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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sex in the Shower

This officially breaks into the top 10 encounters that we've had. It was so good that I told Danny that I would have to blog about it and even put it up there in the Wild Section just because.

Danny didn't have to be at work until 1pm this morning so we actually lazed in bed that morning. By the time we started getting around it was almost 11 and ever since that one time he was late getting to work, I've been kicking him out of my house with an hour and half to spare. He headed to the bathroom and I followed him, unwilling to let him out of my sight. I was freezing so I had on my pink floor length bathrobe and I just watched him get the water heated. I was thinking all kinds of naughty thoughts, what I wanted to do to him at that particular moment and how I wanted to do it.

"I love that look on your face, too bad it's too late for me to do anything about it," he stated as he stepped into the shower. He took the soap and started lathering it up. Not for me. He didn't even notice me shed my robe and didn't know my intention until I was kneeling beneath him with my lips on his cock.

He dropped the bar of soap he was holding as his hand involuntarily grabbed my hair. I didn't stop, just continued the motions, nice long licks, taking him as far deep into my mouth as I could. He savored the contact as the water sluiced over both of us, warm and inviting, enveloping us in a wetness that enforced the encounter.

I used my right hand to grab his cock as I went further down and licked his balls, warm water trickling in my mouth as I did so. Water was everywhere, all around us, a warm shower that made me feel like we were under a waterfall. I went faster and faster, not stopping even though he groaned with my tender ministrations.

"I want you inside me. Now," I commanded when I knew that I few more licks would get him to cum. He wasted no time in obliging me just turned me around and entered me slowly from behind. Mmmmm. The motion was even more excrutiatingly erotic with water still splashing down everywhere. I could feel his hands on my ass, the water sluicing down my body in a trickles and his cock turgid and hard just pushing water everywhere.

He continued the motion, thrusting fiercely with a rhythm that was intense as it was electrifying. I came once, and then again as his fingers laced over my clit, playing with my feminine edge causing me to moan and cry out. He wouldn't relent, toying with me as relentlessly as I had played with him.

I couldn't see what he was doing, the water searing my eyes closed as well as the fact that I was backing him. He got on the ledge of the tub, with each feet planted precariously on the sides. Oh my God he's going to fall! was the first thought that went through my mind and then white liquid heat lanced through my body stealing all further thoughts. The position brought his cock more in contact with my pussy, and he thrust deeper and faster.

All I could feel was him and the water, everywhere, pouring, arcing, lacing, tantalizing. All this just amped up the encounter. I can't even count how many times he made me cum like that, over and over again, orgasm right on top of another orgasm.

I saw his left foot shaking and I knew that he was holding himself back. I told him to get down from the ledge and I stooped down lower, arching my back and sticking my butt out. He loved it. I knew that he was fighting the urge and yet I couldn't enjoy this encounter without him yet again. So I urged him to come. "Cum for me. Please. Cum for me Danny," I invited.

Without a second invitation he pressed on this time not holding anything back. He kept going and going and going until I thought that I would die from pleasure. With a last moan he collapsed on top of me and we lay together, still joined, still as one.

And the water trickled relentlessly on. And on. And on.


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