splashing down everywhere. I could feel his hands on my ass, the water sluicing down my body in a trickles and his cock turgid and hard just pushing water everywhere.

He continued the motion, thrusting fiercely with a rhythm that was intense as it was electrifying. I came once, and then again as his fingers laced over my clit, playing with my feminine edge causing me to moan and cry out. He wouldn't relent, toying with me as relentlessly as I had played with him.

I couldn't see what he was doing, the water searing my eyes closed as well as the fact that I was backing him. He got on the ledge of the tub, with each feet planted precariously on the sides. Oh my God he's going to fall! was the first thought that went through my mind and then white liquid heat lanced through my body stealing all further thoughts. The position brought his cock more in contact with my pussy, and he thrust deeper and faster.

All I could feel was him and the water, everywhere, pouring, arcing, lacing, tantalizing. All this just amped up the encounter. I can't even count how many times he made me cum like that, over and over again, orgasm right on top of another orgasm.

I saw his left foot shaking and I knew that he was holding himself back. I told him to get down from the ledge and I stooped down lower, arching my back and sticking my butt out. He loved it. I knew that he was fighting the urge and yet I couldn't enjoy this encounter without him yet again. So I urged him to come. "Cum for me. Please. Cum for me Danny," I invited.

Without a second invitation he pressed on this time not holding anything back. He kept going and going and going until I thought that I would die from pleasure. With a last moan he collapsed on top of me and we lay together, still joined, still as one.

And the water trickled relentlessly on. And on. And on.


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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Another Ace

I really did sleep so well last night. I love the way he lets me lay my head on his arm and wraps the other one around me so tight. If I move in my sleep, he still doesn't let go, he just readjusts as if he can't let me go. Mmmm. I've never slept with someone that could hold me all through the night, and I must tell you, it's absolutely divine.

Towards early dawn he woke up and started playing with me, making me wet involuntarily. He started kissing me first, gentle persuasive kisses designed especially to make me melt. He kissed my neck, my earlobes and that dip in my throat. Then he continued his gentle exploration, kissing every bit of exposed flesh and making each area of skin feel special. When he finally reached my vaginal walls, I was already close to coming. A few minutes more and I was there, surrendering to his gentle touch.

He continued after I had come, licking me over and over again until I couldn't help but release again orgasm on top of orgasm.After this I returned the favor, doing the same to him, but pausing right before he came to thrust him in me. Then I rode him, hard and fierce, fighting fulfilling my own pleasure but ending up giving in anyway. He bucked beneath me, driving the pace harder, faster and I cried out in pleasure. He flipped me over and entered me doggy style--both of our favorite positions. I hit my fifth major orgasm here and begged him to cease.

I couldn't take anymore but he continued, unrelenting. Harder, faster, deeper causing me to be caught in that fine line between pleasure and pain. After it I was raw and sore and yet I still smiled. He claimed me, leaving his mark all over me, branding me all over in case I was ever in doubt.You are mine. Were the unspoken words that echoed through the empty house. Mine. Mine, all mine. My heart answered back in the same note as I dug my nails into his back and let out my release. He stopped moving to pace himself and I bucked against him refusing to let him stop. I squeezed my Kegels and the insiduous motion was just what was needed to put him over the edge. He came in one fell swoop. "You got me," he chuckled in my hair as he lay beside me. Yep, I got you. And I'm not letting you go.

He had started making sweet, sensual love to me. He ended royally fucking me. We collapsed on top of each other in a mass of tangled sweaty limbs, lopsided on the bed and both let out a sigh of relief. "You are such a beast!" I managed to exclaim. "You bring out the beast in me," he replied with a smile.


Anyway I have to go get ready, my baby's coming over tonight.

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Monday, May 15, 2006

Guest Room Sex

Danny has had really bad allergies for the last 2 weeks ever since spring pollen hit bigtime. His dad had given him so 'non-drowsy' medication which ended up making him really sleepy. I suggested him to at least take a nap until the meds wore off before he started driving home and he agreed. He went to the study to tell his dad that we were going to be in one of the guest rooms upstairs.

When we got to the room, it seemed like all his previous drowsiness had disappeared. I highly suspect he was faking it to get me to go upstairs with him. He was all amorous, kissing me, touching me and holding me close. I kept resisting him and tried to talk, balking at the idea of having sex with him IN HIS DAD'S HOUSE! The boy has no shame I tell you. "Please, my dad is probably even a bigger freak than I am. Where do you think I learned all the Kama Sutra positions from? He had a poster in our house that I've been studying before I even hit puberty," he told me. Wow. That flummoxed me but I still wasn't ready to get jiggy with him in his dad's house.

So I brought up the topic that was sure to get him fired up. Brandon. I wasn't sure he was over everything and I was right. He talked more about it, wanting to know my reasoning for wanting to go visit him again. I tried to explain, gave him 4 really solid reasons why I felt I should be able to visit Brandon when he was sick but he dismissed all of them. "I don't think I could give you any reason that you would accept," I said.

He agreed. Then he accused me of being self-centered, vain, selfish and always wanting attention. "In some ways, you went to see him because you needed the attention that this would bring. There is a thrill in it for you," he stated. I denied it but he broke it down so logically that I started to think that maybe he had a handle on it. "Sounds like you are talking from experience," I said. He gave me one of his cocky grins. Yep, I hit the nail on the head. He's as attention whoring and vain as I am and that's the only way he could get where I was coming from.

I was sitting on his torso and stretched like a feline cat. The motion drew his attention to my boobs and somehow we both forgot what we were talking about. I shucked my dress to the floor and then started kissing and licking him all over. He couldn't help but moan as I went down on him and did what I do best. He was hard and getting harder and I know that he was dying to get into me but I wasn't ready yet. I licked, sucked and teased him with my lips and tongue to my hearts content.

Finally he couldn't take it anymore and actually lifted me off him. In a fluid motion we had reversed positions and he was on top of me, returning the favor. Within moments I was slick with wet heat and he entered me in a strong thrust that had me moaning for more. He teased me at first, going really, really slow until I felt that I was drawn on a tightly coiled string. I almost screamed as I begged him to go faster but he wouldn't relent until I peaked---at that slow pace! Then he started thrusting faster, seized by the same waves of passion that engulfed me. He lifted my thigh and increased the angle of penetration, making me erupt again as pleasure ripped through my body like molten lava.

It's amazing how in sync we are. He knows my body like noone ever before, sometimes even better than myself and I do the same with him. And yet these thoughts were far from my mind as I claimed the vixen's seat and started to ride him. He watched my breasts bobbing up and down on my chest through passion filled eyes and he grabbed my ass and brought me down further. It was hard for me to keep riding him especially when I was about to orgasm again but he wouldn't let me stop as he bucked beneath me and urged me to go faster and faster.

After my...was that my fourth? orgasm he turned me again and I assumed the position that drives him totally wild. He entered me from behind and the only sounds you could hear was sounds of our passion. He finally came, erupting all over my backside in hot spurts that shook him. Mmmmm.

After a few moments of floating back to earth, I dragged him to the bathroom and we took a shower together, massaging and soaping each other up in a langourous afterglow. We didn't say much but we both were emotionally spent.

I got dressed quickly and he watched me putting my dress and heels on without saying a word. I could tell that he was really getting sleepy and so I urged him to spend the night at his dad's house and he agreed. He escorted me downstairs and we stopped by George's study to once again say goodnight. Luckily when I popped my head through George wasn't facing the doorway because I'm sure his shrewd eyes would notice my lack of makeup and Danny's disheveled hair.

Danny gave me another kiss at the doorway and I got in Brandon's car and drove an hour home. I fell into bed with a smile on my face---it was a lovely evening all things considered.


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Meeting His Dad

Yep, I did get lost. Which made me end up getting to his dad's house close to 10. I parked Brandon's car at the opposite side of the street where Danny's car was, just so he wouldn't get a close look at it and realise that it was the same car that was sitting on my street a couple of days ago.

Danny was actually outside, getting a jacket from his car. I gave him a hug and he zoomed in for a light peck and quick squeeze. "You look nice," he said as he escorted me to the front door. His dad introduced himself and I did the same. He gave me a warm handshake and we went into the foyer.

There was a lady sitting in the family room watching TV and I said hi to her as well but she didn't really seem to care about talking to us. Danny's dad George had us sit in the dining room while he fixed us some tea. It was hard for me to sit and be served by George so I kept getting up to get spoons, teabags and whatever else I could. Danny sat back and relaxed, seemingly unperturbed by my nervousness. Finally the tea was served and I couldn't do anything else. So the grilling began.

George asked me if I had finished school and I told him that I had my Bachelor's and planned to go back to grad school in a few months and had already got accepted. I was really nervous and tried not to let it show. He asked about my heritage and seemed really interested when he found out that I was from Africa. He started asking me more questions about where in Ethiopia I was from and seemed really to know alot about the area. There was a lull in the conversation as I sipped some tea and had some cookies and Danny asked his dad if he was done writing with his book yet. George said that he was still working on it to which the conversation died.

Enter my inner Socialite. Whenever I'm put in social situations out of my depth, I just imagine that I'm my younger sister and morph into her. I fake the attitude and confidence until I feel it.

"So what is your book about?" I asked, determined not to let him grill me again. He told me it was on Quantum physics and it's application to everyday life and this piqued my curiosity. We got into this conversation about physics and then moved on to culture, current affairs, our lousy president and the difference in world cultures and even oil production. I was really engaging, really charming and kept the conversation going. His dad is very knowledgeable and was well versed in EVERYTHING and it was a struggle for me to keep up. But I refused to let the conversation lag and even introduced a few new points to his theories and way of thinking.

I finished eating the evening dinner that Danny had made for me (pita bread, hummus, exotic pickles and some kind of cheese from Holland). I'm not really a big hummus lover but I forced myself to eat every single thing on my plate. I knew that loving Middle Eastern food would be a bonus and actually complimented the meal when I was done and helped clean up.

Danny just sat back, not really contributing to the conversation but I could tell that he was engrossed in it. Whenever I searched for a word, he would provide a 4 syllable word to me effortlessly. I forgot my initial worry and trepidation and just engrossed myself in the discussion whole-heartedly.

Finally I broke the evening apart. "I'm going to head out so you can get your rest George," I said as I got my purse and gave him a hug. He hadn't even notice the time fly by (it was close to 1am). He escorted us to the door and then Danny told him that he wanted us to chill for a bit in the formal living room. George said good night and then headed to his study (to put down some ideas I had given him perhaps;)--I wish.

Danny made himself comfortable in the living room and had me sit right next to him. "You were great," he whispered as he kissed my forehead and held me close.

Damn skippy I was!

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Saturday, May 13, 2006


Bella had moved her apartment just yesterday but she still had the keys to her old place. So I asked her if I could use it for the night.

We arrived there and let ourselves in. I headed to the living room to try to blow up the mattress to no avail. The pump wasn't working. He came and helped me but it still didn't work. So we ended up going to sleep on the couch. It was a tiny fit, smaller than my twin sized bed but somehow we managed to make it work.

Around 5am he woke up and started playing with me, making me wet involuntarily. Within minutes he was in me, deep, pulsing, thrusting, unrelentingly and I knew that he was branding me. He fucked me hard and fast, causing me to be caught in that fine line between pleasure and pain. After it I was raw and sore and yet I still smiled. He claimed me, leaving his mark all over me, branding me all over in case I was ever in doubt.

You are mine. Was the unspoken words that echoed through the empty house. Mine. Mine, all mine. My heart answered back in the same note as I dug my nails into his back and let out my release.

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Another Card

I mailed a card to Danny today. It's one of those really mushy I-love-you cards from Hallmark and I even spent 30 minutes writing in very explicit detail what I planned to do to him next time I saw him. I didn't take none of my usual subterfuge tactics in hiding the card. I put my name on the envelope but used Bella's old house address for the return addy.

He should get it in a few days.

He's coming over tonight....I can't wait! I'm going to make some dinner for him.

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Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Show

Turns out he didn't forget the plans that we had made for Saturday. He called me to ask me what time I was going to be in his neck of the woods for the show that we were scheduled to see. I hedged for a bit, about to launch into a fit but eventually just decided to let him go. I decided to drive down to see him anyway, even though Roxie was going to be babysitting Junior while we were out.

Bella helped me choose an outfit and did my hair into a very lovely Hollywood updo. I was really looking glam, and left the house knowing that I was going to knock everybody off their feet. For some wierd reason Danny and I arrived at the lounge at the exact same time! Actually we were both driving around downtown looking for the place and ran into each other on the street (I was right behind him!) It was actually fun getting lost together and finding our way together.

When we arrived at the spot, his friend had apparently already performed so we were stuck watching some other lame performances before I finally got bored and asked him to play billiards with me. We headed for the pool tables and I flirted, cheated and seduced my way to a tie on one game and a cheating win on the other! I have no excuse besides the fact to say that I totally suck at pool! It was fun though.

After that I convinced him to park his car at the train station and come home with me. He had had a whole cup of Long Island ice tea, plus some wine he had earlier and I wasn't convinced that he could make it home ok. It was around 1230am by now and although he balked at the idea initially he eventually agreed. He called his house and told Roxie he was spending the night with me. She threw a mini fit but he was too tipsy to care. He ended up falling asleep as I drove shortly thereafter and I cranked up my music and enjoyed driving home.

When we arrived I settled him into bed then went to get some water to drink. He woke up a bit later and nuzzled me, mumbling all the while. It was really sweet and he spooned me for the rest of the night.


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Monday, May 01, 2006

180 Days

He called me as soon as he got off work to talk as he headed for his tutoring session. He was still as exhilirated by the scene as I was and I promised him that we would do it again sometime in the near future.

"I have something to tell you. I don't know if you will like the context but I feel you should know this," he prefaced.

Uh-oh. My heart flopped to my stomach. What is it?

He stalled as I pestered him for a few moments and then he continued without preamble. "I really love you. I love you more than I loved----" "Red Dress girl?"I interuppted with a rush of pleasure. "Yes."

I squealed. Actually squealed. Then I put the phone down and did a little jig. See Red is the only chick that ever came close to claiming his heart and at one point he even projected his feelings unto her. But she was very immature, and loved to play games. Of all his exes, she's the one that I didn't really like and yet the one that I considered in my mind my main competitor. I swore to myself that I would vanquish/replace all the memories of his exes and so far I'm succeeding.

He loves me more than he loved Red. Oh yeah baby!!!!!

"I don't know how you did it. You just are really the total package. I mean, I've met women who have some aspects but none that have the total package. Until you," he continued. That whole statement flushed me from my head to my toes. He is so eloquent.

Mmmmm, I'm going to savor this moment.

By the way, today was our 6 month anniversary (technically it should be on the 31st, but since there is no 31st last month I guess this will do). What a lovely 6 month anniversary present:)

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Life is a Stage

Today I hurried back from my workout at the gym to get ready for my lunch date with Danny. I was going to drive down to his job and have lunch with him out there. I took my time getting ready, picked a skirt that divinely swished around my knees and skimmed my butt. I went all out, primping and putting on makeup & jewelry, glad that it was warm today and that I would look divine.

Driving down to see him was no hassle and I arrived at his job just as he was getting out on his lunch break. We drove to Quizno's (my choice) with our favorite jam 'U Know What' by Jay-Z blasting from my Cd player. He looked utterly divine and I couldn't help but tell him so. He told me that he was working on only a few hours of sleep and was really tired but I couldn't help staring at how bouncy his curls looked in the sunlight.

We ordered, got our meals and talked about a little of everything. He didn't want to go back to work, but he knows the mantra, "Money over pleasure." I dropped him off and while in the car we concocted this little drama just to play a joke on his coworkers.

He works at a Music Store that sells all kinds of instruments and he works in the keyboard department. He's actually the #1 salesman at his job, he can talk anybody into anything. About 10 minutes after he went back to work, I spiffed up a bit more and headed into his job.

I said hello to the receptionist chick (a friend of his) and headed for the pianos. When I got to his department, it was chock full of men! They were all over the place, literally falling over themselves as they played on different keyboards in a loud cacophony that was liable to give someone a headache. There was not another female in sight.

"Excuse me, can I ask you a question?" I asked him in my most flirtatious, I'm-so-helpless-can you-help-me voice. He came over and we started this light flirtation, as he acted like he didn't know me and I acted like I was a brazen, sexy chick who was really attracted to him. I told him that I was buying a keyboard for my brother, and had him walk me through their extensive collection. We went from keyboard to keyboard with him telling me about the dynamics of each keyboard and me listening in rapt amazement. All the guys at his job just kept turning to stare at me. Even the customers were staring.

We enacted this flirtatious charade to a T, he even put my request in the system to get more information. I gave him a fake name and then (very assertively,) asked for his phone number. "No, I don't need the number to the Music Store. I need your personal number," I told him with a flirty smile.

He gave me his card and then I thanked him for the pleasant transaction. "I'm sure your brother will love the keyboard," he said as I walked out.

I headed out of the store, passed by the receptionist and doorman again. They were both outside taking a smoke break and Danny came outside like 30 seconds later. "I forgot to ask what kind of case you wanted with your keyboard. A hard case or a soft case?"

Which do you think I picked? "I like a hard case please. I like things hard,"I told him to the hearing of his coworkers. They were looking at us with rapt interest. "Well, it will be here for pickup in 3 days,"he told me. Then I told him that if I gave him my number would he call me? He said he would and so I handed him my business card and gave him a kiss on the lips.

*****END SCENE*****

Yep, it's official, we both loved to be watched. I strutted away from him and headed to my car to give him a call about 2 minutes later. He told me how his coworkers all were giving him props for working his skills on that cute babe. Damn skippy.

It was very, very fun. I might have to go back just to re-enact another scene. I should be an actress!

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