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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Raging Inferno

Yes, I really did have something to show him. I ordered him into my bed and had him take off his jacket and tie. Then I took his shoes and socks off. I had ordered some new business cards from Vistaprint and wanted to show them to him. He was impressed and really liked them. I wasn't as pleased with them as he was but he really liked them. Trust me, they are waaaay better than what he has now.


He swooped in for a thank you kiss which grew into something more. I had been reading this book about how when people start having sex kissing is the first thing to go. Well that is not the case with us. We kissed, and kissed and kissed. We had lots of tongue action, nipping lips and everything. We didn't touch anywhere else, just our mouths and the melding and heat just added to the moment.

I took the initiative and started kissing him all over, his face, his earlobes, his throat, his chest, his Adam's apple. I could tell from the quiet groans he was masking that he really was loving my touch and this just inflamed me with more desire. I wanted to please him, I wanted to delight him, I wanted to titillate him. I wanted him to remember this moment for a long ass time. I gradually stripped his clothes off one by one and he let me do it my way. His cock was already hard, with precum forming at the tip.

I took this as my invitation and licked the beaded drop, tasting him everywhere and anywhere. I swooped unto his Mmmm zone and did my worst. I teased him, refusing to put his whole cock in my mouth until I was good and ready. Those butterfly kisses drove him wild and he bucked against me. I finally took him into my mouth, soft, slowly, intensely. I focused all my energies of making him a hot volcano the way he had made me. I was angled just right 90 degrees to his body, no chance for a crick in my neck. I took him whole, took him as deep as I could, over and over again until my eyes watered with the effort. And still I sucked. I sucked him until he was harshly whispering, telling me everything he was going to do to me and for me. I sucked him until he couldn't speak anymore, only grip my ass with his hand and squeeze my bum real tight. I sucked him fluidly, with unceasing rhythm, in and out. He got harder in my mouth and this spurred my efforts. I licked his balls as well, refusing to neglect them. I played with them, saturated them with my saliva. He could see my bum, the arch of my back, my tongue as it dipped and swirled all around his member. And he loved every minute of it.

His balls tightened in my grip and I knew that he was liable to bust a nut any minute. So I went abit slower, taking him right to the edge and yet not letting him cross it. He looked at me then, torn between the thresh hold of pleasure, knowing this and yet unwilling to cross. Then he got this mischievous look in his eye. I knew I was in for it.

Without a word, he lifted me and placed me laying prone on the bed. He lifted my legs and my thighs up unto his shoulders. He reversed our roles as effortlessly as if he was the master and I was the marionette. He let his breath warm me first, ignoring my soft whimpers for more. He placed his fingers on me and opened my pussy wider. The moment he stuck his tongue in it, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. The bliss was complete. He lapped me slowly, immeasurably intense, wreaking more havoc on me than I could ever hope to wreak on him. He knew my body, knew my spots and within minutes my thighs were quivering. I buried my fingers in his hair, trying to hold back the contractions to no avail. I wanted to scream, and yet instinctively knew that I couldn't as he licked on. Wave and wave of orgasm crashed over me and my whole body contracted with this intense heat. And still he licked on.

He kept at it, refusing to give in until I had come for him again. And again. When he looked up his face was slick with my pussy juice, it was coated all over him. I didn't even think it was possible for me to come that much. "There's more," he promised as he kissed my pubes, my hips, my breasts and my stomach.

We both had stored up alot of passionate energy the last five days. It's hard to believe it was only five days!

I begged him to enter me, my core was screaming for him, begging for him. I didn't need any further lubrication, I was so slick already. He entered me slowly, carefully, drawing each minute inch for as long as he could. He took his time, savoring every millimeter and tears sprang to my eyes. I didn't think I could handle it. He stayed in me for a few moments, letting my body adjust to his girth, letting my walls welcome him home. "I've missed you inside me," I whispered. "I missed being inside you," he stated as he began to move. He thrust slowly, tenderly at first, keeping the flames a steady burn.

Then the heat of our passion took over and I coaxed him, urged him faster, deeper, harder. He complied with every request, took as much as I could give him and gave me more. Over and over again. I came again and then once more and I could feel my juices pouring, leaking through the point of our union and soaking the sheets under my body. I was stunned at this outward pouring, I couldn't even say a word. He smiled, that cocky smile when he knows that he has me totally under his spell. He positioned himself deeper, with my legs over his shoulders. The angle hit my three spots and I was in heaven with just four strokes. I came again, spurting more liquid all over the place. "Your pussy feels like heaven," he told me as he thrust in me some more. Rhythmic, fast, continuous. I felt like I was on a cliff. Falling, falling over and over again.

Oh my God!

I told him I couldn't stand another orgasm, I would die if I had another bout of pleasure, but he ignored me and flipped me again, doing some kind of weird side move that I can't even explain. All I know is that he grabbed my ass and did the moving for me, as my thighs and legs were incapable of holding me up. He talked to me, telling me all the things he had in mind for me, all the ways he was going to fuck me. How he would keep doing this all night long. Our bodies were joined, slick with the heat of our perspiration, our point of joining slick with the wetness of my womanhood. And still he thrust on. I started begging, telling him that my pussy was on fire, that I couldn't take anymore.

"Do you want me to stop?" "Oh no!" I replied, caught in the fine throes of another orgasm. Wave upon wave it shook me. I forgot my name, forgot all speech, the only thing I knew was that Danny was in me and I was complete. The last orgasm rocked both of us, and he jerked out of me suddenly. My body cried at the sudden withdrawal and I knew that he was holding himself in check with a fine line.

He collapsed on top of me, letting me gain my breath and catching his. I grabbed his cock, ignoring his groan of arousal and used the interlude to speak to his member. I claimed his cock, wrote my name all over it, sucked it deep and sucked it fast, until the only thing that could be heard was his deep groans of pleasure. He didn't want to let go, wanted to stay hard and please me, but I was done being the only one getting something out of this. "Cum for me," I intoned, humming deep in my throat. The melody sent convulsions through him and he couldn't hold back any longer. He came in my mouth, deep down my throat and I sucked and sucked and sucked until there was nothing left. His dick lay in my palm, spent, soft, pliant. MINE.

Danny lay back, unable to believe that I had just unleashed such a fiery inferno. I found it hard to believe myself. We were both so insatiable, demanding and needy. "How was that for you?" he asked me as he cradled my head in his arms. I noticed a set of marks on his arms, scratches from the heat of my passion. My pussy was sore and still burning, my lips were raw from the kissing and still, I wanted more. We lay together, entwined for several minutes until I felt this fire stirring in me. I wasn't done yet.

I started massaging his balls and then his cock, my greedy fingers grasping and stroking it into obedience. He rose again for me, hard, not as hard as last time, but definitely not soft. "Wow!" I exclaimed, surprised. He just smiled at me, still barely able to speak. I headed down south again, taking the scenic route this time and had him totally hard in a matter of minutes. "I want you again. Now, deeply," I told him as I talked to his cock. He smiled wanly, barely able to mutter up the strength that I had just depleted. So I took matters into my own hands.

I sucked soft and deep, just the way he liked it, until he was hard enough to suit my needs. Then I turned over and rode him, reverse cowgirl, setting the rhythm and the pace to match the needs of my pussy. SHE was happy, SHE was glad. The moment he entered me SHE welcomed him with open arms. I rode him fast, I rode him slow, obeying the dictates of my body. He watched me, a smile on his face and couldn't help but look at my perky breasts swinging with every motion, the arch of my back, the curve of my backside. I caught one more orgasm this way and then I turned over and caught one more. Not as intense as the first 7 but definitely just as enjoyable.

I rose from him, determining that finally SHE had been appeased. But he had just gotten his second wind back. He had me lick him again, suck his cock like it was food from heaven and I couldn't help but comply. He entered me again, slowly from the back, one of our favorite positions. It hurt a tad but SHE didn't complain, harboring his turgid cock securely in her warm wet walls. He started moving, slowly at first, cognizant of the fact that SHE might be sore but was emboldened by her groans of pleasure. He fucked me fast and fucked me hard, and SHE couldn't help but quiver all over again. That last mini-orgasm caused his own to erupt and he pulled out, soaking my ass with his wet life force. "Wow, you got me again," he said in awe as he helped me to rise. He grabbed a towel and gently cleaned us up. Then he guided me to the bed.

I could barely walk. SHE couldn't even move, just stayed there, quivering with searing heat. He had left his name in her, all up and through her sacred walls and SHE was complete. We lay together, every limb entwined, our breathing unified, our hearts still racing. He nuzzled in my hair, whispering all kinds of beautiful nothings and I could still barely speak. Finally we fell asleep, so close that we might as well be merged as one, unwilling to let a single inch of space separate us.

And that was the night. Now the morning....That's a different story......

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